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Bad bitch, journeyman, bon vivant, poet. Books: HOW WE FIGHT FOR OUR LIVES and PRELUDE TO BRUISE. He/him. Represented by @TuesdayAgency and @SheedyLit.

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The GOP speaker of Georgia’s state House is against everyone getting easy access to absentee ballots for the May 19…
Retweeted by Saeed Jones🚨 🚨🚨 got me looking at the curves of a squash different
Retweeted by Saeed JonesI mean, COME ON. @_amcarter THE STRUGGLE. @morganapple @FeralPeafowl EVERY TIME.I often think about black voters in Georgia, many of whom waited in line for HOURS to vote. There were reports of b… could’ve had Stacey Abrams in charge at this moment.
Retweeted by Saeed Joneshere is what I have to say about these two maps: the first one lacks a ton of context that the second one includes.…
Retweeted by Saeed Jones @Danez_Smif *nods* @Danez_Smif I remember a REALLY fierce music video too. @Danez_Smif Ohhhhhhhh, what a moment. @tnwhiskeywoman So frustrating.6.65 million new unemployment claims. That means 10 million people have lost their jobs in just the last two weeks…
Retweeted by Saeed Jones @karinjr OMGGGGG, this story!!!! // The Inside Account of How Bird Laid off 406 People in Two Minutes via a Zoom Webinar @MrDubC Hahaha.A MAN. @igetmysti I’m so lucky. @_ClaireConnelly 💛 @_ClaireConnelly Don’t ever call me boy. @MrDubC A lot of material to work with.He slept next to me, right in the middle of the bed. LOL. Didn’t even mind when I woke up at 3 to stare at my phone… good morning. of all those dogs who think that barking at the door when you leave has FINALLY WORKED.
Retweeted by Saeed JonesA herd of majestic goats realized that humans were no longer crowding the streets in Llandudno, a small seaside tow…
Retweeted by Saeed Jones @am_wex SAME.Ruby praying over her people
Retweeted by Saeed JonesTrip cracks me up. He might not know math for shit, but he knows a mess when he sees one and he wants OUT. #LittleFiresEverywhere“White women always want to be friends with their maid. I am not your maid. And I was never your friend.”…’m also living for the music on #LittleFiresEverywhere.Kerry Washington is so good at staring these white people down. I get my life every time. #LittleFiresEverywhere @lizzieohreally 🥺🥺🥺 @djolder It’s ADORABLE. @pronounced_ing !!!!!!He curls up in his little bed next to my desk when I sit down to write or read. He’s been living with me for less t… @pronounced_ing WHAT @pronounced_ing CELESTE!!!! BRAVA!*flails dramatically* episodes into #LittleFiresEverywhere and WHEW. Kerry and Reese’s performance in the “seeds and all” scene, in p… @morjodomo SAME.We aren’t just in hell; this is decidedly one of the lower circles.
@KSekouM OOP.I’m gonna need more time to test my theory, but I’m increasingly convinced my dog responds to both “Caesar” and “Sir!” @BeeBabs Factual statement.hottest man on network television, periodt.
Retweeted by Saeed JonesWe have no choice but to orangustan
Retweeted by Saeed Jones @FeralPeafowl SCREAMING.SCREAMING. @AngelNafis *HUG* Let’s talk again soon, bb. @FeralPeafowl 💛💛💛💛💛💛LET THE GREAT WERK BEGIN. @Lin_Manuel SAME. @treeaston @theferocity Same energy
Retweeted by Saeed Jones @theferocity He has your eyes
Retweeted by Saeed JonesK N O W. H I M. is part chihuahua and part dachshund which is to say, he’s a chi-weenie. He likes to cuddle and is very chil… may he reign., Caesar. Let’s go home. be clear, “devastating” is one my highest forms of praise, especially for documentaries.LMAO. My mind wouldn’t know peace until I made this.
Retweeted by Saeed Jones @urbanavocado It’s very good.Friends, I don’t know exactly what I was expecting from Trixie’s documentary “Moving Parts” but I’m watching it on… @wordscience YAAAAAAAASSSSSSSS.oh my god
Retweeted by Saeed JonesMe waking up every morning
Retweeted by Saeed JonesOur April cover star is #Cheer’s La’Darius Marshall ⭐ His career on the mat ended sooner than he’d thought. Where w…
Retweeted by Saeed JonesReally moved after reading about the extreme lengths electrical grid workers are going to in order to deal with thi…“Are you strong enough to survive for 18 months in isolation? Yes. As long as you’re honoring even your most irrati…
Retweeted by Saeed JonesI love Zoom!
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Stephen Schawrtz composed the Prince of Egypt score, and didn’t feel Babyface’s production for “When You Believe” w…
Retweeted by Saeed Jones @metroadlib LOL.Dr. Fauci: You will be seeing deaths at a time when we are doing good. But we should be prepared for 100,000 deaths from coronavirus.
Retweeted by Saeed Jones @MsEmilyEdwards Agreed. @JasMoneyRecords LOL. @NateRuegger *tags in @metroadlib then runs off* @JasMoneyRecords JASMINE, LET US HAVE THIS.I am OBSESSED with these videos. @samsax1 Well, amen."State of Ohio is expanding unemployment benefits to include 1099 workers, self-employed workers, freelancers, furl…
Retweeted by Saeed JonesWhat could possibly go wrong? "One resident told me that community members will follow around any car they don’t re… woman already has to report the news LIVE from her own backyard because of a pandemic... and here comes her do…
Retweeted by Saeed Jones @TheeMaryWilson UGH. @MisterBaconSays Thank you, Don!OnlyFans reporting 3.5 million new signups in March, 60,000 of them new creators, per an email from the company. In…
Retweeted by Saeed JonesReached into my jacket to make sure I had some sanitizer with me and multiple bottles tumbled out. @jmartNYT @gregggonsalves @maggieNYT the NYT published a dumb, dangerous headline & when an epidemiologist at Yale called them out on it, this was th…
Retweeted by Saeed JonesHe must be protected at all costs. @AudraEqualityMc 😭😭😭😭UPDATE: TOMORROW, I’M PICKING UP THE PUP HENCEFORTH KNOWN AS CAESAR JONES. @Eloisa_Amezcua 👀 @ConnieSchultz LOL. Have at it. @Basseyworld I just... @briebriejoy Girl.Amazon fired that warehouse worker who organized the walkout
Retweeted by Saeed Jones“Saeed, why do you live in Ohio now? That’s so random.” “Well, for one thing—“ thought yesterday was the last day of March but no they found another one
Retweeted by Saeed JonesMe, regaling the 9 cats I adopted during quarantine with the story of our family.
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