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@Flock_Boi @CowboysPlzWin Probably thought you were 44 😂 @KingHerb__ Hahahahah
JR Smith when he found the dude that smashed his car windows @ReaperOfBKN Damn I never saw that, no clue tho @ReaperOfBKN What tweet? @PorterWRLD Yeah I made mine just for the Cavs too, good stuffAsk away
Retweeted by Clay Thompson @PorterWRLD 11 @KaminskyKlub LmaoDescribe your age with a gif or photo, I’ll start: @BooneGage Lost to Lebron in the ECF @LetsTalkBucketz Sadly :(Twitter dead today? @MotorCityBread4 DeepKeep an eye out for undercover cops in the heart of the protests you wake up in 2020:
Retweeted by Clay ThompsonJust want my twitter friends to know I love them and hope they’re safe. The world is going fucking crazy rn. Love you guys🙏❤️
Retweeted by Clay Thompson @MotorCityBread4 Ily 🧡 @PorterWRLD @JTtheK8rloStan 👋Just when I thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse 😔 @tyler_kegan Shit it’s already 2:50 here, what time is it where you are? @tyler_kegan Goat behavior 🐐Late night gang, who’s up? @Game6Klay_ @ma1om5s Love the profile pic, I used to use that one 🔥 @ma1om5s 😈Losing fathers mothers aunties uncles etc.... VIOLENCE isn’t not the answer ... cops killing us is not the answer,…
Retweeted by Clay Thompson
@Im_That_Niggah Shaq the goat 😂 @GatorMost Soft @GatorMost Look who’s talking dumb fuck 🤡 @EaglesNation023 In philly? You to man @EaglesNation023 We struggling out hereDamn second emergency alert today 👀 @ThorTheFullBack You right lmao @ma1om5s Woney Wadger @ma1om5s Ski mask @ma1om5s Oof @Nbaescanceled Not really mine, but damn it’s a beauty 😍 @MotorCityBread4 Crazy times lmaoooFuckers stole my porch, can’t have shit in Minneapolis @Cantguardmike Get some followers first 🤡 @arkesh_ray Thanks, you too @HeadbandKPJ You too @HeadbandKPJ Me too man, it’s bad hereNever got one of these before, shit must be serious @OGFfan99 @theBullsFanNate I work in the food business so i couldn’t talk to him for too long, but he comes in ofte… @theBullsFanNate He’s like 30ish and a lakers fan which makes it even more confusing @MohammadWrld I told him i cant argue stupidity 😂In a time of division, I’m grateful we have sports to keep us united. It truly is the little things. Goodnight bird app, stay safe out there @CullerSports I respect that 🤝 @CullerSports Eastern conference championship is irrelevant? A win > a dunk @CullerSports You remember the final score tho?There is a customer that comes into my work that I talk basketball with. Today he said Lebron is not even in his to… @DazzDillinger2 I agree with all those points. Wade had rings as well so either side I can agree with. Both amazing… much for social distancing @Nbaescanceled Honestly yeah @AnonKing23 I feel that @GetBusyMari Dude couldn’t beat anyone so he had to beat an old man smh @Mattsez21 Agreed
@GinobiliSZN W @PorterWRLD You’re the goat 🥺🧡 @DNELL247 19 @PorterWRLD @LetsTalkBucketz @alliebrandis Pretty great ngl @FTD34 @seahawkskid04 For real @HoodieSmart Hopefully soon enough @HoodieSmart I feel that, I’m missing the sports talk. What colors the room? @MotorCityBread4 Hard to watch @InShaiWeTrust For real, why take advantage of an old man like that?Wtf is this? @MohammadWrld Both are fun for sure @MohammadWrld Big W, but I haven’t been playing much at all but I like warzone @MohammadWrld What game you into rn? @JoeHarrisSZN @SexlandSZN @TodayInSports3 @cheddar @MODPizza @ChickfilA @Whataburger @Raising_Canes @TimHortons @DGxPRED Well technically 2 😔 @kawhioverlebron Some people have never had canes and I feel so bad for them, canes is amazing @MotorCityBread4 You too king @MotorCityBread4 Just got off work, about to be a lot betterHow’s everyones day so far? @MotorCityBread4 Let em know WHANE 😤 @mvplamar8 George Floyd @mvplamar8 Just a ton of people deleting their bad takes on the situation today @TragicalTweeter I was gonna say, that would take forever 😂 @TragicalTweeter Holy shit 👀What’s the record for tweets deleted in a day? Today’s gotta be a contender
@MotorCityBread4 You’re tweets have been banging tho 👀 @MohammadWrld That would be elite @MotorCityBread4 I feel ya @MotorCityBread4 I doubt it but thanks homie 🤝I feel like the most serious moments bring out the most memes. (Target, WW3, Covid etc.) @AngryBrewerMtG Smh I just wanna find himBro can’t imagine Mfs on Twitter if Saquon had 1500 yards with a bottom 5 OL with 5 yards a carry. Oh wait Nick Chu…
Retweeted by Clay Thompson @ACSpida Not in my eyes king 👑 @HoodieSmart Maybe try “looting” and “raid” as wellCavs 2016 championship's Harambe as a baby, so adorable. #RememberingHarambe 1999 - May 28, 2016
Retweeted by Clay Thompson @mvpWRLD I respect that, his new albums supposed to have those kinda vibes so I’m excited @mvpWRLD Blackbear @mvplamar8 Didn’t askThis is my uncle. He works at the Target pharmacy in Minneapolis. I have not heard from him since the riots. If any…