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@internetryan oh god you’re rightthe mark zuckerberg of the beast i mean obviouslylooking forward to some “a facebook account is the mark of the beast thus libra is a sign of the end times” takes f… i write a post-apocalyptic romance visual novel on Episode
honestly after the surf chase in escape from LA i shouldn’t be joking about thisinstead of inexplicably pumping oil in the library harry dean stanton’s character is the guy who collects all the b… excited for the escape from new york remake’s big electric scooter chaseforget the wallpaper, where can i get a phone with an ipod clickwheel and an inch-wide bezel’ve often wondered whether sites like Genius use the lyrical equivalent of trap streets, and I guess the answer is… theoretically functional pre-collapse Panem is probably the most interesting unexplored part of the series give… only the Hunger Games prequel was about living in the Giant Nuclear Weapon State in pre-post-apocalyptic America contrast I finished Say Nothing afterward and would absolutely recommend it’m also just poorly positioned to deal with the section about Moab, because I spend so much time reading about fak… @octernion I can’t remember the precise manner in which these novels usually end, but it goes pretty hard in a spec… feels silly but I just had too much trouble with the unexamined premise of a handful of rich nerds controlling r… at least one person correctly predicted, I’ve been complaining about Fall for the last couple of weeks and now f…
Control protagonist: *says important line and immediately falls through floor to her death for no conceivable reaso… take that prob won’t make it into an article: Control is a lot of fun, but the “no seriously this is a *hard gam… did it you happen to be at Narrascope this weekend, lmk! I got back from E3 just in time to make it out to Boston.
@MIDImyers I am literally living off vending machine candylove reviews where you can’t tell if you’re in a bad mood that’s making you see a book’s story in a horrifying and… @Hello_Tailor “we wouldn’t have trump if more people had watched i spit on your grave" @A_Webster look keep it straight andrew are you cloud or sephirothto be clear “what if (real) brand names existed in the future” was a massive innovation for ‘80s cyberpunk and mayb… the entire cyberpunk umbrella is increasingly hard to parse, maybe because the genre’s defining feature no… memory of Snow Crash (which was written many years later after Japan was already known for producing cyberpunk f… I think this was definitely a big part of the reasoning. William Gibson’s Sprawl books coined a huge number of our early Japan-as-cyberpunk tropes and this holds pretty true for all of them.This is all complicated by the fact that “cyberpunk” now refers to anything from a very specific set of visual trop… this feels extremely accurate to my experience. yes corporations were bad and dangerous but they were often depicted in a way that made them seem objectively… in general I think of early cyberpunk as consciously trying to resist the idea that it was depicting a “good fu… this doesn’t mean that it couldn’t get turned toward bad ends, and it also encouraged a really weird fetishization of Japan.It’s definitely a way of playing around with a world where western aesthetics are no longer taken for granted as an…’s hard to come away from Neuromancer or Burning Chrome — two books that helped codify the way cyberpunk would re… turned the mainstream “oh no we’ll all eat with chopsticks” discourse toward the idea of Japan as an exotic, fut… might be less true in film but I feel like a lot of early cyberpunk literature was more complicatedly oriental…"Wi-Fi is in our DNA" @chillmage yeah well if sf commuting gets too hard then the silicon valley VCs are gonna split and what are you gon… square enix split off a separate final fantasy keynote so i’ll at least know what i’m getting intookay you get half points for a Metric songcome on square enix give me keanu reeves or a dog or a reboot of deus ex or something“Battalion 1944: It Has Leaderboards"thank god a game that finally lets me kill enemies *and* win matches @thedextriarchy That's why they included the Emotion Engine in the PS2, so all games could have emotions.
Retweeted by Adi Robertsoni didn’t think games could have emotions but then i saw all those people telling me they were having emotions so i guess i was wrongfinally, a game with emotions“Well I expanded this first section into a much bigger story” is exactly what I say when I’m about to never finish a novel.I decided to finally play FFVII in preparation for E3 and I got to the dune buggy outside the casino and lost a cou…
@patbits well we’re making borderlands which is more or less the intersection of the twogod I love this woman’s outfit so muchIt’s Always Sunny In Halt And Catch Firethe twist is that this is not a game, they literally uploaded a bunch of Londoners’ brains into a video game like we’re in The 13th FloorI’m hoping this isn’t one of the Watch Dogs mechanics that is awesome in theory but sort of underwhelming in practi… watch dogs legion is like a AAA version of that game where you play a rioting crowd ending capitalismI can’t remember whether Nosferatu has been announced as a class yet but if so it is also a strong candidate.ah yes a great injustice has been righted, ventrue? what is this nonsense the pc gaming show has started now i guessokay, that’s it! only fifty more keynotes to watch todayhaha the designers have recorded their segments in a weird shadowy room that makes it look like they should be tell… wow, this cloudhead VR game looks like Ape Out crossed with Superhot and also awesomeomg budget cuts sequel!okay turns out uploadvr will let you say fuck in a trailer but not a direct segmenteeee not sure how I feel about a full game based on a short I remember as being mostly weird robot torture pornRogan takes so many design cues from Dishonored, albeit far less whalepunk-y, and I’m curious how well that particu…“this shark’s pretty hungry, so you can tell him to eat corpses, and sometimes the corpses will be lifting up a lev… have to be the only person who is not into pirate ships in video games. Still firmly anti-boat! Except Sunless Se… Central VR, that is. Normal dancing in front of a camera, totally fine!I confess that I really love the idea of Dance Central but feel maybe 10% too silly playing it.oh hey Golem is still happeningprops to the VR show for being (maybe?) the first to not bleep out a character saying “fuck” in a trailer incident… am not the biggest fan of open-ended smash-em-up physics VR games but this premise is delightful.Now we have a game about, to paraphrase, being a dead rockstar smashing up hotel rooms in VR for the devilSurvios is making a Walking Dead game and has provided us with the first neck-stabbing — or at least, “side of head… yes, the old “magical tree protecting its acorns from squirrels” genre no seriously Acron looks like a neat asymmetrical VR/mobile gameEveryone else’s E3 keynote intro: hey GAMERS did we talk about HOW FREAKING AWESOME video games are let’s see some…, time to watch the UploadVR showcase this morning! @gameism I think it’s just fairly common for them to be freaked out by a giant solid brick of matter in your luggageUpdate: the accursed book set off security alerts at the airport, but i have finally completed itEvery single Bethesda game is retro-futurist now and I am here for it.WOOOOHOO, ELIMINATING NAZI SCUMCan we get a supercut of all the E3 press conference trailers trying to avoid swearing.WOOOOHOO, THE EARLY ‘90SScreaming Bethesda crowd guy is a press conference accelerationist trying to make us embarrassed about feeling any… really gearing up for an announcement that it’s done making games and is just gonna let *you the gamers* b… bethesda ACTUALLY the notion that a game cannot exist without the player seems somewhat reductionist and unfit…
sure it’ll be nice if Project Scarlett is good, but have you considered the merits of getting to use “frankly, my d… Xbox Keynote: Pro: Keanu Reeves Con: Not enough Keanu Reevesmicrosoft: within our lifetime, we will eliminate elevators. gone. you won't see another elevator ever again.
Retweeted by Adi RobertsonUgh why is E3 keeping me away from BloodborneTo be fair I was underwhelmed by Bloodborne’s original trailer, and I don’t even want to think about how many hours I’ve put into it now.From Software and George R.R. Martin’s Slightly Less Dark SoulsI seriously love that more games have Borderlands-style weirdness going on, including Borderlands 3, which looks promising!Microsoft’s E3 keynote is a showcase of how far we’ve come in rendering colorful weird stylized character designs a… Lego x Forza have accurate real-time Lego weather simulationsCyberpunk 2077: I Want Room ServiceNow that we’ve got Keanu in Cyberpunk 2077, can the devs get Henry Rollins and Udo Kier and all the other Johnny Mn…’m glad keanu has finally fully integrated his bill & ted persona with his john wick persona