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A teacher kissed a pig and ate bugs just to get his students to do their homework., listen to Fox News DESTROY this presidential candidate. @realDonaldTrump Congratulations, Mr. President! devastating for humans, not a bad time for animals.,000. Congratulations to President Trump on a true success story.
Retweeted by The Daily Show.@CP3 is telling the story of the day the NBA shut down. people can’t relate to comedians. @mariabamfoo @roywoodjr Watch the full episode of Stand-Up Playback here:…
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100,000. Congratulations to President Trump on a true success story.“We rely on immigrant workers as ‘essential workers,’ yet we don't really want to treat them as essential people.”… Garner is quarantining with 3 kids, so she co-founded the #SaveWithStories initiative with Amy Adams to re… discusses airport security, New York City snow, french fries and more with members of the studio audience fr… 100-year-old WWII veteran who raised $40 million is becoming a knight. year is 2038. White people are no longer calling the cops on innocent black people. Why? @roywoodjr’s shadow fo…
Ted Cruz called this woman a “patriot.” on how NYC reduced the number of children in the foster care system from 50,000 to 8,000. For more:… deep dive into some of the craziest coronavirus conspiracy theories: music is making a comeback in Germany in the form of one-on-one concerts.
Trevor and @BillGates discuss coronavirus testing, accelerating vaccine development, and how the world will rebound. you’re ultra-rich, coronavirus is like everything else in your life: dope as f**k. @Jaboukie reports: turning school into an episode of Fear Factor to delivering candy to students, here’s how teachers are making… at-home dates to people caught cheating on video chat, how has romance changed in the time of corona? Pompeo was using the State Department like his own personal Make-A-Wish Foundation.
.@mcuban and Trevor talk about reopening America’s economy in a way that works for everyone. Full interview:… kids just wanna watch YouTube, maybe teachers should make their lessons more like make-up tutorials 🤔’s fourth-favorite son has some theories on the coronavirus: 100,000 deaths in 2020 Wired: 1 death in 2001 week’s good news: priests are using squirt guns, Chuck E. Cheese is at the center of a pizza conspiracy, and N… is back, baby. Maybe.
.@YaraShahidi is motivating the graduating class of 2020 with a virtual celebration.’s to blame for the Trump administration’s colossal coronavirus failure? Trump can’t make up his mind.“People that are supposed to be the protectors of the rule of law are the ones that are being asked to leave.” - Fo… you a state governor interested in manipulating your coronavirus data? Try Microsoft Excel: Coronavirus Edition! week’s top stories: Obama’s commencement address, Trump ‘s hydroxychloroquine regimen, mask wars, and teaching…
Why are we still debating whether you have to wear a mask or not? has to be the most heartwarming story about a grown man giving candy to teenagers: wants his wings “not spicy” because of course he does. on Twitter are spreading disinformation about coronavirus. Hmm wonder who’s “Putin” those out there. all the worst guys on dating apps in the same room trying to out-douche each other. Starring @ayoedebiri
Retweeted by The Daily ShowAre you burnt out from teaching virtually? Our substitute teachers can help! does Trump stand with his ass popped, his body bent forward, and his t-rex arms dangling? It’s not by accident. is this lawyer walking around Florida beaches dressed like the Grim Reaper? @MichaelKosta finds out: adapt to daunting COVID-19 challenges, @michaelkosta talks to Florida's Grim Reaper protester, and… interview with @tarajiphenson: faces unprecedented floods, Lori Loughlin is going to prison, and bots spread coronavirus misinformation o… last thing you see before you’re force-fed chloroquine @tarajiphenson is here to talk about her foundation’s COVID-19 Free Virtual Therapy Campaign!
All 50 states are now at least partially open for business, and Georgia is straight up fudging the numbers. Costco employee was NOT messing around with an anti-mask customer: targets Democratic states for sending out mail-in ballot applications, a thing Republican states are also doi… may have discovered a parallel universe where time runs backwards? Sounds good for the first 10 years or so. between maskers and anti-maskers have been going viral, and this Costco confrontation might be the most tell… years ago today, Donald Trump gave one of the most inspiring commencement speeches ever. covers face mask news, @joseiswriting talks about COVID-19's effects on undocumented immigrants, and NBA sta… interview with @joseiswriting: interview with @CP3:'s two sure-fire ways to piss off Donald Trump: show him that shirtless photo of Obama, and give people access… @DefineAmerican founder @joseiswriting is here to talk about the pandemic's impact on immigrants and… @NBA All-Star @CP3 is here! workers are fighting a war on two fronts: coronavirus and bullsh*t. @jordanklepper investigates:
Are you a state governor tired of manipulating your coronavirus data? Flatten the curve with Microsoft Excel: Coron… update on this @seanhannity and Brieanna Hayes talk about their experiences working for and being served by the American foster ca… the hurdles of producing late-night television from home, #TheDailyShow has actually increased its nightly…
Retweeted by The Daily ShowTrump is either taking a dangerous, ineffective drug, or he’s lying about it just for the lulz. we salute our leaders in the White House and at Fox News sending ordinary Americans into battle with a virus.… new study found three new coronavirus symptoms: confusion, agitation and delirium. I’m celebrating today! Thank you to @thedailyshow & @hearluminary teams for all the hard work! 7 Webbys? Wow!…
Retweeted by The Daily ShowWe’re at the “Fox News telling its viewers not to listen to the president” stage of the pandemic. are fighting two wars: COVID-19 and anti-lockdown bulls**t. @JordanKlepper reports: Trump claims to be on hydroxychloroquine, @jordanklepper highlights counter-protesting nurses in North Ca… interview with @CASA_NYC's @kerrymoles and Brieanna Hayes: claims he’s taking hydroxychloroquine, but let’s remember: it’s not what goes into his mouth that makes him a… @kerrymoles and Brieanna Hayes are here to talk about @CASA_NYC and New York’s foster care system. @DonaldJTrumpJr @JoeBiden Ooh we like joke memes! Did we do it right?
Retweeted by The Daily Show @DonaldJTrumpJr @JoeBiden Ooh we like joke memes! Did we do it right?
We won 3 #Webbys! ✨ Social Humor - Twitter ✨ Shortform - Trump’s Best Words ✨ Host/Personality s/o @DesiLydic! concerts sound nice, but they definitely won’t work for rap. News doesn't think this man is fit to be president interview with @Madeleine Albright:’s pretty hilarious that Obama can say “people have no idea what they’re doing,” and everyone knows he means Trum… Trump the Science-ish Guy claims he’s taking hydroxychloroquine, a drug he can’t even pronounce: up Rove calls Obama’s commencement speech a “political drive-by shooting.”'s commencement address might've been world's loudest subtweet Obama takes a swipe at President Trump, @jaboukie examines rich people in the COVID-19 era, and @madeleine A… throws subtle shade at Trump in his commencement address and sets off a 5-alarm outrage fire at Fox News. Former Secretary of State @madeleine Albright is here to talk about her new memoir…
.@JasonIsbell’s new album “Reunions” is out now. Here’s how he came to terms with who he used to be: McConnell tells Obama to keep “his mouth shut.” important to check in on your older relatives… especially if it’s your crazy aunt Jeanine Pirro. will be the first ever Kid of the Year? @TrevorNoah, @Nickelodeon and @timeforkids are teaming up to help find… day Trevor offers a little advice to help get you through quarantine. Here are his top 20: tell my kids this was #GraduateTogether on down to America for our GRAND re-opening! *America is not responsible if you die during grand re-opening “it’s a hoax” to “nobody knew,” here’s a timeline of Trump’s coronavirus response: times call for dumber measures. get their minds off coronavirus, millions of Facebook users are pretending to be ants. NYPL released a 🔥🔥🔥 album
Mail-in voting, voter registration, and voter ID laws all make Trevor miss South Africa’s more direct brand of raci…