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@JeremyMcLellan Hashtag blessed @JeremyMcLellan I’m just going to assume I inspired this tweet and pat myself on the backthere are so many practices I’m sad our Protestant sisters and brothers are missing out on (confession, the Euchari… @mheusser this was definitely in my mind as I wrote the tweetpriest: we begin, as always, in the name of the - me: SKIP TO THE ASHES priest: we will *not* just skip to the as… a whole bunch of people getting ready to enter the church in a handful of weeks (we’re soooo excited for you,… @ItsNotSeen bless up!Catholics who don’t usually attend mass when they hear it’s ash wednesday @FrNickOFMConv same to you!!! @DerBisonBaer niiicehappy Fat Tuesday fam, what are we eating and drinking tonight? pack it in before tomorrow’s big fast! @mrs101 that isn’t what this means I’ve had a full term non viable child he was given comfort, touch, and love be…
@SrBethanyFSP incredible @mliliedahl blocked, reported @JakeOfOnline I’m inCNN out here calling a human being who is born and alive after a failed abortion attempt a “fetus that was born” an… @TheHappyPriest @DaughterStPaul Come in July, we’ll hang out!! @anne_theriault praying for you Anneheroes @mabowes402 Respect @JeremyMcLellan a work of art @MarzipanRoses @holyheroes @ZachArbogastVO @WhatHeSaidVO @VoiceOfOBoyle So so goodYES I’m Catholic NO I just don’t blindly do whatever the church tells me take today, for example, it’s Pancake Tu… least once per day I think about Blessed James Alberione standing before his burned down printing press his ent…
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Retweeted by Tommy Tighekcups are protestant diner drip coffee sitting on the burner for six hours before you get your first pour is cath… people say accepting church teaching is like: BLESS YOU JESUS FOR THIS FREEDOM [sun shines, birds chirp] wh… @pursuedbytruth this is great @seminariancag 👏👏👏 @EpixAndroidv2 sermon on the mountICYMI a new episode of the podcast on mental health and Catholicism dropped over the weekend check it out, let me… @CatholicSmark I’m so sorrysome of the most incredible, countercultural, and challenging teachings of Christ in the Gospel today, and we get… @LaneArbor @jdflynn Communion and Liberation is a Catholic lay movement and the school of community is the weekly meetings where we gather @matthewwalther praying for you and asking our son in heaven to pray for you all and welcome your baby home @Matt_Breslin @jdflynn @seminariancag thank goodness that’s as late as I could go @Matt_Breslin @jdflynn *starts saving*
at our communion and liberation school of community this afternoon and the folks who went to New York Encounter are… @nickryan hope you enjoy it! @viverideama this is the only other acceptable interpretation @FrDanFolwaczny [looks up from pint, Guinness foam on mouth] huh? @FrDanFolwaczny nope, blocked and reportedour parish VBS has settled things once and for all, Jesus was Irish you love to see it @AutisticPriest Thanks for sharing!
as always, let me know what you thought of the episode, and send your questions/topics/saints to my DMs so I can ex… @theredoux @pghbrij @rebeccaelisab I think this is in regards to his relationship with a woman, although from my un… into the van to head to the grocery store this morning, I saw Jean Vanier’s face staring back at me from th… @jojorowyourboat @RepentSubmitCTV top momenta new SDP is in your podcast player today! 🔘 supporting a teen with mental illness 🔘 how spirituality connects wit… @JeremyMcLellan man Jeremey, I’m absolutely speechless, it’s a crushing story @FrHarrison this awful @vetamburro I’m so so sorry, heartbreaking @daniel_nour Thanks for sharing!!
@pfamilygal amazing!! @SteveMissionary post in to Twitter in two halvesperson at mass: [seeing me wearing shorts] would you dress that way if you were meeting the queen of england? me:…, good, Holy: only 5 days until Lent, better start praying about what I will do to grow closer to God during thi… @LaneArbor 😂😂😂😂😂 @DrJoshMadden totally understand my tweet can be understood that way, which was totally not my intention... @DrJoshMadden, walking into mass after finally giving in and agreeing with the trads that I should always wear my Sunday best last words of the man executed tonight for a murder he committed 35 years ago: "I'm just grateful to be a ser… @Zo_bo_fo_sho 👍👍👍 @NostromoSerg I absolutely love this so muchme: living the life, chillin, ain’t no cares in the world, looks up at the calendar on the kitchen wall and WHAT TH…
@KatiePrejean @FrGoyo is that a coconut water?!?! 😉eight out of nine reviewers handed out five stars, the only guy who didn’t is being tracked down by an Opus Dei ope… @Silverybubble it’s an impossible situation, sadlycurious coworker: I’m not sure which religion I should look into Protestant coworker: well, we have super cool wo… catholic kids having fun, flipping pancakes in the yard before the harsh penances of lent kick in, you love to… @NoviceCecilia you’re going to help so many people through your sharing we’ll be covering you in prayer! @TheHappyPriest glorious @EmMiley7 haha, thank you!
@AnthonyJobPio just a saying @TheresaZoe AWESOMEabsolutely beyond delighted to hear the Colorado House has passed a bill to replace Columbus Day with a new state… @AnthonyJobPio when you walk out of confessionno sin gang @jdflynn @kpmbyrnes “Welcome to CNA Editors Desk, the podcast that brings you screaming about baseball each and every week...” @jdflynn then there’s a magical time of year when Catholic radio and NPR have their pledge drives AT THE SAME TIME and I’m completely lost @mliliedahl @Chaseg00dman I’m dyingit’s the “don’t be noticeably nervous for your son’s first confession challenge” ... I’m losing @SteveMissionary can I stop you?
@living_wgrace I appreciate you!!! @FrDanFolwaczny I will ask this Sunday, I’m so sorry 😂😂the lack of listening is a continual problem in our church we act as though we already know another’s experience… @crousselle @matthadro @CNAnewsroom *this* is the story that has (prior to this) gone underreported I eagerly await the results @ebruenig "If when I die, I find that God does not exist, I will have been well-fooled. But I would still not regre… @PBMPublishing 😂😂😂😂planning a spring break family road trip? don’t forget the essentials: 🐡 lots of goldfish crackers 🗞 reading mat… @erin_haney how nice! all glory to God!
me, seeing all the ads for fish sandwiches as I drive around town @FrTimGrumbach you’re so welcomepriest: [celebrating mass, working his way through the Eucharistic Prayer] concelebrating priest: new episode on Catholicism and mental health dropped over the weekend check out the latest Saint Dymphna’s Playb… @srseanm 🙌🙌Them: Can you stop talking about Catholicism, even just for like 5 minutes?! Me: @TheresaZoe that’s awesome!!! @BrownedBeef thanks for listening!! @SteveMissionary cutie pies