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Figen @TheFigen Ankara, Turkiye

PhD Musicology/Teacher/ϜϓſϞ Turkish Woman/ Follow me for #funny #cool and #humour videos… DM for promo-ad price. I have real organic followers.

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K-2, on a starry clear night, through the lens of a drone camera of an Italian mountaineer... Majestic! @bhushanbob234 Yeah true :)Awwwwwwww 💓🤣🤣 @thedeziner 🤣These lads are awesome! 👏 shark waiting to be born. do not make me lose my patience 🙏
Retweeted by FigenKinetic energy absorption in super slow motion 😯
Retweeted by FigenTrip into the world of atoms…
Retweeted by FigenVan Gogh's most famous art 'Starry Night' is beautiful with animation too…
Retweeted by FigenLast goodbye🐧
Retweeted by FigenThis is how I deal with high gas prices😅
Retweeted by Figen @MorissaSchwartz Sister 🤗 @HoanDaoVu 👍🤣Does it count as a no filter, no makeup selfie…if some eyeliner is left on from yesterday? 😂
Retweeted by FigenAmazing 3D advertising billboard 😍😍👏🏻👏🏻
Retweeted by FigenOil drilling is not an easy work 🤯🤯👍🏻
Retweeted by FigenMade me laugh! Peek-a-booooooooooooo! 🤣🤣 @mrIceVAN 👍😂What is life.... Remember: Even if the king is old, he will always die as a king! You can't beat him anyway...'s most fashion shows these days! 🤣🤣 👏👏
Retweeted by Figen @CapaMagMagazine Bunlar azcık ünlü olmaya başlayınca soytarıya dönüşüyorlar, bulunduğu yeri kaldıramıyorlar sonra d… pushing dad, she is pushing herself, how sweet😄😆😍😘❤️
Retweeted by FigenRescue operation👀
Retweeted by FigenBath day🐶
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The world's biggest gold heist! Ocean's 1012
Retweeted by FigenA hero 💕😂😂
Retweeted by FigenCool move and that joy! 💕😂
Retweeted by FigenWhoa and very sad as well!
Retweeted by FigenAh Cats 💓😂😂
Retweeted by FigenHow firefighters prevent suicide attempts...
Retweeted by FigenLove it! 🤣🤣
Retweeted by Figen3D 👌
Retweeted by FigenThis is an amazing snake game!
Retweeted by FigenThis is great! 👍😂
Retweeted by Figen @MorissaSchwartz Love it, sister.Wow how beautiful... @M61752726 🤣The dolphins are knocking fishes? Putting my opinion on Twitter Twitter few minutes later: ❤️😂😂 the door bro! Jordan 👏 cool I want one! Monastery, Turkiye 😬😬 is great! 👍😂 is an amazing snake game!'s a master dog at his job. ❤️ evolution of train... @uzuncavus_ @nedimsener2010 Demedim de geri adım at yoksa bitersin! 😂Good idea hahahhahahahahaha 🤣🤣 hero! 😂 want this bird right now! Ok? motion art💙
Retweeted by Figen @MorissaSchwartz Bravo sister 🤗🤗How many "squares" do you see in the picture? Me 7 on paper... bless him! 💕🙏 are disgusted with humans, leave them alone! best Actor. 💕😂😂 boat system used for escape in emergency situations. world's biggest gold heist! Ocean's 1012 @bhushanbob234 @nftbadger Looks so 😂My first day in gym🏋️‍♀️🧐
Retweeted by Figen @celilnalcakan Ne Bey'i yahu abi de, usta de, efsane de, senin ustandı çünkü!Ah be hayat görünce şok oldum. #CüneytArkın ❤️💕 @nftbadger 🤣Difference between men and women😅
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@Vivalamusica_9 😂The most creative begging! 🤣🤣
Retweeted by FigenDemonstration of the Heimlich technique! Learn how to perform this technique correctly...
Retweeted by FigenThe magic of physics.
Retweeted by FigenThis couple is my favourite... They are awesome. 💓
Retweeted by FigenThis is great! God bless him! 🙏💕
Retweeted by FigenOMG OMG 🤣🤣
Retweeted by FigenCrystal clear water in the Maldives...
Retweeted by FigenTalent! that's a freedom move! 💓😂😂 💓😂 a wonderful human being. 💓 👌 very cool! @Vladdd171 Why??Love it! 🤣🤣 firefighters prevent suicide attempts...🤣🤣 do men live less... 😂🤣, it looks so real! 👌👌 a two-wheeled bicycle made of 1 + 0.5 + 0.5 wheels. 😂 move and that joy! 💕😂 Cats 💓😂😂! @MrTarikovich Rize @DodiHer19351267 😂Whoa and very sad as well! an amazing experience to have! (Turkiye)