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shadow weaver 🤝 odalia “she’s a distraction”
Retweeted by Par @snarklator @cissyspeaks @LILITHSWXFE @DanaTerrace not the juicy marker 😭Hey @cissyspeaks @DanaTerrace @snarklator, how are y'alls hands doing after singing all those autographs??? 😆
Retweeted by Par// toh spoilers - - - i love how lilith copyrighted her discovery on this glyph combo
Retweeted by Parfinally..i have them all
Retweeted by ParY’all. YALL!! I am BLOWN AWAY by you. Thank you everyone who came by the live stream, everyone who purchased a prin…
Retweeted by Par// smoking . Hoot Hut meme redraws: Adults Edition (free to use with credit) #TheOwlHouse #toh #camilanoceda
Retweeted by ParCissy jones liked my tweet omg
@knuke24 Yes, becuase they’re her parents. Every dad should know how periods work and and be able to do simple thin… @knuke24 okay and? They never said that they added gay biological parents in the show, just gay parents. Adoptive p… SPOILERS . . . Okay I know it was played for laughs but this genuinely gave me feelings, like Bump does care so…
Retweeted by Par @CP24 Great to see this in pride month! @LatarianOrwell @CP24 If you're Canadian, then it's one of our country's values to be kind and accepting. Canada wa… @knuke24 No, fostering is temporary, adopting is permanent. So they would be their adoptive parents. @Dave35509567 @CP24 Adopting children is one of the best things a person could ever do for humanity, and that is so… @LatarianOrwell @CP24 I'm assuming because they're too old? Well you should just know that there's even more shows… @Ark123450 @CP24 No? It's not? Kids shows have had gay representation for quite a long time now, most people are really accepting. @knuke24 @tanneralford1 you are aware that adoption exists right?same energy
Retweeted by ParI feel like I should post some tweets about the episode but ion have any memesI loved the live ngl it was fun to just work on some school stuff while listening to itok so bud light, papa johns, safe auto, bagel bites, and steel series have all said or implied they ship lumity am i missing any
Retweeted by Par @Fairy527 or at least try to make it a orangish blush, neon pink is just not it. @Fairy527 this is going too far 😫 @CorruptedMarcy @korrasearth She just said it in the instagram live!dana just said king is her favorite character in the owl house because he gets lots of cool story progression later this season!
Retweeted by Parwhy r ur cheeks NEON pink 😭
Retweeted by ParI'm watching @DanaTerrace @snarklator and @cissyspeaks live and it's so fun omg!!! @korrasearth @cottoncandyarts This live is so fun lolluz says trans rights!
Retweeted by ParSince they can afford it for now, Luz, Eda, and King go out for a Griffin Egg Picnic! 🥚 Wanted to do something for…
Retweeted by Par @DanaTerrace LITTLE MISS HOOTY
Retweeted by Pari appreciate what went down in today episode but why didn’t they fix Luz’s blush 😭 bc poc dont realistically blush…
Retweeted by Par// toh spoilers - - SHES LITERALLY BEEN WEARING THAT NECKLACE SINCE SHE WAS LITTLE, what the hell Odalia
Retweeted by Par// toh amity’s head-to-body ratio makes me so mad omg why is her head so fucking massive
Retweeted by ParTOH SPOILERS ‼️‼️ / / / / / / / / / / I CAN FINALLY TWEET ABOUT THIS LOOK AT THEM !!!!!!
Retweeted by ParI really appreciate how Luz doesn't blame Amity at all in this scene or get annoyed at her for not helping. She was…
Retweeted by ParSOS #theowlhouse #toh #tohseason2 #luznoceda #edaclawthorne
Retweeted by Par//toh spoilers Lol imagining luz just staring at the ceiling the night of escaping expulsion, recontextualizing ev…
Retweeted by Par @BlightStack @DanaTerrace here’s a few others
Retweeted by Par2am meme thoughts
Retweeted by Parbri ish
Retweeted by Parwillow is wearing her green uniform in this photo… that must mean luz acted like an abomination AGAIN so they could…
Retweeted by ParPpfffftttt 😂 @TheMysteryofGF going the extra mile today!
Retweeted by Par#TOHspoilers #TheOwlHouseSeason2 #Lumity This episode!!! Themmm !! 😳✨
Retweeted by Par// the owl house spoilers ?? . . escaping expulsion spoilers without context:
Retweeted by ParFun easter eggs in the latest #TheOwlHouse ep! 811: Likely a nod to Disney TVA's address, 811 Sonora Ave Bruegel…
Retweeted by ParFEDORA THE EXPLORER WAS SUCH A GOOD JOKE GOD #summerofsandiego
Retweeted by Paromg wait fun fact I noticed: The Canadian flag is inaccurate to the 1970s! It shows a border between The Northwest…
Retweeted by Par
Retweeted by Paromg wait fun fact I noticed: The Canadian flag is inaccurate to the 1970s! It shows a border between The Northwest… hope they all go to hell
Retweeted by Parwhoever is running the bud light twt acc needs a raise😭
Retweeted by Par
@sashawaybright when did this get confirmed lolMan this pride month has been WILD
Retweeted by ParHave you killed a man hop pop......... #Amphibia #amphibiaspoilers #TrueColors
Retweeted by Parwtf is happening
Retweeted by Parcamila when she finally receives all 57 of luzs text messages
Retweeted by Par @AAvery618 The Maggie thing is so true like I just don’t get it??? She was there for like 5 seconds.All for fun #Amphibia #Amphibiaseason3 #Amphibiahoax
Retweeted by Par @BudLightCA @CorruptedMarcy THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORTPeople saying Pixar is losing their touch as if we didn’t get “Soul” last year.
Retweeted by ParI- she literally sounds like a parrot when she screamed
Retweeted by Pari cant wait for Dana to check her twitter and see that Bud Light is a lumity shipper and we all are friends with that account now
Retweeted by Par @HeyRebeccaRose OMG!!! It gets better.
Retweeted by Par @godless_glasses Wait what’s your fic?I don't get how some people can wake up from a long nap and immediately feel refreshed, I take a 20 min nap and the… anne-iversary to the frog show :D #amphibia
Retweeted by Par @Fairy527 @TheBallPitCar
Retweeted by Parwhy did i do this
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Retweeted by Par @Hyper2056 You're welcome 😇😇😇 @TheBallPitCar but that's normal??? I sleep with one pillow for my head, and one pillow just against the head board of my bed.i just wanna say. i know this is supposed to be funny and shit but the fact the label says "alan dracula pickles" m…
Retweeted by Par @fokuwu 😁😁😁 @cnyicalnoodle Congrats!
Retweeted by Par @fokuwu The fish reminds me of Marcy! Dead and will probably be kept in tank!Le Chat Chalet Car #InfinityTrain
Retweeted by ParHappy anniversary bby #Amphibia
Retweeted by ParChicken Choice Mother? Mother Judy? Chicken Mother Judy? #CCJRedraw #InfinityTrain #InfinityTrainHBOmax
Retweeted by Paridk who needs to hear this but lumity isn’t rushed because it’s not even canon yet 😟
Retweeted by ParI don’t know if I’m up to make art today so have a really dumb meme
Retweeted by Par @randomnessyuh lmao this movie was great
Retweeted by Par @gromfrights Good luck! Hope it goes well!drawing amity with a huge ass forehead >>
Retweeted by Par @Layne_in_Pain For some reason this tweet just made me think of Ryan singing "I need MY LION TAMERRRRR"the people have spoken, let the ostracism begin
Retweeted by Pari think min would be one of those candy crush moms where theyre at like level 3774 and going
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#LUMITY x tropes (no spoilers)
Retweeted by ParTHIS IS CAMP
Retweeted by Par @beastkeeping I think he just meant Yunan and Olivia. He retweeted some art that a crew member made of them togethe… some memes #InfinityTrain
Retweeted by ParHappy Anne-versary to my favorite comedy show <3
Retweeted by Par @owlfrogs no 😫