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So, did everyone in that restaurant overhear Trump’s call with Sondand? Full coverage: @TheDailyShow, @roywoodjr and @jaboukie became the Property Brothas and attempted to find a buyer for Donald Tru…
Retweeted by The Daily ShowGreat story, but lacks pizzazz. What about: 🚨🚑🚨BREAKING 🎉 (AP)🔥🔥🔥 — AP source:✌️🇺🇸 embassy official 🗣👂 President… Trump impeachment hearings have begun, and George Kent and Bill Taylor are testifying that Trump did some messe… and @RoyWoodJr aka “The Property Brothas” are trying to sell Donald Trump’s childhood home. Full piece:… one of the Trump impeachment hearings. Here’s what you missed: point. Article 6, Section 2 of the Constitution clearly states that a President can't be impeached for crimes…
Retweeted by The Daily ShowPublic impeachment hearings begin against President Trump, and actor Daniel Kaluuya discusses the movie "Queen & Sl…'s the full piece with @roywoodjr and @jaboukie:’s the full interview with Daniel Kaluuya: Why has Trump’s childhood home been on the market for months? @roywoodjr and @jaboukie investigate.⚡️ “Day 1 of the Trump Impeachment Hearings” by @TheDailyShow gladly agreed to air Trump’s dirty laundry for everyone to see, and today was laundry day. Daniel Kaluuya is here to talk about his new film @QueenAndSlim! Trevor 1, Jim Jordan 0.
Jim Jordan... YOU JUST GOT WELCH'D @Brittany_broski 🔥🔥🔥George Kent *stays* hydrated awkward to have your texts put on blast by the GOP's #ImpeachmentHearings defense of Trump's Ukraine call? Here's an explainer: @Brittany_broski thank you for this gift that keeps on giving#ImpeachmentDay recess? point. Article 6, Section 2 of the Constitution clearly states that a President can't be impeached for crimes… facts from Fox News you have a model train collection in a well-lit basement. #ImpeachmentDay SCHIFF: We turn to the witness for ques— JIM JORDAN: Point of order: At what point will we be able to beat the… Devin Nunes thinks he looks like vs. what he actually looks like's #ImpeachmentDay and we're not talking about the time Obama wore a bike helmet?! Linda Tripp throws out the first pitch to signal the start of #ImpeachmentDayTrevor has figured out a way to get Trump out of office, but you’ll have to buy his book to find out. Full story:… Trump faces his greatest enemy yet: books. #BetweenTheScenes w/@AnnaKendrick47 ⬇️⬇️⬇️ members of the Trump administration churn out tell-all books, @roywoodjr highlights heartwarming animal stor…'s the full piece with @roywoodjr:’s the full interview with Noah Baumbach: these error messages on Disney+ are pretty rough
Retweeted by The Daily Show“Oh, I see, so Bolton might spill the beans on impeachable offenses by the president, but only for $2 million. Yes,…
Retweeted by The Daily ShowTONIGHT: A rescue cat is put in solitary confinement for rescuing other cats. @roywoodjr reports: 📸:… tell-all ex-Trump staff books expose a shocking truth that working for a president who is frustrating and exh… original #BetweenTheScenes queen @AnnaKendrick47 is back. Writer-director Noah Baumbach is here to talk about his new film @MarriageStory!
Thousands of texts sent on Valentine's Day were delayed for months and are just now showing up. these error messages on Disney+ are pretty rough explains why Democrats are pursuing impeachment at this particular moment. Full interview:…’ve hit peak Gender Reveal Party Fail. is taking steps toward running for president in 2020. Full story: Bloomberg gears up to enter the Democratic primary field, Rep. @jahimes discusses President Trump's impeach… meets #TheCelebrityAppresident. Spicer OUT.'s the full interview with @annakendrick47:’s the full interview with @jahimes: @AnnaKendrick47 is here! one billionaire 2020 candidate wasn’t enough for you, we have some good news: Intelligence Committee member Rep. @jahimes is here! 📸: @seanogallagher Did someone ask for a refill on Democratic presidential candidates?
“There's a lot that hurts right now. Whatever side you're on, there's just a lot of bruising. I want to just offer… Trump Jr. Presents: "My Father" WEEK: Monday: @jahimes and @AnnaKendrick47 Tuesday: Noah Baumbach Wednesday: Daniel Kaluuya Thursday:… the Harlem Hellfighters to the Tuskegee Airmen to many more, @roywoodjr remembers the invaluable contributions… answers questions from the audience about connecting with black voters, finding a balance on immigr… the man who taught Trump how stand perfectly normal: can have a perfect call with the president, too! Call the Donald J. Trump Perfect Call Hotline: +1 (954) 448-… made a noir film about a racist landlord from New York who wants to destroy the world. It’s not abou…
“Make Trump Happy” is the hottest game among congressional Republicans. @eBay @HomesForOurTrps @RealTimers @billmaher @TeamCoco @ConanOBrien @jimmykimmel @JimmyKimmelLive @LastWeekTonight
Retweeted by The Daily Show.@CoryBooker connects Putin and Khrushchev’s strategies: corrupt America from within. Full interview:… am Augustus Mandrake for those of you that are asking.
Retweeted by The Daily ShowYou ever notice how not-weird Donald Trump stands? That's not by accident. aren’t as accurate as previously reported. But then again, have any sobriety tests ever been reliable?
Emma Watson is reframing being single, calling it “self-partnering.” in California can volunteer to fight wildfires for a paltry $2 a day while the state of California saves $1… Warren is the billionaire's boogeyman. to Anonommess on your new book!
Retweeted by The Daily ShowWhen you try to learn German and end up auditioning for a key role in "Jojo Rabbit" 😳 Trump Jr. Presents: My Father
Retweeted by The Daily Show
Donald Trump Jr. Presents: My Father! Want to be a part of @michaelkosta’s comedy special? (Of course you do.) Get your tickets here:…
Retweeted by The Daily ShowVaping was touted as a healthier alternative to cigarettes, but surprise, it appears they lied. Full story:… to Anonommess on your new book! 911 operator missed an emergency call because she was watching Netflix. collusion @washingtonpost Las Vegas City Council passed an ordinance to ban sleeping in public places, effectively outlawing homelessness… the race for Speaker, there’s one obvious choice. Jim Jordan: Not as Bad as a Pedophile
Retweeted by The Daily ShowThey’re so good at this bans the sexual use of emojis, Trevor examines how the vaping industry allegedly targets teens, and comedi…’s the full interview with @jennyslate: entering the race after seeing Warren’s wealth tax
Retweeted by The Daily ShowNEW TERM ALERT: Emma Watson is “self-partnered.” Full story: like Juul and Kandypens say their vape products are safe and not targeted toward teens. Are they just blo… damn guess what? I’m on @thedailyshow tonight and i love this blouse w ladies all over it! #LittleWeirds is out…
Retweeted by The Daily ShowTONIGHT: @jennyslate is here to talk about her new book "Little Weirds" and Netflix special "Stage Fright"!
Billionaires entering the race after seeing Warren’s wealth tax, your objective... MAKE TRUMP HAPPY Universe is curved, not flat, and the news is reporting that as if we all knew that already.“I actually have a good track record with black voters.” - @JulianCastro highlights the differences between him and… @davejorgenson @washingtonpost You get 10 free bagels per month then you have to pay @davejorgenson @washingtonpost Come in. We have bagels.Heard @MarkBurnettTV and @realDonaldTrump are working on a White House reality show... Warren is *literally* making billionaires cry. Full piece: wants to decriminalize illegal border crossings, but that probably doesn’t mean what you think it…