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Catholic priest, aspiring Batman, nun supporter, media enthusiast, coffee lover, Pauline fanboy, bacon apologist. // @AlberioneProj co-founder

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@goingblondzo Get that Divine Mercy here @kaitbagley @noordinarysocks What? I’m agreeing with you 😏 @kaitbagley @noordinarysocks Start with daggers and rapiers as they growIt occurs to me at a rather late date that if we had enough religious vocations, I’d be out of a job. Honestly, th…
Retweeted by Fr. Cassidy StinsonHearing confessions and absolving sins is still just so dang coolHappy feast of St. Nick @HaleyCarrots A likely storyWe go old-fashioned for some of our media distribution here at Bede was so sleepy writing this tweet that my commas got crazy#AdventDiscipline 12/5 report: - no morning holy hour today, mostly due to early Mass busyness - workout happened e… @mlynnjohnson72 Or headbang at the door @MegHunterKilmer @infpcatholic @_talithakoum_ I really really want to be in the same room as the two of you together @HelmickeyMouse Probably could be? @HelmickeyMouse Did you mean: Jesus of Cabernet @theghissilent I relate powerfully to this tweet @VitaCatholic I suspect the first two don’t mix as well as one might hope#MementoMori, etc.Rejoice with me, for I have... narrowly avoided a head-on collision with a reckless driver Which, to be sure, is a win
Yes, I’m stuck in a lobby listening to it, what gave it away 😑If there’s one song that would convince St. Nicholas to come down from heaven to punch somebody, it’d be “Santa Baby”A question I never really asked until my mid-20's: If the Bible was supposed to be so important, what mechanism did…
Retweeted by Fr. Cassidy StinsonJust found my new favorite Scripture reference for how it feels to go to Confession why do you Catholics pray to saints? me: listen pal, you go ahead and worship God your way, and I'll g…
Retweeted by Fr. Cassidy Stinson @Mater_Casey Nope, no obligation because of the transferYikes @liftupthelowly I see the resemblance ☺️ @TheHolyTee @pursuedbytruth, I think it checks out @HopeCatholic That’s so wonderful! Prayers for you, brother! 🙏Many thanks to @TheHappyPriest and #BreakTheChains. 11 months and one day off of alcohol and narcotics, 5 months of…
Retweeted by Fr. Cassidy Stinson @reillycosgrove @red10meg @BroAJK @TwitterSafety 🤨🤨🤨 @Joe_Slama The real challenge is having the same brand but different content @seminariancag Heyyy, we have the same patron!Another Question Answered! "What will be the hardest part of the cloister?" @HopeCatholic Don't back down from foll…
Retweeted by Fr. Cassidy Stinson @chasinghumility @TeawithTolkien Negative, but feel free to give me a Baby Yoda @NightOfMajin @reillycosgrove Go for it; hopefully you won’t get lost in the other 300When I found out I was pregnant with you at 14, I promised I would work non stop to give you the best childhood I c…
Retweeted by Fr. Cassidy Stinson @goingblondzo Commas matter @TeawithTolkien thanks, Twitter Mom 💙if you are a priest, religious, or seminarian who would like to receive a Christmas gift from the laypeople of Cath…
Retweeted by Fr. Cassidy Stinson @TeawithTolkien Considering that there's universal agreement on how good it is, I'm surprised I don't hear it more often @BroAJK @TwitterSafety I'm a sensitive guyAn exclusive club of questionable merit @mlynnjohnson72 @pursuedbytruth if you want to invite me over to plan yours, I'd be down @ByTheMassRock literally haven't even seen yours yet, sorryUpdate: apparently 312 friend requests snuck up on me while I wasn't looking know where I can get some (empty) reliquaries that don’t cost a million dollars? @ByTheMassRock @reillycosgrove I haven’t seen you making me into a Sim to buy my loyalty @reillycosgrove A very exclusive club 😉 @shannon_last @pursuedbytruth Solid life goals @peternguyenn @NightOfMajin No, they definitely sent me tasty wine, and with the discount it was a solid deal @BroStephenMary Here’s the details: @BroStephenMary Absolutely! @JMcHughBarker The rosary is always a good move! 👍 @NightOfMajin Several years back, yeah @xxDFed117xx Both good wins!Really loving the little #AdventDiscipline self-improvement community we’ve got going on right now Feel free to hop on board at any time! @AmyWeberDeRaad @CrimsonCoastBC Excellent, I’m glad things are off to a good start!#AdventDiscipline 12/4 report: - morning Holy Hour finally happened! - The workout happened at 8:45pm, but it happe… @kaitbagley @noordinarysocks I didn’t *say* anything about you being a Benedictine, but I’m also happy to play the long game for vocations 😉 @kaitbagley Makes you thinkCheck out their new design! Even if you don’t need a new shirt or hoodie you could sponsor one for a priest or Sist…
Retweeted by Fr. Cassidy StinsonWill Smith - Men In Black @mitkw Good move @Goodtweet_man Strong RA2 Soviet energy @TheAnchoress Thanks for that - prayers for you. 🙏 @maddietess1 Yes @maddietess1 Yes @NightOfMajin It’s actually a solid discount for the wines you get - they’re trying to entice you into their subscriptions @szokati Imagine it from my end @shannon_last @DaughterStPaul @SrBethanyFSP @pursuedbytruth @SrAndrewFSP @SrHelenaBurns @ForJoysSake We can make it happenSure, you all love #MementoMori, but one of my parishioners just had me over for dinner so we could plan her entire funeral
@AlberioneProj @MegHunterKilmer @notyetsaintnick @BraamyBraam God does, in fact, have a lot of things to say @Joe_Slama @mlynnjohnson72 I feel like I can mute one of those words without ill effect on my timeline @luxnonvincitur Meta. I love it. @TheHolyTee If you can get to some big youth or college conferences, I bet people would love your stuff @TheHolyTee YOU HAVE MY ATTENTION @Jiza_Zito That’s my alma mater in a nutshell @emdeardo Awesome work! @CatholicMacabre Solid start!#AdventDiscipline 12/3 report: - morning Holy Hour got sabotaged by a middle-of-the-night hospital call... got some… @Ed_4483 I believe this is a multi-use chapel for the military folks - there’s a separate smaller Catholic chapel w… @MABlumenfeld @AlberioneProj @HaleyCarrots Please, please do a podcast recording together @mlynnjohnson72 Still gonna look like Baby Yoda when I’m 50, thoughHow have I been ordained half a year already @BroStephenMary @MaryAnnKushner I was highly suspicious that it was @RealTomLawrenceIf you lost money on the beatification being delayed, DM me.
Retweeted by Fr. Cassidy Stinson @HaleyCarrots Should you somehow end up five hours south, come say hi @michael_tarui I love everything about this - except you being sick 😬 @YearoutWilliam @seminariancag My dream when we started the thing was to get it or something like it to be a normal… @seminariancag I’m going to be mad if you don’t start a media formation program at your seminary, just saying
My view for an evening of confessions Please pray for everyone attending tonight!, @BobSeger! During your farewell tour, you said you would be willing to play weddings! Will you play at my wedd…
Retweeted by Fr. Cassidy Stinson it’s real y’all, the beatification’s postponed until further notice
Retweeted by Fr. Cassidy Stinson @liltingzephyr Congratulations!! 😊 @mlynnjohnson72 I was tired and brain-dead this morning, completely meant to wear white and do Francis Xavier, then… @KellyAKramer12 They're one of the most healing and encouraging things in my life, honestly