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BTS (방탄소년단) 'Dynamite' [ GVFXARMY MV ] 🕺Out Now 💃 #BTS_Dynamite #gvfxarmy_dynamite @BTS_twt
Retweeted by ᴮᴱGeekOutGirl⁷Also another part💜👀✨ @gvfxarmy
Retweeted by ᴮᴱGeekOutGirl⁷My Parts that i illustrated and animated for the @gvfxarmy Dynamite MV Collab 💜😊💜 Moved those keyframes for the cl…
Retweeted by ᴮᴱGeekOutGirl⁷ @diornysos @hyyhddaeng Markimoo lol @EugeneLeeYang Ahhhh Zuko XDNo. I won’t ever get over what he did to his family.’re best friends
Retweeted by ᴮᴱGeekOutGirl⁷ @DahkurArt @rashiduzzaman82 Awesome XD @sillypak Just pretend you were on your way to your horse riding lesson or horse trail 👍 😊 @AliBangtani 🤣🤣🤣RT to vote #BTS #TheGroup #PCAs (@BTS_twt)
Retweeted by ᴮᴱGeekOutGirl⁷all over the place
Retweeted by ᴮᴱGeekOutGirl⁷Anyone spreading hate or drama before comeback is potentially an anti tbh 🤷🏻‍♀️ that’s why we lockdown 😊 @MrsTOH2O @OT7_pjm Sleep good lolI just requested for a ticket refund for a comic book convention that keeps getting canceled and postponed due to t… @helloimchristy Cuuuuteyoongi whining because taehyung grabbed and hugged him for them to be partners 😭😭😭 so cute
Retweeted by ᴮᴱGeekOutGirl⁷ @jen_ilovely I got these apps to try and they’re fun. After that, I bought the talk to me in Korean books and those… @AliBangtani Mine keeps showing me dyson vacuums 😂 @gogoKZgo @BTS_twt Aw but never too late to start now 😊 @AliBangtani Meanwhile, my shy self hopes they never notice me 🤣ARMY, it’s not too late to join us! We need you. 🥺🙏🏻
Retweeted by ᴮᴱGeekOutGirl⁷ @JennaGuillaume our 3rd year anniversary today!🥂
Retweeted by ᴮᴱGeekOutGirl⁷ @CutieKat1 Oh nooo. Maybe you should start thinking about canceling your cards and etc. Just in case? @CutieKat1 Aaahhhhh niiicceeee. I’m hoping that once I get a house, I can make a plant corner XD @CutieKat1 Yeah I think he might lean that way too but I’ll ask him lol @CutieKat1 Awesome. I added xceleste’s theory video at the end of that list too 🤣. Lemme know if you have any sugge… @CutieKat1 Tbh idk and I’ve known him for years lol. He’s just open to everything lolThe first playlist was a quick intro playlist. Now, I’m trying to decide whether to send him the BU playlist or the… of my guy friends was curious about bts and woke up at 3am to watch mots on:e with me lol. Now, I’ve sl… @CutieKat1 Omg good idea 😱Cute panda macaron 😆 @CutieKat1 @BTS_twt @CutieKat1 @BTS_twt @CutieKat1 @BTS_twt @CutieKat1 @BTS_twt @CutieKat1 @BTS_twt @dutchie_noona71 PreeettttyyyyyyDynamite 500M! #BTS #방탄소년단 @BTS_twt #BTS_Dynamite
Retweeted by ᴮᴱGeekOutGirl⁷ @gmcantave1 @VminInMyDream95 @OT7_pjm @BTS_twt Congrats on making it to your first album comeback 🥳 @Kimmie_Gibbler Greats minds think alike 😉 @CutieKat1 🥺🥺🥺 pictures? @CutieKat1 @elliotsang ☺️ @CutieKat1 I’m gonna have like a while nursery by the time covid is over 🤣🤣🤣Tbh, there’s two reasons I don’t like guys going through my phone. One, they’ll make fun of all the photos of BTS,… being said, I hate it when I used to chill on the train and some guy would come up to me and say something lik…! I remember that too! Plus one of my best friends has serious rbf but I know I can just walk up to her and “ann… @RafranzDavis I hope they find out something soon! ❤️❤️❤️ @Dessytothemax @CutieKat1 @BTS_twt @Dessytothemax @stessieT @visualjinie @rashiduzzaman82 @sillypak 😆😆😆💜Tbh this makes me wonder if I’m on twt too much 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣✨ Top Friends 🥇 @BTS_twt 🥈 @CutieKat1 🥉 @Dessytothemax 🏅 @stessieT 🏅 @visualjinie 🏅 @rashiduzzaman82 🏅 @sillypak my pothos a haircut and now I’ve got more plant babies 🥰🌱 @elliotsang Must be some diabolical plan heehee lol @silvantete @AliBangtani @sugasfacemask Omg perfect 🤣 @tackysuetoo @givejoyandlove @BTS_twt So good XDDDDD @BaeMoonPsae And if they decide that it’s too much for them to handle and decide to quit, it’s well within their ri… @BaeMoonPsae Some ppl are calling it a threat and I don’t see it as such. BF used to be more private, if I recall c…
I love this audio clip so much 🥰🥰 @Dessytothemax @BTS_twt @SleepDeez @MAXMusic @hetherington @Stewyndipity @kookiedelrae 🥺 aw love you 💜 @Jcksngaynuh Side note, I loved seeing the videos of Khalid at the bts concert 😆😆😆 @Jcksngaynuh @JiminsKookie11 @kieplzzzz Ah, good point! It shouldn’t be expected at all. But it’s still nice to see… abortion at the source. Vasectomies are reversible. Make every young man have one. When he‘s deemed financiall…
Retweeted by ᴮᴱGeekOutGirl⁷ @Aquariu40890258 You can watch ten ads per hour.PLEASE COLLECT MORE DAILY HEARTS AND EVER HEARTS! STEP UP! BTS DESERVES THIS AWARD. LET’S WORK HARD FOR IT. ARE YOU IN? 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️
Retweeted by ᴮᴱGeekOutGirl⁷Again, WIN NO MATTER WHAT! #TheGroup #BTS (@BTS_twt) #PCAs
Retweeted by ᴮᴱGeekOutGirl⁷⏰ | Cast your daily 25x votes on 2020 People’s Choice Award. Music Video: ( Album: (…
Retweeted by ᴮᴱGeekOutGirl⁷RT to vote #BTS (@BTS_twt) as #TheGroup for 2020 at #PCAs. 🏆
Retweeted by ᴮᴱGeekOutGirl⁷Ignorance and arrogance don’t look good on anyone. @R170420 It’s bts. All caps is allowed 😂#BTS_Dynamite ☺️ @Jcksngaynuh @JiminsKookie11 @kieplzzzz I don’t think anyone should be bowing to anyone. But what verbal appreciati… @Jcksngaynuh @joonswife3 @JiminsKookie11 @kieplzzzz True but I still like seeing them talk about each other. No problem with that. 🤷🏻‍♀️ @joonswife3 @JiminsKookie11 @kieplzzzz Good point. That’s nice ☺️ @JiminsKookie11 @kieplzzzz AHHH! Thank you! Loooovveee it. Need more 🤣🤣🤣🤣Been staring at this one all morning. About to fill in the black portions, but I do love the pastels here ✨🌈🌸✨
Retweeted by ᴮᴱGeekOutGirl⁷ @JiminsKookie11 @kieplzzzz Yes! I’d love to see them hype the boys!! No one has been able to show me such yet tho?… @kieplzzzz @elliotsang Are there videos? Cuz I’d love to see them 😆 @silvantete Lol “knotty” 😂 @silvantete So gooodddd XDDDDD so excited 😆 @KandieDiamonds @BTS_twt Thank yousss. Going to use ❤️ @jiiminluv_ 3rd/4th#BTS #방탄소년단 #BTS_BE Concept Photo
Retweeted by ᴮᴱGeekOutGirl⁷LET’S BOUNCE BACK TOMORROW ARMY! 💪🏻
Retweeted by ᴮᴱGeekOutGirl⁷How could you ever eat these 🥺🥺🥺 UNIVERSE DRAMA ‘Youth’ IS SCHEDULED TO AIR IN 2021 Actors playing the BU characters: Kim Seokjin → Seo Jihoon…
Retweeted by ᴮᴱGeekOutGirl⁷ @helloimchristy @sillypak Omfg for a second I was like “who the frick is this mean person!” 😂 @sillypak Gorgeous! @gmcantave1 ....I didn’t like that. I’ve tried listening to their songs but it’s just not my type I guess. Regardle… @CutieKat1 .......i see what you did there 🤣English is hard.*than I ever could. @herwithluv I just love the reference to midoriya too lol @jbyuIimin @WOOSNECK @yunhoestan Hmmm tbh I think they broke through a glass ceiling that none of the older groups… was neeevvveeerrrr this cute. Not even as a baby 🤣🤣🤣