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@LuxAlptraum honestly I’d rather we go the other way and say “Pascal’s Basilisk"
I’m absurdly grateful that my worst Borderlands 3 bug was “the time I had to repeat a major boss arena because the…
Swatting is about awful people manipulating a police system that often encourages reacting with the maximum possibl… was the first death specifically related to a swatting hoax, but it was possible in part because SWAT teams ha… third man, who goaded them into swatting an old address of his, got deferred prosecution.This is notably *not* Tyler Barriss, who had a long history of swatting and previously got sentenced to 20 years in… the last person involved in the 2017 Wichita swatting has been sentenced: 15 months for the guy who requested th… @386dx4 i update my security questions every time i put on a new outfit or eat a meal @mstuhmer well at the very least i assume everyone else doesHonestly the joke here is probably on me and Twitter is secretly monitoring this thread to sell your shirt color an… another blatant attempt to steal my valuable personal data, NOT TODAY hackers realized this week that I got my first serious gaming thumb callus and it’s from Hollow Knight.
great job marianne williamson, now I have to go play that whole dandy warhols album @nickstatt gotta hand it to Tim Sweeney for inventing platform exclusivityThis is the kind of experiment that can produce bizarre and fascinating categories inscrutable to human beings, but…“Nobody agrees on what this thing is, but by god, our algorithms are gonna find it." god fiction feature creep
I reviewed Empathy, Inc., which is one of the rare “VR... or not?” thrillers about VR’s actual role in culture this…, so System Shock 3 is set about a decade after the original game in a TriOptimum “black site” that has… been ta…
@A_Webster Into the JokerverseI’m curious to play Borderlands 3 and see if the series still clicks for me the way it did in 2012, and to stack th…’s like a campaign a Borderlands villain NPC would pay you to run. Complete "Send goons to a YouTuber’s house" an… 3’s release strategy document was just a 40-page printout of different rakes to step on. @AlexJamesFitz @mcwm Tim Cook’s The Happeningthis guy took a thousand cakes. he took 1,000 cakes. that’s as many as one hundred tens. and that’s terrible. @mslopatto Everybody talks about blade implants and super-strength, but actually we’ll all get cyborg arms so we ca…'s Wager, for those not familiar, posits that if you don't believe in God there is a nonzero chance that your…
Retweeted by Adi Robertsonme, 2009: ugh i hate it when sci-fi authors come up with these dumb portmanteau neologisms nobody would ever use a… you always be able to see your complications @benuski I had to dip into a walkthrough a few times but I generally found it a lot of fun. It feels like a good ad…’m just gonna have to deal with asking “but what about games preservation” with every single subscription service now aren’t Ishow me Beyond A Steel Sky you cowards @b05crypto I don’t really see the "robot tax” concept as stealing Yang’s UBI idea, and to be clear, I mean that as a compliment to Yang. @b05crypto @AndrewYang We’ve reported on Yang, and if he stays in the race we’ll keep doing it! But in a story abou…
I understand the larger point here and have plenty of questions about UBI, but “my proposal … would hasten a work-f…"i believe it’s actually Triangle, Circle, Saltire, Square,” she said, wasting the rest of the afternoon looking up… @dzus77 maybe once i scale up my hand and pocket size by about 30% i’ll try itI like the Galaxy S10E a lot, but my screenshots folder is 90% pictures I took accidentally hitting the volume butt…
For what it’s worth I didn’t find the game really *scary*, but it was disorienting in a way I liked. I’m really pra… I found the last act too much of a slog to go back and figure out if I *had.* So, um… if you didn’t c… Witch can be very good at nudging you along a direction that feels satisfying or inevitable and then making y… I really liked the Blair Witch game’s thematically fitting approach to choice, although I wish it had found a wa… @A_Webster @laura_june i only have big fans of my discontent @LarryRosenthal @MrJonCryer no no no it’s the Lex that was friends with Justin Timberlake. Although his business pa… @LarryRosenthal unfortunately I believe Hollywood has established that Lex Luthor invented Facebook, so DC’s got it locked up
Apologies for the inaccuracy, I should have said “turn everybody on Ganymede into a gorilla,” since that’s the actu… isn’t an “oh yeah let’s turn everybody on Earth into a gorilla, that’ll show ‘em” hippie. He’s fairly well-t… still maintain that MCU Thanos is a good ecoterror-villain because his defining feature isn’t megalomania or well…’s a lot lot of weird, poetic beauty in this @joshdzieza piece but I think this offhand cloud fact is my favor… @dynamofire which ironically is something i can really imagine a cillian murphy character doing @yourpappalardo @facebook Hey, I would love to talk to you about this for The Verge — do you have a few minutes today?
is there a “played the blair witch game” slack where I can compare notes on how the game thinks our dog-petting levels affect our humanity @KyleOrl If a thing screens for like one night at Cannes that’s obviously pretty niche, but SXSW or fan festivals a… @KyleOrl The only time this seems genuinely complicated is with festival screenings, where a movie isn’t in general… @Mantzarlis Neo-Cambridge
@ztiworoh what somehow stumbled into reading a 1993 Baltimore Sun article about the Pizza Hut Bigfoot Pizza and it includes the…
Retweeted by Adi RobertsonI’m sort of into all this year's edgelord superhero programming. I can’t help it. Society made me what I am. @chillmage refusing to work with people because they referred to their gender in public seems… problematicStart with a Rust-style assigned character and participate in the bacchanalia of unrestrained cyberpunk capitalism… 2077 should extend normal RPG clothing systems to your body — like, you start with a randomized extremely…
If you’re going to take extremely petty revenge on somebody for firing you, at least try to generate a cooler headl… love that Justice Department cybercrime PR alternates between like “multinational ransomware ring indicted after… culture is having perfect “—“ shortcut muscle memory in the OS you normally use for writing, then flailing a…
@sajon77 @Danielleri OTOH getting to call yourself a “xennial” is pretty rad @GenePark I literally don’t remember swearing until my senior year of college but then blogging led me into a life of sinWhy yes I will download a 3.3 GB update as soon as possible.
Retweeted by Adi Robertson @FariM9 Honestly “how do we convince people what’s real if it conflicts with their existing opinion” is a horrible… @FariM9 Meanwhile a dedicated expert often *can* fact-check a video — so it’s not like deepfakes are literally destroying truth, either. @FariM9 My point is that normal people can be easily tricked without deepfakes — misleading video and forwarded rum… most effective actual deepfake would be a false flag of a candidate you oppose saying something cool that their… “oh it’s a deepfake” is an incredibly quick and easy way to give people permission to disbelieve a thing… are lots of ways to practically fact-check fake video — see whether dates match up, talk to people involved,… god, look, again: people will believe Bernie Sanders says stuff because it’s printed on a Twitter meme. the de… @chillmage *throws dualshock in blender, chugs furiously* @WillOremus so you’re saying onezero has a groundhog problemSo the Capital One hacker was also just officially indicted for cryptojacking!
Just good wholesome fun and games here, absolutely nothing eerie or unsettling at all! DARPA SubT project previously hosted what amounts to a drone scavenger hunt in a former mine that is now a univ… obviously it’s REALLY where they stash our horrifying CHUD doppelgangers but we have to at least acknowledge the cover storyIn case it’s not widely understood already: that DARPA underground lair request is pretty clearly described as part… @Anticleric i mean they scurry away when you turn the light on obviously @ztiworoh the lasers are actually deadly tho @ztiworoh interdepartmental laser tag tournamentForget Socialist Monopoly we need a game simulating Chile's telex-based cybernetic socialist economic management sy… @SamBarsanti It took me half this tweet to realize you weren’t talking about a Samsung phone so I honestly just fee… regret to report that Vox Media has found evidence of a koala infestation in its newsroom.Pinterest keeps having really good ideas
Retweeted by Adi RobertsonIn retrospect I think we should significantly move up the date of a Chewbacca Fast & Furious movie Endgame put a kink in our prediction of Robert Downey Jr. selling his soul rights this month, but I’m not… just checked @plante’s official 2015-2040 Disney Timeline, and it turns out we were actually late on Disney launc… @sajon77 I actually haven’t, but it is a much better point of comparison. I’m sort of guiltily here for “X, but wit… the Joker movie sounds like… Birdman crossed with Taxi Driver, which indulges basically all of my dark-and-gritt…
@FreeLawProject I’m familiar but should actually start using it!slot machines have nothing on hitting the “View Document” button to see if that $2.90 charge is going to turn up the filing you needthe PACER system is basically just gacha for journalists @sajon77 oh god now i’m going down the rabbit hole of reading about his wife, who TBF does seem too cool for himjeez tabs, chill out already @henrytcasey it really is a fantastic haunted-house setup and CM Punk is great