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a water deity, photographer + film.

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@nasthenonrapper RestHomeshake - like Mariah @ghanaianmuse Dm meThink I’m ready for a short film. @lionessofie1 👀 @billygyyal ❤️
Lmao Monday all come inside😂 life of VeroniqueConvos with @billygyyal ❤️ are you when no one is watching?To everyone killing it, don’t let the honeymoon phase fool you.efd'kopf rheuhfl jhgrefldj ofjfjl vrjeld hbrngkefd
2019't ignore or take light of indigenous culture. A strong energy comes from it.
Retweeted by okadaman. @eveofeden_ A fact!Thank you frank.DHL is the channel orange of 2019.Lol you guys have a problem with everything huh bless the heart of whoever casually sent me money on this hot day. @_spitefyre he Autopsy of Jane Doe, Green room, The sixth sense, Train to busan, Gerald's game. Trees in Cumbria 🌲
Retweeted by okadaman.This energy makes you feel diffferenttttt
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Retweeted by okadaman.Bro! I just want to make beautiful films.Don’t you feel like you lie everytime they ask “who are you?” about to watch “parasite” 🥺
The mood for the night is whatever Odunsi said on “rnb Odunsi”Where do we go from here? @SteveMorrisM_ ❤️ @niyiokeowo ❤️❤️frames. @billygyyal Exhausting @billygyyal Same.Toshio Saeki
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Amazing work! @duppyxconqueror Lol idk what you’re on about but I’m talking about personal growth. @duppyxconqueror Can’t relate.A lot has changed. A lot is still changing. @hellolourdes_ Oh like my morda @issaintle Sis pls 🤔 @hellolourdes_ ?Hannah giving me 15 rolls of kodak potra 400 is the highlight of my day.
loool journey be having you crying but with a big ass smile on your face lmao.
Retweeted by okadaman.I will remain calm, I will remain focused.
Retweeted by okadaman.Give thanks!
Got some options, thanks guys!! ❤️!🥺 @labelletogolais It’s so draining 😭 @jxhn_hill Yup @jxhn_hill It’s been recycled. Most of the songs were already on Spotify. @_spitefyre HiWhy is it difficult organizing things in this country🤧Male model needed for a campaign. Paid gig. Dm with portfolio. Or email
begging for pussy is not normal
Retweeted by okadaman. @gyasiwabrew LoooolBeing called baby makes me so soft
Retweeted by okadaman.Don’t ask me if I love you when you know that... Ima tell it different when I’m sober @santiagowalnut Sigh :( @santiagowalnut It’s scary Cos they’re really around her and she’s so innocent. 😭 @santiagowalnut This. @Akua_Golda facts! @6EARRRRR this is very old. relaxsometimes it's difficult to believe you are the shit at what you do.@ your favorite fashion designers in Ghana. I’m trying to see something.Helping yourself first>>>
@_CharleneN I love you! @Akua_Golda Thank you babe , evolve tho❤️Why? You must figure it out yourself.
Retweeted by okadaman.Phase 2 @AltaEgoo Luv u❤️ @infantmafia Thank you bby❤️ @Sayywarr Relax. @jxhn_hill 💛 @afadjato Thanks bro ❤️ @nasthenonrapper I love you! ❤️❤️ @Queen_Liorr Love you mami ❤️❤️ @theKuuku Thanks bro❤️ @jonfoli Thank you!
Retweeted by okadaman. @Dre_Djan First thing we do when you get to Accra 😂 @Poetyk_Prynx ❤️ @Dre_Djan Love u❤️❤️ @Gospel_Official Thank you bro❤️ @saintlvrn 💛💛 @__aello ❤️David is a very strangely amazing person. I don’t know how to deal with him most of the time but I appreciate every…
Retweeted by okadaman. @syyaBULLY Haha love you bully❤️Deeply grateful for friends and conversation that helps me figure out who I am. And who I'm becoming.
Retweeted by okadaman. @_kaymadd ❤️ @naa_obiokor Thanks b ❤️ @DaSilvaJnr_ ❤️Now I honestly can barely contain my sadness this Ghanaian commitment to avoidance of accountability. It’s the most…
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