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Fawzia Mirza @thefawz Chicago/Los Angeles

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@Glamazontyomi @asgharthegrouch Thanks love!!! I’m trying to see who I am now @meganstielstra @asgharthegrouch You know these ChicagoansThis is what Chicago Writers in Hollywood look like. #magic @Drrramina Yes they did!!! @dalilaalirajah They did!!!!Dear White People — you cant patent our turmeric! @hiwildflower So real.I’m so proud of the work and talent of @jennyyangtv and @dlocokid and @JacobTobia and @asgharthegrouch and Sam Bail…
@the_hoff That’s beautiful thank youLost my Papa 13 years ago today. He was in Pakistan when he died. Yesterday my brother had twin girls having marrie… proud of this boss. Congrats girl. @JenniferReeder @IFCMidnight #KNIVESANDSKIN #THEATRICALRELEASEDATE @lsarsour Obvi“You don’t get to tell Native artists what to do...” @riottara Thank you!!!!!!!“This is my declaration of faith. Some of you may already know it. Fuck the patriarchy!” @monaeltahawy @jenjajeh Yo girl. Happy birthday“I wanna have a baby with you” is lesbian for “you’re the sexiest woman alive.” @wordscience Nbd @aijenpoo Yay!!!!! Cannot wait. Craving that time!
@iamgregbach they did!!!BORN. TWO NEW MIRZAS IN THE WORLD. In the coming weeks will share more. Add these little twin Mirza 35-week old bab… IS such a thing as a Sex Shaman. #ThursdayThoughtsWhen you mistype “babe” it can become “Abbe” and that can result in a sticky situation.RUN WITH YOUR WHOLE BEING TO WATCH THIS SHOW @keatonwooden Hahaha oh no!!! @arshadfilms Thank you my love 🙏🏾 @aijenpoo My love! Are you in LA soon? @martinejoelle Thanks Martine! @MeeraGhani Right?MY BROTHER & SISTER IN LAW JUST WENT INTO LABOR. TWINS. PRAY FOR US! @hajrakn Always @Amani_Marie_ Currently it’s the vibe in my belly from too much broth.Feeling sloshy. #WednesdayThoughts @raulalexanderdp @OKBJGM I put Sri Lankan curry spices in my pink boxThe height of DIY brought to you by @alokvmenon @ThisTechGirl @andriawilson Golu is a guppoo @ThisTechGirl @andriawilson I guess he could be a guppoo too
I bought a mini heater for @andriawilson and I called him Golu (roundish)Check out this brand new music vid FIGURES by @nishamusic — premiering on The Fader today — ft a bunch of us South… @stacyjill Totally. This feels like a beautiful midwestern moment.If you’ve got $ to give after #GivingTuesday2019 PLEASE give to the Tegan and Sara Foundation. The work they’re doi… sound of the rain feels so damn good to me.This is the most beautiful truth I’ve ever seen. Also great bystander intervention. there sneakers made for the rain? Cause my Jordans are not. #LARain @randajarrar Women and children first — they are such awesome people @ArlanWasHere AN EYE FOR AN EYEThis moment of grace for yourself making a mistake or saying not quite the right thing brought you by Martine. to my queer Muslim sister. Thanks and love to @teganandsara & @teganandsarafdnfor the beautiful night. overjoyed to speak on a panel last week with these rad storytellers. Thank you again @mpac_national for having…
Retweeted by Fawzia MirzaKamala Harris's track record on many things, particularly the criminal justice system, sex work, and trans liberati…
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#givingtuesday it’s this late, you may as well just spend the night at the korean spa. #Enjoy @kmshaikh And one way we can create those spaces is to support folx like our #Muslim #LGBTQ community who are alway… @JenaFriedman I will always hang in there for you. @wordscience YOU ARE ELECTRIFYING!So beautiful and inspiring @Nijla1!! @thetzechun Still? or Once Upon A Time? @am_arooj I mean... I def know folx double you who are still into it. What got you into it?I guess a lot of people ate chalk when they were kids. @chaninicholas It’s our time! It’s back! Things we know!Support the work of this birth doula helping Black women. @shadipetosky Okay!!!!!!!! WE MUST!!!
Who wants to go? #JaggedLittlePill lights are magic.Look at this beauty. So proud of you girl. @1alexandragrey’m in one of Donia’s tracks. Check it out in @chaninicholas’s last #cosmicplaylist of the decade on @Spotify @carlytron @gabydunn I was also noting Gaby’s status as noted bisexual. Like the best note.We barely hear these stories in major media outlets in the U.S. — one woman was able to Facetime her husband and be…
Retweeted by Fawzia MirzaThese women live in Saudi for work because of a dearth of jobs in Bangladesh; many/most of them are Muslim. These a…
Retweeted by Fawzia MirzaMy mother & I had a conversation over the the weekend that haunts me. The Saudi government has shipped nearly 200 b…
Retweeted by Fawzia MirzaManifesting this into my dna in 2020. @thetzechun I feel like there’s an animated series we could write about instapot’s adventures. @thetzechun Instalove. @runwithskizzers Totally @carlytron Noted. @gabydunnWatched #TheBodyRemembers at @ARRAYNow yesterday & was deeply moved. It’s an essential film, both in front of & beh… is why I’d start watching this show. #BabyYoda
Friends, this is a violent and sad time of year for many people. Please call a crisis hotline if you’re feeling too…
Retweeted by Fawzia MirzaReal talk. Beautiful. Painful. Essential. is #WorldAIDSDay. Time to call on @GileadSciences & every company finally benefiting from the HIV/AIDS crisis…
Retweeted by Fawzia MirzaSupport! Also includes Chicago’s own @sirandmadame SIR sweatshirt as a great #gift @autostraddle your swaddle on. #SundayMotivation traffic is a great time for kissing.
I gather with family in Oakland on the land of the Ohlone Tribe. #TheBodyRemembers Going to to see this beautiful…
Flight attendant: is there a doctor on this flight? Mom: *nudging me* if your dad were still alive he’d go. Me:… got the marinade for the tandoori turkey skothered@onto the bird. Who’s next? #ThanksgivingKnow follow and love this beautiful human woman. @nickkokonas @therealfitz Peg it, Nick. @randajarrar @jenjajeh Pitch deck :) @therealfitz @nickkokonas Peg it is so good
The GIFTED holiday store is now open! Shop gift boxes for each zodiac sign, stocking stuffers, holiday cards and mo…
Retweeted by Fawzia Mirza @TazzyStar I mean... are you surprised? This is exactly the world we live in. @TazzyStar @VigilantLOVEla @fahmida_azim @BlairImani Congrats to this beginning @fahmida_azim Happy Birthday! I’m glad you have safety. @kimmortalmusic @iskwe @princepuja @WitchProphet Of course! Love your music!
@terriesamundra @Nijla1 Should we all apply and see?