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Retired Janitor, efficient guitarist, pun master, notorious drunk (currently sober), bleeding heart, no DMs. Really, No DMs.

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@AnthonyKapfer I thought she saved that for when her husband was creating orphans. It’s like the fine China of her sociopathy. @jonyyz We’ve watched this movie on the tour bus 75-80 times, with & without the commentary. Always funny.But #BeBest? 🤷🏻‍♂️ @mrwarped @davenewworld_2 😂Best bird dog ever! 😂 Obama graciously hosted Melania Trump at the White House immediately after 2016 election to ensure a smoot…
Retweeted by Noodles Believes in Democracy @LindseyGrahamSC You cannot simultaneously be a champion for the most openly racist President of our lifetime, alwa… @TheRickWilson Isn’t this like saying, “Everything is gonna change on New Year’s Day?”Tropic Thunder. The director’s cut. @FirstEvil @StellaTonsberg I thought you were talking about “The Way I See It” which was the story as told through… @DMac130u Is there even a vaccine for that? @AlexChilver You mean like hibernating? What are they, bears? Cicadas? @pauldalek Hanson are not fakes. @rhythmicalexile @bronxovision @PistIdiots Marquee Moon is a great record! @PistIdiots @bronxovision 🍻 @ProtestCheese @bronxovision @PistIdiots Agreed! @leo3375 @bronxovision @PistIdiots How about @ynotrenken @bronxovision @PistIdiots @stephenmccall @bronxovision @PistIdiots You win!The New Radicals broke up? @DianaMerrifield Gangs throw gang signs.I went for a good long walk on the beach the other day & listened to @bronxovision the whole time. I did it again t… @margaraizdabest 😂 @JeffkunzeKunze @tedcruz @HawleyMO I forgot to include: #ExpelThemBoth #ExpelTheTraitorsFuck @tedcruz Fuck @HawleyMO They are traitors who put their career before the country. They’ve already helped ki…
@IanWinwood1 Agreed. The drone strikes were criminal. They’ve only gotten worse since. @FirstEvil Same. @shellgonzo 💯 @BigNasty6ohh4 💯I have to admit, at the time, I didn’t realize just how honest & decent the Obamas were. I thought they were fairly… @ThunderChckn22 @JustinDubeau91 Me either.Not everyone gets just how extremely talented, funny, & beautiful Betty White is, and always has been (the ones who… @dai_Llew88 @leftbehind33 Whatever key it is on the record is what it was recorded in. It’s been a while since I pl… @ThunderChckn22 @JustinDubeau91 😅 Some of the years blend together. I remember when & where we recorded it, but I t… are they doing this? Spector is dead. Anyway, read Be My Baby by Ronnie Spector
Retweeted by Noodles Believes in Democracy @BlakeysDaddy 100💯 @BlakeysDaddy @hellofelicia14 I drove through West Grove almost every day for the last month, and “Boy, are my arms tired!” 😂 @JustinDubeau91 One or more people might have hated that song. I might’ve heard that they were really pissed when i… @leftbehind33 @dai_Llew88 I think it’s the middle & bridge pickups. That’s what I used when I played it live. @RepMattGaetz Any who lied to the American people, tried to overturn the election, & incited the attack on the Capi… @hellofelicia14 I’ve done that. 😂 @mandrakelives Yep. And there’s no way Trump is going to pardon a single one of them because that would increase hi… @alicebasinski Apologies. That was really unfair to you. @JustinDubeau91 It was ‘97. I remember that we recorded it with Dave Jerden at El Dorado studios in Hollywood (befo… @JustinDubeau91 I don’t know for sure. I’m guessing ‘97 or ‘98. Maybe ‘99. Hang on, I’ll google it. @Messman30 @drbunnig Not yet, but it’s something we are definitely going to do. Tell your friend. @mandrakelives It’s a turboprop. Prop, as in propeller. Not a jet. Which is really beside the point but it still bu…
@Loews_Hotels Thank you for supporting the truth & democracy. @drbunnig We never have. Not yet anyway. 😃 Thanks. 🙏🏼 @ynotrenken @AnthonyKapfer So great! 😂 @dai_Llew88 Yeah, mostly Mesa Boogie. I think we recorded Smash with a rented Mark III, but bought eventually bought Mark IVs for touring. @bartdino Thank you.🙏🏼 @trebsni Exactly. @Eve6 @Vanessa76_1 @NVTaraStrong @taradublinrocks @Sky_Lee_1 @FBIWFO @DebraMessing @BillyBaldwin @Eleven_Films @BrentTerhune Yep.Her privilege and sense of entitlement is infuriating. And it wasn’t a jet! #wasntajet @nick_southwood Stones, of course.🤣🤣🤣 This is awesome! 🤣🤣🤣 @AriFleischer You lied our country into the Iraq war. You have zero credibility. None. #LiarForHire @tedcruz Go fuck yourself, traitor. #TedCruzIsATraitorTwitter. This is the guy/gal who helped crush that cop in the doorway of the US Capitol. Let’s find him. See thread.
Retweeted by Noodles Believes in Democracy @DarrellK13 😂😂😂Gimme Shelter @shellgonzo That guy’s a POS.This is the sort of dishonesty & disrespect for the military that you find in today’s @GOP, especially in the…
@Ashley87540312 @OffspringPeru I see what you did there. @assange_s My JCM 800 is pretty cool too. @ThatGirlChip 😂 @danak6jq 😱 @bananapunkz I know some guys. 😂 @Carolesca Shaman = jobless guy who lives in his mom’s basement. @realLizUSA @RudyGiuliani @danak6jq A lot of people have blown up perfectly good Plexi heads by turning the Variac knob in the wrong direction. 😱 @beagrizzly244 I told Dexter that we should design our own amps that are numbered “1234556” @bananapunkz I love it when the backs of the cabs are open and you can clearly see that they are empty. 😂😂😂 @ThatGirlChip Is that Raylan Givens? @SmokeyOwens @AnthonyKapfer That’s what I was going for. 😂“Marshall law” is trending again. 😂 is clearly NOT a jet. The plane that this idiot insurrectionist flew in is likely a Piaggio Avanti. They are g… 6th is one of those days that’s harder to process as more time passes. A neo-nazi militia smashed into the US C…
Retweeted by Noodles Believes in Democracy @McJesse Fortunately only 29% of Americans still support him. 🤦🏻‍♂️ @TheTweetOfGod Still? Even now when every day is Blursday? @AnthonyKapfer Feeling good. 🥂 @OssiArvela I used to think Presidents couldn’t be any worse than that guy. @Yeti_NYC Let alone twats. @RunningOnGo You gotta show extra devotion to deserve those perqs. @BakuraOfKulElna That would make sense.😂😂😂 me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me a hundred times and I will do anything you say,… @AnthonyKapfer @Eve6 is a failed actor, jail inmate, criminal defendant, unhinged rioter, howling nut job, treasonous twatwaffle, Cap… terms for that insurrectionist asshole are: criminal, traitor, delusional moron, shirtless idiot, consp… @skullsinconline 😂 @AnthonyKapfer @Eve6 Not anymore. 😥 @mandrakelives Yes!🤣🤣🤣 @joncoopertweets Because he couldn’t immediately contradict his hostage video, he couldn’t immediately tell his sup…