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Khalid @thegreatkhalid El Paso, Texas

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We caught up with Khalid (@thegreatkhalid) for a rare interview to talk about... » his new contest with @Reebok »…
Retweeted by KhalidIt’s going to be an epic event, with extraordinary guests – like @thegreatkhalid! Don’t miss it: a whole new Galaxy…
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One year ago, we lost 23 lives. We gained 23 angels. #ElPasoStrong Music: @thegreatkhalid
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:')thank you so much @vmas @MTV !!!!
pop songwriter of the year 😭😭😭 thank u @bmi !!!!
@AbbieAcciari 🥺brb working on an album
RIP Naya Rivera 💔Congratulations to all of the @BMI Pop Awards winners this year! Special shout out to songwriter-producer…
Retweeted by KhalidMajor congratulations are in order for our #BMIPopAwards Songwriters of the Year, @thegreatkhalid and @postmalone.…
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Be Like That with @kanebrown & @SwaeLee out now 🤟🏾
Be Like That with my bros @kanebrown & @SwaeLee dropping this friday! pre-save here:
Experience Lyric Video // Tomorrow 9AM PST @thegreatkhalid @sglewis_ 🕺🏾
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@arigbyuh This is dope!!! thank you!!
. @spotify 🥵🤎 @thegreatkhalid @SGLewis_
Retweeted by Khalid @6LACK miss you bro!!!!! @thegreatkhalid shits just weird is my response to 90% of the shit i see on here 😂
Retweeted by KhalidThank you!!!! 🥺 guy literally answered a text & for the love of the music, hopped on a song with an independent artist. That k…
Retweeted by Khalidsomeone ripped out my earring and my hole closed 😭😅 @Rachelle_JL love you! @thegreatkhalid you literally made me feel so welcomed there!! i felt like i was hanging out with some friends and…
Retweeted by Khalid...yeah 💀 @amyadesokan the perfect dynamicaf!!!! 😭😭😭 you twice was probably one of my most memorable moments that I will forever cherish, each time you made it…
Retweeted by KhalidShhhh 🤫 @thegreatkhalid u talked to me like u were my best friend
Retweeted by KhalidAlways!!😢 before the show! when the worlds not ending anymore try to!!! @thegreatkhalid Omg omg omg omg I love love love you so much I can't breath omg I'm cryin😭💕💕💕💕💕
Retweeted by KhalidWe have to!!! wish we could do like a movie day/night or something! something more interactive instead of just seei… you guys are being safe out here!!See you soon!!! too!’s mine!! haha! s/o 1 year anniversary of the first day on my first arena tour! this the free spirit van now 🥺 @joelissiah love you bro @eve_hersh Love uHappy birthday!!! a min tbh! 😚 what 😭 I took an edible and then I was good tho lol tried to eat a burger like a dumb ass 💀 2 hours it felt like they ripped my tongue apart and put it back together is key u, remember I saw you at that club LMAOOO I was nervous af! I had to see everything he was doing 💀 @Erikuhhhhhhhhh yeah I wasn’t even going at you! Was just referencing everything so sorry about that!!😭😭😭😭💀 eyes wide open wasn’t referencing that tweet! some comments were funny, someone said I looked like I came from GameStop I’m like… of the time I wear what I wore all day on stage at a show, I really just be chillin frfrShits just weird!!! I still can’t believe we pulled off a shoot in a couple hrs in the middle of a pandemic while studios + stylin…
Retweeted by KhalidVictoria, words can’t describe how thankful I am for you!!!! You are truly an angel! Needed you in my life! your self esteem. Y’all don’t know what people go through behind closed doors. Everybody ain’t perfect, and…’all want people to be everything but themselves, I don’t gotta wear the finest clothes. I don’t gotta be driven a… didn’t have shit in my closet to wear, went through my clothes for an hour. I knew I was going to be underdressed. I still pulled up tho!I came to the shoot as myself and what I felt comfortable in. I understand I’m an awkward person but I don’t gotta… get it, but y’all don’t know what goes down behind the scenes. We shot the cover 2 weeks ago in quarantine. I cam… for all the love for Experience 🖤 @VictoriaMonet @SGLewis_ first song I was listening to when I woke up was #experience and I WAS FEELING IT. this collab fits perfectly t…
Retweeted by Khalid✨✨ @VictoriaMonet and @thegreatkhalid team up on their summer-ready jam "Experience" Listen:…
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WOWWWW THANK YOU SO MUCH @spotify this is a DREAM!!!🤎😍 @thegreatkhalid @SGLewis_
Retweeted by KhalidHappy Juneteenth 🤎love this collab so much
Retweeted by Khalid“EXPERIENCE” with @thegreatkhalid and @SGLewis_ out now!!!!🕺🏾🤎✨ I love this song! Comment your thoughts below •…
Retweeted by Khalid @SGLewis_ @VictoriaMonet you’re the best bro!!!!‘Experience’ - @VictoriaMonet ft @thegreatkhalid & yours truly ✨ Super proud to be a part of this record - how insa…
Retweeted by KhalidI needed dis
Retweeted by KhalidI love it I LOVE IT
Retweeted by Khalidthis song makes me wanna go roller skating ⁦@VictoriaMonet⁩ ⁦@thegreatkhalid⁩
Retweeted by Khalidtheir voices just blend so perfectly together @VictoriaMonet @thegreatkhalid
Retweeted by Khalid😢🤎😭 🤎 out now @VictoriaMonet @SGLewis_ 🌛! hours left 😬
Retweeted by Khalid @SGLewis_ @VictoriaMonet bro me neither 😭less than 12 hours @VictoriaMonet @SGLewis_ 😶
this why we need an edit button!!!, @SGLewis_ my bad 😭😭🤎🖤 Friday 6/19 “Experience” with @victoriamonet and @sglewis 🌛✨🤎Friday🤎✨
Retweeted by Khalid🤎 can’t wait @VictoriaMonet
@thegreatkhalid @SGLewis_ 😌✨🕺🏾🤎
Retweeted by Khalid @SGLewis_ ready? 🤎
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Retweeted by KhalidYUP @VictoriaMonet @SGLewis_ 🗣
surprisingly... I’m good? the pain is coming now but ima hold it down 💀 got a milkshake 😋
update: getting my tongue tie surgery today I’ll let you know if that mf hurt 💀💀💀.@thegreatkhalid's "Talk" has now spent a full year on the Adult R&B Songs chart (No. 8 this week).
Retweeted by Khalid🤎 ALMOST TIME😭🎶✨
Retweeted by Khalidcan’t wait @VictoriaMonet 🤎
thank you!!! 💞