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@mackenziereynaa WOMAN WOMAN ARF ARF ARF AWWOOOOOOOOOOOO @Attacksx Comp is so incredibly stupid @goombba Absolute bangerHere’s our WandaVision Episode 3 shot-by-shot breakdown! Did you catch the connection between the HYDRA Soak commer…
Retweeted by TheGingerBat #MINIONMANIA2021moved on to hard carrying in fortnite with @Freddychini
Retweeted by TheGingerBat #MINIONMANIA2021I only play spike rush @TristanGHill LOL they’re acting like the flu and other seasonal illnesses don’t exist. @MikeSpray10 LMFAOOOOO F man😔LIVE🔴 Pokémon Friday night breaks Sadly I’m not home because I missed my flight. But @the_bike_jesus has that sh…
Retweeted by TheGingerBat #MINIONMANIA2021 @_A113N @ABA_Demonz Need to get shit faced with you then have unprotected sexWait wait wait, the Pokémon headquarters for the USA is in Bellevue Washington I’ll have to make a trip.FUUUUUUUCK
Retweeted by TheGingerBat #MINIONMANIA2021 @Attacksx @jack @JACK @JACK @JACK @JACKHarry is 15 and has raised more money for charity through charity streams than 99% of other streamers and Twitch ba…
Retweeted by TheGingerBat #MINIONMANIA2021AYO @Twitch so how come HighSky is still partnered hmmmmmm
Retweeted by TheGingerBat #MINIONMANIA2021And lastly please reform your current support system cause it clearly does not work, it is if there is no one to su… something I want to add is please hire staff that cares, as it stands twitch staff holds grudges and is anythin… @jacqiwi @ChromeXV TALK!!! 🗣️🗣️All I ask as a fan the old go back to your roots and truly connect with nerds and gamers al… since amazon bought it out you have been on a steep hill with out brakes. The platform has become utterly gree… @ClemensSara @eshear I beg you PLEASE make some reform with in the company you work for, the rules are outdated and… a joke man @Twitch needs a massive rework and cleansing through out the company. they and their rules are beco… Every episode of wandavision be like:
Retweeted by TheGingerBat #MINIONMANIA2021#FreeHarry @emily_mallory FOLLOW @HarryButAverage NEW TWITCH, Because of a ridiculous rule he lost his whole channel and has to start… @emily_mallory lol its me hey @emily_mallory Lol he’s pretty cute right!? @HarryButAverage Ain’t no fucking way... @TwitchSupport y’all really throwing for no reason:( @emily_mallory LMFAO WHAT @HarryButAverage I can’t believe this @emily_mallory I got a 87 the last time I took it I think lmfaoo @Layymooon @ChromeXV @gabbyrwood LMFAOOO @Layymooon @ChromeXV @gabbyrwood ??? @emily_mallory I broke it 😎 @_karsz Hell fuckin nah I HATE COMPETITIVE LMFAOOOO @notchaselyons YOURE NOT WORTHY! @gabbyrwood @ChromeXV Nah we just fuck eachother don’t overthink it!!! @ChromeXV @gabbyrwood @gabbyrwood Ahaha fuck @ChromeXV @gabbyrwood't worry bout what we talking about in the background. @gabbyrwood titanic sorry that was a bad ice breaker, hi nice to meet you im thegingerbat @gabbyrwood @ChromeXV Oh word?Almost at 1,600 nice @eavoss another clue toward grim reaper is the grim reaper pennant on agness’s necklace in the last episode!
@G00NGII It is SO GOOD @G00NGII Her kids in the comics are named the same thing they become two certain young avengers @G00NGII Wandavision lolTHEY SAID HER KIDS NAMES HOLY SHIT @BigFnDawg00 Pain @nsamsen Pain is all I know anymorethis is why video editing is pain
Retweeted by TheGingerBat #MINIONMANIA2021 @josayyc Talkin hella shit fr @josayyc What the fuck lmfaooo @Attacksx Get a job holy shit @josayyc WHY TF MY PRIV ON THERE LMFAOOOOOOI GIT TIPPED LIKE CRAZY TODAY WHOS OF AM I BUYING @mackenziereynaa Fuck valorant find your self a True GDM-69-HC-LD 78" Three Section Glass Door Merchandiser, (3) Sliding Doors, 115vWhen ever the sun and moon (no Pokémon) are out at the same time I feel like I’m in starwars😎Pretty sure I explained everything.. If yall could follow the new Twitch channel it would help out a lot 💙:…
Retweeted by TheGingerBat #MINIONMANIA2021THE RETURN OF THE ONE AND ONLY @BigFnDawg00 😈😈😈 @ChromeXV @WoahEmil HOLA PANZON!!! @TheRealBigFn Make it crimson invasion and we got a deal @saradiamond KEEP IT UP!! Just found out you had a twitter can’t wait to stay up to date!! 🙏🙏❤️💘💘💘
Retweeted by TheGingerBat #MINIONMANIA2021I have fallen in love with @saradiamond’s music. THANK YOU SARA🙏❤️ can’t wait for more!!!! @mvrcusy @ChromeXV he using my techniques!!! Look!Before I start full metal alchemist brotherhood, ima catch up in Jujutsu kaisen since its so new. Any objections? @TheRealBigFn I’ll pay you in packsTOMORROW WE HUNT FOR THE ZARD 11:00 AM PST! (2 PM EST) BE THERE OR BE SQUARE! with live ana… have to say knowing that @JeffThrow is a twitch partner but isn’t verified on Twitter hurts... we need a #VerifyJeffThrow trend
Retweeted by TheGingerBat #MINIONMANIA2021 @RealShadesMcGee I fell asleep I can’t watch till after work but I can’t wait @thevlogwasajoke We literally always use Snapchat insta dead tho @RohnJobinson Disappointed he didn’t slap your forehead... but good episode none the less! @WoahEmil Give me a spot light! @thegingerbatt tryout for the JCFC anime voice acting
Retweeted by TheGingerBat #MINIONMANIA2021 @sabpie_ Lol yohella late stream cause of work but mask off. shortish cod stream blah blah blah
Retweeted by TheGingerBat #MINIONMANIA2021 @TheRealBigFn You staying up?? @TheRealBigFn Holy shit yes please @JoeBiden no way @Mel1ph In federal way??LMAOOO
Retweeted by TheGingerBat #MINIONMANIA2021 @Layymooon @Grahamalott Already it’s not among us man @ChromeXV @yNope_ Holy shit get fucked ynope @BlastxMain @CorinnaKopf FR!!! @BlastxMain @kay6e @notoliviabee Hold on she got a point! Someone give me some orders
Retweeted by TheGingerBat #MINIONMANIA2021 @22lexi_ @Froste @22lexi_ @Froste Haverd @22lexi_ @Froste Haha I’m actualy a engelish majer! @22lexi_ @Froste Guy like me never speels wrong lol!Confirmed double homicide @Layymooon @Froste WITH MAH BALLS LALALALA @Grahamalott @Froste PLAY WITH MAH BALLS LALALALA @neekolul @Neekofanpage @notneekolul #MINIONMANIA2021 !!! woo @C9AIex If they still 400 and you got the guap for it HIGHLY recommend grabbing, that is unheard of now a days.