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canary in a coal mine. ive had it up to here ___

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@BigGlitch1 pre rock action mogwai mightve been the loudest show i ever saw @Nooramorph @questlove this shit got me twice, what kinda magic is this? @RespectableLaw @TheRickWilson so 3:2 odds the lincoln project is merely an opportunistic attempt to install its ow… @kush_jones_ ill throw some dice if tahts what it takes to get a card game runnin tho 🎉 @kush_jones_ if you get poker goin shoot me a dmHey @TuckerCarlson are you going to talk to your viewers about this or nah?
@sk33mask I’m really thinking about getting creative and doing a dining set - plates, salad bowl, linen napkin, the… @LukeHoward1969 This is absolutely the best question one can ask when watching succession. I still don’t know the a… don’t know about y’all but I put adobo seasoning on fucking everything. This motherfucker killed one of my main k… was a weak response Mayor. i feel like a firmer tone is necessary for things like this - people will rationali… dont really give a shit bout sports but nobody ever told me this was a thing yt ppl in dance music clinging to vestiges of what the “scene” was like ”before” this to yt djs and folks stan…
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Financial troubles? Stop paying taxes until the wealthy pay all of their share. Let’s include corporations cuz they… @drmathys_ I think that VR chat has a virtual club but I’ve only seen images betwixt the memes, so basically - virt… @extinctdaemon “Yo my neighbors cousin mikey is police and three days a week he meets his quota of savings THOUSAND… use the alias “young macro” from here on out - first EP: Music to spreadsheets @extinctdaemon I did the work turns out the Gannet is understated natural beauty: I ordered that mother fucking record ASAP last night boom I’m gonna swim in good times real quick. Play it lo… the record only knew about the set for maybe 7 years but still it’s a long time for Shazam to not give an answe… @m__hook @dunecup Perfect - you can see em thru the window then 🎉 @LMGM There is no such thing as maximal cuteness; cuteness is an infinite series QED @BigGlitch1 That’s a lofty concept to nail word for word; bookmarking thread tho @extinctdaemon Fuckin autocorrect: Gabber*... the fuck it “gannet” anyway and why did my phone correct to that 😂 @extinctdaemon Gannet at its root never say right with me - it’s embrace of whiteness/white nationalism will foreve… @TortugaMinor Taking a Reddit style experience and improving it by removing the “karma” nonsense would be fucking a… @extinctdaemon Or if your decision tree to play a song is limited to ONLY “no ones playing this” as opposed to that… @extinctdaemon ie intentional subversion of expectation isn’t necessarily fun by definition (not guarantee of a ‘wo… @extinctdaemon Lol true. dif genres have a dif emotional vocabulary but if someone relies solely upon the shock of… @glorbis ❤️glad to hear @pipecock circling back to the education - its also getting folks to understand the why behind "racism bad" or "sta… @pipecock thats actually a really interesting way to frame the strategy - and maybe easier to explain than say "boy… @pipecock right exactly - Does shoving it under the rug politically really alleviate the problem or only offer temp… @pipecock the other question is: is it even possible to bring everyone up to that though? i dont know, i couldnt ev… @pipecock agree we not educating people to THINK to understand a frame work of how to address things/thoughts/ideas… wont be the same trust meMOTHER FUCKER I FINALLY found a record Theo Parrish played way back in 2011 simply by sitting down and going: ok ,w… @pipecock i agree with you - the bullshit all follows a similar path. if people were forced to not publically share… @pipecock its like our education systems have failed and so every asshole who goes "well i think something ELSE is… @pipecock In other words: the nature of twitter, facebook groups, etc embolden the absurd. The thing is forcing bul… @pipecock system to these ideas. A simple facebook group suddenly becomes a place where absurd bullshit is accepted… @pipecock this has been on my mind a shit ton lately. i need to find the article but i read something that suggeste…
@Hodgebristol Difference between a dialogue and a monologue tho NanLONG THREAD. my Bassnectar story & how it affected me.please RT & share on other networks b/c despite being a "lege…
Retweeted by elvin t @LMGM Gotta let em know ALL queues 👀👀 @jfreewright Salted popcorn? @aerielist @ErisDrew Same. To the point where I have been making a concerted effort to “look happier” when mixing a…
@conorcarlellis What about delays though? They’re kinda like tiny reverbsThe entire party is complicit now that we heard the news is it EleSim? 😂i have a record on its way to me featuring Norma Jean Bell ripping some sax work over a Ron Trent production and it… @hotpeasandbutta linked plcb to that video cuz absolutely fuck him. also someone pointed out when i reposted your l… @JessCluess So what - Virginia wolf flannery O’Connor Mary Shelly - all phantoms huh?Do not attend or support Soft Leather parties promoted by this guy.
Retweeted by elvin t @PhillyMayor hey have you seen that video of a bar owner in Philadelphia pulling a gun on a pedestrian doing nothin…
The owner of Infusion Lounge in Old City Philly pulled a gun on a Black man who said something about social distanc…
Retweeted by elvin tNever feeling cute, always deleting @midlandsound @clarkdprice @residentadvisor Ooh that Dorisberg kicks in and I’m all 😻Lots of folks posting homages to the Western soundtracks from Morricone (rightly so they’re incredible I love the f… someone writes the ultimate history of how the government handled COVID, I hope they’ll include this dialogue
Retweeted by elvin t @extinctdaemon Is it me or does American politics historically seem to play out like a Montagues/Capulets sorta thi… @coolgirloffline Ez - Taking a photo of the moment and posting it on the internet to a forum of strangers. Ok now ask a hard question @extinctdaemon TL;dr agree @extinctdaemon From personal experience I was probably awful to date until I learned how to enjoy time being alone/… used to think unhinged insanity was funny but now im terrified by its ubiquity @RespectableLaw imagine how insufferable that news cycle will be. meme making edgelords from robin hood (TM) iphone… @RespectableLaw fuck if people keep this pressure up this asshole elon gonna do something crazy like run for president @extinctdaemon this "well, we are free to believe what we want" in lieu of evidence or fact based understanding of… but is there an equivalently irreverent movie a la kingpin? @hotpeasandbutta yeah, these streaming platforms take everything and give nothing beyond the promise of "millions _… @SenTomCotton HOW GOOD IS THAT ASSAULT RIFLE WITH THE CORONA VIRUS CASES SENATOR? DID THAT HELP MUCH? OR IS IT ROUG… following stupid fucking celebrities, moronic conspiracy theorists, and anybody who retweets the above and you…
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@6969_6969696969 @sarahschauer This perfectly speaks to the birfurcation of 21-30 yr olds who like being scared and… you inherit an emerald mine, and hire smart people to do smart things for you, that doesn’t make you smart.
Retweeted by elvin t @zoeblade Sharing and agreeing @6969_6969696969 That rodent might be partial to an extremist group, not sure tho @lovefingers Ah dude smh 😅😅 @6969_6969696969 Luigi looks just how I’d expect given the condition on the table. 10/10 would do business with again @i_KAN_love Only drink 1 - 2 hours maybe at first
I grabbed the whole catalog and so should you 🎉❤️ @LMGM People are just out here jumping over the bar of awful on the regular 🤬
a government that finds no way to fund the arts is a government that cares very little for its people. in the minds… @glorbis @extinctdaemon thanks for bringing this up again - just remembered to now add to bandcamp shopping cart. i… there ever be a code etched into the zeitgeist of culture as the konami contra code?Bruh, if your waiter looks like this, that means you need to take your bourgeoisie ass home and learn to cook until…
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i just realized that when republicans say "america" they dont mean america, they mean their "unrivaled position of… @tedcruz HOLY FUCK WHO CARES ITS A STATUE THE GUYS DEADDamn if only Lt Gov Dan Patrick had s Twitter I could bother him about his new cool Texas death cult founded on sci… @aerielist For the non-Euclidean time spaces @aerielist Ooh this could be a fun compilation - Parallel Lines Meeting at Infinity : a concept compilation from Parallel Minds @ghostly Bout to drop an album made entirely on one of these, please pick up the other and just give me a shout whe… 1st of July! @AlexBurkat_ just dropped a brand new mix...the first in the Ancient Puzzle Arts Podcast Series!…
Retweeted by elvin thow does "optimism" have any place in how to scientifically deal with these matters? you want the math of situation… fucker you are so stupid.yo @randpaul how is someone so insidiously stupid as you taking part in something as critical as civil service? "mo… @mattchavan @UPSHelp Their web system is broken, their customer service is nonexistent or confused about their serv… @conorcarlellis whoah those are some fucking awesome screechy metallic sounds youre getting out that i like it 😻🥳 @EsperDoD serious like "ignore it and hope nobody finds out" serious? or serious like "we actually acted on this in… called 6 times, 3 times the system hung up on me randomly, 3 times i spoke to someone who asks me why i want to…