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“We give people condoms because if they want to have sex, we want them to have sex in a way that will prevent them… liver cancer death rate has surged 43% in 16 years jails Pussy Riot’s World Cup final protesters #WorldCupPamela Anderson: Porn is "creating monsters" to a study, more than 800 hate-related incidents have been reported in just 34 immigration detention cent… Kimmel on Trump-Putin summit: “We haven’t seen an American so owned by a Russian since Rocky IV”, when it comes to offerings to the gods, people have a tendency to select the youngest members of societ… at German Stonehenge and in Turkey have unveiled more sites of human sacrifice 21-year-old sets out to experience the Paris of his intellectual heroes—and gets more than he asked for out a fairytale of your own making in Hadlow Castle, a gorgeous home fit for a queen has become one of the hottest cities to visit in Latin America, in part due to its stunning nature. These… Colbert: “When I was in Russia—and this is true—I was followed everywhere I went, and I’m a comedian” a fan of Snow White's long snooze, Rapunzel's cumbersome locks, or Cinderella's impractical footwear? When you… "pro-rape" comedian writing for Sacha Baron Cohen's #WhoIsAmerica wasn’t just Democrats who were targeted by the Russian hackers: the very hardware that administers U.S. election…"I was OK with Mammoth Cave until they turned the lights out" Donald Trump Jr. mistress Aubrey O'Day breaks her silence to trash Trump: "Grow the f*ck up!" Resorts sues victims of Las Vegas mass shooting than a year after plutonium was stolen from the back of a van at a Texas Marriott, state and federal officials… Anderson defends Assange and Putin: "Everything is so anti-Russia" Kimmel is convinced Trump pee tape exists "beyond a treasonable doubt" Kimmel on Trump-Putin Summit: “If you’re wondering whether or not Vladimir Putin has an incriminating video o…
Retweeted by The Daily BeastElon Musk's insult for a rescue diver working on the Thai cave rescue comes straight from the depths of Pizzagate Colbert: "Alarming" Trump-Putin summit has "shaken me to my core" police warn of “possible serial killer” after murder spree Treasury exempts some nonprofits from identifying donors Wallace — unlike President Donald Trump — actually held Vladimir Putin to account during an interview on Fox… all hikers—these fives trails in Medellin, Colombia are must-dos for your bucket list may be beautiful, but they're also terrifying. Let's revisit the tale of Floyd Collins, who was trapped for d… black students falsely accused of leaving IHOP without paying up for #BeastInside to get access to Rabbit Hole, an in-depth look at the story everyone can't stop talking ab… Russia-NRA arrest: This is as close as it gets to collusion, via @woodruffbets Musk joined the fringe right by calling his foe—a diver working on the Thai cave rescue—a "pedo" David Lynch on Blue Velvet: "I didn’t like the song 'Blue Velvet' when it came out. It’s not rock ’n’ roll… found the missing DNC server! It's in @realDonaldTrump's imagination.
Retweeted by The Daily BeastSeth Meyers called Trump's summit with Putin "one of the most surreal performances by a president in modern America…"Fire in Dreamland" contrasts a historic fire on Coney Island with a nervy relationship between two aspiring filmma… Trump's "missing DNC server" is neither missing nor a server "lava bomb" crashed onto the roof of a tourist boat in Hawaii and injured 23 people Depp has reached a settlement with his former managers, avoiding a trial that was set to begin next month the Otero Co. Processing Center, one man reported that an officer told him to "go sit your black ass down and be… his new stint on Cohen’s show, it looks like "pro-rape" Kurt Metzger has gone largely unscathed by his tendenc…"Good Will Hunting" director Gus Van Sant remembers the "serious" Robin Williams that acted in his movie: "He never… and Putin trashed U.S. spies at their bromance summit“If we die, we die, but it’s better than staying here.” — A Syrian refugee in his 60s, heading home group of people at the Brooks County Detention Center in Falfurrias, Texas reported that their food was thrown on… up for #BeastInside to get access to Rabbit Hole: a deep dive into the one story everyone is obsessing over. R… Daily Beast is looking for a social media intern! Apply here:"Donald Trump sold out his country to Russia, then proudly affirmed it, live on camera." turning down a Trump birthday party invite to Kanye, Pamela Anderson tells The Daily Beast her take on what's…
Uber is under investigation for gender discrimination Christian agency that helps place children with foster care parents allegedly refused to entertain one woman's a… lawmaker Jason Spencer says Sacha Baron Cohen made him "shout provocative language." Spencer is now threate…"Piers Morgan is known for many things, from his sick Kim Kardashian burns to overall terrible opinions. But misogy… first-of-its-kind study found 800+ incidents of abuse based on race, nationality, religion, and sexual orientatio… just fell for "a classic KGB trick" all-but-said he trusts Putin more than own intelligence agencies. Will the heads of those agencies quit as a… an interview with Fox News' Chris Wallace, an aggravated Putin refused to acknowledge the Mueller indictment…"For Trump to even threaten to pull back America's atomic umbrella is dangerous ... And that instability – and the…'re hiring! The Daily Beast is looking for a social media intern. More details here: O'Day, who allegedly had an affair with Donald Trump Jr., breaks her silence to trash Trump: "Grow the fuck… to one former senior White House official, Trump is more afraid of looking illegitimate than of looking l… who have worked for Trump say they have come to expect these types of moments, largely because they're rooted…"Trump looked incredibly weak up there. Putin looks like a champion... I'd like to say I'm shocked but this is the… a global stage, Trump didn't just cower; he actively cemented an image of submissiveness to his Russian counterp…, former advisors say, is driven by a deep sense of insecurity about the election. And so, he will never reall… Trump's own team says he "looked incredibly weak" next to Putin says Sacha Baron Cohen never pretended to be a "disabled" veteran Sanders knocks "our idiot president" Trump Trump administration says it doesn't support Safe Injections Sites to help combat the opioid crisis—which kills… security experts from the Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory drove to San Antonio, Texas, in Marc… "Pro-rape" comedian Kurt Metzger is writing for Sacha Baron Cohen's all-male #WhoIsAmerica writing team linked to the a Ukraine oligarch have hired the attorney Robert Powell, the husband of of a Democratic H… fires 2 people after white manager calls cops on black patron:"This is more like a meeting between Joe Colombo and Vito Genovese. It wouldn’t surprise me if they have a cake sha… Browder is confident that the U.S. justice system is strong enough to protect him from the clutches of Russia,… TOLD YOU
Retweeted by The Daily BeastNEW: GOP Rep. Rohrabacher bashes "sick fraud" Sacha Baron Cohen while his opponent jumps on the damning… to be That Guy, but please RT this @thedailybeast blog. This amounts to a rounding error in the budget but GOP…
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