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Praise the gods that have summoned us | 18 | Priv: @totalprivate | Discord - Total#4125

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@Propxniqity @RinSessh Late term abortion @Propxniqity @RinSessh Oh hell no @RileyKizu :) @RileyKizu Hopefully :3 @Propxniqity @RinSessh Tf did I just witness 🗿I’m safe :3 @SlikSimpsRin Issei? @stoopy_kagami @Fucciitt Who tf… @A_Vermillion_ Sure @monkeydgoat Bet @EngulfedShadow Bleach @CEOofBlue Gm Blue @xofien1 Gm Xo @Sou_Shinomiya I mean you ain’t wrongIf this tweet reaches 1K likes I’ll make this my pfp for a week
Retweeted by Total @Vixaria44 @Sou_Shinomiya W @monkeydgoat Me :3 @Sou_Shinomiya Gm Sou @RailgunFan1 Gn Jason @Nairoda1 Same with you homes @UrPrettyGal_ Even better @SoIdiots Si @UrPrettyGal_ Gm someone’s looking extra SUBMISSIVE AND BREEDABLE today :3 @SoIdiots @Nairoda1 Gm Nai @thebettermenace :3 @KirinVI Gm Art @LinZReoPriv_ Ty :3 @SlikSimpsRin Gm Slick @LinZReoPriv_ I mean I wanna read this so don’t spoil… @LinZReoPriv_ @Propxniqity Horny @LinZReoPriv_ @Isaiahzayzay171 @Propxniqity @SerenMEOWty That’s a convo for the priv account :3 @Propxniqity @LinZReoPriv_ Even more then me jesus @Isaiahzayzay171 @LinZReoPriv_ @Propxniqity @SerenMEOWty I have my opinions on shit like pronouns but I’m gonna kee… @Isaiahzayzay171 @Propxniqity @LinZReoPriv_ @SerenMEOWty Tbf I wish I didn’t know half the shit that I do… @LinZReoPriv_ @Propxniqity @Isaiahzayzay171 @SerenMEOWty Yup @xofien1 😐 I’m surprised @LinZReoPriv_ @Propxniqity @Isaiahzayzay171 @SerenMEOWty Tbf I think I’ve seen the flag before @Propxniqity @LinZReoPriv_ @SerenMEOWty 🥺 @xofien1 Ty - 2021? @EngulfedShadow Kinky @LinZReoPriv_ @Propxniqity @SerenMEOWty I win @hummyvibes Gn HB @LinZReoPriv_ @Propxniqity @SerenMEOWty I just did what you gonna do?! @iAviTokyo Gn Bry @LinZReoPriv_ @Propxniqity @SerenMEOWty …….. @LinZReoPriv_ Not gonna name drop people I would bark for @LinZReoPriv_ @Propxniqity @SerenMEOWty @LinZReoPriv_ @maaruf90491873 There are a few options @LinZReoPriv_ @Propxniqity @SerenMEOWty Yee I didn’t know there was a flag for straight people @Propxniqity @LinZReoPriv_ @SerenMEOWty Tbf I didn’t either XD @Propxniqity @LinZReoPriv_ @SerenMEOWty CULT! @LinZReoPriv_ NO THE WORD FORMER! @monkeydgoat Gm Bangers @LinZReoPriv_ Good @monkeydgoat @jackedgeniusisI That explains it xD @sailorcherryyy Uhm…I see pink… @leviKyojuro @monkeydgoat That’s good :3 @monkeydgoat Omw to school so alright yourself? @Propxniqity @LinZReoPriv_ @SerenMEOWty XD and Ty :3 @Propxniqity @LinZReoPriv_ @SerenMEOWty HELLO! @A_Vermillion_ 🗿 @Propxniqity @LinZReoPriv_ @SerenMEOWty XD @LinZReoPriv_ @Propxniqity @SerenMEOWty Si @A_Vermillion_ Don’t spoil anything…pls @Propxniqity @LinZReoPriv_ @SerenMEOWty You know that I’m not straight right? @Propxniqity @LinZReoPriv_ @SerenMEOWty HEY BESTIE!!! @LinZReoPriv_ The former part of my message read the sentence @LinZReoPriv_ @Propxniqity @SerenMEOWty @LinZReoPriv_ The former part… @Propxniqity @LinZReoPriv_ @SerenMEOWty Tbf it is :3 @Propxniqity @LinZReoPriv_ @SerenMEOWty Straight? @LinZReoPriv_ @Propxniqity @SerenMEOWty I just did @LinZReoPriv_ @Propxniqity @SerenMEOWty No comment @Propxniqity @LinZReoPriv_ @SerenMEOWty Hello 👋 @LinZReoPriv_ I noticed some in that sentence aswell… @Propxniqity @LinZReoPriv_ @SerenMEOWty I’m grabbing popcorn @LinZReoPriv_ @Propxniqity @SerenMEOWty ;3 @nixruu Np homes and congrats again :3 @LinZReoPriv_ I noticed some grammatical errors in my former message but let’s ignore them XD @LinZReoPriv_ @Propxniqity @SerenMEOWty I waved at you dumbfuck @livscafe Gn liv @LinZReoPriv_ @Propxniqity @SerenMEOWty It’s a wave… @nixruu Ey congrats nix 🎉🎉🎉 @LinZReoPriv_ I don’t meant what you typed Rinz I meant the pic :3 @Propxniqity @LinZReoPriv_ @SerenMEOWty Si @LinZReoPriv_ @Propxniqity @SerenMEOWty o/ @Propxniqity @LinZReoPriv_ @SerenMEOWty I always lurk when I don’t sleep :3 @LinZReoPriv_ Bit of an overstatement but it’s something along those lines @_KuroiRyu_ :3 @Propxniqity @LinZReoPriv_ @SerenMEOWty Friendly fire? @EngulfedShadow 🗿 @BloodyHedonist Gn Ty
@CEONinoSimp :3 @brausblood You heard me pussy 😹
Retweeted by Total @EngulfedShadow :3 @sonofkojiro It is :3 @__Poke___ Eyo congrats Poke 🎉🎉🎉