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COVID murders #HalloweenKills release date. Yet another movie release date victim... 2021, if all goes right, will…
LIVE JAWS 4K Unboxing in 15 min! Come join the action and lets talk about movies and sharks!
@Ryno_Charger @FamilyVideo Mine is, but not going to that shit yet.Why you should still rent movies. Another Flick Trip back at @FamilyVideo to show the behind the scenes. WATCH HE… @JMcDonald5150 Ha, I take pride in that.BTW The Patriot may be in my top 20 films of all time, highly underacted IMO. I rewatch it every year. The Gibson a…'s watching Independence Day for the 4th..... I'm over here with Mel Gibson murdering dudes with a tomahawk… @NostalgaNERD give me 20 more years.Happy #4thofJuly now go blow something up!
Retweeted by John Flickinger @Daboyz1995 Ebay back in 2012.It's almost #4thofJuly and would like to remind the World that this video exists....
What are the last 5 flicks you watched??? #5flicks 1. The Pianist 2. Just Mercy 3. Die Hard Witch a Vengeance 4… @dtruck52_joe They tried that and the economy crashed. The government doesn't want to give out anymore money, they… @Kribo781 @thegamechasers its truly amazing... @marcmarcmarc21 Only use I found was for making RoboCop helmets on a budget.... @r_heinrich Because I follow the current president that means I voted for him..... makes no sense man. @tcallerman its that false sense of security that is helping to increase the spread. People think they're protected… FULLY support wearing a mask in public places and taking a bath in hand sanitizer every chance I get, but if you'… @atthelp I've called your customer service number 6 different times over the course of two days to fix an issue. No… @HannemannRex still gives me the feels.Your foster parents are dead... The best action flick ever made was released on this day, 29 years ago. #Terminator2
Walmart will be transforming 160 of its parking lots into drive-in theaters... just another reason for me to go to @walmart. @PixelatedHaze @K1LABUSH indeed, but I assume a very small role. @RMJGUA perfect opportunity to reboot what doesn't work and continue on with what does. @K1LABUSH @PixelatedHaze He was in the new Jay and Silent Bob flick for a very similar cameo. @Priyanshukapil3 @TeamYouTube @YTCreatorsIndia My live streams have been doing this for a month, also keep a lookou… @TwoFirstNames85 The Keaton one works for me, but the rest are fabricated click bate articles.If Micheal Keaton doesn't reprise his role as Batman, Christian Bale is rumored to come back, if he cant do it, Ben… @LukeMcQuillen @FamilyVideo Give this guy a shirt.
@SmallsNF @FamilyVideo Ill promote video rental stores until the day I die.Checkout the new Flick Trip video exploring @FamilyVideo and leave a comment for a chance to win a $10 gift card an… @theFLICKpick video shot and edited by me. Go check it out! @FamilyVideo
Retweeted by John Flickinger @TheTrueDonBruno Should be seeing the notifications now...New LIVE show starting in a few minutes, get to the popcorn!
50/50 on a new live show tonight. The weather is crappy and my power just went out. tour of the best video rental store in the World! Watch Here!
@FilmstoFilms_ @SithMorrison @theFLICKpick
Retweeted by John Flickinger @Cliff_Boyce @FilmstoFilms_ @SithMorrison ........ its late. @FamilyVideo
@kirkneverdied They once put me at 1 mlillion.... it felt nice to pretend for the 4 seconds I saw it. @artmachine321 Once theaters reopen a larger spike will hit thus shutting them down again. Just my theory.#TENET is once again delayed until August... not really a shock.
@JaimesonKraft 12 gigs. Editing is never an issue and streaming works fine when my internet is doing its job. @TheTrueDonBruno They should go to your email if you have the option checked.
@TheTrueDonBruno I did indeed, posted it on twitter. @TeamYouTube During my live streams, they never show up in my subscribers sub feed. Sometimes after the stream is…
New live show starting at 6:30 CST! Grab snacks and come join the fun, talking all about movies and answering your… @goofboi90 IndeedRIP #JoelSchumacher who passed away aged 80. We all love to laugh at his best known mistake, Batman & Robin, but HI… @lilycoin uhhhhh no.
@Chris_Stuckmann @theFLICKpick What do you think of the news that Michael Keaton is now in talks to return as Batma…
Retweeted by John Flickinger @Redneval2 @FamilyVideo @PortableTrevor @OdinsMovieBlog This was south of the Nashville area.
@GusPolinski2 He lives 9 hours from me, not like we’re neighbors. @TimMartin21 @FamilyVideo @PortableTrevor @OdinsMovieBlog Yea, we included the guy working into a funny bit for the video... @NostalgaNERD @FamilyVideo @PortableTrevor @OdinsMovieBlog Yep, all cars have them. @RoundEarthShiIl @FamilyVideo @PortableTrevor @OdinsMovieBlog This ones even better!Like movies, want to get out of the house? Go to @FamilyVideo ! Shot a really cool, special Flick Trip with help fr…
@LuisN_94 CorrectAMC theaters will now require everyone to wear a mask to see a film. Would you rather see movies in a theater with… @RileyEMeyer Depends on if you love it or not. 4K is my go to for all of my favorites. @kirkneverdied Scariest Kevin Bacon movie is Sleepers..... eeaaahhhhyuck @BurnettRM Agreed, but at least they’ll have masks for sale for $1.... it may entice more people to wear one.
@JordanCarp3nt3r Indeed, I want to see the full trailer. @RileyWelsh6 ummm not yet.Quick reaction to the #JusticeLeagueSnyderCut teaser. What did you think? For more glorious reactions follow me on… @kirkneverdied I'll sit in the very back and fake a cough to keep people away. @RealJeremy1991 DM me an offer. @JDG_0 Its on the list.My Pacino impression.... if you missed the new collection video, check it out!
My last and final ever DVD collection video, enjoy 35 glorious minutes of me talking about these 720p optical discs… @Zoug491 @TeamYouTube Here is the live stream link @TeamYouTube Hey, yep more subscribers have told me they never received any notification of my newest live stream a… @RoundEarthShiIl Nope, she’s from there and moving back since we have no reason to live in out current city. @RoundEarthShiIl Odd question.... yes.Coming tomorrow! @TeamYouTube can you let me know which backwards algorithm is prohibiting my live stream videos from going into my… live show talking all about movies and answering your questions starting soon!
@RoundEarthShiIl’s party... Commando is pure unadulterated 80s testosterone. My quick thoughts. quick thoughts on Bill & Teds Bogus Journey. Doing a crap load of reactions to new and old movies, follow thef…
Last 5 flicks you watched? Phantom Menace... don’t ask. Silence of The Lambs Bill & Ted Bogus Journey Commando Disaster Artist
I will watch this movie, in this life or the next... Upcoming Gladiator 4K steelbook. @ParamountMovies #Gladiator @bat_gotham They're all on Patreon, but I'll keep it in mind. @CashThaKilla For now....#WonderWoman1984 and #TENET are officially delayed.... I figured this would happen, but completely understand and think it’s for the best.
@Lons Honestly in my top 50, the only issue is the constant odd wide angle lens closeups that look they belong on a made for TV movie. @rjelouaid Thats the goal!Clip from the weekly live show. Are you going back to the movie theater on day one?
@Sporty_Shane91 Thanks man! @Sporty_Shane91 I spend the first 10 minutes talking all about it.
My thoughts on #BillAndTedFaceTheMusic trailer and answering your questions, come watch the new LIVE show! JOIN H… @slodenz I have 1....How would you feel about a DVD collection video.... might be the last one ever?I meant this movie and a time machine.This is what 2020 needs right now, whoa! @OdinsMovieBlog I can see the evil in your soul! @gene9892 @mvbrat91 Gene you clearly have an agenda here.... I'm having a conversation. You're pointing fingers and…