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.@AOMGOFFICIAL's DeVita is already making music for the future in her “Evita!” video.
The fader are premiering an album—alongside my q&a—today that p much touches all my sweet spots. Encourage you to l…
Retweeted by The FADERWe’re going live with @omarapollo on Instagram. Tune in at 3:30P EST for the Q&A ✨“If I was going to stand for something as an artist, and every time that had consequences I decided not to do it, t… Birthday to the man of my soft rock dreams @Truman_Black 🌹✨ works and everybody eats in @MangaStHilare’s “Not Around” video with @KingPMoney. and @Royceda59 aren’t swayed by the smoke and mirrors in “Agenda” video. ?utm_sour… Forever, Midwife makes “heaven metal” to confront grief.’s @kateel_ looks back on his life’s journey in “I Aint Forgot.”
Lindsey Byrnes* (@LindseyByrnes) @yelyahwilliams @LindseyByrnes thank you for sharing 🌹✨This girl painted @rihanna on her leg using only @fentybeauty products, the talent LEAPT out 😭🌹 thx for sharing @thefader love you @LindseyByrnes. rest in peace to your sweet dad. he looked at you with such…
Retweeted by The FADER.@yelyahwilliams dedicated this moving @phoebe_bridgers cover to her friend Lindsey Byrne and her father ❤️ and @torikelly covering Frank Ocean on live cleansed my spirit 😭✨ phone me when they macking call me to with my 6 or 7… and Atlanta collide on @beblase's 'Spin The Globe' project. has secrets he can’t tell his lawyer in his “Mariachi Flow” video.
Retweeted by The FADERHere’s how to self-isolate like @OrvillePeck. @JDiM8 I’m— @srandrl always 😭Cayendo and Company
Retweeted by The FADER @thefader mick jenkins, moonchild, old rocksteady some prince and stan getz.
Retweeted by The FADER @thefader Missy Elliott!
Retweeted by The FADER @thefader Dear April-Frank Ocean
Retweeted by The FADER @thefader THUNDERCAT 🌈🌈🌈🌈
Retweeted by The FADERwhat music carried you this weekend?*video-conference ending* my brain: don't say it don't say it don't say it me: see you online breaks down his love of cars in the second episode of 'Gold Mouf Chronicles.'
too stoned for this 😔
NNAMDÏ (@NnamdiOgbonnaya) guides us through his new album BRAT track by track.⛈⛈⛈⛈⛈Bill Withers, singer of “Ain’t No Sunshine," "Lean on Me," and more, has died at the age of 81.… calmly owns her dedication to her craft in the “No Days Off” video. and @HERMusicx star in the beautifully sad “Make The Most” video. @phoebe_bridgers join up with @the1975 on new song “Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America.”… Melly’s team say he’s tested positive for COVID-19. Frank Ocean's new(ish) songs "Cayendo" and "Dear April," which came to streaming for the first time this morni…
.@SterlingHayes00 has been through hell and back on 'Flirting With Death' project. has been released from prison.’t have said it better myself @redcarpetZaZa 😭😭😭 wrote a few words for @thefader about Fountains of Wayne's "Mexican Wine," a song about staying optimistic even w…
Retweeted by The FADER“Mexican Wine” was Fountains of Wayne at their optimistic best. @1agswamp and ain’t sorry about it!me recording evidence of groups of 10 or more to send to the CDC, the feds, and their mothers: go extra hard to this one today 😞💔 of @grouptherapydot assembles his team in the “Powerball” video.
Fountains of Wayne’s Adam Schlesinger has died of COVID-19 complications at 52. you so much to all the artists and fans who participated in #DigitalFORT. It couldn't have been more incredib… out #DigitalFORT with a three-act performance from @OrionSun. Watch @TAYLAPARX perform an acoustic living room set. Watch The Districts (@TheDistrictsPA) give an outside acoustic performance. @ChildishMajor cooks up some chicken “low mane.” This 40-minute live set from Big Klit is [deep, nervous breaths]. Watch @SGLewis_ give a break down of a new track.'re lucky to be able to host #DigitalFORT as an online event, but many in the music industry are still struggling…
Retweeted by The FADER#DigitalFORT: Watch DAWN (@DawnRichard) and her dad perform a beautiful medley. part of fader digital fort being digital is it's sponsored by TRULY & if it was IRL u know i'd be up in that…
Retweeted by The FADER @ryanhemsworth @_FloMilli we loved them both 😂😂#DigitalFORT: Here, have some very smooth slow jams from @giraffage., y’all wanna see me live? 5:30pm EST at
Retweeted by The FADER#DigitalFORT: Mariah The Scientist (@MariahScientist) sings through a dark “Reminders.” them weak ass shoes 🤣🤣
Retweeted by The FADER#DigitalFORT: MICHELLE introduce themselves with a deconstructed “Stuck On U.” @QuietLuke answers interview questions on iMessage. @KeroKeroBonito make “The River” a little scary. Watch @DianaGordon perform “Rollin” and announce a new EP. Watch @TheRajaKumari break down her artistic journey. Post Animal (@postanimalmusic) shares a new film about their sophomore album. Odalys (@odalys_ny) shares an exclusive multi-genre mix. Watch Lisel (@_lisel_00) perform a medley of her tracks. Watch @sofitukker perform “Purple Hat” from their living room. Watch Lila Drew (@liladrewmusic) perform a medley of track from home. Margaret Glaspy (@mglaspy) talks to her producer @TylerChester on Zoom.👀👀👀👀 ET TODAYYY @thefader #DigitalFORT We have something special planned 💜💜
Retweeted by The FADER @destinyrogers 🙏🙏🙏thank you so much @thefader #digitalfort for having me!!! this was so fun 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Retweeted by The FADER#DigitalFORT: @Mereba performs two songs from The Jungle Is the Only Way Out. @DestinyRogers shows off her sneaker collection and tries to one-up her label-mate @_FloMilli.… Ada Lea (@adaleamusic) plays “woman, here” from Montreal. Girl Ultra (@grrrlultra) plays “Amor Salvaje” from her Mexico City rooftop. esto para @thefader con mucho amor para ustedes ❤️ dénle amorcito
Retweeted by The FADER#DigitalFORT: TOBi (@sincerelyTOBi) freestyles at the Velvet Underground. @TraceMountains sings a delicate “Dog Country.” Watch @AngelicaGarcia premiere new track “Preciosura.” @_fieldmedic and @Pickleboyinc sing “talkin johnny & june (your arms around me).”… minutes until the worlds first digital duet goes live on the fader
Retweeted by The FADER#DigitalFORT: Waxahatchee (@k_crutchfield) and @KevinMorby duet on each others’ songs. Angel + Dren (@angelanddren) give a live mix from their Harlem home. The performances and content from Day 1 of #DigitalFORT will only be on our site for 24-hours so be sure…
Retweeted by The FADER#DigitalFORT: @OliverMalcolm breaks down his new track “Helen.” Watch Banoffee (@banoffeemusic) perform “Contagious” from her bedroom. else is ready for @thefader Digital Fort day two and tons of other live streams today?! See @sofitukker,…
Retweeted by The FADERPerforming on @thefader today @ 3pm EST with @k_crutchfield. Tune in: #DigitalFORT
Retweeted by The FADER @CrisdaCat @TheErinnAffect appreciate you!! 🙏