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WIŁD! @TheDevilsTop Her thighs|he/him|black|#anitw

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@sungeku @JayKnY @BDAKingKillua the fuck money gotta do with a convo about 2 anime niggas manZenitsu saving Nezuko unconsciously gave me chills all over my body
Retweeted by WIŁD! @judaaime these so damn cool omg~ Threads of my tattoos and experience : • drawing + "signification" • price • time • pain /10
Retweeted by WIŁD!HELP @judaaime THESE COLD ASF DAMN TAKAWhy the fuck is a pussy with vampire fangs on my tl
Retweeted by WIŁD! @CronasIvr link or @ tho @artificialwrId SO COOLand watch @simpcinnati YES MAAMMM @judaaime LINK?, @cronchymilk send? @simpcinnati IS IT TIME @Rykun_DSZ who u pullTop 10 Anime betrayals @KingShady65 @JayKnY @sungeku you watch black clover btwRatio read mha @MikeScaledBack @Nek0Feet @lovelydwx im sorry 😔 @skygriI LMAO @cronchymilk ight but fr this a joke tweet 😭😭 just needed to ruin someones tl @Nek0Feet @MikeScaledBack mom i can explain @cronchymilk you started this @judaaime TAKA NOOOOO @judaaime I HAD TO CURSE THE TL IM SORRYtweeted this just to curseI want this. when i stick my dick in bae's tight pussy it clenches so hard and the fangs cling onto my erect penis.… @PeachJarsSimp @TRIGGAHAPPYHOE 😔 @TRIGGAHAPPYHOE VAMPUSSY @Limbedbean @judaaime hissFirst Contact (1/2) 🐙 #inART #いなート #holoMyth
Retweeted by WIŁD!Motherfucker this was you 10 days ago stop
Retweeted by WIŁD! @imsxophia @carpchi WHAT THE FUCK SOPHIA @judaaime vampussy side @TRIGGAHAPPYHOE @PeachJarsSimp @TRIGGAHAPPYHOE Nah cmon u tryna tell me u dont wanna see?JUST SAW A PUSSY WITH FANGS 😭😭 ONLY ON TWITTERAYO @xXCreepyCakeXx @KumikoReturns its in the replies i think, might start it soon mei has great taste @smol_sugarpuff I LOVE HER @aninegroe @drkRose11 i aint get there yet but damnI need these to ship already 😮‍💨
Retweeted by WIŁD!If you're a Dragonball fan because you got into Z/Kai/Super, but you still haven't watched the whole og Dragonball…
Retweeted by WIŁD!on season 2 of db rn :) @MosIIey Látom @ToastedVibeZ @elmnt_inferno THIS IS SO GOOD WTFSo like I told @elmnt_inferno I would try to start doing some banners and layouts so here's my first take on that.…
Retweeted by WIŁD!anyways im doing my kirb painting rn :D its not as saturated as digital but i meann its still pretty hehe
Retweeted by WIŁD! @skygriI THIS LOOKS AMAZING SKY!!! @KumikoReturns Me before watching aot vs afterI think this might be the best Hololive clip ever
Retweeted by WIŁD!-accurate heights -good hairlines -open-lined eyes -orange gi for Gohan Just make Goten older and I’ll have everyt…
Retweeted by WIŁD! @KumikoReturns rlly like the art and animation style of this animeI just took a massive victory
Retweeted by WIŁD! @skygriI WHAT @sagemodewo1f she's blonde @gorezillaz @sukalias splittin the money this time @drkRose11 @aninegroe yk what u may be rightOlder Yuu/Shinoa commission from Owari no Seraph for @yuunoa_pheonix because wholesome Sunday vibes 😌
Retweeted by WIŁD!Hilda has a point to prove
Retweeted by WIŁD!POV you’re trying really hard not to fuck your boss’s wife
Retweeted by WIŁD!Next time on Churled™
Retweeted by WIŁD!Yorra’s about to get banned from Pokémon Masters Ex
Retweeted by WIŁD! @ThiccWithaQ is unnappreciatedThotsugeki
Retweeted by WIŁD! @Broman_Oz new vegito blue and the new exs i havent got yet, who u pull @Broman_Oz how much u spend on that banner so farGuys pls look at my lil Alchemist OC pls PLS 🥺
Retweeted by WIŁD! @smol_sugarpuff WHATS THEY PRONOUNS AND NAME SO CUTE2B Once Again!
Retweeted by WIŁD! @SirEmplify how much u think all that cost??? always been interested @drkRose11 @aninegroe Yea true but raw strength and skill deku getting folded unless he can think of a way to dodge 😭so many anime characters would be 10x more attractive if they had darker skin TBH ☹️
Retweeted by WIŁD! @sukalias @gorezillaz can we hold hands or sum they never said what type of sex.... @sagemodewo1f here we goFinished working on it yesterday
Retweeted by WIŁD!LOOK HOW COOL!!! @Nek0Feet my mom is famousI am back !! And to celebrate the 30k mark, use the code 🔸NEJYWEJ🔸 to get 20% off this print or any other in my sh…
Retweeted by WIŁD!This is cool
Retweeted by WIŁD!Who yall got straight hands no powers equal stats
Retweeted by WIŁD! @aninegroe Deku good at using his fists n shit when he has boosters/adaptions/extentions (Basically ofa) hes a dece… Fandom losing its shit over Shintani's blessing you love to see it
Retweeted by WIŁD!Fire Force Berserk
Retweeted by WIŁD!Imagine if goku black took future gohans body instead @SataniicAva me when @georgebandwagon is sad @SataniicAva @TheAngelsSlut u n me【New Key Visual】 Tokyo Revengers Anime ✨More:
Retweeted by WIŁD!both is not allowed
Retweeted by WIŁD! @feitherine nah fr, i can get simping but mans talkin ab being r@p3C| to de@th n shit @gorezillaz STILL THO IT LOOKS SO GOOD POP OFF @KumikoReturns squirt squirt suncreamthis official art living rent free in my mind
Retweeted by WIŁD! @gorezillaz glad u realizing ur worth @cronchymilk LINK??? PLEASE?i would say something to this mf but i just got locked, anyways not funny @TheDevilsTop ignore the dry blood the lady stabbed me a lil too hard 😭💔💔💔💔 but anyways
Retweeted by WIŁD! @gorezillaz THEY LOOK GOODDD OMG