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Finally getting an inverter fixed at home. A lot of work happened today to figure out the MCBs to room connection.… the fuck is wrong with the American cops? @sidiculously True. Wave 2 has already started. But most don't care any more. @ruskievityazi You can drive within the district between 5 am to 9 pm without any pass. Several places you can go t… need to take a break. No leaves in 3 months now.Barbaric. Vile. Horrific. - @Uber_India is now operational in #Pune for essential travel.
Premier League restarting on June 17!A drive would feel wonderful right now. @heysristi Blame Modi @RashmiR89767523 @MSEDCL @CMDMSEDCL @JMD_KONKAN This is the problem - you met #LolaTheBoss? thing I’ve seen in a while.
Retweeted by 𝗦𝗮𝗻𝗶𝗹 @Northstalgia @beastoftraal Alright. Haven't tried that one but some of the other ones are pretty decent. @beastoftraal Which one did you not like @Northstalgia?
@Brewkenstein @MSEDCL Fucked up man @Airtel_Presence Already DM'ed @saptesh @Airtel_Presence No it's not network is completely down in Kothrud, Pune. Please fix! @Airtel_Presence @msedcl_kothrud1 @MSEDCL_GKUC @MSEDCL_WARJE It was fixed late last night but power gone again now
List of new containment zones in #Pune I was able to maintain my lifestyle with minor tweaks and still make a huge difference to my health by consu… #CycloneNisarg Power cut off. Check and fix! @MSEDCL_GKUC @msedcl_kothrud1 @MSEDCL_WARJE
@shooby_doobie Yep.No one: 2020: Congratulations on staying alive till June. Your next level begins today. doctor at a public hospital in Kanpur, India suggests Muslims should be injected with COVID-19. (via DOAM).
Retweeted by 𝗦𝗮𝗻𝗶𝗹 @SameerSattar If so many genuine protestors came out in Delhi, Delhi police doesn't stand a chanceGenesee County Sheriff (Flint, Michigan) Chris Swanson put down his helmet and baton and asked protesters how he co…
Retweeted by 𝗦𝗮𝗻𝗶𝗹They arrested thousands of people to avoid arresting four. Let that sink in.
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@ruSh_Me Which area? I'm fostering 4 street cats. @shooby_doobie Yep Twitter People. I am going to share my COVID-19 Quarantine experience with you all. I work with a US based MNC i…
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@Localheroin Zomato pe dekh lo @msedcl_kothrud1 still no power! Been over 60 mins now @AsimPathan @snkr_twitr Abbe bass kar @abhijitkadle @MSEDCL_GKUC @msedcl_kothrud1 @MSEDCL_WARJE Yup. Just don't understand the reason behind these freque… @shooby_doobie Poocho 😉Power cut off. Check and fix! @MSEDCL_GKUC @msedcl_kothrud1 @MSEDCL_WARJE
2001 hits night. That was such a crazy time!I have never done an #AMAMad week. Work scheduled for the weekend. Mad next week as well. This #WorkFromHome and #Covid19 world is turning out to be crazy. @Nytishp We gotta go in opposite directions :PI miss the mountains 😢 @sahilk NOW? WOW. @PMCPune has released a list of helpline numbers for citizens. Citizens will be able to get guidance - basic inform…
Retweeted by 𝗦𝗮𝗻𝗶𝗹 @abhijitkadle @dakuwithchaku I had a centre spread poster of him him Sportstar magazine @dakuwithchaku Yea those last few seconds were unbelievable. Crazy what a human body is capable of!Arre yaar 😂😂😂 Who is making these videos?? Source: WA @kamaalrkhan sir 😎 @PuneCityPolice can you confirm why no action was taken despite the gang breaking so many laws, including threatening to attack my house? @geet_freebird That post has been taken down I think. Reporting the profile won't help. @sahilk That sound is funny too 😂😂Laughed so hard 😂😆😆 Source: WA N S A N E @alishaikh3310 @PuneCityPolice Absolutely. What's surprising is that no action was taken when they were intercepted by the cops.Power cut off. Check and fix! @MSEDCL_GKUC @msedcl_kothrud1 @MSEDCL_WARJE
@alishaikh3310 Here's a thread on a similar topic. These guys threatened to stone my house and kept abusing me. came in and asked them to leave. No offences registered, no questions asked, no checks done. And we're still… continued for well over 20 mins since I called up police control room. Illegal gathering in a group, roaming…*turn up the volume* They're pointing towards my house and threatening to throw stones at it. They also accept tha… in #Kothrud - no masks, consuming alcohol, shouting & screaming. None of them can stand straight and are arg… @Urban_Stifler @WhiteOwlBrewery @DheerajShah_ Yes @PushkarChupkar Yes, the day after I appliedFYI - @WhiteOwlBrewery is now delivering beers to home in #Pune N C R E D I B L E ♥️ @saptesh Mumbai? WHAT THE FUCK.Thread of the Year! Summary: we're fucked. @DheerajShah_ @adhicutting Try to leave quarantine firstEven If you are not from Delhi, chances are high that you may have heard these two names- 1. Delhi Gymkhana 2. Delh…
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A tanker carrying Hydrochloric Acid has met with an accident in Chandani Chowk area, #Pune. Situation is in control…
Retweeted by 𝗦𝗮𝗻𝗶𝗹 @saptesh Liquid state. Doubt it'll reach this far. But putting on the AC anyway#Kothrud #Bavdhan PLEASE NOTE @saptesh @HuseinU Maa kasam. 3 photos maine liye hai 😎 @vidula21 @rapidsnail @nvvarsha It was a screwed up system tbh. Plus the house names were too random. @rapidsnail @nvvarsha @vidula21 I was greenFinally crossed ₹1000 today! @GooglePay @peeyuka @BlueTokaiCoffee @sahilk I still haven't made it. Should I not?
@HuseinU I'll queue up at Shifa @peeyuka There's a heatwave coz of Amphan this week. Monsoons are still 2 weeks away ☹️To ensure, people go to work, businesses restart & normalcy is restored, we need to test way more than we are curre…
Retweeted by 𝗦𝗮𝗻𝗶𝗹I had a nightmare about snakes. And this is one of the first tweets I saw today 😨😨😨
If you can't respect your freedom, don't complain about regressive rules and policies. @Northstalgia Their regular dark ones are far better than the standard stuff available hereOh wow that's massive! 😱😱😱 we in a bad movie? @abhijitkadle Tekdi behind my society is full. Even after 7*Flights at Pune* To facilitate Flight travellers who are using private vehicles for pick/drop at the Pune airport…
Retweeted by 𝗦𝗮𝗻𝗶𝗹 @Brewkenstein Make fresh juice and have it with any white spirit @AndrewCrow @sahilk MS colours are the benchmark, given the number of years we've been using them @abhijitkadle Yes coz outside of major cities in US, they don't cover as many houses (not packages) as in India. It… @abhijitkadle Coz it's sourced from multiple locations/warehouses. They use a AI based logistics management platfor… @HuseinU Only meats
Do the thieves, keymakers and cops know about this in India? @aparanjape And that's one factor that we lack in India
Power cut off. Check urgently! @MSEDCL_GKUC @msedcl_kothrud1 @MSEDCL_WARJEIf you can't put power cables underground, might as well get this @msedcl_kothrud1