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Hopper, Venkman, Guacamole, Chief Brody, St. Patrick, Maggie😇, Riley😇, Queso😇, Jasmine😇, Swizzle😇

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@lindazunas @TheSimmonsCDA Overall he’s good. Doesn’t seem homesick but it almost always takes a couple weeks for h… @lindazunas @TheSimmonsCDA Sweet and playful but still settling in @callmecarm For both of these, all that matters is that it tastes good. Adjust everything until you think it’s delish ! @callmecarm For Mexican street corn, mix 1/2 c Mayo, and handful of chopped cilantro, a couple ounces of crumbled c… @callmecarm Oh I have both! The alioli is easy. 5 cloves of garlic, 1 egg and 1 yolk, and a little canola oil in a… @TheSimmonsCDA Great! @AnnieGRuns @GuacWithTwoLegs OMG ST. PATRICK CAKE 😭😭😭 @TheGoldenRatio4 my friends made me an early-birthday-celebration cake shaped it like St Patrick and I didn’t even…
Retweeted by The Golden RatioToday’s snaps. Full video 10 minute on YouTube @okyeahthatworks @KellyTheVet @IvePetThatDog I told GR dad that this means we need a 7th dog
@TheMusicWitch @darth @dog_rates @DrGitpaws #destroy @_RachelleAndrea It’s still in hiding! She will get it tomorrow! @JohnRush32 @failedinsomniac @dogfather @jenrunswithdogs @bunsenbernerbmd So much petting! @zarchasmpgmr @IngoBurghardt @MariowithanA Yes! Time for Ingo to take a road trip to bring back Coconut the Golden… @GuacWithTwoLegs COCONUT MAKES THE CUT! @sd0ls @LSegersin @IngoBurghardt @MariowithanA Every day is dog day, monday, tuesday, wednesday... @PAVGOD @dog_rates it do @PAVGOD @dog_rates 😭 @IngoBurghardt @MariowithanA b̶a̶d̶ GOOD @erinyadigg @IngoBurghardt Maybe my new mission should be to put a tiny santa hat on a key west chicken @ChrisPass570 ok @AndreaBrynne Not a lot of snoring in our house, actually! Occasionally little ones, but we have a quiet squad @MariowithanA Hey @IngoBurghardt - we need 1 more dog to match their 7 @sanjosebarbie73 @Lee4ever2 @darth TEAM FIRE! (Though there is a Team Meatball and St Patrick is an enthusiastic memeber!) @sanjosebarbie73 @Lee4ever2 @darth We feel the same way. 9 was the shelter's guess, but we think definitely in the teens @sonik0909 @maryann_jamison 🤣Coconut joining swim team practice this morning 🥥 @ceciliaofbruns1 He eats when he feels like itToday’s snaps. Full video on YouTube @kristenctweets @BlairBraverman @JanaKay4 if they are raw, team sliced is still team cronch! @amandolinwind Just the arm, but yeah @HannahRCoster Jose Andreas. Follow his directions precisely and it turns out BEAUTIFULLY! @JohnRush32 @thotsofdoglol maybe your dogs don't text you because they don't love you enough, john. I get texts fro… @thotsofdoglol me, literally every day- phone: BING!!! me: who the hell is texting me?!?! me, looking at phone: oh!!! awesome!!! @workofaudrey the grönlid! we have it in both houses and love it! @Jennasequa96 @VenkmanDog she has reached her goal weight and is maintaining it nicely!
@bridgetobm @IngoBurghardt That’s a great one! @darth we made cronchy potato for dinner tonight. They were delish! Thank you for the recipe. St. Patrick got a cou… @Hemismolt @RhondaM19141869 I was having this exact debate in my head a week ago. Does the number change when we ge… @newsies_forever @jenrunswithdogs @IngoBurghardt always @christinelizzie They aren’t around little kids much at all but hops definitely loves them @RhondaM19141869 6! @zarchasmpgmr NICEYou’re guac, baby. Guac. 🥑 @apastelpearl it's so good!!!!!! @JoeyRamp @nelsondeb1225 @sampson_dog seems to have been totally deleted rather than just suspended like we were? N… @sumarcam We usually do week-to-week checkins, so we'll have an update on Tuesday! @rdemetzensky He just lets me put them on!Today’s snaps 💛💛💛💛💛💛 @RobynProctor1 he's fine! Tried to eat more stuff today lol
@CNC_26 @TanaWeingartner Just the left arm! @avocadosnumber3 Thank you!For our running pals… @IzzRocket @MorikoGray we're working on first teaching him "leave it" (which he's learning pretty well). then it's… @EMorETon47 I think the age difference is too big for brothers (10 vs 3), but could defintiely be related. There ar… @Abbierightthere @StPatrickDog he gets a prescription canned food that we usually have to roll into balls, cover wi… @innerspacegirl thank you! @jencoleslaw seems fine! @MykaRaymond SAME @Lee4ever2 i too wondered about this! they let me inspect the puke and it turns out he ripped it into pieces and swallowed them separatelyCBGB (left) and voodoo (right): a study guide @via_tasen @jengolbeck Omg thank you 🥰 @HannahRCoster I got it cut like 6 weeks ago for the first time in a while! @balmofgilead @TanaWeingartner 😂 @LKSWISCO They should work in the YouTube app @crissik Thank you 🥰 @Beezy_Bee18 Thank you 💛💛💛💛💛💛 @ltgaylor Thank you!! @Minetoknow1 Thank you! @sanjosebarbie73 Definitely team foreign object @MorikoGray He allegedly ate stuff at his old house, too. Lack of training and a habit of entertaining himself with…’s snaps. Full video on YouTube @TanaWeingartner He’s fine! Puked up the sweatshirt and we are on our way home! @tamimarieb CHURRO
@asta_fish 100% allowed @PAVGOD For GR Dad @IngoBurghardt it is Maslow. he's always sitting next to me and then he goes LOOK AT HIS LITTLE FACE!!! @CherylLPoe @JohnRush32 we allow it! @JohnRush32 👀 @go_phetch lol no kidding! they are everywhere down here, including in our lawn, so we've gotten pretty good at getting them out! @sonik0909 LOL coincidence! @Kristin__Purdy @mick_holohan i mean, all signs point to yes, but we still have until November 30 before anything is decided! @karanssh yep it's cb @asta_fish INFINITE HAPPY ÁSTA! @mick_holohan CBGB! @AoifeLora One easy way to tell going forward is that Voodoo has bright white teeth because he's still young! CB's… @AoifeLora This is CBGB! @asta_fish INFINITE HANDSOMEWeekend vibes 🌼 @jonnysun Johnny "Thucydides" SunThe part of my brain that needs sleep vs the part of my brain that needs to keep doom scrolling @JohnRush32 #postCovidPlans @CLE2CapeCod I was anticipating a flood of concern trolling (mostly from people who don't normally follow us) but shockingly got *none* @stlbf @IngoBurghardt Omg no but he definitely looks like a weißwurst! @tangotime92 We used to just do cronches but queso wouldn’t eat them. That how we ended up with roasties! @shendrix1616 Oh yes! Definitely pet Insurance! @wokabaut_meri We just get them from amazon or chewy @skendall97 THINGS ARE A LITTLE CHAOTIC RIGHT NOW @JuliaSlater_ It’s good!