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After vetting over 600(!) applications, we are proud to announce the official list of 2020 Regional Invitational lo…
Retweeted by EonXThis lol @AineseyAibun Love you too 😊🥰💖 @Cochin0Mum I vividly remember this poll actually @gingerlykimber1 Yeah, this is something I really hope gets fixed for season 1. I know it’ll probably never be perf… @SwgTips And don’t forget that it had Sky Attack for a short time in the game master... let that sink in for a minute @Alfindeol Yeah, I saw a couple of tweets about it and definitely will check some highlights tomorrow. If only I ha… @Alfindeol Yeah. That’s part of why I use Origin over Altered so that if Swampert drops early or gets weakened, I s… @Alfindeol It’s past midnight here (almost 1 am) and I have work in the morning. I’m sure there’ll be another chanc… 7-3 with Lapras, Giratina-O, and Swampert today. It feels really good and I think I’m getting much better with… @RissyRays I guess it paid off at least 😅😂 @pvpautocaptions This is something all gaming communities need to do their best to work on improving imo. We may ne… @RissyRays Much better than how I did that’s for sure haha
@AineseyAibun That goldfish 😍💖
@samii_fraser I figured it would be like Gible spawns since, you know, Happiny got it’s shiny release and is only in eggsFriendly reminder to not read too much into your GBL W/L ratio if you value Silph tournaments. The blind format can… @OGJayDevin. I failed pretty hard at catching an EQ 😂 @AineseyAibun You’re welcome 😊 sending love and positive thoughts your way as always 🤗🥰💖 @AineseyAibun Beautiful in that Valentine’s red (like that was a surprise) ❤️ happy Valentine’s Day beautiful 😘💖 @cravelenaa And I love every inch 😍❤️ @RissyRays 🥰😘💖Best Pokémon for Ultra League guide is out!
Retweeted by EonX @RissyRays You called? 💕
@ash_valor @PoGoKieng I’ve been liking Origin more than Altered for the extra play it offers. Shadow Ball just nuke… @PokeGirll7 So will the husband be playing dress up Friday? 😅 @AineseyAibun No need for thanks when it comes to speaking the truth 😉💗😘 @AineseyAibun Well, you’ve always been beautiful to me 🤷‍♂️💖Leads Lapras doesn’t like: Poliwrath = Omega RIP. You don’t do crap to it. D-Punch HURTS Typhlosion = Ice Shard res… in mind all of these are assuming one shield each. But this demonstrates how clear many of Lapras’s lead match… = Much easier. Don’t block the first move. Shadow Ball won’t kill, but a blocked OW + boosted Shadow Bal… = YOU DON’T NEED ICE BEAM. Surf if it gets the boost. Otherwise, block once and farm down. Giratina-A = Ga… = Land an Ice Beam. You’ve got 3 shots, so it’s definitely possible. Worth playing out if you have an extra… vs other “safe” leads: Swampert = Block an EQ (it must land 2 to win) and go straight Surf. A-Muk = straight…, trust Lapras’s bulk! If it’s a neutral lead, play it out. You’d be surprised how well Lapras does in neutr… isn’t super fun either as Lapras is only a soft Togekiss check while Swampert is only a soft Clefable check.… does the team not like? Grass leads aren’t fun. 3 of my 4 losses came to those. Lapras has to shield and Swamp… Giratina is super scary as a closer with shields down, which is pretty easy to force with Swampert as a safe…’s the team on top. The premise is to have a safe lead (Lapras) that wins against Swampert, Snorlax, and A-Muk in… up getting a 10-4 run with this team. I would say 11-4, but lag attacked my battle with @st1x10 and he had a… @st1x10 @NianticHelp @HeroVange Glad one of us was recording it haha. I really wish we could’ve played this out. I… @Amaterasu12818 It’s Ultra League right now, so make sure you have ways to beat Giratina, Registeel, Togekiss, and… @st1x10 I believe so. That was the 10th battle I’ve done today and the only one I had any type of lag @st1x10 I didn’t. I was trying to shield and bail to Swampert on the 2nd DClaw, but the switch didn’t happen until… @st1x10 that would have been an interesting finish had lag not interfered with that and kept me from doing anything… @Ken4x_ We already know this 😉🥰 @Failary_ Not a common thing these days
Go sub to @FLWvideos new channel. He got completely and utterly screwed by @TeamYouTube. It's sad how little they a…
Retweeted by EonXFirst 3-0 UL #GOBattleLeague sweep. Swampert shenanigans happened with the lack of shields from my opponent. And ye… @OGJayDevin AP’s only real use is a WHASSUP move for Zard and a quicker option vs Fire. Otherwise, Bulldoze is bett… you haven't subbed to FLW's new channel already, do it now! 👉👉 Dude got hacked a few we…
Retweeted by EonX @BNemmeth @HeroVange @ZyoniK_ Ice beats Togekiss because it’s part Flying type. Ice won’t auto-beat Clefable though…, please don’t rely on it as your main Giratina check. Dragonite is outsped by Altered and is one of the easies… to main series games? Then you won’t be surprised to hear that Dragonite works best with stuff that beats Fair… careful not to over stress Dragonite though. It’s more aggressive than most and while it can tank a hit when nee… in my first 15 Ultra League Battles. Dragonite is a super fun lead if you don’t encounter a dreaded Charm lead… @SwgTips Dang it! I don’t need more meta shifts!! Lol @SwgTips @pvpoke So much this. I don’t get why people are leading with it. It doesn’t like shields up and / or even… @LadieNRed2 I swear this is me. I’ve won 2 cups (Kingdom and Ferocious) and I felt super un-prepared for both headi… @AineseyAibun Goodnight and sweet dreams beautiful 😘🥰 @Matthewbabybaby Altered Giratina, Swampert, and Giratina counters. There’s a tandem I’m loving right now actually… @cravelenaa Both!! But if I gotta pick, gimme some high asf sex
@cravelenaa Bae material right there 😍❤️💗😘 @mirandathepansy I’d like to think I’ve gone at least 1 day without being dumb at some point 😅😂 @Chief2Speediest @HeroVange Ok, fine bully 😆✨ making me want to invest in this dang it 😂😂 🔥 content as always am so sorry to whoever my 3rd opponent was in the #GOBattleLeague set I just did. Like, I had a good matchup, but… @ItsFunshineCat @LikeChvrches I don’t have the space to personally 😂 @Chief2Speediest @HeroVange I have a tougher decision I think... 😬😬 @SwgTips Built one last night. Rolled EQ and somehow only needed 2 TMs to get Body Slam (sorry @Matthewbabybaby. I… @SwgTips Clefable is my fairy. Idk why, but I had a 15/15/14 one sitting at level 30 (maybe it was wild caught duri… @WheresMaryEllen It’s having that crazy mind of its own again lol @gingerlykimber1 Congrats. Knew you’d do well @HeroVange I haven’t knowingly experienced it myself, but I have noticed in some vids Haunter, of all mons, appeari… @jpnlvr_pokego You’ll also need that stardust for his 2nd move. I’d probably do GL for now since that’s much more affordable currently @Ken4x_ Dang. Must be nice @sipondestiny Somebody be needing to get you what you deserve girl! @MsRico909 Just find a team that works with your play style and stick with it. It’s crazy how GBL can teach you abo…
@cravelenaa More bad girl you? Sounds like fun 😉💗 @FLWvideos Wing Attack is great, but Overheat is definitely better than Flamethrower currently. You’d want the 2nd… @RadhaKanthaa @FLWvideos It’s a legacy moveset, so the only way to currently get those two moves is to trade with someone who has it. @ash_valor Quick, find an Abra that can use Teleport!! 😬 @gingerlykimber1 Glitches like this is exactly why I’m not spending money on GBL until season 1. I don’t mind losin… @jpnlvr_pokego Ha! I guess that’s why you missed out on the Gabite a couple days ago then @jacquelineelai1 @JimmaBanks Tied for 2nd is solid! Keep it going @gingerlykimber1 Do you think it’s worth building one overall? I have a rank 1 saved from the CD, but haven’t really messed with it yet. @gingerlykimber1 @PkmonHntr @7eveen_ It’s an especially common strategy with the likes of Skarmory and Umbreon as t… @RustBrandy just pay attention to the names of the trainers your battling in case this lag crops up during your matches. But… there isn’t, then it’s pretty safe to assume it’s just super unfortunate lag that @NianticHelp can hopefully wor… before anyone asks why I included the start with the trainer names, it isn’t to try to call someone out. Howeve… I would just include the “well-timed lag”, but that wouldn’t do it justice. Notice my line of 3, the alignment I… 6-4 today. Had one loss to the “exploit” glitch (clip of that shortly) while the rest of the loses were pretty… @AineseyAibun I see you pretty lady 💖 @OhSomeBlossom1 Creeper 💕
@Ms_Hayley_B Ummm, both? That’s an answer, right? 💙😉 @AmandaS635557 That luck though!! 💖 @PokeGirll7 2 Bronzor, 1 Shinx, 1 Gible, 3 Budew (1 shiny) 1 Buizel, 1 RioluThis is just a team of two in Ultra League... but which two is it? 🤔 #PokemonGO #Battlers #GirlsThatPvP @HeroVange @NianticHelp @NianticLabs @PokemonGoApp I’m covered on Ultra League for the most part. But Master League… @AnaDactyl Duly noted... 😆