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Seth @TheFlemishSeth Antwerp / Sydney

🏳️‍🌈 Film critic, editor and creator of @iamintoscreens. Aspiring screenplay writer. Often found in nature. Ambidextrous - INFJ | He/Him/His 👬🏻 @revblanky

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#NowWatching Sunset Boulevard Roth’s B-movie #TheGreenInferno isn’t for the faint of heart, especially those who are squeamish and can’t stom… The Green Inferno @PrimeVideo @yezzzurp They could literally just drop this on Hulu. @CalebSnowberger Me too! That’s 18 months later than its original release date 😒‘Antlers’ pushed back to October 29?!? that’s a HOT poster 🥵 @IAmDylanLewis A fridgeThe animated film formerly known as #Connected officially moves out of #Oscars2021 contention with Sony selling to…
Retweeted by Seth @ErickWeber That title 🤮 @hausaufGAGA @notcapnamerica I’m not even American lol @hausaufGAGA @notcapnamerica Who is he? I’m blocked too haha @JesseOut happy birthday!In every generation there is a Chosen One...’re really going to do it like the books 👏 every season will focus on a different sibling. Shonda has another h… @Smarmcharm 😌😙OMG my heart 😰 @casualkief I was about to cry. I swear to — 😤 @sirlucasg No secret unfortunately. @papitojoto Thanks! @RelatableQuee He is, isn’t he 😌My heart is happy 🥰 @FilmnSports21 They’re not. @FilmnSports21 I am not religious.Stay tuned! Just like last year, I'll be covering @JewishIFF again in 2021✡️ morning
Retweeted by SethWho is still tweeting from this account? 😱’ 2-in-1 plot is an audiovisual sensation with a captivating plot that breaks your heart in different ways, c… @itsbobbybox Cancer twins 👯‍♀️#NowWatching Waves🦷💯 @DrBarbaraP There's only person allowed into the waiting at a time. Appointments are booked far enough apart so no… #WhiteLieMovie !!! to the dentist went perfect (considering the fact I haven’t been for five years - shame on me). Teeth are in… this case I’m specifically talking about scrambled eggs @LeeJnes So you’d rather chew on some dry overcooked pieces of scrambled eggs? I don’t mind if they’re still a bit wet. @littlelostsunny I admit to bawling in my lonesome at the cinema @littlelostsunny That entire film was snubbed at the golden globes. One of the best romantic comedies in yearsUndercooked egg is still better than overcooked egg @littlelostsunny Long Shot @JoeyGentile1992 @JoeyGentile1992 🙃weeelll @JoeyGentile1992 and what did she say after that?
@paulieblogger Help me, I’m poor @paulieblogger Alright StoveIt’s perfection. Gems 2 @academy_queens Let me watch it tomorrow and I’ll let you know 😌 @nicholasdante_ @tommydub_ I don’t think so @tuffcontender You know exactly what his kink is @thecinemascene The full photo required a trigger warning I’m afraid, but it’s from Crazy Rich AsiansPresident Biden going to walk into the White House and see the note: Dear Joe Biden going to walk into the White House and see the note: Dear Joe
Retweeted by SethMeanwhile, backstage in the Pork Chop Loading Dock...
Retweeted by Seth @awards_watch @revblanky Welcome! 😘Blomkamp & Nolan fans will get to live their fantasy life🪑! Runaway Brain @JoeyGentile1992 “sneakerhead” ever camping outside Nike @As1z_ It’s all fun and games until the straights find out🥺🥺🥺’s “twist” and end result isn’t satisfying enough to sit through an entire film riddled with plot holes.… @DallasDixon publicists, What we’re not going to keep doing in 2021 is lie to critics, bloggers, writers, freelancers abou… @clareellenhope When you request a screener of Malcolm & Marie, but they tell you they don’t have any. @rosasreviews America Chavez (Miss America) will be part of Doctor Strange 2. No lead unfortunately 😔Disney taking a page from Fox’s book. We’ve been here with Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique... @iamnickcharles Thank you. @iamnickcharles I thought I’d bring it back to the timeline since no one appreciated it last week..Jan. 20, on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ Inauguration Day, we welcome to the main stage - the one, the only: RAMONA!
Retweeted by SethThe only reason I would ever watch it. Hammer in Call Me By Your Name 2: Monsters right after @ladygaga finished singing the national anthem Horror Story: CULT - 4 years later @filmdaze Obama on #InaugurationDay
Retweeted by Seth @grantgenske They deleted the tweet. But I had to double check, because I would’ve been 1 year old when it was rele… @AWorkOfStuART Stowaway2020 went on for 15 years, damn. Assemble. 🦸🏾‍♀️ @_MyNameIsAdam_ @NetflixNL They just dropped it on Netflix#NowWatching Sightless @NetflixNL @MedBrad_ Hahaha, if I had done that, my tongue would’ve been stuck @DavidOpie Perhaps. I haven’t had any luck since Bridgerton, which is over a month ago now.. even Malcolm & Marie i… @ElBlackPhillipp Bambi 2 is better @DavidOpie Interesting, I requested it the other day and my Netflix contact said it wasn’t available 🤔 guess I’m not missing much then.. @ElBlackPhillipp Emotional manipulation rarely works on me @DavidOpie You’ve watched it already? @xJORD4Nx much? Nostalgia is one thing, but I was glad it was “only” 63 min. long 🙄 I’d rather follow the story of…📍 Vigelandsanlegget (Frogner Park), Oslo, Norway - 2016 @quwi_ncy @disneyplus I don’t know. I’ve never watched it before so I decided today was the day :) @FuriousCoops My turn tomorrow 😬 @justlevy Nap time!! @n_dav94 It’s brutal and terrifying