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Italian-American Advocate @TheEpicDept corner of pats and genos

Know them? Are you kidding? Man, I know these people in my goddamn blood!

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One more lesbian. What's Greenwald complaining about? XP Weekend for if you harass this guy
Retweeted by Italian-American AdvocateOne of those 'conservatives getting their Ls' accounts stole one of my tweets but the really irritating thing is th… @mcrumpz @Feetstabber @TheRightCant Yes. That is what they did. Now the question is, why do you care?
Retweeted by Italian-American Advocatebad dude
Retweeted by Italian-American Advocate @9_volt_ It's impossible to fully prepare for that moment @themeredith First time I agree with her tbhAny guesses on what tweet prompted this response'm like 90% sure companies do stuff like this just to make people only angry and get free advertising sure to super follow me for twice as many Boomer cartoons and arguments with Zack Snyder fans out to a guy that i kind of treated badly a long time ago to apologize and he immediately started sending m…
Retweeted by Italian-American AdvocateThis is why I exclusively watch lesbian porn sentence that began with "let me get this straight" has ever gotten anything straight Hirsi Ali trying to position herself as a defender of free speech on campuses is very funny to me, considerin…
Retweeted by Italian-American AdvocateHey is this you?
Retweeted by Italian-American Advocatea commitment to Brain Zero 2021
Retweeted by Italian-American AdvocateThe fact the everybody hates Chris and everybody loves Ray is a sign that racism is alive and well in our society.
Retweeted by Italian-American AdvocateI thought someone dmed me another unsolicited dick pic, turns out it’s a pic of him holding the communist manifesto.
Retweeted by Italian-American Advocate @owennogrady @is_that_a_read @nick_brock124 No @NBAOffTheCourt "scientists haven't been able to observe evolution which requires millions of years so the obvious… @mcrumpz @Feetstabber @TheRightCant They cared enough to save both images and tweet them rather than just hitting one buttonThere are honest to God creationists still running around in 2021 @Feetstabber @TheRightCant The first image is the original post. As you can see the photo is hyperlinked for some r… pay off list? is now running several anti-union ads on Twitch to combat the organizing efforts by their workers in Alabama…
Retweeted by Italian-American Advocatenew funniest photo on the internet thanks nova
Retweeted by Italian-American Advocatelol i got into ivy league y’all can’t tell me NOTHING I AM AN IVY LEAGUE WHORE!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Italian-American Advocate @onlineirl_angel Congrats!I must have had this argument dozens of times with libertarians over the years @Wilson__Valdez @eatinginmycar They were right @erinisaway YesThis is exactly what George Orville Redembacher predicted in his classic novel 1894
Retweeted by Italian-American Advocate @slutsaucekhloe His "remember when is the lowest form of conversation" insult is absolutely devastating and I have…’t eaten meat since 2016 but might just start again after Bill Gates said not to
Retweeted by Italian-American Advocate @NotNihal 👀We should eat less meat in general but Bill Gates telling us to do it is probably an unproductive way to achieve that @themeredith @DarthLux So true @TheRightCant Hey guys, you know you can just retweet right? works kids @inthesedeserts Oh no way she respondedbill gates convinced Oxford U to sell their covid vaccine privately for profit instead of releasing it as a public…
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Retweeted by Italian-American AdvocateReminder: when you attack Senator Joe Manchin, you are helping Soviet dictator Vladimir Putin @AllezLesBoulez My butthole clenched
Retweeted by Italian-American AdvocateGo ahead, shout at the Last Jedi, it only makes me like that movie moreWe must run our lives, including during a global pandemic, exactly as a hypocritical group of slave owning assholes… @TamashiiHiroka Finally!Idk what the left is complaining about, President Biden's new undocumented immigrant facilities for kids look great's been a while since anyone sacrificed their friends to Slenderman @sarahrenee25 @sarahrenee25 This is a trap @spongebobtitty @ByYourLogic Oh absolutely. Way worseThese attacks on Senator Manchin by Neera Democrats are only helping his Republican opponent looking to unseat him… like how everyone in the left just collectively agrees that Trots are cringe @slutsaucekhloe So boomers have something to never shut up about BOYS Must Respond!
Retweeted by Italian-American Advocate @ByYourLogic @spongebobtitty She's got no charisma or sense of humor. People forget what how important those were i… is when the government rounds up all the communists and exterminates them for being communists @TheGabafool ... why not rinse? @anasdh88 @TheBabylonBee @PizzaOwlGuy Joel will probably reply to my tweet @GabeBeesGames @TheBabylonBee @Not_the_Bee God/moloch/your brain cells/the eagles cap space don't exist chief
Retweeted by Italian-American Advocate @TheBabylonBee Lol u believe in God a new kind of guy one of the most consistently dumb people on this entire website @talliesinyoung I follow the Instagram account of a fat Korean cat @rejaniced This is life under Socialism @hdydiednnd The existence of Capitalism is dependent on a government or state to facilitate it by protecting proper… @luxliv3s Oh then you're good. Seasons 1 to 5 are just excellent @hdydiednnd Well no they were just murderers serving the interests of Capitalists @luxliv3s Which season? @hdydiednnd Okay. And?JFK, I wanna know who he thinks killed him and I wanna see Twitter/the CIA trying to shut him down @largest_son The American hubris of the 90s and early 2000s is disgustingFoucault: strike until Neera is confirmed as ODB. Who's with me?The Serbs recovered the carcass of the downed F-117, likely sold it on the black market to the Chinese and Russians… F-35 becoming obsolete reminds me of when the US spent billions of dollars on the F-117's stealth tech, only fo… funniest defence I often hear for Woody Allen is that when dated Mia Farrow, he 'barely paid attention to Soon-… was a dark time @spongebobtitty That is one magnificent moustacheNeera to endorse invading West Virginia to depose Manchin and then selling their coal to pay for itthat brother's starvin
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Retweeted by Italian-American AdvocateGuys, exciting news, being over 21 and still a virgin qualifies as a medical condition for early vaccinationsame thing
Retweeted by Italian-American AdvocateIn China they're having pool parties
Retweeted by Italian-American AdvocateVery simple to explain why more people are identifying as trans or gay or whatever than generations past, here's a…
Retweeted by Italian-American AdvocateSomething tells me the new Tom & Jerry movie won't be bringing back this classic character (Tom's owner)
Retweeted by Italian-American AdvocateAnyways it rules that we passed 500,000 dead this week and the biggest topic of debate at the moment is one winemom… the fuck is wrong with these people
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