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This is exactly what I said happens to me because every single time I do an event for children’s ministry I watch t… path will not be easy, but you will find room along the way to let tomorrow be tomorrow while you focus on today
Retweeted by Rainy Girl* @ohxwhatxnow It’s basically like a sheet mask but for feet. Hahaha it did nothing! You leave them on for 20mins the… sister bought these for us and I’m trying them for the first time. need 9 more stimulus checks thanks @government
Retweeted by Rainy Girl*me at 3am remembering about the shirt i’ve not seen for the past month
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Praise is our greatest protest against the tyranny of fear.
Retweeted by Rainy Girl*Lord, make us even more aware of Your peaceful presence today. We’re desperate for Your assurance. We’re deeply…
Retweeted by Rainy Girl*Put on the whole ARMOR of GOD, that you may be able to STAND AGAINST the SCHEMES of the DEVIL.
Retweeted by Rainy Girl* @MrsPattyD Thank you @CableGirlsNet Francisco 😍😍 final chapter of #CableGirls / #LasChicasDelCable is finally upon us. Are you going to miss these two as much a…
Retweeted by Rainy Girl*OMG HE DID! I KNEW I DIDNT TRUST HIMOMG is Isidro going to turn in Pablo and Julio so he can marry Marga?? #CableGirls IM SO EXCITED THE SHOW IS HACK B… @MrsPattyD Macy’s 4th of July is actually pretty good. They haven’t shown any fireworks yet but I’m loving the music! Bra… to watch my mouth but some of y’all retweeting folks that make me want to stab my foot with a salad fork.
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It does look a little janky because I didn’t screw somethings straight on the drawers but I’m so proud of myself I… mom got me a tv stand because I’ve had my tv on the floor since we moved in (3 years ago, almost 4 LOL) and I r… says, “You can't do it.” Faith says, “Nothing is impossible for God!"
Retweeted by Rainy Girl* @ColourPopCo Frick n Frack, where the light is quad, the collar you did with Jamie King (the super shock shadows an… never know what she’s doing, but as long as she’s having fun 🤎
Retweeted by Rainy Girl* @tommybertalott1 I’m happy you’re feeling better. Have a happy 4th!Don't forget about your pets tonight. Be sure they have a safe place to be if fireworks make them anxious. Close wi…
Retweeted by Rainy Girl* @tommybertalott1 Awesome!! Have a blessed day! Are you feeling better now?I will never know peace like this on this earth.
Retweeted by Rainy Girl*Me when they say we can’t sing in church: *scream singing* “Take courage! Oh, the harvest is ripe! Lift up your v… I was nervous about it because I feel awkward now. Anyway when I went to get the mail I did not see anyone an… night I had a dream and my neighbor was in it. It wasn’t a weird dream or anything just random because the onl… be driving 90mph, blasting music, throwing up gang signs, just to go to Target 😭
Retweeted by Rainy Girl* @realFRG The little league field at the school I work at has a “No Soft Toss” sign and whenever I see it I think it is “No Soft Tacos”....
@TammyTika The way he tries to keep her safe from Remy. I just watched it the other day. @TammyTika I love everything about it. The outfit, the tucked in shirt, the way he looks at her. @TammyTika It’s this guys!! @Rubenspiration TOMORROW!! @Rubenspiration “Oh hey guys, notice anything different about me?” 😂😂 @Rubenspiration When I finally take my mask off after quarantine @KFROGRadio Yes! Andrew McMahon (My fave since middle school) is having a three night Drive in concert in Anaheim J…
Same. For you @HGKThompson went to the dentist and my mouth is numb and for some reason it’s making me think my lips are plump and now I’m d… @SportsNetLA Mad Max!! @shadereyes I’d jump 😂Max Muncy be like “I know a spot” then tells you to go get it out of the ocean
Retweeted by Rainy Girl*I don’t want to feel anything. Ever.The sold out Drive-In OC shows are coming up fast, and I'm very excited to announce that we will be live-streaming…
Retweeted by Rainy Girl*🥴 @eliseryann Multiple times a day at my house and we have a baby and dogs!! It’s awful.
Am I the only one who gets all dressed up these days just to go to Target? @JonPardi @CountryMusic I can’t wait!! My favorite country artist singing my favorite song!! @TickPick @KFROGRadio @jakeowen I do not see how it’s Chase’s fault. Adults have the choice whether to attend, wear a mask, a… is was cold and gloomy pretty much all day. My friend asked if I wanted to go hiking and I said yes because…’ve never wanted to go to Summer Camp so bad until now!!’s a yes in our hearts And it carries through eternity Simple obedience, it changes history So take courag… they end up extending it and I have to see this when I look out my window I’m going to be pissed.
Retweeted by Rainy Girl* @AudreysParty @kristiboyd 😂😂ms. frizzle be like “I know a spot” and then takes you inside jake’s esophagus
Retweeted by Rainy Girl* @TammyTika I tried lol day
Retweeted by Rainy Girl*June’s over ??? Julying
Retweeted by Rainy Girl*Ran into this cutie while on a hike this morning.
In our next "welcome to the bigs," Kiké Hernández made a quick impact when he went 2-for-2 in his MLB debut in Hous…
Retweeted by Rainy Girl* @ecvdblk @Dodgers Congratulations Erick!!What does it mean if a guy gives you a sort of “hang loose” hand sign? I was driving and a guy did that and I just smiled. Lol @TammyTika @ashleyannelopez Along of my friends are 5’11 & 6’0. It’s so hard to find anyone taller than them.*cries* reminders 🙏✨
Retweeted by Rainy Girl* @1043MYfm I think it’s fine. It’s their choice to attend. Any fan who was worried about catching the virus or has… @ecvdblk will say “I know a spot” take you to brunch and spend the entire time making a boomerang of his foodAlways encouraging our friends to be the best they can be❤️
Retweeted by Rainy Girl* @SailorOkoye She didn’t even try to take it off!! 🤣 @tommybertalott1 Oh, no!! Praying for you to be healed fast so you can get back to work. Praying against any COVID1… trying to explain the difference between 90 Day Fiancé, Before the 90 Days, Happily Ever After?, Pillow Talk, an…
Retweeted by Rainy Girl* @suejo825 @ecvdblk I’m your girl! @suejo825 Do you need someone to protect you from @ecvdblk?? I will make sure he doesn’t scare you.I tuned into Better Together this morning on @TBN and saw two of my favorite women!! @mrshavilah and @LisaBevere -… @aries_mama Coke
I’m still hanging onto this word: "Look at the nations and watch-- and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do som…
Retweeted by Rainy Girl*Highlight of my day was driving to Coffee Klatch with my windows down scream singing “She Will Be Loved” with the hair blowing in the wind.The Head and the Heart be like “I know a spot” and then take you through rivers and roads to reach it
Retweeted by Rainy Girl* @HGKThompson Oh my gosh! Yay!!! Finally! Did you cry??Safe & Sane fireworks are now on sale. As a reminder, Safe & Sane fireworks are only allowed within city limits sou…
Retweeted by Rainy Girl*Girls during quarantine..
Retweeted by Rainy Girl*Everything is just a blur! How is it going to be July already?!
Retweeted by Rainy Girl*God has given us everything we need … not just to make it through this season, but to thrive and be His voice of hope. | Binu Samuel
Retweeted by Rainy Girl* @CoryAsbury SPARROWS !!!THE POLLS ARE NOW OPEN!! Head over to the site to get a sneak peek of two songs and cast your vote today. Let you…
Retweeted by Rainy Girl*Seasons are changing, that Hell that some of you have gone through is about to expire, there's about to be a breakthrough!
Retweeted by Rainy Girl*Remember when Nick Miller said that crystals were just rock poo 😂If I have worn a mask to stalk Laurie since 1978, then you can wear a mask to go to the store.
Retweeted by Rainy Girl* @KFRGHeather Our neighbor called the cops on us today and tonight a very nice sheriff stopped by. He was a kind bla…'t believe this is a dog😂
Retweeted by Rainy Girl* @sbsun Every time I see this photo I think it’s going to be an article about my church @wolcc Maybe you can do a s…
And now I have my purpose And now I have my destiny You made me for Your gloryThis was left at the dog park and I’m crying!! 😭😭♥️
Retweeted by Rainy Girl* @desantosrudy Looks like he couldn’t find a trash can 🤣I need to stay 6ft away from my debit card... that’s what I really need to do.
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