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I’m not a parody account & I’m also not Carl Froch’s nose. I need to clarify that because, apparently, some people think I am #SayNoToPPV

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@Boxing_UK_ Also, Fury didn’t get KO’d, in fact he didn’t even lose @braden1977 @Seconds_0ut @Jamie87473622 @dodger71815894 @daisymbraden I can’t believe that she doesn’t pose a risk For those that dont already know, I'm having a midlife crisis and have decided to climb be…
Retweeted by TheCobrasConk @camtrowbridge26 😂😂 did I fuck vote for that shower of shite. If I had, I’d now be apologising to you @JordanShah85 😂😂 I think they like the dancing dust a bit too much @braden1977 @Seconds_0ut @Jamie87473622 @dodger71815894 @daisymbraden I see Trump has tweeted about the U.K. (and o…
@camtrowbridge26 It’s now like listening to a career politician whose party got a kicking at a GE, spinning the ass… @JordanShah85 Eddie: Punch yourself in the face Buffer Michael Buffer: @camtrowbridge26 Has to be on the payroll @Tyson91seconds @Seconds_0ut @Clockendgeezah @IDRV_MUFC @jimi_macc28 @Tonypem @AssassinSte @foxmittoo Michael Buffer sell his twitter account to Eddie Hearn? @RoxyB1994 So sorry to hear that. Called in to Cardiff today with the intention of buying a new portable speaker fo… @PaulWesterberg5 @ITVBoxing @jamesdegale1 @ChrisEubankJr If there is a God up there, please make this happen @Mooro1978 @helpsainsburys2 Looks like attempted murder to me @JordanShah85 @amarrebelIe And she talks about it more than Froch talks about braying Groves @RalfDead I FEEL IT IN MY FINGERS, I FEEL IT IN MY TOES.... @JosephIKony @TonyBellew Now he just sends death threats to random nonces on twitter @wisey10000 😂 I’m back into candy crush. Had to start over for some reason but I’m back and carry a similar ranking to Dillian Whyte @wisey10000 Yeah I used to send a laughing emoji as a reply, now I don’t even bother replying but he still keeps sending them @JosephIKony My one mate, who in fairness is a top lad but will NEVER have a social media account, sends me at least 3 fucking clips a day @Seconds_0ut I’ve heard from a reliable source that stubhub have bought up >75% of presale ticketsAnyone got friends or family who ain’t on social media who regularly clog up your WhatsApp account with ‘hilarious’… @tgizza71 I made that up obviously but it’s probably true @Floatdownhere Also, despite not being in the film, Liz Hurley turns up for the premier wearing nowt but Toberlone… @Floatdownhere Hugh Grant plays a posh, foppish English ex public schoolboy type who employs cheeky, but loveable,… Curtis talking about his new film on #SaturdayKitchen - basically it’s a romcom featuring Bill Nighy and Hugh Grant @amarrebelIe Give it a fucking rest FFS and stop spamming up fucking my timeline with this load of old bollocks @TVKev Hoskins, where’s the grey poupon? @sidhaami I’m amazed it’s lasted this long mate. I gave it 3 weeks but I think normal service is now resuming
@ATRboxinguk Protect yourself at all time @andrewjar1997 @EditinKing 😂😂 @andrewjar1997 @EditinKing 😂😂 did you get some looks? @GeneralBurk @EditinKing 😂😂 bloke 2 seats in front of me on train home from work got stung too. He closed it down p… think the January gym influx is finally starting to settle. The gym was fairly quiet tonight & it was mainly regu… @GeneralBurk @EditinKing Tbh mate that’s precisely what I thought it was; click bait @peoplespoet5 @EditinKing 🤢🤢🤢 I’ve honestly not seen that much hair since I saw Bon Jovi in concert back in the day @ewiththevibes @Boxing_NewsNow It’s sadly reminiscent of the current state of boxing and already has the feel of wi…“We told them we’d make Fury v Joshua any day on a 50:50 split.” 🥊 “They find it tough to make matches as they don…
Retweeted by TheCobrasConk @EditinKing Sheesh, what a week for things I wish I’d never seen; first that naked Cambridge academic going on abou… @jasewasho @ITVBoxing @EditinKing @jamesdegale1 @GoldenCalebT @ChrisEubankJr Haha; I imagine you wouldn’t get much return on such a bet @TheXentertainer 😂 @discosforever He’s an odd character and of course, he’s hated in Scotland, even more so than Theresa May @Boxing_NewsNow He can see his own feet without having to use at least 2 mirrors?
@ITVBoxing @EditinKing @jamesdegale1 @GoldenCalebT @ChrisEubankJr Wow - that’s some precaution. Either DeGale wins or Eubank Jr wins. Genius @lmjwales Nope. I imagine they also pronounce Llanelli as Clan elll eee @lmjwales Me too. What a bunch of cuntsThe sky darts commentary team can’t even pronounce Gerwyn Price - Gerrrrrrrrrr Win FFS @bet365 And charging gullible fuckwits £20 to see it @muckers1969 @bbclaurak Amazing that they haven’t been counted out yet or realisedthat maybe it’s time to call it a day @robuk794 @bbclaurak @ChrisEubankJr 😂Hi @SkyAdamSmith,can you confirm that Ricky Hatton was called the Hitman because of his punch power not because he murders people for cash?
Retweeted by TheCobrasConk @Nobbydaniel8 I always carry some mace and a cosh with to work, just in case I have to open up a big can of whuppass @Jamies_Life @theRealEnzoMac @braden1977 😂😂 looks like a Benny Hill sketch @TheXentertainer @Marco__P_Shite @BoxingKingdom14 Yeah he bitches about that in the article. Nobody likes me.... @Jamies_Life @theRealEnzoMac @braden1977 Haha like Zab Judah, complete with I’m good to carry on Ref. Looks like he… @_Mr_C__ @bbclaurak 😂😂😂😂 @bbclaurak In the space of just a few weeks, This Government has been defeated more times than David Price @jamstaff106 @EditinKing I’d have splayed him. He’s a big bloke but he’s out of shape.. @Marco__P_Shite @TheXentertainer @BoxingKingdom14 No question mate. This from the BBC today. It’s a shame because i… @Alan_G_MBE @BellatorFA @BoxingFA I seem to recall him regaling this particular story when he was ‘interviewing’ a… @sidhaami @Seconds_0ut Thanks mate. In the relatively brief time I was away, I lost more followers than David Koresh 😳😆 @Marco__P_Shite @TheXentertainer @BoxingKingdom14 Not so much AJ for me, it’s more about steady Eddie. The game pla… @LyndonGriffiths @theRealEnzoMac 😂 @LyndonGriffiths @EditinKing There’s a central feature with all the hard men genre books; they’re largely full of s… @PRJOE90 @EditinKing Bought my old man Lenny’s book back in the day. He spent most of his time laughing at Lenny’s… @discosforever No question. Should be a criminal offence IMO, punishable by at least 2 years in pokey @PRJOE90 @EditinKing You’re right. Fields stopped him twice and Kevin Paddock also beat him on points. Never lost a… @discosforever 😆😆 Without question. I detest the no sock look @TheXentertainer @BoxingKingdom14 @EddieHearn 😂👏🏻👏🏻 @theRealEnzoMac It’s worth watching for this scene alone @EditinKing It’s strange but Lenny didn’t mention in his book being KO’d (twice) by the only half decent boxer he e… @dillys35 😂😂😂 nailed it @DominicMor14rty 😂😂😂 raaa raaa raaa we’re going to smash the oinks! @emmarose_1811 Yeah, you know the type. Young conservative, farmer. After the fox hunt, he’s off to a talk hosted by Jacob Rees-Mogg @DominicMor14rty 😂😂 I did consider it mate. I got a sniff of prick the minute he started talking loudly on the phon… @emmarose_1811 I know. Brown shoes, green waxed Barbour style jacket and a flat cap. The only thing missing was a b… on a rammed train with Lord Fauntleroy. Talking loudly on his phone and barged his way on and off. I think he…
Retweeted by TheCobrasConk @TheXentertainer @BoxingKingdom14 Stay busy my arse. It’s a fight no one wants to see, yet is somehow PPV. Hearn pi… @LyndonGriffiths @theRealEnzoMac I think you mean tasered?
@cottokennedy13 @theRealEnzoMac 😂 too much information. I’ve reverted to teenage text talk @TheXentertainer 😂😂😂😂😂😂 please, my sides @ewiththevibes @BBCWalesNews 😂😂 I’ve never played netball ever but yeah you’re right @cottokennedy13 @theRealEnzoMac TMI? @griggle_DR @TheXentertainer David Allen? @seanie2312 @theRealEnzoMac @EditinKing I genuinely don’t see how they can properly sell this one to the masses @drewwatto @theRealEnzoMac I love 8 ace in particular because my old flat mate looks like him. I love going out for… @markc253 @theRealEnzoMac Apparently so @EarnForHearnPPV @theRealEnzoMac And you’d put it on PPV too wouldn’t you, ypu shameless, oxygen thief @camcastiger @markc253 @theRealEnzoMac 😂😂 keep going @EditinKing @seanie2312 @theRealEnzoMac 😂 and there’ll be sweet Caroline too, although probably not until 4-5am. If… @TheXentertainer It looks like AJ and Eddie May be frozen out of a unifaction fight until 2020. Snooze you lose @ukunionvoice @AgentP22 The meme is spot on. She literally went nuts on me, even though I hadn’t even replied to he… @TheXentertainer FFS! I’d rather dangle my giblets in a tank full of hungry piranhas than watch this side show @cottokennedy13 @theRealEnzoMac 😂😂 state on the pair of them. I could them on Jeremy Kyle arguing over some boiler with no teeth @seanie2312 @theRealEnzoMac @EditinKing Me neither mate. A fight not even the most ardent AJ fans want to see and i… @BravoHotel77 @theRealEnzoMac Chopping down trees 24/7 would be my guess. Maybe that’s why his living room likes like a fucking shithole @drewwatto @theRealEnzoMac 😂😂 yeah nowt too posh like. New fucking curtains he could do with for starters. I JUST… @AgentP22 I didn’t know that, although it doesn’t surprise me @drewwatto @theRealEnzoMac 😂😂😂 winner gets a beef dinner and a case of special brew