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my name is Gunther and macindaw and Supra aka yes is the goat!!!! 😈😈😈😈

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@raptvcom the kid laroi ⁉️
Retweeted by Gunther @raptvcom MGK?
Retweeted by Gunther @raptvcom I was not rockin with school but damn do i miss that shit now. I miss the old white ladys that always had… @lilyw12_ @Jezebel ohhhhh @Jezebel wtf is a terfFor the Record: I don’t Trust any politician.
Retweeted by Gunther @weluvgucci If I do that my ass getting the metal stick‼️ @MoominHuman @AwfulReddit @lilawvk You called him thin skin when he told somebody to unfollow him because that pers… @raptvcom Em cuz im more lyricist and his wordplay is phenomenal @kiragoat Bitches down bad when they retweetin their own shit @MoominHuman @AwfulReddit @lilawvk Seek help. Putting politics over human life is discusting.
if a nigga held a gun to my head and asked me to spell anoggaration tell my mama i love her
Retweeted by Guntherinstagram vs twitter on inauguration day 💀
Retweeted by Gunther @kiragoat mfs down bad on this app fr
Retweeted by GuntherHow it started: How its going:
Retweeted by Gunther @panav_gogte @Officialj0nn @NFL bro as a fellow jets fan we have absolutely no right to speak until we genuinely do… @TheElementalDj @ohnePixel Actual Pepega @third_artifact Welcome to twitch
@baronchanandler @minty4resh @marsbarslices @dabronxstreetz @KEEMSTAR Damn motherfucking right @marsbarslices @dabronxstreetz @baronchanandler @KEEMSTAR It's a joke Sarah, relax before you get a aneurysm. @dabronxstreetz @baronchanandler @marsbarslices @KEEMSTAR @MatyBoy1998 @4dheem @KEEMSTAR imagine being 21 and being more immature than 16 year olds on this app. @justinwalker100 @Angel07409310 @leafy_is_alive @KEEMSTAR @Aeroen3 @its_menieb @FortniteGame If you round up 52 seconds it’s about a minute. And it’s twitter nobody has to a… @wannabekiraaa @9Cosij @JrWave19 Since we bit into that nasty ass burger Wendy’s on top @Boorrreeed @JrWave19 @54boogy @MixupJah @SamjaySJ well he was saved by a cop do what you expect him to hate em?
@crimsyrn @NeoParzival829 @renqueenb @Oink28278898 @Static_Shxck @klartilkamp @Bluestonekluts @_Enclair_ @REALMizkif YOU REACHED 1 mill
@espn Not a browns fan but gotta give it to them. They were beast this season @CDx05 @isitgrayorgrey @MrPacker12 @CMG_2015 @Officialj0nn @Chiefs Quite well @syn4ack @sennyk4 @REALMizkif Syn4ck @yamomshouse412 @Zul719 @sidthecreator @Browns I'm a chiefs fan i'm happy @Zul719 @sidthecreator @Browns How come you didnt answer his question? @gustoshadow21 @JrWave19 @LilNasX yeah he got a boyfriend already @snyyrid @StarStruckWRLD @BHARDD3 @KwaGodBrown @CoachFoster_ @getnickwright Exactly. Garret did a good job chasing him down… @akaAced ⁉️ @MOckZyyy_ @iceinmyveins023 @KEEMSTAR Bro jinxed they ass @SwellGuyTweets @ImLiteralLarry1 @espn I believe it is. @NFL @packers @BuffaloBills I think that the browns vs chief game will be close but the chiefs would end up winning… @MOckZyyy_ @iceinmyveins023 @KEEMSTAR LOL caught in 4K @wilddbrat @Dylan12460779 @CrimsenS @TSpirit101 Oh shit she was a minor? And everyone is spread child porn rn⁉️⁉️⁉️ @raptvcom Slim Jesus ⁉️⁉️ @ChubbXHunt @NFL on god from a chiefs/raiders/titans fan @Sheeprampage @raptvcom “Every kid saying mid laroi are pressed a kid 2 years younger then them makes more than the…
Retweeted by Gunther @_frostedlol_ @raptvcom they’re coming
Retweeted by Gunther @PaulSteveSamuel I believe that you should be able to own a handgun, or a semi automatic legally registered rifle f… @wilddbrat @Dylan12460779 @CrimsenS @TSpirit101 Isn’t she 18 @6IX2SHIESTY @Kytalksjets @isaiahdakid4 @Jets_OClock @Prez @RamsNFL No the jets are an actual joke. I was a jets fa… @zaay07 @DomQ18 @LilOxbig @ravensflockNYY @SportsCenter @Prez I didn’t know people could be this upset over football @piethrouer Political shit and then I quit because my mind was slowly deteriorating @zaay07 @DomQ18 @LilOxbig @ravensflockNYY @SportsCenter @Prez We know @Kytalksjets @6IX2SHIESTY @isaiahdakid4 @Jets_OClock @Prez @RamsNFL LOL He is so salty rn god damn @certifiedthunda @glockcheese @PlayoffJimmyB @Prez @RamsNFL Literally fans of every time is here after this tweet w… @zaay07 @LilOxbig @DomQ18 @ravensflockNYY @SportsCenter @Prez And everyone enjoyed the Seahawks getting smacked but… @ath7430 @SportsCenter @Prez W
@Dev_Hollow @RottenTomatoes And fnaf was never where you were hunting them either which is a dope idea that’s why I was excited @Dev_Hollow @RottenTomatoes I have and played all of them except that weird one that had like cute machines. I just… @JP87387362 @alkalijuez @Keionisbored @Cristianreb786 @needleman80 @Jamie4Hillary @AP death is 1trillion times better than life in prison @BleacherReport @brgridiron I hope this game is good im looking forward to all these games @thakidnev @RegularShowCart @weluvgucci @xaneiys he down bad bro we lost him @HialStann @RottenTomatoes Ohhhh lol @HialStann @RottenTomatoes wait how is it related isnt this just some going into fnaf and killing the machines? @HialStann @RottenTomatoes Idk what watchmen is
@RottenTomatoes Can't fucking wait this is actually a good idea with the they're stuck in there with him shit @Apocasbarb @HazeSimps @diorwelks Bitch what you just say⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️ @Jd85100773 @PornhubLs Its south korea cuz North korea is under communism which wouldnt allow them to have a lot of food im pretty sure
@Erobb221 what I saw on a flight today @stevenspohn reeses puffs
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Retweeted by Gunther @zOOpygOOpert @Leolaserbolt @RelGlxry @coofcough @witch__of__luck @switch1e_swoof Word @Ahmoar No problem dude hope you get better @Ahmoar Just relax and mute this app. Maybe play some chill video games or hang out with friends and family. Stay s… u dont nigga I screenshotted that shit 😭😭
Retweeted by Gunther @raptvcom bro who tf is LISTENING TO KID LAROI
Retweeted by Gunther @Jxrxvn @ErenLenox @goon4brezzzy @raptvcom i can that shit ass
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@Asmongold Hey asmond I wish you good luck and you should take this well deserved break. We’ll be here for you when…
@Gdrivemp4 @vinaamii_ @Adam_1807 @nevermissess @CriminalTweetss that nigga 100% wanna suck his dads dick talking bout incest isnt extreme @jrena55 @fAWkShiEt @mayahiga6 @REALMizkif oh damn @fAWkShiEt @mayahiga6 @REALMizkif prob cuz its texas and its hot as hell outside @ariessqc is this...
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@macindaw37 Hbd @iam_headhxncho @21savage Now this part had me on the floor 😭😂
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@ariessqc After all this yes About me : massive cock @downbadpatrol Fine bitch you ain’t gonna get no notesThey’re really having a ranked game of siege down in the capital building aren’t they?
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@GizzleCS @ZinkkyVEVO Np @HoagsDeath @Meandmyfourfive @Ace_72x @biigwes_ he probably gonna get caught up soon tho @GizzleCS @ZinkkyVEVO Congats man! @LennyBrown81 @johndebrum @jpafootball but supposedly she was playing around with other dudes so it might even be his @JMMerryt @LightControl2 @RTNtoPornoChic @ThePrintIndia @tdeoll Its just fear mongering though. They can just say m… @iam_fxbx_ @Wangxiu2 @ThePrintIndia @tdeoll No its just that avian flu has a 60% fatality rate
@REALMizkif So that’s why you aren’t live yet @Utd_Ezzy @ResortR6 @1Cheif_ @Blaz3Curse @Uliifn @sonofkina @albert12798 I’d rather have that over the cringe anime pfp @rex110705 @UnsatiatedBlood @KEEMSTAR Word dog I barely had symptoms but I had to chill in my room for hella long @ResortR6 @1Cheif_ @Blaz3Curse @Uliifn @sonofkina @albert12798 Doesn’t take away from being a meme?