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cuff me if u love me
Retweeted by g @erosdinero omgthe way you will not catch me at home post see i’d be mad..
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every time I open my spice cupboard I’m like “my god, in 1350 I’d be an emperor”
Retweeted by gthis is so rude that boy is setting up his clients+his craftlmfaooo @chrisisclueless i was waiting for it lmaooo but she opted for stay out of black business insteadnow why y’all posting your Ls... don’t even agree with asian i just like seeing him get ate uplike huh, boy BYE
Retweeted by gWhat a dumb ass to be in my business replying to something that has absolutely nothing to do with you... im having…
Retweeted by g @albertoutspoken it’s the busted at the end hm.this man seems more unhinged by the day is he okay Snow and Fever were so good should start slushing non-maskers like in GLEE
Retweeted by gJVN: “Wearing a shirt backwards is an act of bravery. Its a resistance slay, mama! It’s a way of saying—hello world…
Retweeted by gbirds“I, TOO, am a nasty girl fantastic”
Retweeted by gCan’t believe we gave up hunting n gathering to pay rent
Retweeted by gGo #presave my new song dropping tonight.
Retweeted by g @KLCHII oh okay i agree with both @KLCHII 🎯 you mean on nick’s part? @_trillspice bring vegan thaiomw
Retweeted by g @albertoutspoken smacked to do it in a way that the other girls could only dream of doing it
Retweeted by g @albertoutspoken yo this is sendingThis is how a lot of people sound #onhere. 😭 Just saying words in no coherent order in the name of wokeness. 😂
Retweeted by gdefinitely top 5 on Nick’s roster 🤧 was looking through the trending subjects and came across Armie Hammer. I will not be looking again for the rest of the day.
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@Nicosaesthetics LMFAO
Retweeted by gwhat a beautiful bird hate y’all fr scared him lmaooooo @albertoutspoken her best CA This the homies little sister. I need y'all to get the word out. She's only 18 years old. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 Name:…
Retweeted by gchecking in, with facial hair
Retweeted by g @urieIio yes.this is so crazy i have to laugh because wtf looks so good omg @albertoutspoken ALBERT LMAO*whispers* I needed this.
Retweeted by gthis photo is right before I died lol
Retweeted by gbitches will "bestie" a squirrel if it's smoking a blunt
Retweeted by g @rxnny @BLACKLVRBOY omgshe’s going to hell @_trillspice on god this vaccine better roll thru omg i will not have another summer inside because of themThat white ass hand
Retweeted by g @jaboukie you’re going to hell.NOW WAIT A DAMN M•I•N•U•T•E!!
Retweeted by gyou can tie every #bridgerton character to a gossip girl/the oc character and i love that @LucasPJohn not this gaslighting. you mean what was done to me? @NOCHlLLWlLL u still got time zo it @binztheboy LMFAO if she don’t show some ass LIKE DAMN @theemare LMAOOOOOO SHES SO ANNOYING. 😭
Retweeted by g @th3saddestangel girl good luck @KLCHII IM YELLING LMAOOOCHEW IT’ll admit i was mad...but at least Issa is ending it while it’s still good. too many shows go well beyond their ex… really are Joan. i’m blocking you
Insecure might be ending but you know who deserves a spin-off?? 👇🏾
Retweeted by gare y’all not still doing this @nilodile you won’t see heaven.. @nilodile CHARITY? go to hell nile! @kyngkey__ LMAO this is sendingNobody: Sirens:
Retweeted by gyou hate us @shayxonline i LOVED season 5. the religious cult references were everythingthe emancipation of Hele how will i get my fill of LA streets if i can’t even step outsidewhat the fuck Issa’s trying to throw us off
Retweeted by g @beejangles wait i love it here @8thdemo i wish them an ounce of luckthat’s..daring @_trillspice LMFAO @landscapinggod i do not miss ur incest era @rxnny they really don’t 😭 @theemare they don’t want us to be happy
Retweeted by ga serve supernatural sensing technology... long until pokémon just stitches all of their games together as an actual quest....i’ve been waiting years
Retweeted by goh period and here i thought quarantine smoking got my ass way or the other @shayxonline what’s an arabian morning. A bih is fully vaccinated. #ByeCovidBitch
Retweeted by gshe makes it so damn hard snow in madrid and it was enough for someone to sculpt venus de milo
Retweeted by gi think i’m more shocked that it snows there wtf my god “So say it “ gets me every time 😂
Retweeted by gthis book heavy as hell but it’s so pretty