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.@TheKalenAllen found out what it takes to become a Navarro College cheerleader. Don't miss this new episode of "OM… asked Jennifer Aniston to host my show. This was definitely not authorized.
If you're into saving the planet like I am, check out what we’re doing with @TheEllenFund. Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus feud is over. Finally. #GRAMMYs are this Sunday night on CBS. I'll be there this weekend, and you could be too! Use the hashtag… Aniston hid behind the "Friends" couch on the Warner Bros. lot, and scared tourists. @WBTourHollywood ❤️ @SelenaGomez and I are in a Super Bowl commercial! Don’t miss the big game to find out what we all did #BeforeAlexa can't believe Jennifer Aniston spilled all of my secrets, when I've never told a single person that she attends F… never disappoints when she's here. She is hilarious.
If you’re watching the news these days, and feel like your voice isn’t being heard, you can fix that. I can't think… have been moved by the stories of the Navarro College cheer team. I am so glad I got to talk with them today.…’m coming to Miami! Who wants to see me there? everyone who’s as obsessed with #CheerNetflix as I am, the Navarro team was here today! does this 2-year-old know all of these flags and countries?!’t get to see my show today? You can watch the whole thing right here, and I promise no one gets impeached in i… staff’s #TheBachelor Recap is really juicy this week! Tune in to hear my staff discuss all things linger-y, line…
For those of you with your TVs on who are feeling there’s only bad news, I give you the adorable Hadley. is one of the most popular beauty YouTubers in the world. She came out last week as transgender,… a lot of my staff, the 3-day weekend really flu by. has a gay old time playing “Say Whaaat?” with the @JonasBrothers @NickJonas @JoeJonas @KevinJonas. @JonasBrothers have a new hit on their hands, and it’s on TikTok. @NickJonas @JoeJonas @KevinJonas, Alex! You played well. It’s too bad none of those comedians were named “Pass.” See you next week! #GameofGamesIt’s your turn, West Coast! Someone’s winning $5,000 while watching tonight’s #GameofGames! Get out your @GameofGamesApp!You can’t say I’m not having fun. #KnoworGo #GameofGames round of #DangerWord feels a little bit like couples therapy. #GameofGamesWhat do @MarthaStewart, @StephenCurry30, @MelissaMcCarthy, Keenan Thompson and @HodaKotb have in common? They’re al… of who wins, these 3 should start a dance group. #BlindfoldedMusicalChairs #GameofGamesIt’s a shame Petey’s gotta cover up those eyes with a blindfold. 😍 #BlindfoldedMusicalChairs #GameofGamesPeople don’t realize how hard it is to run in a dress. That’s why I don’t wear them. #RunawayBride #GameofGamesHe either remembered the answer, or he was so dizzy he thought I was @MileyCyrus. Either way, he gets the point. #DizzyDash #GameofGamesWho wants $5,000? Get your apps out and get ready to watch an all-new #GameofGames. 8/7c on NBC!
.@DaxShepard went on a date with Brad Pitt. I don’t know how else to describe it. have gotten smarter about selling my 12 Days gifts online, but they can’t stop Adam from finding them.’s early, but I can already tell you the most fun thing on TV today will be an all-new #GameofGames..@DaxShepard wasn’t going to let a little lip surgery stop him from being on "Jeopardy!". minute you’re in @Starbucks, and the next you’re on my show. #ThanksSponsor I’m preempted in your market today, you can see my show on I promise it'll be more fun t…’s just something about the Lopez family, and that little Josevic is my new favorite hero. tomorrow's #GameofGames could be very, very dangerous.
Not everybody can tell when I'm joking. I'm not joking., Ellen... always wait until they have their goggles on. #GameofGames told a really funny story about getting a new dog. really, really love this family. ❤️@MarkWahlberg. Check out the trailer for his new movie, @NetflixFilm #SpenserConfidential
I asked #HSMTMTS@JoshuaTBassett to finally set the record straight on whether cereal is soup or not! I hope I go…
Nobody was happier about my #IvyParkXAdidas than @TheKalenAllen. weekend, get up to 25% off all home items at!'m throwing a birthday party in my @GameofGamesApp, and you could win $5,000 by playing! there is a better trio than @JaneFonda, @LilyTomlin and Phoebe Waller-Bridge to play a game called "Guess What's…
.@JaneFonda and @LilyTomlin were here to guest host my show, and the cops came. had to say goodbye to Charlie today. She was an amazing cat and gave us so much love. One of the hardest decisio… birthday, @IAmSteveHarvey! I think you left your mustache backstage. It's either that or one of @RealEugeneLevy's eyebrows..@JaneFonda and @LilyTomlin guest hosted my show today and talked about #GraceandFrankie. @ReeseW Oh brother.Happy birthday, @MichelleObama. I ❤️ you. and @LilyTomlin answered all of my Burning Questions. All I can say is "Wow." @JonasBrothers are here next week! My, how far they’ve come. #TBT @NickJonas @JoeJonas @KevinJonas
For all #TheBachelor fans, I thought we should clear up what really happened in Champagne-gate., Lydia! You just slow-walked your way to a day of gifts from 12 Days. Thanks for listening to my po…’s @Coldplay performing a song from their new album. You’re welcome. what you’re doing and watch this. Thanks, @Starbucks® Rewards. you like to know if @IAmJamieFoxx ever dated a star we didn’t know about? Then here you go. had no idea Aubrey Plaza and @JoeJonas were so close. @EvilHag @johnkrasinski Well, blaming Emily seems like a great strategy.This Saturday, @BBCAmerica and @AMC_TV launch their new show, #SevenWorldsOnePlanet. It’s a great opportunity to se… brilliant Phoebe Waller-Bridge is auctioning off her gorgeous tuxedo from the #GoldenGlobes to help the Austral… video of Chris Martin as a kid makes you realize that dreams really can come true.
Can you do the Woah? I found out in my new game, "Woah or No.", did you get this message from Chris Martin? to @RobinRoberts on 30 years at Disney. That’s incredible, and I ❤ you.Happy birthday, @DrewBrees! You are one of the most wonderful people I know. @coldplay It was so good I could cry, cry, cry.Oh my goodness, this is adorable. promise this story is gonna make you smile. This might be the best Uber ride of all time. #ThanksSponsor of my favorite bands in the world, @Coldplay, performed a song from their new album that they’ll never perform… love my new @Starbucks® Rewards contest. It’s really bringing out the best in people. Go film your “pay it forwar… and @LilyTomlin are here on Friday. Tweet me your questions for them! I don’t care what they're about..…, you did… what’s the word? Great?! I loved your enthusiasm. That’s definitely enough for a short trip to see… Coast! It’s your turn to get in on the fun. See who makes it all the way to #HotHands on #GameofGames, right now!I wonder if @IAmCardiB ever touched it. do you think is going to win this? #GameofGamesI can tell Molly really didn’t mean to butt in. #BlindfoldedMusicalChairs #GameofGamesOops. I forgot to tell them about the bell. #RunawayBride #GameofGamesNEW GAME ALERT! Get ready for #RunawayBride. I’m unveiling it after this commercial. #GameofGamesPoor Kathy. I’m almost out of slime. #SonOfAOneEyedMonster #GameofGamesIt can’t be easy being a UPS driver in Thousand Islands. I hope she has a boat. #SonOfAOneEyedMonster #GameofGamesRyan was really dizzy. He probably shouldn’t be on top of any high platforms with a big drop. Oh, wait. #DizzyDash #GameofGames#GameofGames is about to start! Everyone, get your app and your scratching finger ready! Two people are winning $10… you, @Beyonce. I love my big orange box. Your new clothes are really cool too. #adidasxIVYPARK @adidas
.@RobertDowneyJr put my audience on the spot. The pressure was high. Not all of them could handle it. the champagne, because this episode of my "Bachelor Recap Show" was wild! #TheBachelor Malek kept getting fan emails from someone pretending to be @RobertDowneyJr., an all-new #GameofGames! I’m so excited, my head is spinning. turns out @RobertDowneyJr knows way too much about animals’… party whistles. 10-year-old boy with autism became verbal after getting an Iron Man helmet. Today he meets @RobertDowneyJr my talk show enters a new decade, here are some of my favorite moments from the last decade. Romano was a great choice to put in my #BurningQuestions hot seat.
Happy birthday, @OfficialJLD. You are the perfect balance of glamour and comedy, or as I call it, glamedy.