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On her cult-favorite exfoliating toner: “When I don’t use this product, my skin looks far more congested. It change… 10:00 a.m. I get a text from F., the one person I have decided to see since both of us have avoided pe… your week with your horoscope artist Alex Israel, the worst smell is “cauliflower rice that’s gone bad. I’m not sure it’s the worst, but it w… “Your current situation is the kind you can’t navigate with a borrowed GPS. You have to use your own. Yo… candles that double as beautiful ceramic pieces to candle collections inspired by the Harlem Renaissance“With time unspooled in front of us all like a long, gritty tongue, I’ve begun to realize that my extremely patient… fridges across New York City are fighting food insecurity, reducing waste, and uniting neighbors: “This i…“I was making my way through the stages of hair-loss grief—hovering somewhere between bargaining and acceptance—whe… having antibodies for a virus mean we’re immune to the virus? What are “immunity passports?” Here’s what to kn… seems safe to say that many parents are juggling health fears alongside logistical ones. What do you do when kid…“Where do my friends fall on the COVID-19 scale of frat bro on a packed Florida beach to New York shut-in?” More an… the country, Black and Latino people have been nearly three times as likely to become infected with COVID-19…“My self-imposed hiatus started off as an accident. If someone had told me at the beginning how I’d spend the next…, even now, can be so simple. One foot in front of the other, following wooden signs or blazes on the trees everything wedding-related, the decision to go forth with nuptials amidst a pandemic has created drama between… 8 a.m. I text Katy from my room. WTF? Here’s why I’m pissed: it’s not that she f*cked a guy who I’m ki… Sarah Han and Ryan Moling’s first date, proposal, and wedding all took place at Brooklyn Bridge P… fridges across NYC are fighting food insecurity, reducing waste, and uniting neighbors. “It’s heartbreaki…“There is no need for anyone to be hungry. This country’s waste alone could feed the world. The tonnage of food tha… is infinitely more interesting than any sort of standard biopic. Elisabeth Moss talks playing Shirley Jack… talks #Nanette, Indigo Girls, Abby Wambach, and more of the texts, music, and mentors that have infl… At Elana Knoller and Robert Halperin’s wedding, the partying continued straight through until waf…“Knowing there’s no other option, I’ve given myself over to a fully sedentary lifestyle. My couch is my new favorit…’s unclear if immunity even exists for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Still, antibody testing is available, and those who…ès may have found the answer to showing a new collection during a global pandemic“Even as February turns to March and the city begins to lock down around me, the pregnancy makes me feel purposeful… Trump administration’s new coronavirus strategy reportedly is to hope that Americans simply “learn to live with…|Art’s new grant aims to celebrate the under-recognized contributions of Black trans women visual artists. Her…’t be fooled by the fact that Avatar is a cartoon. If you’re revisiting it after a decade, you’ll find that its… Spring Fashion shoot with @Lizzo won the #ASME for “Best Fashion and Beauty Photograph.” Revisit the 2019 profi… light of the global pandemic, Dior presented its latest haute couture collection with a film, complete with merm… “Do you think that an arrangement like this can work? I worry that some underlying resentment or hurt wi…’s it like to dress like 18th-century royalty in the middle of 21st-century Brooklyn?, the fastest-growing supermassive black hole in the known universe, is 34 billion times the mass of our sun a…“We’re all going through a collective grief and a collective trauma right now. Some of that grief is large scale: W… are dying, your glorified log flume can wait"We have this strong cliché that the American woman (specifically the New Yorker) wakes up very early (like 5 a.m.… the quarantine sequel to @taffyakner’s “Fleishman is in Trouble,” exclusive to the Cut psychologists and health experts explain how racial and secondary trauma work, how that trauma impacts the bo… do race, class, sexuality, and gender identity play into power? Michaela Coel’s #IMayDestroyYou peels back the… talks #TheLegendOfZelda, #Pose, and Laverne Cox: “Honestly, if somebody is trans, and they’re an act… is experiencing record warm temperatures, melting sea ice, and massive wildfires — changes to the environme…“If you were a young girl during the ’80s and ’90s, Sex and the City most certainly wasn’t your first time parsing…
Exclusive to the Cut, read the quarantine sequel to @taffyakner’s best-selling novel, “Fleishman is in Trouble” “It took me almost 20 years to get to a point where I could put a name to what I was experiencing.… Hader and Rachel Bilson; Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers; Darius Rucker and Beth Leonard — it was a big we… new life under Gothic vaults for designers Paul Melo and Tom Walko. Take a look inside their airy space“I think everyone should try to avoid toxins, but I don’t believe you need to have a 100% natural beauty routine. T…"Every time I think I know something about policing, I start digging and the truth turns out to be completely diffe… 8:15 p.m. I tell Nick I have to go and as I’m leaving he mentions he recently started an OnlyFans page… Styles inviting us to do anything at all with him would not put us in the right state of mind for sleeping, h… social distancing has finally inspired you to download TikTok, it’s time for you to learn some dances“My therapist told me that getting an infertility diagnosis affects your brain the same way as getting a cancer dia… World's "welcome home" reopening video got an ominous edit as Florida's new coronavirus cases spiked excerpt from @wordscience’s essay collection "Wow, No Thank You"“It was two weeks into social distancing that I started craving alcohol again. It wasn’t a nice glass of Sauvignon…’s safe to say that no other apartment in New York looks like Ellen Van Dusen’s, but her home goods might look fa… airy loft inside a former church in Jersey city. Take a look inside Paul Melo and Tom Walko’s space… Pinkett Smith confirmed her past relationship with August Alsina: "I actually don’t look at it as a transgress… Take care of your health, and don’t feel guilty. It’s business! You get to walk away at any time, as soo… Rivera's friend and 'Glee' costar, Heather Morris, has asked the Ventura County Sheriff's Department for permi…, hands-free is a good way to be the book being adapted into a miniseries to an inspiring biography Hader and Rachel Bilson, a nice couple who we really liked seeing together, have split after six months of dat… beauty products Maya Allen uses to the very last drop, including 10 options from Black-owned businesses… Jada Pinkett Smith and August Alsina in fact having an affair? Did Will Smith know about it? Do the Smith’s ha… “I’m scared of going back to the city and running out of money. And I don’t want to hurt my boyfriend’… is like the the streaming version of beans: satiating and satisfying and completely unsexy“I’ve learned to skip through the blame and the shame and the criticism and get right to the solution. And that’s w… you find yourself in a situation in which you must produce a fun fact — and you will — you might as well be prep…“I came back to work and decided: I’m gonna follow protocols. I’m gonna come in and mask up, even though it wasn’t… This is a week for thinking about what you’ll hold onto, and what you’ll release. It’s a week for deciding… you have your guess? the bar low. Lower. Keep going. Right there“I have girls DM-ing me all the time asking about products that smell so good, and I’m always like, Who’s telling h… This is a week to reconsider what “work” should look like for you, and what role it should play in your life… “To have someone who knows you and understands you the way you want to be known and understood doesn’t c… you’re in New York and using a dating app, you might be #LoveIsBlind’s next contestant every dime a dozen parody account that serves to amass huge follower counts and then monetize through ads, “… Elisa Benson and Peter Gaston utilized every bell and whistle Zoom has to offer for the 170 peopl… can use them to approximate the classic Princess-Di-running-errands look or just to stay cool while lounging ab… with her daughter Shannan, no single thing would ever explain what happened to Mari Gilbert. Her life, transform… estimated 70,000 to 126,000 women are now at risk of losing coverage, according to the government“Outside, we can finally speak the truth: that was a nightmare. We’d been so afraid to say it out loud, because if… an excerpt from @smdanler’s “Stray:” “In the morning I wake up and sit in front of the mirror we f*cked in fro… on how #Chromatica, Maureen from #Rent, and Marilyn Monroe shaped her storm Fay is scheduled to make landfall between New Jersey and Long Island sometime today future is now kind of mask to follow the other kind of mask “How do you deal with money obsession? How can I deal with the emotional side of not having enough and…“What I felt most in the first months after my second baby’s birth was a twisted sort of luck,” writes @jngann oral history at how #PrettyWild, the entertaining — and, ultimately, exploitative — 2010 series, was made This is a week to look at how you’re distributing your energy, as well as the things you prioritize through… are stepping up to help the public keep plenty of hand sanitizer, ahem, on hand actually good-looking masks, as tested by the @strategist you the next #LoveIsBlind contestant? Taylor, a 24-year-old activist, died in the hospital on Saturday. They were reportedly participating in the… Biologique Recherche dupe — at a fraction of the price all your journaling needs, whether you prefer doodles or lists