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@Damian_Barr @theipaper 🙌
@evilniamh @theipaper Thanks for reading! It might be a tough watch for you, if I’m honest, but there may be some c… @googlyeyecat @theipaper I couldn’t tear myself away.I wrote for @theipaper about Russell T Davies’ dazzling, heartbreaking It’s a Sin – a reminder that everything has…
Retweeted by Justin Myers (away) @DanielBregman That's lovely to hear, thank you! @wordsbyverds @theipaper Thank you! And I honestly don't think you'll be able to help yourself – it's gripping. @pennyb Cheers! @Nat_Jamieson @alexander_olly Cheers! And yes they’re all terrific. @iamheatherh @theipaper There are also moments of great joy – which makes it all the more poignant really. @alice @QueerlyRadio @theipaper A mess tbh. But I should also say, it’s sexy and funny too. @CharlieEdmunds @theipaper No, it’s cool! I hadn’t noticed the italics and loss of ampersand. Have emailed them. Thanks for spotting! @jpshaddock @CharlieEdmunds @theipaper No I see it now; I think it’s because they’ve italicised Years and Years lik… @CharlieEdmunds @theipaper I don’t understand – he’s the singer and most recognisable face from the band. Is that not a frontman? @_emilyoram Thank you! It’s truly brilliant. @Cmacf76 @theipaper Thank you, Colin @alimkheraj I feel like I held my breath the entire five hoursI watched all five episodes in one night and couldn’t sleep a wink for thinking about it. A must-watch.I wrote for @theipaper about Russell T Davies’ dazzling, heartbreaking It’s a Sin – a reminder that everything has…
@oneofthosefaces 💖💖💖I love Grace’s writing; it’s thoughtful, energetic, funny, and unmissable.
In this week's @guardian Blind Date: chaos. My review:
Retweeted by Justin Myers (away) @allysinyard @guardian Hahaha @lacatchat 🙌 @charliejburness @guardian 💖In this week's @guardian Blind Date: chaos. My review:
@petstarr Thanks for reading! My official line on +10 is that it does not exist!Midnight.
I love George Michael and Wham and Last Christmas but I kind of *never* wanted it to get to Number 1 – I quite like…
@narrowboatlucy And to you! @Jennychambles Just as the music switches to Prussian techno. @Jennychambles Maybe they think there’s no way the next one can be as bad as the last. They’re wrong. @Jennychambles I was talked into it over a period of about four months. I didn’t even have the energy to gloat after. @Jennychambles They are always so terrible! @narrowboatlucy Oh my God. You didn’t. @tom_usher_ Cheers Tom! Here’s to ‘21! @wordsbyhadley I was very sceptical even back then but I caved to peer pressure @rachelkennedy84 A boat is possibly the worst place to take drugs other than at a funeral. @SparklyJuliette Life before Uber was another world.I have never been so glad to get to a grotty after party in my life (after an hour of trying to get a cab on Waterl… New Year’s Eve 2005 I went to a boat party with a load of friends, sailing up and down the Thames getting off ou… @JulieannaElsey 🙏 @CazzaBazza Haha @rhysss_ I love a canapé what can I say @Raven__Smith Hahaha @Leulah Thank you! Happy New Year to you too! @justinionn It would be nice to be able to see through the glass though, eh? @ohchrissavidge The scrapings off my oven door make up 73% of the AstraZeneca vaccine(I am not having a party but I do like very small versions of high-carb foods when it’s a special occasion.)I was going to take a photo of all my party food gently warning up in the oven but my oven door looks like Alexander Fleming’s petri dishEvergreen. remember reading that you’re more likely to die during the lottery draw than actually win it, so I dropped a five… @muddlinleigh That’s the one! @muddlinleigh I really loved living in Leith. I used to live above The Pond pub, do you know it? @muddlinleigh Dalry, then Leith!Ten minutes! Over on my Instagram! Come join me and my festive rollneck. @muddlinleigh Thanks for reading! And, yes, when I eventually lived in Edinburgh, I never went near the street party! @_rhysthomas_ That’s kind of you to say, thank you! @CasparSalmon Hahaha @CasparSalmon God, how weird – I was thinking of this a couple of days ago, out of nowhere. (Well, I was watching t… @_rhysthomas_ Thanks for including this in your list – some great pieces there! @tom_aram Thank you! @nickd41 Ah, thanks! @gpb1979 @rudemrlang That's just fan-made video from outtakes of series 1 I believe @gpb1979 @rudemrlang That's a fan-made graphic I thinkIf you're not a fan of the post, maybe join me anyway – you might like my jumper. @gpb1979 @rudemrlang No they never made one sadly :(If you're a fan of this post, which I tweet out every NYE, then join me on Instagram at around 5:20pm (after Top of… you know what I’d love 2021 to bring? A second series of Nighty Night! Can’t believe they never made another one…
Retweeted by Justin Myers (away) @RachaelParkman Haha. I think they’re still good characters – just arseholes. @EranE1980 Haha. Maybe it needs a leopard print coat to be fully effective. @cincodemayoMike I know! I wonder why they didn’t?I won’t do a rundown of my greatest hits of 2020 but my favourite thing I wrote this year is this love letter to th…
Retweeted by Justin Myers (away)Thinking of Joan today.
Retweeted by Justin Myers (away) @lpcomms @BritishGQ Thanks for reading!“‘Sorry for the delay in responding,’ I lie, after making someone wait overnight for a reply that had all the urgen…
Retweeted by Justin Myers (away)
@KerryCurl_ @thatkat He’s not a nice person. @MDRBrown Oh God! What was he like? @rossilovesyou Hahahaha!“‘Sorry for the delay in responding,’ I lie, after making someone wait overnight for a reply that had all the urgen… @Sometimes_Sybil Oh that’s interesting – I wonder if that’s a company wide feature? Am only too happy to discover any redeeming features! @MarkC_OFlaherty Oh that is quite a depressing one. @MarinaOLoughlin Hahaha! 😘 @MarinaOLoughlin 🔪🔪🔪 @olderthanthou @MarinaOLoughlin I do feel sorry for the staff – they do their best with what's available to them“No doubt Martin regrets closing all the company’s social media accounts. With no social channels or Brexit-fellati… I cannot stand that horrible fucking pub chain: is brilliant. @wordsbyhadley Happy birthday Hadley! ❤️ @ben_cameron Sorry to hear this Ben. ❤️ @LangLinsay The nineties – what can I say? (I had that haircut for a while. 😬)
@LangLinsay Hahaha. Ooh God no I was definitely more into Miles.Once you see Cookie Monster, you can’t unsee it.
Retweeted by Justin Myers (away) @spacedlaw Some good baubles here! And some good Joans! @nthnashma ‘I Was Here’ DNA is the strongest of them all @swlondrob Haha thank you @dartacus Hahaha excellentDiverse costume drama casting beauty standards White men - random from bus stop Black men - catwalk model Asian men - *404 not found*
Retweeted by Justin Myers (away) @mobeenakhan Haha same. @olly_richards I went to the cinema to see it on a whim expecting very little but left it a confirmed Kate B stan.