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Tommy Tighe @theghissilent Archdiocese of San Francisco

From the desire to be retweeted, deliver us Lord.

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@spinangora fairly recent @RelapsedCath Thank you for all your prayers @LedPoet they most definitely are
@MikeCiandella @RepentSubmitCTV Beautiful @SteveMissionary I humbly submit: @anne_theriault thank you! @maryrezacfarrow digital picture frame? I’ll see if @RepentSubmitCTV can make it happen 😂😂 @HollyMarie84 @RepentSubmitCTV bless youthe year: 2039 the breaking news: archaeologists discover THIRD Corinthians and it turns out WE WERE allowed to ea… YOUR REMINDERS NOW episode three (3) of the brand new season of @RepentSubmitCTV streams live WEDNESDAY at 5 p… let’s settle this the old fashioned way me: you mean each of us prepare a sacrifice, put it on an altar wi… @KateC14 praying @frathermatt thank you @LauraKRoland thank you so much @BahlinBorgmann @tummyachebb I will continue to pray for you all and ask for my son to intercede as well @frdarryl thanks father!tomorrow is pregnancy and infant loss remembrance day and I would be forever grateful if you could offer up even… @nattypatters @SteveMissionary top tier tweet @margaret45678 @areyousurebruv @ChurchHeart 💯💯 @ItsAlways1895 Violence of love is an incredible place to startsomething to reflect on this anniversary of his canonization romero would never have become the oscar romero we kn… @living_wgrace so beautiful - I remember reading violence of love the first time around every night before bed and… @crousselle besttoday is the one year anniversary of the canonization of saint oscar romero, seen here on the beautiful oakland cat… @RelapsedCath they’re notoriously slow @franciscanmom Love it!!! @carmel_taglia I think everyone is back on! @RelapsedCath I’m readythanks again to everyone who takes the time to listen to this podcast I feel so blessed to know you and work with…
@JakeOfOnline this is incredible @HaleyCarrots damn Haley so sorry @EfficacyOfGrace he absolutely dominates @HaleyCarrots best life
@CatholicClara fair, apologies the the Scots and Welsh @peternguyenn truly, I am the one in need of being owned @nicolasohrcc @SpesScotorum amazing @peternguyenn Saint Paul: Do you not know that when you present yourselves to someone as slaves for obedience, you… @peternguyenn nope - Saint Paul refers to himself in this manner - we’re voluntary slaves my man @LongTimeConvert how dare you 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪 @connaughtwoman barelythis entire Newman conversation is missing the whole point God would never let an Englishman into heaven @tpuckrin16 Thank you so much!! @EgTwaddle true @karenmoran11 thanks so so much!! @jberlingeri @Daniel_bearman unbelievable run, my goodnessin today’s brand new episode, we talk about 🧠 intrusive thoughts 💒 how to be a good youth minister to LGBT Cathol… @ayh85 he suffered from really bad eczema toward the end of his life, so he’s a patron for skin issues @ayh85 I’ll also suggest Blessed Solanus Casey! @NoviceCecilia me, at the convent back in spring @mattswaim @frathermatt genius @FontaineFairy Beautiful @frathermatt patron saint of bowel issues
@ShaunMcAfee trying to start a thing of this becoming everyone’s header image @PrincessEva96 blessed @PrincessEva96 repent and submit on catholictv tbh @PBMPublishing beautiful @crousselle hop in the van, let’s go @FrDanFolwaczny apologies for forcing your eyes to follow the straps @ShaunMcAfee incredible Catholic energy here @janekorvemaker love to become a meme that’s used against me 😂😂very excited to announce that I have become a nun @kiwi_kuropas incredible @nunblogger @BostonGlobe @HnaMarlyn YESSSSS! @TaratheBookling @Katerintree perfect @jesseredwards THE VERY SAME BONAVENTURE! @SteveMissionary @CatholicKen @RepentSubmitCTV @CatholicTV feelin Blessed @PBMPublishing @SteveMissionary 😂😂😂😂🌹 Saint Thérèse sends you roses 🔐 Saint Anthony helps find your keys 💩 Saint Bonaventure helps you get rid of dia… @morninganna @mattswaim @SRMorning 🙌🙌🙌wondering how to bring the Catholic faith into the craziness of your daily life with all those loud screaming wonde… @drcrouchback amazing @mlynnjohnson72 thanks be to Godme: catholicism IS NOT weird also me: [celebrating today’s feast of saint john xxiii] hi @FontaineFairy All the episodes ever (including episode one) right here: 😎😎😎 @rjsleven WOW THANK YOU @marin_brown even better @Robert_in_MN @RepentSubmitCTV YASSSS @janekorvemaker I wish! @CatholicKen @RepentSubmitCTV @CatholicTV humility is a good thing 😉
this whole pope francis interview with that elderly atheist who doesn’t take notes thing absolutely called for a de…“Oh well, I’m Pope!” @jdflynn also, thanks to the previous administration, there’s a program in place to get folks free smart phones whe… prayer vs Catholic prayer ***YOU DECIDE*** . . WAIT WAIT . . that scene in Ricky Bobby is hilarious -… @JustaSoul8 amazing @krisandblynn bless you [ordering my latte] can I get a design on top? barista: of course, something fall inspired? me: I was hoping… @kararboom yes - it’s glorious @CamelMcG oh yes. And it’s wonderful @JakeOfOnline I *should* be @JakeOfOnline are we hanging out?thinking about having another baby simply to get friends to send us jack stack bbq in the mail againThank you Claire! That is so kind of you!! For anyone who has ever wanted to send in a question/topic/experience o… @jeanniegaffigan congrats!!!! @MegHunterKilmer @CatholicTV CATHOLICTV FAM RISE UP @DawnHFoster taxing milkshakes? boy am I glad we tossed out your tea and got y’all the heck outta herein a move NOBODY expected, THE VATICAN has announced their all-time starting five AND BOY IS THERE GOING TO BE SOME… @FontaineFairy and to think, Steve wrote that... @franciscanmom @janekorvemaker I sure hope so!