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@EPoe187 This moral masochism is embarrassingPublic self-flagellation hasn't been this popular since the Black Death.
Retweeted by CoolJewI'm fully competent to manspread all the way through the federal government if called upon. LMAO. I have big... leg…
Retweeted by CoolJewHaha. Memes. #1619gate
Retweeted by CoolJewThis is the definition of a lie when Woodrow Wilson replaced the Chief Justice who resigned to run against him in 1916 or when Dwight Eisenh…
Retweeted by CoolJewHarvard professor Lawrence Tribe admits on Fox News Sunday that there is nothing unconstitutional about President T…
Retweeted by CoolJewIt would have taken actual courage to stay silent on politics
Retweeted by CoolJewLet’s review. At Barrett’s last confirmation hearing, Mazie Hirono told Barrett she worried Barrett would be a “Cat…
Retweeted by CoolJewSen. Feinstein literally criticized ACB to her face, saying that "the dogma lives within you" @brhodes is delusion… the man who was tasked with lying to us about the Iran deal: is America
Retweeted by CoolJewCry more, libs
Retweeted by CoolJewThis moment of Amy Barrett’s daughter looking up to her mom in pure admiration is everything. God bless America 🇺🇸
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You should be in jail. God willing ACB will have you in a handmaid's dress soon.
Retweeted by CoolJew#AmyConeyBarrett
Retweeted by CoolJewThis man deserves to be honored nationally in the second term.
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Retweeted by CoolJewWait. Her husband lets her drive?! I was promised "Handmaid's Tale"
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Trump promises to make Juneteenth a national holiday if re-elected... this will surely get him .000001% more of the…
Retweeted by CoolJewBahahahahahahahahahaha
Retweeted by CoolJewI just had a meeting with a senior JAG officer in the military command. He told me that the orders came down to sto…
Retweeted by CoolJewSaint Breonna. "The documents also alleged that back in 2016, the [DEAD BODY] of Fernandez Bowman was found in a c…
Retweeted by CoolJewI was informed that @realDonaldTrump hated our troops so I am very confused and I await the mainstream media's cove…
Retweeted by CoolJewMeme. Neo-white supremacy.
Retweeted by CoolJewThe Palestinians have very few Arab friends or supporters left. This will be Mahmoud Abbas’ legacy.
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"Sitting atop an entire civilization of aesthetic wonders, the contemporary academic wants only to study oppression…
Retweeted by CoolJewThis is a despicable tweet.“[T]he new AG might have some questions….then yada yada yada…we all get screwed,” one agent wrote" How does anyone…“[T]he new AG might have some questions….then yada yada yada…we all get screwed,” one agent wrote" Does anybody ca… I understand democrat arguments the last few days, the president is not bound by the constitution in an election… @ABC Look who suddenly cares about the constitutionI kinda like Senator Feinstein a little bit now.
Retweeted by CoolJewI'll start believing the media's concerns about a Trumpian coup are legit when they start asking Joe Biden about co…
Retweeted by CoolJewRemember when I wrote an essay saying exactly this, and people went berserk about it?
Retweeted by CoolJewThis one hits close to home. I actually know a Massachusetts man. you @BennysMusic but nearly 7 in 10 United States Constitutions disagree. @EPoe187 There's gotta be a way of making the liars feel the consequences of their lies before it's too lateLies have consequences. And the constant lie that America is irredeemably racist and that cops are "hunting the bla…
Retweeted by CoolJewMake America Respect Law Enforcement Again.
Retweeted by CoolJewStop thinking because you are crazy as hell.
Retweeted by CoolJew @VishBurra @Cernovich If these protesters want somebody to blame, try the boyfriend of Breonna, cops are doing thei…
Retweeted by CoolJewAbsolutely shameful. No mention that 2 police officers shot in riots over false narrative AND continuing the “no kn…
Retweeted by CoolJewWHY WERE WE TOLD THAT BOGUS STORY ABOUT NO-KNOCK AND HER SLEEPING AND NOTHING ABOUT HIM SHOOTING AT COPS????Are there any consequences for lying to everybody and slandering the police in a climate where riots and violence b… means making the people who lied about the Taylor episode for months and got cops shot and business burned pay for their crimesJustice means making the idoit who fired on police officers and getting his girlfriend shot pay for his crime“Mostly peaceful except when they tried to murder a bunch of police officers.” The media are scum. Lowest of the l…
Retweeted by CoolJew @AndrewYang She would have been if her boyfriend didn't shoot at police. Cops are not the problemEnemy of the people
Retweeted by CoolJewAndrew Yang: BLM exists because of bullshit stories that don't match reality. Hot take, Andy.
Retweeted by CoolJewHorrible. God bless them.
Retweeted by CoolJewBLM is lying about Breonna Taylor's death. Was she shot due to racism? No. Was it police brutality? No. Did police…
Retweeted by CoolJewEverything you’re hearing about Breonna Taylor is a lie. It was not a no knock warrant. They did announce. The boyf…
Retweeted by CoolJewWhen is the last time you heard a Democrat say something good about the country ?
Retweeted by CoolJewCops DID knock on the door. Breonna’s BOYFRIEND fired first. She was NOT sleeping. Black Lives Matter does not…
Retweeted by CoolJewCongrats to CNN! You got a policeman shot at the Breonna Taylor protest in Louisville. You'll get those Netflix viewers back tonight.
Retweeted by CoolJewCNN is aggressively lying about the Breonna Taylor case to fuel black anger. Must be terrific for ratings!
Retweeted by CoolJewI believe that when an officer is shot, he has a right to shoot back. That’s my general stance. Breonna Taylor wo…
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Hunter told me he needed cash for his friend Ko Cain. I had no idea he was going to use it for human trafficking.
Retweeted by CoolJew @BrittanyVenti I'd use the beach chair as a table and sit on the floor. They aren't that comfortableBreaking: US Ambassador to the UN, Kelly Craft reportedly says another Arab country will sign a peace deal with Israel in the coming days.
Retweeted by CoolJewWhy? Maybe hes the one acting in the best interest of black people are by opposing him you are "not kinfolk"?? Who… Attorney General Daniel Cameron, very impressive
Retweeted by CoolJewSo @USAmbUN says another Muslim country will normalize relations with Israel by the end of the week. No, it's not g… @josh_hammer Its still boggles my mind that the leading conservative legal mind in the country is a black man and nobody caresSure he did. Right after he called fallen troops "losers" and neonazis "good people" media lied about what Trump said about Charlottesville and theres literally a video of that. Why should anyone… is so true and not just about Republican politicians always call Trump in the wrong time. Sorry sir
Retweeted by CoolJewWhat do we think? My theory is he just needed the bathroom't wait. But why does the announcement have to be on shabbos????? This guy gets it Cuz "white supremacists" are the ones burning cities predict its Sudan @avitalrachel Don’t wait for the takes. Just explain the math here for those of us in the back.Thank G-d for incredibly wise founding fathers! would seem to me that the only people voting Biden are extreme leftist crazies and republicans suffering from Ne… do people see this as anything other than pure emotional manipulation? They raise your taxes, run your cities…
Retweeted by CoolJewThis is great. Now it needs to be banned from universities, where it is doing by far the most damage.
Retweeted by CoolJewTrump’s war on critical race theory is maybe the most important thing he has done with his presidency. Next it must…
Retweeted by CoolJewTHIS IS AWESOME
This is fan-freakin-tastic.... so important
Retweeted by CoolJewawesome stuff’m getting really tired of Trump and all his distractions! Why can’t we have just a few days to focus on how absol… is happening in the world today is really remarkable. Thank you Bibi. Thank you Trump. Thomas on Biden: “One of the things that you do in hearings is sit there and look attentively at people…
Retweeted by CoolJewTurns out it didn’t
Retweeted by CoolJewFla. governor Ron DeSantis proposes law that would protect drivers who kill or injure demonstrators if they're flee…
Retweeted by CoolJewHes Back! The Megilas Lester Pitch Meeting
Retweeted by CoolJewHes Back! The Megilas Lester Pitch Meeting Republicans are making a travesty of the Supreme Court process. We need to go back to the days where accusation…
Retweeted by CoolJewLove to do journalism
Retweeted by CoolJewTurn it upside down and it's an alien reading Torah. You're welcome.
Retweeted by CoolJewWho's "us" How do we contact you? Gov. Ron DeSantis has released a sweeping set of proposals that would dramatically crack down on people who…
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I too have a proposal. We nominate the most fire-breathing conservative we can find and put them on the court. Then…
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