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There were few human beings in the 19th century more interesting and transformative than the German naturalist and… sharks and rays can't get enough of Mozambique's coast Baines, Lee Smith elected to Baseball Hall of Fame is old news already: Here's the Dems' best 2020 bet 1477, Nicolaus Germanus created two globes, one celestial and one terrestrial. Beautiful objects, they went miss… Barr, Trump’s attorney general pick, wanted government to “restrain sexual immorality” J.Crew's identity crisis, except when it comes to Christmas socks leader profiled by Oprah accused of sexual abuse by 10 women's mother has filed a suit against his half-sister, Ariana Onfroy, alleging she intimated that she had… obtained a threatening voicemail from El Chapo's "nephew" who said he would have Tekashi69's mother deported O. Harris' stunning "Slave Play" produces gasps of both recognition and revelation in its story of the insid…’s Witness center set ablaze amid spate of arson attacks"If Beale Street Could Talk" is a powerful and moving depiction of black love. @StereoTheSecond's review:
CNN: Jamal Khashoggi’s last words were “I can’t breathe” Simmons opens up about the twists and turns of #Counterpart season two, how he pulls off dual leading roles, a… current and former Fox News employees were willing to speak to the director about Roger Ailes Ayers, who turned down Trump to be chief of staff, is expected to land at pro-Trump dark money group account Daquan currently has 11.8 million followers on Instagram. Here are the meme makers behind it housing crisis of 2008 was built on the bones of '90s housing policy. #ad @realtors"Trump, a princeling who was raised in luxury [and] never held accountable for any of his countless personal and bu… last night's #SNL, De Niro's Mueller closed in on Trump Nick Ayers will reportedly not be President Donald Trump’s next chief of staff Markle reportedly thought St. George's Chapel smelled "musty" and requested air fresheners winter storm in the Southeast grounds more than 1,000 flights's the ultimate holiday party drink? Cognac punch out Right Richter, my newsletter on right-wing media. New issue coming soon:
Retweeted by The Daily BeastHuawei Technologies’ Meng Wanzhou arrest is "nasty," Chinese official says"With the shadow of the Mueller probe hanging over each and every personnel decision, Trump’s approach to these cha… 16-year-old, believed to be the son of one of the club's owners, has been arrested in a deadly stampede at an Ita…"If all of Santa’s elves and all of Santa’s reindeer got busted by the Feds you would not expect Santa to tweet, ‘T… in Khashoggi's murder won't be extradited, Saudi official says fantasies about France and the French. The protests and riots expose a dark, complex history of rural povert… @RogerAilesFilm documentary #DivideAndConquer is out this weekend and—Spoiler Alert!—it makes @FoxNews look BAD
Retweeted by The Daily BeastFormer federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy thinks Trump will face indictment in Manhattan doesn't care about the debt because it won't hit a crisis point until he's gone. @MattKLewis explains early 2017 when senior officials offered Trump charts and graphics showing a “hockey stick” spike in the nationa… Cannon flagged homophobic tweets from Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman, and Chelsea Handler to defend Kevin Hart's investigation appears to be approaching its culmination and anti-Trump liberals are calling for impeachme… explosive new book makes the argument that the Gospel of Mark was more like a rough draft or collection of notes… Boys founder Gavin McInnes loses gig with BlazeTV Markle loses another personal assistant, rumors swirl William and Harry fell out over her suitability was "concerned" NY FBI officials were leaking info to Giuliani Jerry Nadler, the incoming House Judiciary Committee chairman, says federal prosecutors outlined "impeachable…"When it opens on Christmas Day, Adam McKay’s dynamite movie Vice will rain on the Bush parade, as it should," writ… dubbed the "Crying Nazi" in Charlottesville vows revenge against the left arrested outside church after telling kids Santa Claus isn't real"Divide and Conquer," a new documentary by Alexis Bloom, shows how the cult of Roger Ailes continues to rule over F… agent shot in the shoulder during Brooklyn drive-by a new interview, Meghan Markle's heartbroken father Thomas said he's "made dozens of attempts" to reach out, but… was also revealed that Comey is a "potential witness" in a possible obstruction of justice investigation by Muel… defended Peter Strzok, who was fired when text messages showed he had an unfavorable view of Trump, saying it wa… FBI's scrutiny of Trump's campaign team over collusion fears with Kremlin election-meddling began as far back a… revealed in a seven-hour testimony to congressional investigators that four Americans, but not Trump himself,… and Harry will actually stay in Kate and William's house at Christmas to fight rift rumors fight against porn has an unlikely new champion: college men Images of death-defying climbs from "Free Solo," the most jaw-dropping movie of the year… claims it's against conversion therapy, but its PAC gave thousands to candidates who have tried to stop LG… hypocrisy: Hugh Freeze, Liberty U's new football coach, loves prostitutes when the good guy with a gun is black, like EJ Bradford, police all too often perceive a threat—and respond… dangerous lives of cam girls"The bill—Congress’s legislative response to sexual harassment and assault allegations within its own workplace—wil… De Niro's Robert Mueller crashes Trump Tower, tells Eric he's got a little Christmas surprise in store for his… on Trump: “I mean, if all of Santa’s elves and all of Santa’s reindeer got busted by the Feds you would not ex… sharply criticized his former boss, admitting publicly that Trump was a "pretty undisciplined" man who "d… Robert De Niro's Robert Mueller closes in on Donald Trump Jr. accused Nick Carter of rape and Backstreet Boys fans made her life hell"If North Carolina’s congressional election were an episode of House of Cards, it would be laughed off the air," wr… are the biggest #GoldenGlobes snubs and surprises with capturing the scene inside the Manafort trial, sketch artist Dana Verkouteren details the inner working… crucifixion to resurrection, from karaoke to sno cones, The Holy Land Experience in Orlando is a theme park li… words Michelle Hurley blurted out to a stranger in a bar bathroom might haunt her for the rest of her life Trump reportedly tried to hire William Barr as his top defense lawyer on Robert Mueller's Russian investi… you're not worried about time (Amtrak's not famous for promptness), taking the train from Chicago to the West Co… Comey tells Congressional investigators he's a “potential witness” in Robert Mueller's Russia Probe Markle’s heartbroken dad: “I don’t deserve this” Trump Organization shelled out the bonus on top of reimbursing Cohen for his six-figure payout to the porn star McNabb, co-host of the popular neo-Nazi podcast “The Daily Shoah,” who also works as an EMT in southern Virgin…'s Royal Museum of Central Africa spread a colonial message for 60 years. Now they are distancing themselves… Fire evacuees find dog patiently waiting for them when they return home via @thedailybeastFor several hours, vandals in yellow vests ruled the streets of Paris, including my street. Amid the chaos, jihadi… offers mind-melting, nightmare-fueling, deviant philosophical insanity, writes @nschager
BREAKING: James Comey told Congressional investigators the Justice Department was investigating four Americans conn… thought his career was finished when he made "The Godfather" and "Last Tango." But both brought him glory. H…"Imagine a scenario where a president is told that war is looming, but said president dismisses the warning because… Paris riots strike home: yellow vests, vandals, and jihadists thrive on such chaos investigation "will likely implicate the president, his campaign, and his close associates in aiding and abetti… on Trump and his "witch hunt" cries: "Playtime is over, and Donald doesn't like it." are targeting Maria Butina's GOP boyfriend, Paul Erickson, as a foreign agent neo-Nazi accused of killing Heather Hayer said "it doesn't fucking matter" that she died video shows a foreign couple in a naked embrace atop the Great Khufu Pyramid of Giza in Egypt special counsel is connecting the dots and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture for Trump is already dancing on Kelly's grave: "The best thing Priebus has going for him is John," he said. "It's… Falwell Jr. and his evangelical Christian institution will do anything in their pursuit of power, whether it…"Dozens" of top doctors failed to reveal industry ties in medical studies got intense during #TheView's opening tribute to George H.W. Bush this week when Joy Behar and Meghan McCain… John Kelly is out as Trump's Chief of Staff a visit to Mars on your travel bucket list? Human hibernation could be the key to surviving the six-month trip nuns stand up to the Vatican over a proposed shakeup in their order Carvey's tribute to Barbara and George H.W. Bush: "I just love them and wish the best for everybody" had private conversations with MBS after the Khashoggi killing