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This dude trolling the police with Star Wars - Imperial March is exactly the Twitter content I am here for today...
Retweeted by Ian Mutchler @DoctorWartooth HELDJKSKDKS I ALMOST SPIT OUT MY GUM @generalvash but a crumb @Wario64 omfg I ordered the physical by mistake now I gotta waitYou heard Sony, no PS5 until you all stop being racist 💁‍♀️
Retweeted by Ian Mutchler @nikebs48 PHEW I’m glad to know that, that was genuinely worrying @Camperjon absolutely devastating and horrific @LizzyHedgehog Hugs!! @JamesInTheFlesh @amudork @okapitar God we can’t let them @MrCollect_It I’m outraged @ajaniaubrey LORD i couldn’t imagine it getting worse but here we areMy eyes puked reading this WARNING IF YOU WATCH THE VIDEO, THE POLICE DO SOMETHING SUPER FUCKED UP bitch they’re REALLY trying to say… @TiredAndGayYo I’ll vote locally like crazy!! @tyson_hesse God you’re so right. That video is going to stay in my thoughts for a long time @amudork NOTHING would make me happier @Kapuzenpull0ver He was impeached!! But it seems like it did nothing @Tracker_TD I really wish there were warnings attached to the videos, and I’m so sorry you had to see it. no office… let’s vote Trump the fuck out of officeWe can NOT let 2021 be a shit year man, we’ve had much too many. We deserve a good fucking year with high highs, le… @mbrleigh It’s SO fucked up im lividI retweeted it for like a SECOND but it’s pretty messed up, I don’t feel comfortable sharingThat fucking video pissed me off to high hell, fuck the cops man @KevBobbitt OOOOH I haven’t sought em out yet!! Do you have a link
They’re getting closer and closer to reaching their goal- please donate if you are able just signed a petition to stand with Breonna Taylor. You should too. Don’t forget about Black Women:
Retweeted by Ian Mutchlersince the tl is slowly moving back to its norm i wanna make sure you’re still supporting BLM even if its not trending anymore
Retweeted by Ian Mutchlermads has worked so diligently to create an INCREDIBLE resource for anyone interested in learning how to storyboard…
Retweeted by Ian MutchlerA THREAD: some people still seem to be having trouble believing that police are instigating violence at the protes…
Retweeted by Ian Mutchler @evelynvillecco I sure did! Went on for awhilewhat the HECKAND AN EARTHQUAKE??
Have yet to see a single police department complain that they don’t have enough riot shields, tear gas, rubber bull…
Retweeted by Ian Mutchlerif you somehow dodged this video, here's why he's a piece of shit absolutely has to go @Grind3h this rules!!gonna be joining in on this!!!! please check it out & donate!!!!!!
Retweeted by Ian MutchlerKotaku reached out to a bunch of gaming companies who jumped on the Black Lives Matter hashtag to offer support for…
Retweeted by Ian MutchlerTake this in. All of it.
Retweeted by Ian MutchlerHOLY SHIT DID YOU HEAR WHAT HAPPENED IN BOSTON? #BlueLivesMatter
Retweeted by Ian Mutchlerstunning to see thousands of protestors laying down on the bridge with their hands behind their backs. this may be…
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Lot of black squares on my Instagram feed from people who haven’t said shit all week
Retweeted by Ian Mutchler#BlackOutTuesday DOES NOT MEAN LEAVE SOCIAL MEDIA FOR THE DAY IT MEANS THIS 👇🏽 RT this NOW to inform our kinfolk!
Retweeted by Ian Mutchler @MayorOfLA fire him and resignMy 13yo daughter has been saving her money all year for a Nintendo Switch and Animal Crossing but she just brought…
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This is probably the most impactful picture I have ever taken. #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #LongBeach
Retweeted by Ian Mutchler @PlayStation honestly fairHi all, I would like to offer five 4-week mentorships to emerging black storyboard artists! I have 4 years experien…
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Retweeted by Ian MutchlerArresting 1,600 individuals when all we asked for was 3.
Retweeted by Ian Mutchler @GameOverGreggy @BlessingJr @Kahjahkins @vicious696 @mttgcast this rules, can’t wait to listeninnocent people scared for their lives. BE FUCKING ANGRY, SAY THEIR NAMES, FIGHT FOR THEM.
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Now would be a good time to remind Everyone that this happened earlier this month. No tear gas. No bullets.
Retweeted by Ian MutchlerThis country was infinity more prepared to go to war against its own people then defend its people from a pandemic.
Retweeted by Ian Mutchler @violainebriat you’re incredible Vee!!!IT'S DONE : 152p PDF of art tutorials + a huge list of links & reference at the end.👉👈 It's…
Retweeted by Ian MutchlerIf you feel powerless please donate to @BlackVisionsMN if you benefit from white privilege…
Retweeted by Ian Mutchler @atinymarble @panneko3 @cysketch this is INCREDIBLE @MayorOfLA ResignIf there’s a place to donate to bail out any LA protestors PLEASE hit me upWhat’s happening in LA right now is fucking insane, everything I’m reading and seeing shows it was peaceful protest… Animation: y’all better be hiring these black people you’re helping or I’m just going to count this as performance art
Retweeted by Ian MutchlerI want to be surprised that a few weeks ago a bunch of white people were up in officer's faces, screaming, with gun…
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@a_mnaiqbal Black people also don’t have a choice in how the world reacts to them, the most even people with mental… @eleph_antastic I'm very sorry for your loss @srcpcsoha I think we all gotta feel the awfulness right now, there’s a lot of good information we can help share to othersAfter failing to appropriate the Black People's Party, entitled white kids appropriated our fight yesterday, and ma…
Retweeted by Ian MutchlerI don’t know how y’all are able to make tweets about ‘normal’ things right now, the only thing I’ve been able to th… @OneIllAnimator @SEGAHARDlight Sonic Forces on mobile is good! It seems Tikal’s gonna be a playable characterIf this is what they do on video, imagine what they do when no one’s looking.
Retweeted by Ian Mutchler @SEGAHARDlight yo no kidding??? RADAtlanta said fuck everything up but Waffle House
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✨BLACK ARTISTS✨ share your artwork/link your portfolios/plug your other social media below!
Retweeted by Ian Mutchlersonic will be the last movie before the theaters close and sonic will be there when they reopen. as god intended
Retweeted by Ian Mutchler @TamashiiHiroka YOOOOOOOOO HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! @keduyagaii these have so much life to them, absolutely fantastic @linzb0t AMEN @linzb0t he needs to be voted the fuck out @adultswim @lisadraws @TiffanyHaddish @aliwong @steveyeun this looks PHENOMENAL @BlueLemonLight SAME SAME SAME I would love to pop a PS2 or even a PS3 disc into a PS5 and play it 🥺 @ShahHabiburRah1 It’ll all happen naturally! Excited for you!! @ShahHabiburRah1 YOOOOOOO he looks great, I especially love his shoes! Hope you keep drawing him!! @WHOLESOME100 @RisingJay of COURSE @RisingJay the two of us are strong and powerful @WazowskiWorld I’d rather live in Wazowski Worldthe only thing I’m truly excited about for next gen is backwards compatibility, but I may be the only one LOL I jus…’m ready to finally get the next generation of consoles ROLLIN, the weird trickle of info through articles and ran… president is a villain.@realDonaldTrump get fucked you dumb piece of shit.
Retweeted by Ian Mutchler @Xacxon of course 🌝 @Dinolich I cannot stress enough how great these are @Grind3h already the perfect first decision @Grind3h I would absolutely trust you with a Croc reboot @ThormannJustin @sonic_hedgehog @RubyEclipse @KatieChrz @mikeoholic I’m am SOOO down @ThormannJustin @sonic_hedgehog @RubyEclipse @KatieChrz @mikeoholic CONGRATS JUSTIN!!!
@cigardoesart AGREED one of the best theater experiences I’ve ever had @Miexriir I’m putting this on my fridge @Miexriir Sonic only wants us to be happy and who am I to deny him of that