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Comedian, talk show host and ice road trucker. My tweets are real, and they’re spectacular.

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Good luck tonight, @Kelly_Clarkson. You’re gonna do a great job hosting the Billboard Music Awards. Bring me back something nice. #BBMAsHappy birthday, Mama. ❤️
@cavs @CavsScreamTeam He appears to be a good luck charm for you tonight..@BTS_twt was here this week and left behind some #BBMAs tickets. Here’s your chance to go! had a lot to say about the #RoyalWedding this weekend. birthday, @samsmithworld! I hope you have a year filled with joy and an album filled with heartbreak.Just kidding. I had a wonderful morning. #RoyalWedding Saturday! I can’t believe I slept so late. Did I miss anything?
Thank you, @JJWatt for going above and beyond for the families of Santa Fe, Texas. I love you.’s #EndangeredSpeciesDay! @KevinLemanII @jimmykimmel @EDWildlifeFund could watch Andy Zenor give Jason flowers all day. Watch the full clip here: who’s here one week from today? @BTS_twt #BTSxEllen #FakeLove dancers of The LAB are incredibly adorably incredible. Watch the full clip here: to our friends at Buick, #tWitchplease Help Me Dance premieres today! I love @official_tWitch so much. You’r…’m not sure Jason Bateman understands how this game works. @batemanjason celebrities say what I want in hidden camera pranks is really fun. think you’ll agree why I should have been invited to the #RoyalWedding. Watch the full clip here:… all of my love to the students and families in Santa Fe, Texas. We can do better than this. We must do better than this.
Sandra Bullock answered all of my #BurningQuestions, but who she wants to do a love scene with is my favorite answe… showed the audience the lighter than air feeling of wearing Olay Whips SPF. With chocolate sauce. #ThanksSponsor Bullock told me a secret about her kids. I hope they’re not watching. P.S. I know they’re watching. trying to talk to Prince Harry is all of us. Watch the full clip here:, California, wanna make a difference? There are only a few days left to register before the primaries. Go do it. people hear Laurel. Other people are wrong. to @ChrissyTeigen and @JohnLegend on your new baby! He's sure to be a Legend. should’ve never asked Sandra Bullock about her skincare routine. Watch the full clip here:…
@ShawnMendes x you right back.This dog can read?! had a lot to do: 1. Clean my car, 2. Get my lunch, 3. Embarrass herself on national television. #ThanksSponsor took six ladies from Iowa surfing for the first time. #ThanksSponsor my new game "Mr. Big Stuff," I do something we’ve all dreamed about... reuniting long-lost friends wearing fat s… doesn’t want a tall glass of this Pink Lemonade? Thanks, @JamesBayMusic. am so proud of my wife. General Public Art is now for sale here.’m so happy Bono and The Edge were finally here after 15 years. Bono said they wanted to be useful, so I made them…’m not easy to surprise, but this surprised me. @arresteddev @EDWildlifeFund
It’s time for #SplittingUpTogether. Go! Now! Why are you still reading this tweet?!Literally everything at my show just stopped to see if people hear Laurel or Yanny. I hear Laurel. #BTSARMY! If you’re in L.A., I’ve got some VIP tickets to watch @BTS_twt perform on my show. Want a chance to s… asked @Diane_Keaton the 3 places she’d like to touch a man. Each answer is better than the last. Watch the full… "Road to Riches" game is so much fun, but don’t take my word for it... ask this lady who just won iPads for the… are at a place called The Ellen Show. will not stop dancing. Watch the full clip here: is coming back for Season 2, and it’s on tonight! @Diane_Keaton and The Edge told me about starting @U2 in high school. I can’t imagine anything more special than having them…’s a Beautiful Day. @U2
Thanks @TheEllenShow and everyone who stepped up this weekend to continue the recovery efforts for the Santa Barbar…
Retweeted by Ellen DeGeneres.@MsSarahPaulson is writing songs for @Rihanna. Watch the full clip here: made this guy in my audience try out some animal courting rituals. I’m not sure it worked. #royalwedding is this weekend! The royal wedding video hits the internet right after that. learned English watching my show. I’m glad she learned words like “thanks” and “car.” #ThanksSponsor @Saints ❤️To scare @MsSarahPaulson again I had to think outside the box. And think inside the podium. Watch the full clip he… McKenna brought love and joy to the world while personally enduring the most difficult circumstances. I’ll ne…
Sending love to all moms, and to everyone whose mom isn’t here to celebrate. You make your mama proud. I know it. #MothersDayBeing a mom isn’t easy. Take it from my friend, B-Dude. Happy #MothersDay, everyone! birthday, @StevieWonder and @StephenAtHome. You both make the world a better place. You’re also two of my favorite Stevies.Now this is what I call belly dancing. #MothersDay @BradPaisley #BrellenDeGeneraisleyThese military moms did not see these surprise messages coming. #MothersDay
Thank you to everyone who came out to the Santa Barbara Bowl tonight to support #Montecito. I’m grateful for each o… you love great things and magical discounts, sign up for the Ellen Shop newsletter and get a 20% off coupon!'s the view from the Ellen DeGeneres Campus of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. The same mountain where Dian Fosse…
Things can get weird on my show. So what. #ThanksSponsor’m looking for a few good gamers. You could wind up like these lucky people – on my new season of #GameofGames.… looks incredible. She told me why she never thought she’d make it to 80. Watch the full clip here:… performing on my show makes me very happy. you love watching Average Andy, I’m about to make your whole year. @andylassner Watch the full clip here:…
@foofighters I’ll say 🤘🤘🤘🤩 #11What can I say? I’m all about that bass. there are 3 things I love, it’s Canadians, a good cause, and no-tie shoelaces. has some great mom tips you can try at home. Please don’t try these at home. Garner knew she was pregnant even though a doctor and a pregnancy test said she wasn’t. That’s what I call… love @theKalenAllen. I’m so glad we Met. first-time pregnant moms in my audience just got showered with thousands of dollars worth of giveaways that y… Boy is back! And so is my new lactation consultant, Ample Andy. @andylassner Watch the full clip here:… #MothersDay monologue. birthday, Bono! I’m so excited you’re coming to my show. Let me know if you need directions. Fortunately, the streets have names. @U2Jennifer Garner couldn’t put motherhood into words. But she could put it into song. Watch the full clip here:…