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the biggest and best conk in boxing. Available for supermarket openings, Strictly, I'm a celebrity, celebrity juice and the like #SayNoToPPV

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@PaulDevine70 @tgizza71 @Tonypem The count lasted longer than the fight @camcastiger @KOKINGS4 😂 @lmjwales 😂😂 @richdodkin @KOKINGS4 I genuinely liked Khan when he started out. I can’t even remember when that changed tbh but h… @camcastiger @KOKINGS4 😂😂😂 it must be. Some kid on his PC, nudging his mate while saying ‘watch this one’ @RalfDead @KOKINGS4 The names shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence. I’d have more respect for the predi… @PaulDevine70 @tgizza71 @Tonypem 🤣🤣🤣 @cottokennedy13 @KOKINGS4 I’d genuinely love to meet the person who designed this programme. I imagine they’ve give… @lmjwales It looks amazing but when it comes to cake, I generally find that coffee and liqueur should be kept well… @Nobbydaniel8 @WelshDalaiLama 😂😂 @richdodkin @KOKINGS4 I’d back the current version of SRL to splay Khan @KOKINGS4 Ok,I’ve got to get some work done now so I’m just going to leave this here; Amir Khan v Sugar Ray Leonard… @Nobbydaniel8 @WelshDalaiLama I regularly lie awake at night pondering ‘why Peter, why’? @tgizza71 @PaulDevine70 😂😂😂😂😂 I’d love to see that shit going down for real. If only I had a time machine @camcastiger @KOKINGS4 You might want to reconsider that last tweet... @jasewasho @KOKINGS4 No shit mate. Frazier would be blowing out of his arse after 5 rounds and Del Boy would put him to the sword in the 6th @JasonReynoldsPT @KOKINGS4 Even if it were on that basis, I’d still bet on Marciano’s corpse to KO Audley within 3… @jasewasho @KOKINGS4 Seriously mate, I’m quickly discovering that it’s the gift that keeps on giving @jasewasho @KOKINGS4 Every @jasewasho @KOKINGS4 Audley couldn’t even beat Rocky Fielding @jasewasho @KOKINGS4 😂😂 I know. I’ve got a feeling I’m going to get fuck all done at work today. Here’s another gem @jasewasho @KOKINGS4 It beats the shit out of magic 8 ball @PaulDevine70 @KOKINGS4 Audley would drag Marciano out to sea and drown him 👊🏻 @WelshDalaiLama What did you do to warrant that, apart from being a ‘liberal, snowflake’? I’ve never quite got over… @KOKINGS4 That’s my day sorted @KOKINGS4 Seems pretty accurate to me
After returning from the auction as millionaires, the Trotters check out a Rolls Royce in @BeingBoycie showroom
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Retweeted by TheCobrasConk @johnnybollocks1 @KOKINGS4 I guess it’s semantics mate. He claims he said ‘no sigo’. Either way, he quit @lmjwales 😂😂😂 @lmjwales I immediately thought of that sketch when you said @lmjwales @johnnybollocks1 @KOKINGS4 I’m always intrigued about who actually said ‘no mas’. Duran maintains he never actually… @WelshDalaiLama I don’t care if Big Van Vader was arguably the greatest ever super heavyweight wrestler of all time… @johnnybollocks1 @KOKINGS4 I know. Kids theses days, hey @MikePearso36 @KOKINGS4 Yeah, SRL demonstrated that he was more than a pretty face with sublime boxing skills. He c… @KOKINGS4 The Brawl in Montreal was truly spectacular. Duran, in particular, played a blinder, both before and duri… this Day 1980, Roberto Duran produced a sublime performance, defeating an unbeaten Sugar Ray Leonard Unanimously…
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@muckers1969 @KOKINGS4 That’s also probably why he missed out on the grilling machine gig too @DutfieldLee @KOKINGS4 I don’t think he did mate. That said, I’d say that things have changed somewhat in the last 5 years or so @KOKINGS4 Anyone who immediately followed (and subsequently beat) Ali was always going to have a problem legacy wis… @KOKINGS4 His legs stiffen around 1.20 in and that’s the beginning of the end @poet_peoples Or you could just shoot him in the back of the head while his back his turned and then pose with his… @TheXentertainer I’ve seen very little of him tbh. It’s strange how we seem to build up Olympic medalists when they turn pro @JESSEGRAYSON1 @KOKINGS4 😳
@vinylmasakist @EditinKing 😂😂 now you’re talking @doosht @theRealEnzoMac That’s just it. One ain’t enough. When they were marathons they were the size of a brick @vinylmasakist @EditinKing 😂😂 loved the Brut adverts. How the fuck they ever sold that shit is beyond me @SteWill1978 @KOKINGS4 Hahaha behave yourself @JESSEGRAYSON1 @KOKINGS4 Ali and Joe almost killed each other that night @SteWill1978 @KOKINGS4 @SteWill1978 @KOKINGS4 I’m with you there. Truly unique. There isn’t another boxer, dead or alive, who transcended the sport quite like Ali @theRealEnzoMac Been good for 2 weeks and properly back on the horse in the gym so just treated myself to a snicker…'s close to midnight 😃
Retweeted by TheCobrasConk @SteWill1978 @KOKINGS4 I agree mate. It’s tragic but, strangely, it somehow adds to his legacy. Also, when you cons… @RadarNvrSleeps @TheSun No. In many ways, I suspect they knew it was bullshit @FletchAndy @TheSun 😆😂😂 yeah that is bollocks @PeteGilbert6 @KOKINGS4 I know what you mean mate. First distance run I ever did I mistook the finish line and afte… @TuftyMcFluffy @KOKINGS4 @theRealEnzoMac 🤢🤢🤢😆😆😆😆😆 it was going so well until I spotted her giblets @JohnPlayerNo6 @billysastard1 @TheSun Still going strong, sadly @FletchAndy @TheSun No question mate @daviidteamforce @TheSun I’m with you there mate @rachey56 @JaeSwift @TheSun 💯 @JaeSwift @rachey56 @TheSun 💯 @GeneralBurk @TheSun 😂😂 some social media upstart would be all over that shit now with some twitter campaign @PeteGilbert6 @KOKINGS4 💯 My dad’s longstanding theory is when you have a boxer who’s effectively a bully and intim… @baronhip @KOKINGS4 Yeah mate, Foreman was somewhat technically limited but if you consider how he had blown away o… @SteWill1978 @KOKINGS4 I’d have the say that performance wise, the Cleveland Williams was probably the absolute sta… @PeteGilbert6 @KOKINGS4 Ali broke him that night. Spent much of the fight taunting him and by the penultimate round… @DutfieldLee @KOKINGS4 👍🏻 @KOKINGS4 As brilliant as Ali was, the rumble in the jungle is IMO his greatest ever win because Foreman was a beas… @DaleDaviies @TheSun The issue of multi-culturalism always appears to come from those with a holier than thou attit… @DaleDaviies @TheSun I can see how a decent restaurant might want a dress code but I can’t for the life of me see h… @funksoulHulk @TheSun Hi mate, yeah I know what you mean @Smokedafromage @TheSun You may well be right there @WhingeEl @SheronWilkie @TheSun You’re not wrong there @funksoulHulk @TheSun Hi mate, there’s been a few stories that have been picked up more widely. Obviously they’re n… @FletchAndy @TheSun You’re probably on the money there mate @DaleDaviies @TheSun Yeah had a few tweets today and it would seem that Wetherspoons does have a dress code... alth…