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he/him ~ what do u mean 'guac isn't a personality trait ~ anti-facist

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Survival at any cost.
Retweeted by Josh GlaabAll this minimum wage and $1400 checks talk reminded me of this video where Americans tried to guess how much of th…
Retweeted by Josh GlaabTed Cruz and Josh Hawley should be barred from running for president in 2024. Democracy cannot abide lawless lawmakers.
Retweeted by Josh Glaab @N0ghl @LeftAccidental It’s almost like poor people are exploited and essentially coerced into joining the military…
Retweeted by Josh Glaab @LeftAccidental Lmao, The man reaches the source of the problem and then laments the solution.
Retweeted by Josh GlaabRaising minimum wage debate in America
Retweeted by Josh Glaab(She has a pet snake)
Retweeted by Josh Glaabtherapist: "minecraft slusher tower isn't real, it can't hurt you" minecraft slusher tower:
Retweeted by Josh Glaabguess what!!!! it’s time for another binky fish sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Josh GlaabA cool person just followed me and I made a bad joke to them and they immediately unfollowed me and I just wanted t…
Retweeted by Josh GlaabThe US isn't even a country, it's just three corporations in a trench coat
Retweeted by Josh GlaabI’m a whore for office supplies
Retweeted by Josh GlaabSlavery was probably a MILLION times worse than what we think it was
Retweeted by Josh GlaabHappy birthday to my love, my partner, and my best friend. Every moment with you is a blessing. Love you, Miche.
Retweeted by Josh Glaabevery time the minimum wage comes up like 60% of America reveals that they’re apparently really worried about McDonald’s profit margins
Retweeted by Josh GlaabIf you’re still wearing a mask, washing your hands, and staying away from people, please share this because sometim…
Retweeted by Josh Glaab
Voting "no" on impeachment because insurrectionists are threatening you is the very definition of letting the terrorists win
Retweeted by Josh GlaabThe best time to buy Bitcoin is whenever they have the suicide hotline pinned in the subreddit
Retweeted by Josh Glaabevery day I get on my silly little bird app and broadcast my silly little mental illness to the world
Retweeted by Josh Glaab
@rory2kold Advanced iSpyI want this picture in every social studies text book
Retweeted by Josh GlaabA story in 3 Acts:
Retweeted by Josh Glaabthe fbi tracked down a blm protestor from an etsy purchase, but need help figuring out who was at the capitol yeste…
Retweeted by Josh GlaabApparently it’s harder to get the classes u need at college than it is to get into the captial
Retweeted by Josh Glaabthe flight attendant union wants to ban yesterday’s rioters from their flights back home and I 100% agree. Inconven…
Retweeted by Josh GlaabWell this just might be the wildest shit I’ve seen all day, and that’s saying something
Retweeted by Josh Glaab"if i support trump it doesn't mean i support his political view" THEN WTF DO U SUPPORT? HIS UPCOMING MIXTAPE?!?
Retweeted by Josh GlaabTo all parents raising young children/expecting/ttc - I know these events are leaving you feeling hopeless. But PLE…
Retweeted by Josh GlaabWoke up and Joe Biden has won the Presidency again for the 25th time since January.
Retweeted by Josh Glaab @KeIVBey @Problack4lyfe Why be shocked, these are from the generations of slave owners that twisted the Bible into…
Retweeted by Josh Glaab @KeIVBey That’s him alright 😂
Retweeted by Josh Glaab @severedhome @USAttyMcCoy Wooooow, it’d sure be a shame if this was brought to @USAttyMcCoy’s attention!! @USAO_SC
Retweeted by Josh GlaabPeople told reporters they were there to hang officials on the lawn. They wrote “murder the media” on the doors. On…
Retweeted by Josh GlaabI wish I could implant this into everyone’s brain
Retweeted by Josh GlaabMy tenant who rents my guest house told his friends to break into my house. They broke a bunch of shit but thankful…
Retweeted by Josh GlaabWe have witnessed two systems of justice: one that let extremists storm the U.S. Capitol yesterday, and another tha…
Retweeted by Josh GlaabY’all impeached Clinton for getting a blow job and lying about it but y’all can’t impeach a president that’s a LITE…
Retweeted by Josh Glaab"I don't feel sorry for congress at all. Oh, I'm sorry, did you have to hide under your desk because of guns? Wah w…
Retweeted by Josh GlaabIt keeps coming out that both former and active duty police and military from across the nation proudly participate…
Retweeted by Josh Glaabretweet if anytime between 2016 and today you called trump a fascist, nazi, or dictator, and were told you were overreacting.
Retweeted by Josh Glaabhow it started how it’s going
Retweeted by Josh GlaabLet me be very clear: the scenes of chaos at the Capitol do not represent who we are. What we are seeing is a small…
Retweeted by Josh Glaab @chipnanimus This didn't age well... Thankfully 😂😅Today, domestic terrorists attacked a foundation of our democracy: the peaceful transfer of power following free el…
Retweeted by Josh Glaabtrump might as well have ended that video with, “daddy loves u very much kitten”
Retweeted by Josh Glaabwaving the blue lives matter flag as you openly disobey law enforcement is extra cool because it illustrates how yo…
Retweeted by Josh Glaabone hundred trillion dollars on defense every year and you can just walk into the literal capitol lmao
Retweeted by Josh GlaabBiden: "This is not America." Narrator: "It was America."
Retweeted by Josh Glaab“We feel your pain. We love you. You’re special.” Did the president finally say this to those who are grieving thei…
Retweeted by Josh GlaabHey guys don't forget the small piece where trump blocked the national guard from acting to defend the capitol unti…'t today. I'm busy watching the season finale of the United States.
Retweeted by Josh Glaabraise your hand if you're embarrassed and ashamed to be an american ✋
Retweeted by Josh GlaabNo lie, I thought you would get shot for rushing the Capitol.
Retweeted by Josh GlaabWell that escalated steadily for four years.
Retweeted by Josh GlaabI cannot believe finding out Kanye west might have shagged Jeffree Starr was only like the third most insane thing that happened today
Retweeted by Josh Glaabidk taking down the American flag at the Capitol and replacing it with a Trump flag just doesn’t seem like somethin…
Retweeted by Josh Glaab
And you thought "Taking A Knee" was too much!?!
Retweeted by Josh Glaabwhy is twitter always at its funniest when the world is collapsing
Retweeted by Josh GlaabImpeach.
Retweeted by Josh Glaab is so much better than what we’re seeing today.
Retweeted by Josh Glaab
@GenceYalcin @lauraasofiaa00 Photos taken moments before disasterIdk who needs to hear this but drink that $200 perfume. There is no reason you should be in your 20s.
Retweeted by Josh Glaab
$600/365 days = $1.64 for just over $1 a day this holiday season, you could sponsor an American
Retweeted by Josh Glaab*cuddling* Me: you have beautiful eyes Gf: thx it's bc I'm crying Me: why are you crying :(((( Gf: i have sensitive…
@keithedwards This is wrong. It's more like. D: $2000 R: $0 D: $1,200 R: $0 D: $600 R: ok since you twisted our a…
Retweeted by Josh Glaab @40sqft Me trying to figure out where AOC has the ultimate power to change an entire congress voting pattern with t…
Retweeted by Josh Glaab
Nothing makes you feel invalid like when at buff person sits next to you at the gym while you're using the weights from wienie hut general
People out here swearing they would recognize russian propoganda then turn around and blame Senator Pelosi for stimulusI’m honestly very disappointed in @virginia_tech ‘s decision to not CC classes like most other unis. This semester…
Retweeted by Josh Glaab
Britain is the only country that could colonise half of the world then complain about immigrants
Retweeted by Josh GlaabGive the vaccine to Betty White, IMMEDIATELY.
Retweeted by Josh Glaab$600 isn't close to covering rent but it's enough to buy a weapon
Retweeted by Josh Glaabtwitter giving back the normal rt function as soon as we all got used to the qrt way.... my thumb has been conditio…
Retweeted by Josh GlaabMen be like: How dare you ruin my reputation by telling people things I did and said.
Retweeted by Josh GlaabMy boyfriend got his covid vaccine yesterday and I can tell you the most prominent side effect is the inability to…
Retweeted by Josh GlaabAll I do, all day, is commit crime and play Magic the Gathering. So anyway the new control deck I'm building is-
Retweeted by Josh Glaab
In this inclusive world I will be moving away from gender exclusive term "policeman" (eww m*n) to the gender inclusive "Pig"you don't say
all 3 high school musicals was just troy being like wow I got 2 many bitches & 2 many talents.
Retweeted by Josh GlaabFUCK YES IT WAS GOOD
Retweeted by Josh Glaabyou’ve heard of cliffhangers, now get ready
Retweeted by Josh Glaab @AshleyKapinos Woohoo!!!!kinda feel like fascists shooting and stabbing people while vandalizing Black churches should be a bigger story
Retweeted by Josh GlaabThat final exam is a KILLER props!
@TokyosDemons This how I'm pulling up to the jousting matchif people say small/medium/large I just don’t make a big deal about it tbh
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Retweeted by Josh GlaabTogether, we will build a world where the accomplishments of our daughters will be celebrated, rather than diminished.
Retweeted by Josh GlaabHer name is Dr. Jill Biden. Get used to it.
Retweeted by Josh Glaab
Me: Why did my alarm not go off? My alarm:
Retweeted by Josh Glaab😭😭😭
Retweeted by Josh GlaabHey the governor of Florida literally sent heavily armed cops to the house of a scientist yesterday who was whistle…
Retweeted by Josh Glaab