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On our latest “Money Talks” podcast: - Vijay Vaitheeswaran and @vahavb on the coming wave of corporate bankruptci… global recessions, automation in business increases. What does this mean for human workers? Find out on “The… pandemic has brought business to a crashing halt. What can be done to stem the wave of corporate bankruptcies?… and driving lobbies agree on one thing: although they are sometimes described as temporary, many of the cha…'s problem is that it has no consistent China policy's government, of dubious legitimacy, is making sweeping decisions whose effects will be felt for years covid-19 tip the balance of financial power in China's favour? covid-19 pause is not inherently climate-friendly. But countries can make it so on social media say they were instructed to keep numbers low year Reliance Industries, India's most profitable firm, accounted for 13% of the country's corporate profits seasoned itinerant merchant, Marco Polo lays out his material with a flourish, while doggedly assuring readers of… tax-free salary and benefits are cushy. But that is where the perks end have tried and failed to bring rates down and the Indian state of Kerala have shown that first-class primary-health systems can devise and disseminat… kinds of lockdown—even moderate ones—could cost more lives than they save Luther King junior grew more radical in the last years of his life, helping lead opposition to the Vietnam w… the government hummed and hawed, the slump in global demand and the lockdown in Jakarta began to sap the economy noir offers safe passage into a bleak and dangerous world, one which readers in other countries may enter an… loopholes allowed American firms to carry on supplying Huawei from overseas factories. New rules make this… life was a chance to "do nothing for two weeks", thought one passenger on the Diamond Princess… Li: “I read "War and Peace" every year. Each time I see new things" From @1843magMore than 200m Instagram users have 50,000 followers or more, enough to make a living as “human billboards” Frideric Handel recycled material; in his trio sonatas familiar tunes from the operas and oratorios pop up l… pressure on incomings and outgoings could change how the funds invest dire state of the global economy has economists asking whether more can be done negative rates are feasible. But venturing further into sub-zero territory would require regulatory changes can be as expansive and gripping as fiction. Yet unlike novels, which demand commitment, you can dip in and… Lives Matter activists were once fixtures on TV news. After Donald Trump won, they say producers stopped call… Trump's attempt to de-Sinify the semiconductor industry may do more to de-Americanise it instead Sachs expects India's economy to contract by 45% this quarter at an annualised rate
Sidelining the CDC squanders expertise and compounds confusion about who is in charge of America's federal response… distrust Abe Shinzo's leadership, but have few good alternatives"By standing together, we can resume progress towards a more peaceful, more prosperous and safer world," says Madel… young, unmarried and poor women in public hospitals are the likeliest to suffer abuse during childbirth, oil-fuelled power boosts Andrés Manuel López Obrador's political power Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation's model raised concerns among fellow health experts because it used… want to redesign solar farms in radical ways are still staying at home, but travel in Germany has bounced back is forcing household names like @jcrew and @neimanmarcus to file for bankruptcy. How does the corporate ca… Tedpix, Iran's main market index, has doubled since the country went into lockdown two months ago a simplistic view of the civil-rights movement, Malcolm X is the radical counterpart to Martin Luther King junio… with Rustichello of Pisa, an author and fellow inmate, “The Travels” is a meandering voyage through culture… the Ebola crisis, the CDC led the way. During the current pandemic, it has been forced into the backseat governments respond to climate change with the same scale and urgency as they responded to covid-19? exports more to China than to its five next biggest markets combined, weddings, Star Trek...oncology? @tomjrowley’s four months at Britain’s biggest convention centre… Jefferson developed a taste for mac 'n' cheese while living in France in the 1780s From @1843magAfter sanctions on Russia took mozzarella off the shelves, local entrepreneurs had to improvise From @1843MagWhat happens when a country of 1 billion people goes under lockdown? From @1843magSwedish meatballs, or köttbullar, are homely and nostalgic. Here’s our recipe for the Swedish comfort food… BMW engine doesn't roar because it needs to. It roars because it sounds good From @1843magWendy Lesser is an engaging and amiable guide to a cultural phenomenon that has swept much of the planet fossil-fuel emissions has been one bright spot during the covid-19 pandemic. On “Babbage”, @CHowardCHoward the time President Joko Widodo announced a ban on holiday travel, thousands had already hit the road the coronavirus stokes anti-China sentiment, will trade barriers with America remain no matter who wins November…'s total revenue has shot up by 9% year on year, the highest rate in nearly two decades, to $135bn“We’ve mistaken profit as a metric for the health of our society,” argues David Simon @AoDespair, writer of “The Wi… the five years before the covid crisis the pharmaceutical sector lagged behind America’s S&P 500 index cruise ships were allowed to anchor in Manila Bay if some of the staff were Filipino. As it happens, Filipi… spaghetti bolognese doesn’t exist in Italy From @1843magA handful of churches in Northern Ireland carried out drive-in services this weekend, but more are planning to do s… not-so-sweet truth behind vanilla production From @1843magSociety prizes intelligence. But there is a dark side to genius From @1843magThe effects of the pandemic are exacerbating inequality in an unequal region than levelling up, Britain could be about to level down, as London sags do Disney, Airbnb, General Electric, the ipod and Alibaba’s online shopping mall have in common? They each got… see their leaders as concerned mainly with carving up power new film chronicles the relationship between Barbora Kysilkova, a painter, and Karl-Bertil Nordland, who stole tw…
Retweeted by The EconomistIt is unknown whether equipment manufactured at American firms' overseas facilities counts as "American" Britain almost three-quarters of those on zero-hours contracts are key workers or work in shut-down sectors low borrowing costs will be good for the British government’s finances of Israel's new coalition government are wary of annexation. They are concerned about upsetting Jordan, hom… has struggled with one of the worst outbreaks of covid-19. Despite this, its stockmarket is booming are governments in Europe doing to help businesses during the covid-19 crisis? @vahavb breaks it down on “Mone… one neighbourhood in El Salvador, people hang white flags from windows to show that they have run out of food projects, such as mining, encroach on the Sami people's way of life in northern Sweden judges in national courts have chafed at rulings from Europe's top court plans soon to launch a nationwide carbon market for its notoriously dirty power sector“These globalised companies are going to try to make stuff in other high-tech hubs, just so they can get away from… is a potential barrier to perpetual bonds. But they should be judged on how well they meet debt-managemen… bondholders care far more about how much income a bond pays than its capital value. You might call this the Da… on social media say they were instructed to keep numbers low now, Binyamin Netanyahu is more preoccupied with restoring Israel's economy and his imminent corruption trial “Squad” get a boost each time Donald Trump insults them. If he loses in November, their profiles may diminish attempts to nab Félicien Kabuga resulted in detectives finding a warning note or a corpse the @federalreserve turn to negative interest rates to help the US economy? Find out, and listen to… the process of secularisation has been slower to take hold in America than in other parts of the rich world,… normal times Londoners rely on trains, buses and the Tube for more than two-fifths of their travel. Covid-19 has… global income per head falls by 20%, the number of extremely poor people could increase by 420m—as much as the e… pandemic provides a logic to Joe Biden's more progressive policy goals, such as establishing universal health c… achieve net-zero emissions, the only permissible offsets will need to suck carbon out of the air’s latest offensive against Huawei pushes the global semiconductor industry into uncharted territory. On “Ba… 1970, at least 80% of companies have been born in booms rather than busts. But could the pandemic be an oppor…"In the economy of the future, a basic income will seem as normal as public roads in the 19th century or public lib… Britain, eight Kawasaki-disease patients tested negative for the virus, but positive for antibodies related to it to limit subsidies for fisheries were the only ones going anywhere in recent months. They stalled on May 7th Collins says science answers the “how?” questions, while Christianity answers the “why?” funds confess to having been asked to assist with bail-outs; some Asian ones, to having been coerced to sell a… balance of costs and benefits favours narrow local policies over blanket national ones many churches the majority of worshippers are old. If a vaccine is not developed soon, many may be reluctant to…