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23 | He/Him | 🇳🇴 | 🦡 | Wannabe entertainer. I've got ME/CFS and a bunch of random interests such as gaming, photography, video production, HP⚡ and cigars.

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@Cookie_Ape @ohlook_Sinesta
@Cookie_Ape @ohlook_Sinesta Oh, really? 😏 @Cookie_Ape @ohlook_Sinesta I'll let that remain a mystery ... @Cookie_Ape @ohlook_Sinesta Right ... I call it phone slipping during fap session, but fine ... 😂 @Cookie_Ape @ohlook_Sinesta How did you find these sites? O_o @ohlook_Sinesta I'm not buying that ... @RikaxNipah @ohlook_Sinesta Personally I love me some Tolkien. But never got into GoT ...I'll stream something in 10-ish minutes (7pm CEST). is the place to be ... @ohlook_Sinesta Game of Thrones ... @darklghtprodigy @ohlook_Sinesta @PlayWithJambo Wait ... techbicaøøy that would be me 4 ... damnit! @darklghtprodigy @ohlook_Sinesta @PlayWithJambo Me 3
#AssassinsCreed Valhalla tries to portray a more realistic version of Vikings, without myths like horned helmets. I… @HarrisHeller Sure. Also, will rock and metal be coming to StreamBeats? @ohlook_Sinesta That's okay. Your well-being is the most important thing!Last night I enjoyed the company of yunocigar and this lovely stick from @fratellocigars ... I was running out of g… @CBSNews I love that people are pointing out that it's an ancient symbol in buddhism and hinduism. So is this where…
My stream earlier was interrupted by a visit from a friend, so I'm now live again with another late night stream to… @ohlook_Sinesta Are we even mutuals? Idk ... @ohlook_Sinesta 🤯I'm live on now! those who can't be bothered checking up timezones, stream is in less than 30 minutes!I'll go live on Twitch at 19.00 (7pm) Central European Summer Time. Not sure what I'll play/do on stream yet, and I… @ohlook_Sinesta Found you through another streamer back in 2018. Followed your stream and Twitter. When I went on a…
@Crasskitty Currently 23 and going back to high school. I have health issues and never got through. Tried a couple… favorite goofy nerd is LIVE now on Twitch - that's right, with cleavage to irritate the incels!😘 My grandma w…
Retweeted by Dolv // B L M @ohlook_Sinesta Yes! 🤣 @ohlook_Sinesta How about you show off the bit leaderboard instead? 😂Just enjoying a cigar in the fine weather. - #cigar #cigars #cigarsmoker #norwegiancigarsmoker #botl #botlnorway
🇳🇴 BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY PART 2 🇳🇴 It's not only my birthday, but also @PlayStationEU Plus' 10th anniversary this year…
Retweeted by Dolv // B L MI'm almost affiliate on Twitch after getting back to streaming this last week! Just gotta get that average viewer u… @Slasher According to their own profile you can watch this on Twitch, YT and more. So this is more of a channel or… @ohlook_Sinesta GGThrowback to this amazing ash last summer ... - #ThrowbackThursday #cigars #cigarsmoker #cigar #arturofuente @ohlook_Sinesta Another adult here ...
I'm live on Twitch! And thanks to you awesome people who drop by my streams, I'm almost affiliate now ... Starting… @ohlook_Sinesta Hope Milo has a great day too! @UnicornyLithia I'm not sure exactly what is causing it, but the thump noises should be reduced by dialing back the… @ohlook_Sinesta Because the word "cleavage" ...
@Cookie_Ape @ohlook_Sinesta I'll be laughing all the way to the bank when I sue you for posting me online without consent! 😂 @Cookie_Ape @ohlook_Sinesta It's not my fault that you post our stupid, sleepdeprived conversations to Twitter ... @Cookie_Ape @ohlook_Sinesta Tbh, I would abstain from answering too if I wasn't one of the people in the screenshots ... @Cookie_Ape Very professional! @ohlook_Sinesta Okay, that was a bad joke ... LUL @ohlook_Sinesta They say so ... not sure it worked on my brothers. They're just as fucked up as me tbh ...Hey cuties! Ya girl is LIVE on Twitch - come say hi! We're starting our playthrough of the very first Witcher game…
Retweeted by Dolv // B L M @Cookie_Ape @BeeWasFound You see, that's what I would call passion for your animals. But passion may lead to aggres… @Cookie_Ape I think you may have hit the nail right on the head there, mate ... @Cookie_Ape @BeeWasFound I was thinking more along the passionate line, but sure, we can go with aggressive too 😂Interesting, this one. What colours would you say I give off? @Cookie_Ape @BeeWasFound Pink, blue, purple and a dash of red and orange.
I've had some great (and a lot of not so great) moments on stream these last few days. Just wanna say thank you so… @ohlook_Sinesta It's @Cookie_Ape before his plastic surgery that turned him into this ...'m not having a great day today, so I'm live on Twitch with some games to get my mind off it! days I just want to stay in bed ... - #tired #MECFS #cfs #cfsme #twitchstreamer #selfie is a storm outside. So far two caravans have been blown over on bridges in my area. @Cookie_Ape @ohlook_Sinesta @ohlook_Sinesta Yes. That is real love. @ohlook_Sinesta Yes. It is. In length anyways. Not sure about the width. My feet are weird. @ohlook_Sinesta If you have a shoe size of over 13, legend has it that you have a dick the size of Bigfoot's dick.
@breadwitchery Tabletopia is a free alternative to Tabletop Simulator. Don't know if it's any good though, but probably worth checking out. @Cookie_Ape @Enishiat0r @ohlook_Sinesta I did not! I'd never pay you for stealing a bathing suit. I'd just take it myself! @ohlook_Sinesta Wow. Hope nothing too bad happened ...
Playing some Marbles on Stream because @Cookie_Ape has lost his Marbles. No prize (except bragging rights), but fun…'m live on with some Hyper Scape ... @ohlook_Sinesta Fun times! 😂
Does my life matter? Or will my struggle only matter after Suicide? Will my message only matter after in gone Wh…
Retweeted by Dolv // B L M @ohlook_Sinesta If you're in a dark place, just keep going and you will eventually get out of there and find light.… @ohlook_Sinesta The lesser uncle .... @ohlook_Sinesta Yeah ... that's why I don't really shave anymore 😂 It's dangerous!
After battling it out in Marbles, I'm going to have to admit that Uncle @Cookie_Ape is the Ultimate Uncle 😭 @Cookie_Ape Let's just hope it is. @ohlook_Sinesta Not all men are going to bother going "nOt AlL mEn" on you ... 😂Considering the shitstorm 2020 has been, this is kind of depressing actually ... dont want my timeline to always be incredibly morose or sad SO Let me just say this 2020 has been fucking ROUG…
Retweeted by Dolv // B L M @ohlook_Sinesta And sometimes people return out of the blue after being away for over a year ... @darklghtprodigy Follow your gut instinct. @ohlook_Sinesta Some guys ... I'm speechless ...
@darklghtprodigy Looks right from what I can see by googling it. @darklghtprodigy I found PulsFM Borås and PulsFM Varberg when googling it. @darklghtprodigy Yeah. Looks like they're running two local radio stations in Sweden. Not sure how big the audience is, but it seems legit. @darklghtprodigy Oh? Idk, I just know that in Norway new and unknown artists are popping up on radio every now and… @darklghtprodigy Paying to get on radio? Sounds a bit dodgy tbh ... If the right people hear your music they'll put it on radio for free. @ohlook_Sinesta @Cookie_Ape What the biscuit said. @ohlook_Sinesta Health issues suck. I've been dealing with various things for years, so I know the feeling of not r… @clutchy404 This list underlines the stereotype that Twitch is by white men for white men. So not true. Numbers are… no longer Pride Month here, but screw that. I'm going to put this out there. I have no idea exactly who… @ohlook_Sinesta Yes. Yes it is.
@ohlook_Sinesta Lightbulbs have a nasty tendency to get stuck up there ... well, that's what I've heard, anyway ... @ohlook_Sinesta Heated, indeed ... @ohlook_Sinesta Hot! (open for interpretation, I suppose ...) @ohlook_Sinesta akk* @ohlook_Sinesta At keast this one is fairky easy to expkain ... The L and K are right next to each other after all ... @discord I've also noticed that Discord is running slower than usual on my PC today. Sometimes it takes several sec… @discord It worked fine with cellular data, but when I'm on WiFi it gets bugged whenever I try sending a picture to… @ohlook_Sinesta Oi! You should've tagged me! I need all the exposure I can get for my master plan to work out ... 🤣My new life goal is to get famous so I can sell bottles of my sweat to fans ...Anyone else having trouble with the @discord app for Android after the latest update? Mine keeps having trouble to… @Cookie_Ape @Loudwire @LZZYHALE @Halestorm 😲 @ohlook_Sinesta Oi! Your Discord is amazing. I don't have any proof, though ...