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EonX @TheEonX Memphis, TN

Memphis #PokemonGO Community Leader. Writer for @PokemonGOHubNet #NeverGiveUp #Battler Season 2 Arkansas Regional Champ!

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@HLR_Heather @LikeChvrches I think I know one of the moves actually 😅
@ItsFunshineCat When did Articuno get a shell... and cannons? 🤔🤪 @christierickRN You go girl!! 🤩💜 @ragiebear Haha, I like it. I’m never smart enough to think of the street or intersection I catch a shiny on 😅😂 @ThruMeSheShines Definitely have you and your family in my prayers 🙏🤗 @ThruMeSheShines You’ll get it my friend 🙏❤️ @HLR_Heather We can definitely do this at some point today or tomorrow 😊 @ragiebear Love the Wobbuffet’s nickname 😂💜 @alexscc10 @pokeAK101 Details, details. I still stand by Wobb needing better tutors 🤪😂 @alexscc10 @pokeAK101 Mirror Coat is it’s only charged move. Wobb needs better tutors lol @RissyRay Me and you both babes ❤️🥰 @sendmecatpix *hugs* here if you need or want a friend to talk to 🙏🤗 @debbiepebble And it’s a green, sparkle birb 🥳🤩Good. Please hurry lol @RissyRay when are we doing this? ❤️ @PirateUnicornNK Awww, how sweet 🖤 @EeveeSophie7 I’m trying to give my luck to others! 😂💜 @EeveeSophie7 I don’t look at our record. I look at your improvement. When you’re doing good in tournaments, it tel… @sophia_denver31 Ahhhh!!!! So happy for you!! 🤩❤️💜🤗Hopefully this improves the lag in GBL and raids @LoveForPokemon1 Take care of you first and foremost @ThruMeSheShines I love snow 🤩🥰
@NatoMom62 They’ve been everywhere this event haha @EeveeSophie7 This is a really cool idea and great list. I’m not sure how much of it I can help with, but I will if I can 💜🤗 @CurvyShorty3191 You’re welcome. *hugs* @RissyRay @LeagueChampLeaf You’re awesome ❤️💜 @RissyRay @LeagueChampLeaf Totally not loving you too babes 🤪❤️ @CurvyShorty3191 Well, let’s get that luck shifted a bit to the right one for you then 😊 @christierickRN @ThruMeSheShines You’ll both get them. I have full faith and confidence in both of you 💜🤩 @Smarty2442 Rare just like you ❤️🤗 @CurvyShorty3191 And I’m so sending you my luck so you can get one 😊 @ThruMeSheShines Giiirl you know I’ll keep trying for more so I can help you if you need it 💜❤️ @Smarty2442 Maybe some, but I’ve also always been that way ❤️ @LeagueChampLeaf I want to be happy for your shinies too tho! @Smarty2442 Kind of the norm for me haha 😊💜 @Smarty2442 I was shocked. My eyes lit up when I clicked it 😂 at least now if I somehow find more, I can help others out with them 😊The shinies for today. I’m totally shocked about Doduo as green shinies typically HATE me (hi Kabuto...) so I was s…, yes, yes, and quadruple YES! #OneCommunity #OneFamily #PokemonGO @rockyreddevil @TheKingFeen Bastiodon double Grass is all luck based ultimately. Sure, you can just maim team comps…, but Bastiodon double Grass is also very inconsistent when you peel it back. No safe swap for a lost lead. What… @KPoketrainer That a feint smile I see? 😃 @RissyRay @LeagueChampLeaf Me too. I’m sitting on a rank 1 haha @jen42372578 *hugs* my ears are open if you need a friend to talk to 🤗💜If you don’t use this, you should. You can even check out the new @SilphGG #SunriseCup meta rankings too! If you li… @ItsFunshineCat @debbiepebble Get there girl! 😀 @Shagnuss Learning is the most important part of any battle; win or lose @jen42372578 Hopefully you get a shiny to make the day a little better. And we can always talk some after the hunt, shiny or not 😊 @jen42372578 Well, here’s a hug. I know it won’t help much, but it’s all I can offer other than a set of ears if you want to vent 🤗 @PirateUnicornNK This sounds exciting 😃🖤Kind of been a running issue for a while now... @jen42372578 This just hurt my soul.... 😱😭 @Smarty2442 @pokemonannie Just remove the cap. They can do that; they’re just choosing not to @LeagueChampLeaf Do it girl! 😃 @lilodxm You’re welcome 🤗 @mrsmime100 That just makes it all the more special then! Congrats 😊 @angelis121786 This is beautiful 🤩🤩🤩 @lilodxm Well, here’s hoping that’ll change real soon 💜 @Kriket_23 Hope you recover soon! @pokemonannie We should, but that’ll never happen. There should be a separate ultra box with remote passes instead…’s that time! Season 3 is upon us #Battlers #GirlsThatPvP. Good, fun place to go for a day 1 tournament 😊🖤 @christierickRN You’re welcome. It’s a beautiful shundo 🤩💜 @ThruMeSheShines You’re welcome. And thank you for being wonderful you ❤️ @ThruMeSheShines I know we haven’t really known each other long, but you’re a friend and friends are always there f… @debbiepebble Congrats! Let the rank 8 climb begin! 🥳 @christierickRN Save that one for December CD 🤩💜 @ThruMeSheShines I know it can’t be easy when memories of him flood back to you. He’s definitely watching over you… @christierickRN Congrats hun! 🤩 @ThruMeSheShines And you look great! 😁😊🤗 @RocketClare Shiny version of you is quite nice. But normal version of you is always more than good enough 😊 @ThruMeSheShines @IceColdMystic Proud of you both my friend. Takes two to make a duo work after all. One day, we’ll do one too 😁❤️ @ThruMeSheShines @IceColdMystic Because y’all are totally awesome? 🤩 @MystiqueLoba My pleasure. Appreciate all that you do my friend ❤️ @MystiqueLoba All you can do is the best you can do 😊 @MystiqueLoba You’re one of the best friends I have. I’m happy and lucky to call you a friend 😊 @MystiqueLoba Means a lot coming from someone as awesome as you ☺️ @MystiqueLoba Love you too! Always 🤗😊 @ElliegantlyMe @ShutupToshi9227 Twitter be acting crazy. Maybe Niantic took it over for a day, because, you know, multiple glitches 🤷‍♂️😂 @QueenTamXO Very talented over there. That’s how 😉 @Shagnuss I can’t do true autorekt because my game is so bad, it tries to throw random 1200 cp mons in 🤷‍♂️😂🙄 @ThruMeSheShines I do. Which is why I’m not sure why I can’t dm you. Twitter being funky? 🤔 @ThruMeSheShines I do not have that option apparently 🤔 @ThruMeSheShines I don’t think we are actually. At least not yet. But that’s an easy fix 😊 @ThruMeSheShines I’m always happy to help a friend out when I can 💜🤗 @LeagueChampLeaf Love the colors 🥰🤩 @ThruMeSheShines My hatch luck is awful. I’d say I would, but I’ll be lucky if I hatch 1, much less 2 😅 @sendmecatpix Always happy to spread and give positivity. Life’s too short to focus on every negative thing. @ollHARLEYllo @AnaDactyl @stramben I’m still rank 7. Not by much, but still @RissyRay You’re the best 🥰😃💜 @ollHARLEYllo @LeagueChampLeaf Uhhh, sure, why not @RissyRay *hugs* still love you ❤️💜 @ThruMeSheShines Is there a little wine involved? Just for fun? @RissyRay Suuuuure 🤪❤️❤️ @PirateUnicornNK Not scared. But happy to see the progression 😊🖤 @ThruMeSheShines Yiiikes. Here’s a hug to hopefully warm you up some 🤗💜 @RissyRay Blah blah blah. Excuses, excuses 🤪😂 @PirateUnicornNK .... damnit 😂 @RissyRay Walk faster! 😂❤️ @ThruMeSheShines I’m ready if you are though! 😊💜 @ThruMeSheShines Actual facts. They’re trying to overload us with everything this month 😂😅 @PirateUnicornNK Thaaaanks. Love you too 😂❤️🖤