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Singer Neil Young told off Trump Saturday for using his music as an introduction to a speech at Mount Rushmore the…"It wasn’t long ago that domineering masculinity was something mainstream American culture lauded, but as Trump’s f…"It’s a dark hour, but the U.S. has a way of coming back, after struggling with itself, stronger than ever...Americ… statues should be toppled. Some should be put back up. After the Nazis occupied Paris in 1940, they tore down… hiking isn’t as scary as you think and now’s the perfect time to try it reported a new record daily-high COVID-19 case count on July 4, approaching and possibly surpassing even th… Heathfield, like his wife, had been born in a cemetery, a ghost rising from the dead. The twin tragedies had…’s mistake in recalling why he returned to the United States revealed how trauma colored his witness. Memori… to a report, the White House is planning to recast its COVID-19 messaging after months of sending mixed s… better understand how people influence the overall health of dolphins, Jason Bruck's colleagues and Oklahoma Sta… year is 1963, and you’re a young man floating on a cloud of alcohol and Percodan looking for a way to make a qu… devoted his 4th of July weekend speech at Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota not to unite the country for Independe… in the Australian city of Melbourne are prohibiting around 3,000 residents who live in nine public hous… rains in southern Japan triggered mudslides and heavy flooding, leaving more than a dozen people presume… U.S. Navy said Saturday that the aircraft carriers USS Nimitz and USS Ronald Reagan were carrying out military… women were seriously hurt, including one who faces life-threatening injuries, when a car sped through a blockad…“We don’t condone trespassing,” he said, noting that the neighborhood bylaws had specific language about unauthoriz… Maxwell and Kevin Spacey photographed on royal thrones in 2002 Buckingham Palace visit Jr.’s girlfriend Kim Guilfoyle tests positive for COVID-19 returning to bars, you may want to reconsider your drinking style with help from a 1536 German manual writte… boy killed in Alabama mall shooting“Additional orders are useless if people will not follow what we have in place now,” Gov. Tate Reeves told reporter…ìn told The Daily Beast that all he wants is to be with his family, particularly during the pandemic that th… the best of circumstances, Americans could be in for a long, messy immunization battle against the novel coro…“It grieves me that Netflix provides a platform for such ‘cinema’,” Duffy wrote, “that eroticises kidnapping and di…“For some reason, over the last couple of weeks, a month, masks have become political,” a Fox host remarked during… Herzog, the legendary filmmaker behind “Aguirre, the Wrath of God” and “Grizzly Man,” opens up to Tarpley Hi… uses Mount Rushmore event to sic supporters on "evil" protesters filmmaker Natalie Erika James’ impressive debut is a spooky exploration of old age and the familial ties tha…“In Plain Sight” features artists and activists skytyping powerful phrases above immigrant detention centers, forme… Indians consider changing team name Jr.’s girlfriend Kim Guilfoyle tests positive for COVID-19 Park Service employees not tested for coronavirus before fireworks event injured, including 8-year-old boy, in Alabama mall shooting"We all have a path to follow, and I have always been determined and uncompromising about mine. I am who I am. I am… Maxwell and Kevin Spacey photographed on royal thrones in 2002 Buckingham Palace visit new cases surge in Sun Belt states, so do airline flights as bargain seat prices fuel a summer boom block road to Mount Rushmore and face off against National Guard“We’re angry and we’re exhausted because of the incompetence. It didn’t have to be like this,” one medical professi… 2 exec missing from company that vanished $2 billion years, white “feminist” comics like Tina Fey, Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman and others mocked race via “ironic r…
Trump administration issues new memo casting doubt on intelligence about Russian bounties mysterious post on social media has convinced right-wing groups that antifa activists are planning to slaughter w… only president great enough to make the Fourth of July a multiday holiday? You guessed it. mocks LGBTQ pride flag at U.S. embassy in Moscow study links embattled malaria drug to lower COVID-19 death rate 112-page legal filing points the finger at Ira Greenstein, a former White House official who has worked for the f…, a case like this goes to the sex crimes unit. But Ghislaine Maxwell’s case has been assigned to public co… the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, the spotlight’s now on Jeffrey Epstein’s other close friends and agents—inclu… broker who sold the property told The Daily Beast she had never met Maxwell, a British heiress long linked to E… Guillen's alleged killer is said to have tried to dispose of the young Fort Hood soldier’s remains using a… a day after Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged “madam” Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested, attorney Alan Dershowitz has pen… you love Daiquiris? Watch bartender Bradley Moore mix up his spin on the classic cocktail, which features… went by the name Ray Hushpuppi and he made no secret of his extraordinary fortune. their petition to the New York Supreme Court, Mary Trump’s lawyers wrote that it’s clear the president and his f… to @JLCauvin's full interview on #TheLastLaugh podcast here: Cauvin claims to have no hard feelings towards Cooper, he says: “I would love to be known for my stand-up, b… Cauvin definitely has his share of competition, namely Sarah Cooper, another comedian whose Trump impersonation…“Putting out a new video always makes me feel better,” he says, saying that it’s “almost a dangerous thing.” He get…“I think my voice has legitimately gotten roughed up from doing the impression so much,” Cauvin admits. With the… this bonus episode of #TheLastLaugh podcast, comedian @JLCauvin reveals to @mattwilstein how his Trump impressio…"Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick cares more about the sound of his own voice than the health of his constituents," writes…"I don’t think Trump will get out. That would be an example of self-sacrifice. That’s not his style," writes… Biden’s supporters—and detractors—are looking to his past debate performances for clues about how he’ll handle… Trump feels that if Biden were in the Oval now, Democrats would be building statues for his handling of t… documents tell AMI’s side of the story, and they paint a picture of an investigation driven almost entirely by… News guests spent a whole six minutes on Friday debating—with a completely straight face—a petition to change t… the sky is the limit, as the saying goes, a striking performance this weekend will harness those lofty ambitions… The pioneering female rocker—and subject of the new documentary “Suzi Q”—writes about paving the way for… cases are on a data trajectory to outer space, yet Christopher Nolan and cinema chains are hellbent on… woman groomed by Jeffrey Epstein and his confidante Ghislaine Maxwell claims Maxwell raped her “more than 20 or 3…’s horror in old age—the sort no one wants to think about, or look at, or discuss. It’s in that uncomfortable… anti-police brutality and racism protests that have swept across the country since George Floyd’s death on Memo…“After years of doubling down on racist jokes and choosing to 'opt out' of critical conversations about her portray… Hurren, who rammed a pickup truck filled with guns through the gates of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudea… discussion about Portnoy’s comments was during an episode titled with the acronym for “Now It’s Gonna Get Extre… pro-Trump internet is abuzz about left-wing “antifa”activists’ nefarious plans for the Gettysburg National Ceme… officials angry at Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s handling of surging coronavirus numbers in the state had one… least 105 students living in several University of Washington frat houses have reported testing positive for COV… is heading into the July 4 weekend with a reckless disregard for the health and safety of airline passenger…’s non-socially distant celebration at Mount Rushmore has alarmed health experts, Native Americans, and park o… Washington Redskins will undergo a “thorough review” of their name following pressure from sponsors, fans and p… Maxwell has no shortage of skeletons in her closet Andrew, the SDNY would like to speak with you brutality protests in Portland, Oregon turned violent, leading police to declare it a riot for the seco… episode of #TheLastLaugh podcast today with the scarily accurate Trump impersonator @JLCauvin! Talking…
Retweeted by The Daily Beast"The assignment of [Ghislaine Maxwell's] case to the Public Corruption Unit suggests that the investigation may tou… tells Rick and Molly that Trump “expressed more concern about how he was perceived walking down that ramp at… Conway (@gtconway3d) makes another appearance on “The New Abnormal” by The Daily Beast to talk Tucker Carlso… Stiller tells @TheRickWilson, @MollyJongFast, and @MattWilstein that despite everyone’s theories on whether or… is so obsessed with Zoolander (or perhaps, his own cameo in it) that he derailed an interview while campaigni…"Our teenage boy-in-chief has planned two consecutive days of Fourth of July celebrations, assuring our country wha… Wilson, Oklahoma cops have been charged with second-degree murder after using a stun gun nearly 50 times on a n…“He doesn’t like to be scripted. It’s like somebody is punishing him when they make him read,” @JLCauvin says of “T… Macron, the French President, has appointed a former aide to his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy to become his… girlfriend of Fort Hood soldier Aaron David Robinson was charged with conspiracy to tamper with evidence, two d…"The danger for Trump is that he reaches a tipping point where he becomes politically a dead man walking—when he be… high-dollar Trump fundraiser Elliott Broidy has long maintained that the Qatari government was behind the ha… the past month, during which two U.S. jobs reports have shown signs of an economic rebound from the depths of co… said he wanted to invite Russia to the G7 summit of world leaders. His advisers are having second thoughts, n…