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TheCobrasConk @TheCobrasConk Wales, United Kingdom

I’m not a parody account & I’m also not Carl Froch’s nose. I need to clarify that because, apparently, some people think I am #SayNoToPPV

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@zerocoolABZ @Flex_Lewis @BBCSportWales @BBCSport @BBCScrumV @WalesOnline @ITVWales The dedication, particularly tr… @zerocoolABZ @Flex_Lewis @BBCSportWales @BBCSport @BBCScrumV @WalesOnline @ITVWales Amazing achievement. Can’t beli…’s time for #granddesigns Bingo again @zerocoolABZ @Flex_Lewis @BBCSportWales @BBCSport @BBCScrumV @WalesOnline @ITVWales My mate met him year before las… you spend all your money buying your kids a puppy tnat comes out of the back of a car. It gets sick and worms…
Retweeted by TheCobrasConk @cottokennedy13 @Jawsifan @theRealEnzoMac 😂😂Flex hasn’t eaten a carb since Robbie left Take That. Amazing achievement from Wales with a dream! THANK YOU WALES 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 We done it. Proud Welshman. Cymru am Byth @BBCSportWales
Retweeted by TheCobrasConk @KOKINGS4 Calzaghe - Fight like a Champion, Train like a Challenger. What a Trainer, What a Man. R I P Champ 🥊
Retweeted by TheCobrasConk @cottokennedy13 @Jawsifan @theRealEnzoMac Low and slow mate, what’s not to like. Pulled pork, ribs, brisket, burnt ends - ahhhhh meat heaven @quosh @Jawsifan @theRealEnzoMac 😂 Yum. That sounds amazing. @DutfieldLee 😂😂 I was repulsed mate. I’ve never seen such Shenanigans @quosh @Jawsifan @theRealEnzoMac Wow mate, they’re both legendary in the world of BBQ. Were they amazing ? @Dandanthedvdman @Jawsifan @theRealEnzoMac 😂😂 I’d literally eat my own body weight in that @Jawsifan @theRealEnzoMac The brisket in particular looks immenseCome across this clip on instagram of cus d'amato and Dundee talking about ali on his comeback bout against quarry…
Retweeted by TheCobrasConk @jakebullet007 Even more so IMO. It’s a peach but with an edible skin. However, it too must be eaten while standing over a sink @KOKINGS4 Even now, Eubank Jr isn’t even the best boxer in the family home @jakebullet007 Exactly. Set up a petition mate and don’t forget to include nectarines in that particular debate too @kidhands0me @DamienKittens @BBCNews 😂😂😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @braden1977 🤢😂 @Jawsifan @theRealEnzoMac That is mint @GazThomas11 I watched with a mixture of amazement and revulsion. Yuk @jakebullet007 What was she even thinking
The most hideous thing I saw on holidays this year was a young girl eating a peach, while lying flat on her back, s… @TheXentertainer @PaulDevine70 For free! What a shithouse @PaulDevine70 Birds of a feather mate. Arseholes @gavtherock @Khopebox @RealJoeCalzaghe @theRealEnzoMac @NathanClev @bradleypryce @KOKINGS4 @EditinKing check this out @ewiththevibes @BBCPolitics We currently look like a laughing stock. It’s embarrassing @AllezOoop 😂😂 @dillys35 @SkySportsNews I know mate. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. My old man would have clumped me if I’d pulled that shit @Jawsifan @theRealEnzoMac No shit mate. Proper old school @AllezOoop I’m on it mate. Can’t record or live pause so got to watch it in real time. Living the dream mate. I’ve… been sent this photo from back in the day before most of us had even become champions. All stood behind the ma…
Retweeted by TheCobrasConk @DutfieldLee @BBCPolitics Exactly @DutfieldLee @BBCPolitics True dat @BenFuckinArris @SkySportsNews It really is pathetic and infantile @theRealEnzoMac @Jawsifan 😂 @Jawsifan @theRealEnzoMac Enzo was smash that and still want a kebab on the way home @BBCPolitics Say what you like about Vince Cable, he’s a man of principles @Floatdownhere @KOKINGS4 I agree. Compubox stats were telling for ODLH v Sturm. I always remember Ian Darke saying… @SteveWard10 I’d cut him some slack if it was @jasewasho @KOKINGS4 Oh yeah, Hector was for sure. Sadly, Oscar wasn’t, which is probably why he got clumped 😂 @SkySportsNews Regardless of how much money you’ve got, you simply can’t buy class @RealJoeCalzaghe rest in peace to Legend enzo Calzaghe  my memory of him is when I boxed @theRealEnzoMac I lost i…
Retweeted by TheCobrasConk @KOKINGS4 For reasons I never quite understood, my uncle always referred to Oscar as Hector De La Hoya and, again f… @robuk794 @KOKINGS4 Haha @AllezOoop 😂 @SteWill1978 Ah bollocks. Have fun mate @DamienKittens @BBCNews Not really. Few things truly offend me. Acceptance speeches are simply too Hollywoodesq self indulgent for me @KOKINGS4 😂😂😂 how’d do you fancy a weekend on the piss, in the Middle East? An oxymoron right there @KOKINGS4 I can’t see many Brits making the journey tbh. The choice of venue was always about $$$$$$. Should be a g… @sidhaami Spent last night and this morning stretching but my quads and calves ain’t happy @BBCNews I don’t really have a problem in actors getting acknowledged simply doing their job (for which, in this co… @SteWill1978 Likewise mate. First day back at work, tired and just wanted to get home. Glad I went. No pain, no gain @theRealEnzoMac So sorry mate. @BBCBreakfast showed footage this morning of you training on the pads with him in their storyRiposare in pace capo x
Retweeted by TheCobrasConk @AllezOoop I suspect I won’t be back at the gym until later in the week @cottokennedy13 😂😂 @Andythefireman @KOKINGS4 And then there’s that mate. Now that is crazy. ITV missed a trick there IMO @SteWill1978 Can’t believe how quick you lose it mate. Was doing 5 days a week before hols. Granted, I’ve been sat… @sidhaami Mate, walking downstairs this morning was something else
@KOKINGS4 It’s a real shame that an all British final isn’t being staged in the U.K. @jonadevitt 😂😂😂 he also paid £15k at a charity auction to have the villain in the next James Patterson novel named after him @jonadevitt He’s also got a big garish Rolex on his wrist, which he likes to show you whenever possible and he tell… @Nobbydaniel8 It’s a young man’s game mate @jonadevitt You’ve nailed it right there. Also talks loudly on his mobile when on a train about ‘the Henderson acco… @jonadevitt 😂😂 @lmjwales 😂😂😂😂 @hulkhopkins @emmarose_1811 😂 @hulkhopkins @emmarose_1811 Haha I’ve been stretching every hour since I came back @hulkhopkins @emmarose_1811 It’s grim atm @lmjwales Hahaha don’t laugh or cough either. It could be catastrophic85-year-old great grandfather foils attempted robbery at Cork bookmaker |
Retweeted by TheCobrasConk @lmjwales 😆😆 I was thinking more... @lmjwales ‘Theoretically speaking’, what would happen if you sneezed? @emmarose_1811 😂😂😂😂 ah bless. I felt ok(ish) coming home. It was only when I sat down for 20mins with a brew that I… @TheXentertainer Very sad mate. Great stable of world champions at that gym; BBC SPOtY and The Ring trainer of the year in 2007Went back to the gym today after 2 weeks in Spain. 20 mins of treadmill HIIT, then onto heavy ropes, followed by ‘l… @PeteGilbert6 @PaulDevine70 @SkySportsBoxing @RealJoeCalzaghe Yeah me too mate. Gutted I wasn’t tbh @PeteGilbert6 @PaulDevine70 @SkySportsBoxing @RealJoeCalzaghe It was awesome mate. Brilliant fight @PeteGilbert6 @PaulDevine70 @SkySportsBoxing @RealJoeCalzaghe My dad saw Joe fight as an amateur. He came home and… @PeteGilbert6 @PaulDevine70 @SkySportsBoxing @RealJoeCalzaghe Mitchell v Calzaghe @alninian @theboxingp @HarryZMcLaren Yeah brutal @PeteGilbert6 @PaulDevine70 @SkySportsBoxing @RealJoeCalzaghe I was there that night - me and my old man @corbygangster @SkySportsBoxing @RealJoeCalzaghe 💯 @PaulDevine70 @PeteGilbert6 @SkySportsBoxing @RealJoeCalzaghe Brilliant night of boxing. What really impressed me t… @muckers1969 @KOKINGS4 Crazy mate. Don’t forget he also fought Berbick after this too @DobsonJonas @SkySportsBoxing @RealJoeCalzaghe Enzo’s just about holding it together before he starts to talk. The… @alninian @theboxingp @HarryZMcLaren Boom! He’s still jabbing away even though he’s been sparked @PaulHarris3 😂 well spotted. I hadn’t noticed that before @PeteGilbert6 @PaulDevine70 @SkySportsBoxing @RealJoeCalzaghe One of my most favourite nights in boxing @corbygangster @SkySportsBoxing @RealJoeCalzaghe It’s brilliant. And at one stage, 3 world champions, all in one spit and sawdust gym @PaulDevine70 @PeteGilbert6 @SkySportsBoxing @RealJoeCalzaghe Loved the banter during the fight with Lacy in particular @corbygangster @SkySportsBoxing @RealJoeCalzaghe Very mate. End of an era @GeneralBurk @SkySportsBoxing @RealJoeCalzaghe I know weird that. They just deleted the story from what I could see @bluesman74 😂👍🏻 @SkySportsBoxing @RealJoeCalzaghe The affection here between father and son is truly touching @PeteGilbert6 @SkySportsBoxing @RealJoeCalzaghe 💯 always so passionate and animated.