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Just a guy who knows a whole lot of nothing about a lot! #Canada #Parent #movies #music #craftbeer #running #letterkenny Co-host of @producestandpod

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@Kristalmds @LetterkennyProb @ProduceStandPod Leaving “Squirrely” off the envelope was a good call! ever listener mail, check! Huge shout out to @Kristalmds for sharing some #Letterkenny merch!!! Don’t worry… fact that Adamson BBQ was willing to accept support from White Nationalists tells me all I need to know about t…
Retweeted by Squirrely Mat🍁I love the extreme variance in our perspectives! Lol #letterkenny @Fearless_Fred 100% agree! You speak truth sir!NOW is the time to build. Cancel your Netflix account. Remove all distractions. Right now there is nothing else to…
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2020 has passed 1,000 likes!!! Much of that interest has been thanks to Letterkenny, and due t…
Retweeted by Squirrely Mat🍁Here is another clip from our recap and review of S3E2: "Puck Bunny" where our Twitter rollcall goes a little long,…
Retweeted by Squirrely Mat🍁Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. On this day we commit ourselves to br…
Retweeted by Squirrely Mat🍁'Best wishes, warmest regards': 'Schitt's Creek' motel is up for sale
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@JohnTory @fordnation can operate successfully within a region, great tax them 10% of sales during the mandatory lo…
Retweeted by Squirrely Mat🍁 @JohnTory @fordnation ...offer an idea. As a small business owner you have understand these conditions although inc…
Retweeted by Squirrely Mat🍁 @JohnTory @fordnation a message to both the mayor and premier, I understand there was no pandemic playbook and I al…
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Help my man Redbeard cross the 1000 follower mark! Get after it! clip from our interview with Patrick 'Plywood' McNeil where Patrick answers questions in our speed round.…
Retweeted by Squirrely Mat🍁Better be Karlberta beef!
Retweeted by Squirrely Mat🍁 @erinotoole Seriously @erinotoole ! This is not helpful! Division is not helpful! Have you learned nothing! Read the room!
Remember my tuition....I lied... #DissapointYourFamilyIn5WordsWill work for beer!What a fun interview this was! @PeoplesPintTO You’ll be hearing from me soon! poll 2 Where do you stand on preference?
Retweeted by Squirrely Mat🍁12 hours to 2nd Toronto/Peel Lockdown...glad to see people are handling it well #facepalm’s a lay on the floor and throw a ball at the ceiling kind of day #sundayvibesValiant effort @Shem! Park Boys is low art. Letterkenny is high art
Retweeted by Squirrely Mat🍁 @KameronBennett Um..what is Rod Wave, Alex. Or perhaps I misunderstood the question #stagecollapse @1059TheRegion throw back to that time Ollie rode shotgun! @ProduceStandPod @S_R_Paulin Gremlins? @c_woodside VanVleet signs four-year, US$85-million deal with Toronto Raptors
Retweeted by Squirrely Mat🍁Happy Birthday to Canada’s version of Johnny Drama - the one and only @Boomer_Phillips. The world’s greatest entert…
Retweeted by Squirrely Mat🍁How to anniversary 101! @metalmike79 Bahaha you and wifey just went from 0-60 on this one! Now this is a celebration I can get behind! Cheers again
@metalmike79 Cheers to you both...but that might be the softest drink menu I’ve seen in a while! VanVleet is back with the Raptors per @ShamsCharania
Retweeted by Squirrely Mat🍁Kyle Lowry with some kind words for Fred VanVleet
Retweeted by Squirrely Mat🍁As an outsider looking in, it doesn’t take much to see Trumps ego is simply inflated by the 88 million followers he… poll 2 Where do you stand on preference? @scienceisreason @wade_macneil Social distance crowd surfing could get dicey! @scienceisreason That is a whole different question! Read them room dude! @scienceisreason Blame @Twitter for not having enough poll options! 4 is just not enough! food on the mind, where do you stand on favourite cuisine! I’ll eat pretty much anything, but have a soft spot… am a food fan, straight up! Wanted to shout out to some of my fav Toronto Restaurants and eateries...supporting l… @ProduceStandPod YASSSS! It is #Foodporn!I’ve tweeted it before I’ll tweet it again. @Jon_Favreau “Chef” is an absolutely gem of a flick! #chef @ItsSamG I saw them live once. They Opened for Everclear back before they were big and it was uncool to like them..… @katie_brennan Why is @jasonsegel ‘s The Muppets” not part of this conversation! @ProduceStandPod Has posted a review for @LetterkennyProb S3E2 Puck Bunny. #letterkenny
Retweeted by Squirrely Mat🍁 @ProduceStandPod @LetterkennyProb @DennisGugin Looks like Squirrely and Al for the win again!Glad to hear you appreciates our cast @2wardthe1 !
When @EdwardNorton layers in #Letterkenny references on his attack on POTUS!!! Amazing!!! 0302: 'Puck Bunny' has dropped! @LetterkennyProb Brought to you by: DG Pop Customs (@DennisGugin)…
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@blogTO @CFtoeatonCentre @AzaleaZoeHart's tallest Christmas tree is all lit up for the holidays @CFtoeatonCentre 🎄 - 📹 @AzaleaZoeHart #Toronto
Retweeted by Squirrely Mat🍁 @ProduceStandPod Just finished the new episode, absolute gold
Retweeted by Squirrely Mat🍁 @nicoleservinis @BTtoronto Lies! You always have to break those suckers in! * @nicoleservinis 5 minutes after this… it's #InternationalMensDay today. Check in on your brothers today, make sure they are okay. Real men can talk ab…
Retweeted by Squirrely Mat🍁 @SidsmomJen @ThatKevinSmith Hope you enjoy! We had @dsbttv_potamkin on the show earlier this week, and had a blast… @ThatKevinSmith @LetterkennyProb you find out @ThatKevinSmith is a #letterkenny fan and you co-host a #podcast?!? #podcasts
I know her! She’s good people! Check out her book! @ProduceStandPod #letterkenny's get #Letterkenny trending!
Retweeted by Squirrely Mat🍁What will it take to get #Letterkenny trending in Canada? Can we get retweets from all followers of…
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Retweeted by Squirrely Mat🍁#Merryletterkenny #letterkenny @Kristalmds Validation! you @jaredkeeso, @jacobtierney79, @crave and @hulu for giving us something to look forward to! A new season…
Retweeted by Squirrely Mat🍁Pertnear the most wondrous time of the year and you don’t mess with tradition. A new season of @LetterkennyProb pr…
Retweeted by Squirrely Mat🍁Have you ever walked up or down a broken feels nothing like using stairs...riddle me that. @realDonaldTrump Delusion: A delusion is a fixed belief that is not amenable to change in light of conflicting evidence.How’s your morning I just inhaled a fly!
Here is a little teaser of our interview with Patrick 'Plywood' McNeil. He's a good guy...he's a really good guy...…
Retweeted by Squirrely Mat🍁Special thanks to this fine fellow! @BaruchelNDG We are reviewing season 3 now on @ProduceStandPod but Season 5 and “Hard Right Jay” is around the corn… @S_R_Paulin Bahaha so good!Our interview with Patrick 'Plywood' McNeil has dropped! Brought to you by: DG Pop Customs (@DennisGugin)…
Retweeted by Squirrely Mat🍁Had an absolute BLAST on the @ProduceStandPod they're all gems and wonderful down to earth people! Would def go for…
Retweeted by Squirrely Mat🍁 @dsbttv_potamkin thanks so much for joining us on @ProduceStandPod tonight! “Can Confirm” we all had a blast getting to know!Last day to vote! @OntCraftBrewers where do you stand on beer preference?
@wdyminotawesome @HowAreYaNowPod @ProduceStandPod @kissthulhu @wdyminotawesome @HowAreYaNowPod @ProduceStandPod @kissthulhu He says it so slow in the just made sense t… @wdyminotawesome @HowAreYaNowPod @ProduceStandPod @kissthulhu Bahaha I don’t even care! I’m crying laughing! Thanks… concede... well played Sir
Retweeted by Squirrely Mat🍁 @wdyminotawesome @HowAreYaNowPod @ProduceStandPod @kissthulhu Really! I was looking for a sushi’s and sashimis one… forward to tonight @dsbttv_potamkin! @Fearless_Fred @BTtoronto If you are sober enough to pull it off. Before you got to bed, 2 Tylenol (or advil), down a glass of wat… @BTtoronto If you don’t I have to question whether we are even watching the same movie...#yippeekiyay @nicoleservinis @BTtoronto Anytime! Keep doing what you do! a crew!
@squizzy36 love for #Porters and #Stouts so far! Where do you stand on #Beer preference?!? that immediately put in a good mood! Any genre...I’ll start “You Make My Dreams" by Hall and Oates