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@kritterart omg this rulesif y’all could dream of klonoa getting into smash I’d appreciate it anyway see you at 7 @avery_helm WHAT AAAAAA @DreaminErryDay @MannerDeg who knows what’ll happen tomorrow @BirdAppHell all the characters make him move and all feel kinda bad so they take damage @AdriOfTheDead omGdon't be surprised when you tune in to the smash direct and see 𝘩𝘪𝘮 @joshcandraw how dare youthat was a blast thanks for coming!!lol i'm on this come say hi we're live @keroberrycola a p’zone p’lease @Bunnynaut wow it’s nice to meet THE Joe Mario @Bunnynaut have you won yet @AndyKluthe it’s time and everyone knows it @Okamimon_ lord the perfect combo @AdamBryceThomas what if tomorrow’s finally Geno’s dayit’s so coolgame freak never allowing us to get victini’s shiny is sadder than I care to admit
@ArtsyHarper omg according to this wiki i found PT Boomer's scenes are included in the bluray @tobytobyjones I must know what they’ve been keeping from us @giugabs It’s fine art, cinema to the highest degree @KingOfSafari I need to know what I’ve been missing all this time @WayOfTheQuay they got rid of thomas’ 😮 face!! @DiscordOrbinaut 20 years later hdkfksk @C_Dobbins once you’ve met thomas you’re never the same @NoisyPaperDragN I’m not sure?? I think it’s the photo because they look normal irl home @Miexriir no one is safe from kermit with a gun’s wrath @Miexriir “they call this smash??” “I’ve been more smashed in a new england bathroom!” your health goes from 0% to 69% @Miexriir “goodbye lucario” kermit with a gun chuckles @Radrappy I mean??? yes????? @dontrashroom @Radrappy the twitch link is in the image @Radrappy I can’t wait to hear you explain how goku’s getting inHey guys, for fun me and some other #amphibia crew members will be doing a short stream tonight where we BET on who…
Retweeted by Ian Mutchler (fall ver) @JoeMerrick it feels like every other day people are begging Niantic not to do something stupid with their game. It’s a bummer @Camperjon I’ll see you there 😏 @glamdoodle I only buy products with mario printed on it and I’ve gotten through life this farhoney what if we kissed 😳 sharing the super mario birthday cake batter bash 🤪😘 summarized the debate perfectly.
Retweeted by Ian Mutchler (fall ver) @Sean8UrSon I’m so down for that @GameOverGreggy I don’t think it’s a bad change but he’s got a baby face for mid twentiesproud of my fellow ace attourneys hoping our man gets a rep in smash @PatToonz I hope they make it out some day 🥺 @PatToonz what happened to Billy why is he trapped in this square hell @Nibellion ooooo I dig the new peter @brettmuller THIRTY FIVE and never been in smash, so sad a shame really @brettmuller I had to stop the jokes and merriment and talk about something series for once, mario in smash @video_banana thankfully luigi was eventually added to the game but mario?? still missing in actionsuper smash... lovesuper smash sneakersSUPER SMASH SIBLINGS @ne0npink yeah this one is most unlikelyfellas... I think it’s time they put mario in smash how we feelin about his chances about?? 🐒🏀 a monkey ball rep????? @gamutfeathers my watch says it’s CHIEF TIME BABYYYYYIT’S TIME FOR THE CHIEF @JennerallyJenn excellent tasteI’ve missed the last of the debate but from my timeline it sounds like things got worseeverything sucksPROUD BOYS STAND BY??? NOOOOOOHE LITERALLY WON’T DENY WHITE SUPREMACY AAAAHHHHHHmissin bernie rn
Retweeted by Ian Mutchler (fall ver)Chris Wallace just screamed
Retweeted by Ian Mutchler (fall ver)AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHthis is so stressful @Danny8bit AGREED what they’re doing in Journeys seems great too @Danny8bit at least ash was able to flourish @Danny8bit his sun and moon design is TOP tier @cardurr this is so SCARY @joshuadavdking go ahead!! @gialigammari YAHOOOO @gialigammari omg your drawings are so coolhe really brought up swine flu lol
Retweeted by Ian Mutchler (fall ver) @OneCartoon this is my future, gotta stay at least a lil informed @iamcharlieg oh noall three of them are bickering aahhhhh what do we dooootuned in to the debate for only a second and felt heavy dread
sword and shield comics
Retweeted by Ian Mutchler (fall ver) @eggramen_ YOOOOOOOOOOBRB GONNA WATCH THIS 1000 TIMES
Retweeted by Ian Mutchler (fall ver) @ThormannJustin @jetstreamjo LOL I demand half of everything @jetstreamjo YES THIS RULES THANK YOU!!! 😭🥰 @golden_umbreon I’m but a fool @jetstreamjo I DID NOT SEE THAT FINAL PANEL COMING OMFG @TheFantasticIan I made a comic about what I think is really going on...
Retweeted by Ian Mutchler (fall ver) @golden_umbreon I love the supplemental materiel for the protags, those are always so fun @gab3gab4 I agree with you, and I think it got better in SWSH as well! Would love to see them emote more in general personally @MKE2ND SAME @savingmiller the sprites rules especially gen 5 @gab3gab4 Why is that not a fair comparisonI think the discussion between how much character a blank slate protag, especially with customization options, shou… protags in the music video have interesting designs, emote, run around and fuss with their pokemon that arguabl… BOTW Link has a personality, but that’s still me playing it. He emotes and reacts naturally in the world aroun… UNDERSTAND they’re purposely meant to be blank slates, but I would LOVE if the character I was playing as at the… think there’s a super interesting discussion to be had between customization and personality, gen 6’s protags wer… didn’t realize how hard I kicked the hive here so let me explain right fast, gens 1-5 what the hell were you gonn… @GeminiMaxxim HONESTLY THO @SeppyWestSide Totally, I’d just personally prefer to play as a character that at the very least interacts to the w…