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Milk makeup has a new gel eyeliner, and honestly, it's their best product yet 😍 Texas law, Mark and Christy Zartler can’t treat their daughter Kara with cannabis. The upcoming midterm could ch… Kavanaugh scandal is deepening by the day. Here are the key points that developed over the weekend, including w… new fall season is hell-bent on wringing every last tear out of audiences, with the major networks making blata… Trump admission's refugee cap doesn't just hurt those seeking refuge in the U.S., it harms these Americans, too Williams discussed her friendship with Meghan Markle in an interview with Australia’s The Project—three days…"Aliens" actor Al Matthews, who played Sgt. Apone, found dead in Spain"To Trump, the closed minds on the Judiciary Committee, and men in general asking why Ford didn’t rush to the autho… had skewered Argento for claiming that she had been raped orally by Harvey Weinstein. And they were no kin…"Hey Google, talk to The Daily Beast!" Get the news you need without getting out of bed. Listen to The Daily Beast'… campaigners are, in private, fretting about the potential political repercussions of sticking with Kavan… female sportswriters recount the ugly harassment they received from Barstool Sport's horrific online cultu… warns U.S. of "devastating" revenge after parade attack parks in U.S. are warming fast and drying out, new report finds 8,000 people have been told to flee post-Hurricane Florence floods in South Carolina than anything else about Anthony Bourdain, W. Kamau Bell wants people to understand “the depth to which he car… Williams opened up about her friendship with Meghan Markle, and how recently, she has reached out to her for… Avenatti: I represent a woman with "credible information" on Kavanaugh and China hit each other with the biggest tariffs yet often glorified, college athletes also experience unique stressors that many of us may not understand Oliver on Trump's defense of Kavanaugh: "To borrow a phrase, that’s one of the most shitheaded things I’ve see…’s not-so-subtle callouts of racism and bigotry were also addressed: “Tony wasn’t afraid of making a statem… What the inside of a human kidney stone looks like Egeria shows us is just how tough and active ancient Christian women were's a look at why we consider some presidents good leaders and some not (hint: it depends on their strengths vs…"A few bridges connect, or used to connect, China and Korea, and they tell us the story of how Dandong came to be s… Bridges' urgent warning: Trump must inspire us to "take action""Sexism is rampant, harassment permeates, and a woman's appearance is sometimes just as serious of business as, you… Oliver on Dr. Ford's allegation against Brett Kavanaugh: “To be very clear: there are many reasons why victims…
Retweeted by The Daily BeastJohn Oliver goes off on Trump, GOP and Fox News over Kavanaugh defenses Anthony Bourdain's devastating "I pinch myself" moment from tonight's #PartsUnknown with @wkamaubell Republicans fret that Kavanaugh push will crush them in the midterm elections have to hammer Mark Judge, the Kavanaugh hearing’s missing man, writes @mtomasky Kavanaugh's high school classmate Mark Judge reportedly said there was no sexual misconduct at Georgetown Pre… of the ‘The Real Housewives of New York City' gathered Sunday with producers Andy Cohen and Lisa Shannon to…"Meghan’s dignified and strong mom is a powerful rebuttal to the anatagonism of Thomas Markle." Argento accuser Jimmy Bennett was ridiculed for saying he was raped during TV interview. 6-year-old with autism went missing in a park this weekend. Now the FBI has joined the search"For me, Kavanaugh is too damaged in the eye of at least many Americans in a way no Supreme Court nominee has been,… in new #PartsUnknown, airing at 9 pm ET: “I cannot fucking believe that I get to do this. Or see this... O…
BREAKING: Dems reportedly probing new allegation against Kavanaugh race to reach stranded Indian sailor Abhilash Tomy recalled after customers find needles inside out of the governor’s mansion in 2017 by Team Trump, which needed a female in its heavily-male cabinet, Hal… local dishes like fried whole tilapia and goat’s head soup, @wkamaubell and Bourdain learn about some of the i… Woods wins first PGA title in more than five years“My wife and I experienced climate change recently. We lost a house due to the debris flow from that big fire in Sa… question of whether or not Rod Rosenstein was serious when he said that he secretly recorded Trump has generate…"No longer are rapists the stereotypical stranger who jumps you in a dark alley; rather, SVU paints a nuanced portr… Kavanaugh plans to use calendars from the summer of 1982 to push back on the allegation he sexually assaulted…"The Old-Fashioned has lately made a fantastic comeback." hurt like hell, but the inside of these kidney stones are gorgeous is the perfect jumpsuit. Thanks, @ilanakohn Whelan on "leave of absence" following his conspiracy theory about Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual-assault allega… Marina Abramovic attacked with painting in Italy may sometimes be put on a pedestal, but they have problems just like any student and sometimes may… the close of the 1990s, with A Tribe Called Quest having slowly deteriorated and De La Soul having hit a commerc… police thwart plot to abduct, rape, and kill child gives West Bank village residents 7 days to get out the billionaire Mitchell Rales and his art curator wife Emily Wei Rales were seeking inspiration for the repor… Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey-Ford set to testify in open hearing on Thursday traversed the Mediterranean with the Bible as her roadmap, seeking the homes of the patriarchs, burial sites… this book, Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin revisits what makes presidents, like Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt,… Kamau Bell, who appears in tonight's new #PartsUnknown with the late Anthony Bourdain, believes it’s “important… Haley cautions not to blame or "second guess" Kavanaugh's accuser: "We don't know the situation she was going… women's allegations sparked the investigation into the John Jay professors' criminal underworld, one of which a…, a trade hub in the northeastern region of China, is North Korea’s portal to the world. But for North Korea… spoke at a far-right rally in Rome and had this message for millennials: “You don’t own anything and you’re… Wall Street women still see dye jobs and daily blowouts as a necessity, like 30 years prior when in "Working G… Graham: Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony won’t change his support for Brett Kavanaugh Haley has talked about fighting an overweight U.N. bureaucracy—arguably a worthy challenge—her real goal is s… 13 years on the lam, an ex-cop accused of molesting a 10-year-old girl and then murdering his wife was arrest… FBI lawyer Lisa Page was present for Rosenstein's comments on secret recordings of Trump and did not believe… her memoir, Haley called the Tea Party “the movement,” noting ponderously: “Government is the dead weight we all… those Instagram posts of fashionistas posing with Joshua trees and cool cacti have you swimming in jealousy? Wel… made a comment of what seemed like support for Trump last June, but after talking with him, it cou… Bannon descended onto Rome’s Tiber Island on Saturday night like a Roman deity, albeit one in dark blue cargo…“If there’s anything that Tony taught us, it’s how to be a good guest" – @wkamaubell after #PartsUnknown premiere region votes in favor of "burqa ban" Carolina woman arrested for saving animals during Hurricane Florence"Doria’s appearance with Meghan and Harry was a very deliberate and carefully thought through set piece, communicat… of the high stakes, the question of Rosenstein’s intention regarding the comments has generated furious deb… a former official who was also in the room for the meeting Page attended said he did not think Rosenstein was b… Jay professors accused of running criminal underworld"Alexa, open The Daily Beast!" Get the news you need without getting out of bed. Listen to The Daily Beast's new po… Two sources told The Daily Beast that FBI lawyer Lisa Page was present for Rod Rosenstein's comments on… sexual harassers thrived under NBC News Chief Andy Lack—again and again and again need to flip—this memory foam pillow keeps its cool Senate Judiciary Committee has reportedly begun reaching out to friends of Christine Blasey-Ford who may have i… Republican adviser involved in the Senate Judiciary Committee's response to a sexual assault allegation against K… pro-Trump CNN pundit reportedly impregnated an unnamed woman and then secretly slipped her drugs that induced a… U.K. implored Trump not to release the Carter Page surveillance docs"For me, Kavanaugh is too damaged in the eye of at least many Americans in a way no Supreme Court nominee has been,… claim a serial date-rape couple used their “good looks” to lure women back to their apartment, drug the… Cyrus is selling a line of merchandise that includes a $12,000 bottle of her tears. Is she monetizing depressi… Trump must inspire us to "take action" Bourdain's message of tolerance continues on after his death first glance, the industrial Euljiro neighborhood of Seoul, South Korea, might seem like the last place you'd wa… Led Zeppelin time capsule is a stairway to photo heaven Talk by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein of taping President Trump was considered serious by Lisa…