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@BlairCordelD @SimonOnFilm TLBS owns and so do Wong’s FINAL DESTINATIONS!
@goodhunterabbie @lankyframpard Using the patreon to fund alternate art for shitty coversHe is wrong @GraemeHarwell Start a War?star warsincredible. @KeiryJasmin I don’t make the rules @KeiryJasmin The stormtrooper punching the baby was good, actuallybaby yaddle @KeiryJasmin both evil villains @turksespinnekop This is the best post @GraemeHarwell I hope he gets to make everything he wantsMissing my boy Panos. Where is he? Come back. @Silent_Hal And a tragedy we may never get the conclusion:/ @StaticJungle for change—both in the White House, and in San Francisco. Together, we can replace Trump AND Pelosi at the sa…
Retweeted by house of 1000 diegos @NannonHarry YES! @TheTalkingCan WE NEED IT @goodhunterabbie It’s not my fault he can’t appreciate this higher artThe ALIEN prequels are born out of creative frustration and pretentious philosophizing about our place in the unive… @billyjarrettugh WESLEY SNIPES PASSENGER 57 @AndrewJ626 Life is so much more stupid than any kind of fiction so yeah @AndrewJ626 OH NO @DawsonEJoyce He’s so good, I could honestly watch him do anything in that universeWhittier Blvd. East L.A. #Dodgers
Retweeted by house of 1000 diegos @guynamedtony @CallMeMatt88 Wow that’s pretty accurate. The Connor one is just... wow lmao right on the money @TheTalkingCan That’s actually kind of perfectTHE #DODGERS WON THE WORLD SERIES!
Retweeted by house of 1000 diegosThe next ALIEN movie should just be a crossover with SUCCESSION but in space @filmbouff Had to do it to ‘em#47 ALIEN: COVENANT (2017) directed by Ridley Scott your viewing pleasure, the greatest moment in cinematic history with commentary by @EmperorOTN
Retweeted by house of 1000 diegosThis bangs @AlexMarzona @jourdayen Sadly, yesStar Wars is literally a saga instigated by a failed democracy which used voting to validate itself leading to unim…
Retweeted by house of 1000 diegos
@EmperorOTN1 in all fairness, it really was just the oneStar Wars has always been political. Take it from George Lucas.
Retweeted by house of 1000 diegos#46 PROMETHEUS (2012) directed by Ridley Scott an early Halloween surprise for ALL patrons! BAY OF BLOOD (1971, Mario Bava)
Retweeted by house of 1000 diegosgm! talked to xavier today and the plan is to keep the gofundme for shelley up in perpetuity and get funds to her e…
Retweeted by house of 1000 diegosMe greeting all my friends in 2021
Retweeted by house of 1000 diegos @ShakExcellence DEEP CUT @billyjarrettugh my magnum opusOne of the best of 2020
Retweeted by house of 1000 diegosFUCK. YES. when Twin Peaks season 3 wins the bracket
Retweeted by house of 1000 diegosCost of a standard unit of insulin: United States: $98.70 Japan: $14.40 Canada: $12.00 Germany: $11.00 France: $9.…
Retweeted by house of 1000 diegos @bobefatt This is my plan 😈love to open car door and have an entire layer of ash shake off my car @Yourfriend100 It’s all I have#45 THE VICIOUS (2019) directed by @TrevorDills & @IanHock_ DOMOTTACK (shut up I’m counting it)"Dream much, Will?"
Retweeted by house of 1000 diegosI did it, I found the earliest Borat joke on film
Retweeted by house of 1000 diegos @britcaroo @nesssababy_ Found your other alt @sick__66 @Samclark88 They totally should have! And I like some of those other sequels.HE GETS IT! @filmbouff Stronger than I am @goodhunterabbie Give me your strength
Retweeted by house of 1000 diegosEating a bunch of garbage tonight and no one can fucking stop me @datlatteboi Please stop exposing my second lifeif you threaten to kick my ass or kill me you will get BLOCKED. Thats just how it is. Enjoy not being able to read my posts you dip shit
Retweeted by house of 1000 diegosDemocracy would be really cool.
Retweeted by house of 1000 diegos @NakamaNicki Can’t believe I missed this extremely Diego Poll but the correct choice won @filmbouff Not a one for one comparison! Just general anger and nightmare fuel lolroger deakins when someone asks him about film vs. digital @ashleylynch Once I realized most leaders and people in charge were incompetent idiots, I started getting much more confident. @TheTalkingCan perfect film @TheTalkingCan Not quite the same!easy to see what inspired tobe hooper to make the texas chainsaw massacre when you look at american politics @SorenHough After spooky season I shall venture to the lands of the Kipo! It looks so wholesome and it has Karen Fu… @SorenHough Should I watch Kipo!!?
2020 @gofundme
Retweeted by house of 1000 diegos @SorenHough my whole theory was they were going to use a live-action series as a sacrificial lamb to make netflix t… @SorenHough it's *especially* bad without the creators at the helm! Just pure lunacy! Why would you even try that?!I get to vent about what a terrible idea a live-action version of this series would be AND the episodes are non-sto… THE LAST AIRBENDER - 2x03 Return to Omashu OF THE DEAD HIVE!!!! @_iamtiredplease they just... never figured out how to frame character with that fucking thing lmao. it's so lame a… of moon news today @_iamtiredplease 3 had fun action stuff! Deborah Chow good. I liked the directing in 4 too but so many of these epi… 2, 7 and 8 btwGet ready for Season 2 of #TheMandalorian by revisiting our Season 1 recordings. I liked some of the episodes! @billyjarrettugh so this was the true moon announcementVOTE for Twin Peaks. Let chaos reign. @THE_Stefano_DLC @vidhyempathy Oh my god I didn’t even realize @OwenKennelly @datlatteboi It’s good for our soulsWhat’s the best movie in the George A. Romero DEAD series? We talk about it with @TrevorDills! ►SoundCloud:…
Retweeted by house of 1000 diegosI have never been more excited @ConnConCon @RICHARDLNEWBY wait no, switch 2 and 3 wtf @RICHARDLNEWBY you're right and you should say itleatherface is such a kendallsuccession intro but with the family from texas chainsaw massacre is that anything