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Catholic priest, aspiring Batman, nun supporter, media enthusiast, coffee lover, Pauline fanboy // @AlberioneProj co-founder //

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@jenfulwiler Your thermostat be like @MrsRuvi Intriguing @GameGardiner Gotta tap in a timely fashion 😬 @JohnDeGuzzy We gotta get you in BJJHi everyone! My name is Paulina and I'm a Latina illustrator and story artist who enjoys drawing women, culture, he…
Retweeted by Fr. Cassidy Stinson @whimsykenzie A couple important things to think about: if there are any “root” issues or sins of which the habit i… @MTMehan Hey - I know we haven’t connected on here before, but your brother was a friend of mine in college. I’ll b… @BenThePCGuy Heck yeah. Did we tell you we have a grappling DM now? @JohnDeGuzzy What/when did you train? @BenThePCGuy We gotta get you back to it @moontheloon8 👀 @KathleenCecilia Not a problem I usually have! @jdflynn Looking forward to the day we finally meet up in person 😊 @teaandleaf Sounds like he’s whining anyway @teaandleaf Block ‘em and forget @skfmo Did a lot when I was younger, got back into it recently! @bringinkakiback I went to a ten-year reunion. Wore my clerics. Lots of good reactions, let me tell ya. @skfmo Right. Not much slamming but tons of friction especially with gi. It chews up your hands! @skfmo More just scrapes and sore joints @lilpastagoblin The worst is injuring something you didn’t think you had. It’s almost insulting @CAAndrzejewski None of that, thankfully @jackmanning21 Truth @skfmo Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu @HaleyCarrots @Daniel_bearman Thank goodness! 🙌 @crousselle What part do you need help with?The weird thing I always forget about martial arts is the part where you come home with random body parts hurting and you have zero idea why @RosieHill425 I am so sorry. Please let me know if and how you need prayers in the coming days.
@kmcb_22 @GrillGr1ll I almost tagged you @JustineAnnSand Do the thing!!! Best choice my family ever made @Jesufex In all seriousness, praying for you guys - I know exactly how complicated this is right now @Jesufex I’m tempted to suggest my parish as a destination wedding 😛 @erind90 Aesthetic of the week, right there @Mater_Casey @Pater_Casey You should check out Fr. Donald Calloway’s book “Under the Mantle”. He has a fun discussi… @RachelEnders3 @joe_pescespada A junior permanent deacon @joe_pescespada @seminariancag @kmcb_22 I will have you know I do not facial hair @seminariancag @kmcb_22 @joe_pescespada Very... distinctiveAfter my reintroduction tweet, I have been receiving a lot of questions on what exactly consecrated virginity is.…
Retweeted by Fr. Cassidy Stinson @AMysticMuse Oh hey @TheHolyTee @FrNickOFMConv @KeytarCatholic 👀👀👀The Saints as cakes (thread) 🤩
Retweeted by Fr. Cassidy Stinson @joe_pescespada @skelidoge @OliviaVollmar“If we renounce anything it is only to enrich ourselves and to earn more; thus, the vow of poverty leads us to grea…
Retweeted by Fr. Cassidy Stinson @cecsquared I support itGot a spiritual case of the Mondays? Stop by our parish for confession! @AmandaDavis97 I am learning that there are types of directees, of which this is one @HoneyTongueMuse I know that dog 😝 @ToTheHeightsCTV Learn from my mistakes @ToTheHeightsCTV Questionable life choicesIf you’ll permit me a completely unsolicited endorsement: I’ve really enjoyed @_paulinagil_’s artwork for a while… @adambutbetter_ Someone had to do it @cecsquared @CatolicaEdith You’re not wrong about that @CatolicaEdith You’re welcome 😂 And I’m honestly curious what you’d talk about if you could convince people to lis… @CatolicaEdith Look, I have a vested interest in supporting your brand @CatolicaEdith But what if you *did* have a podcast @SarahKateHey @viczangari I know people who know places to live @viczangari is the way, the truth, and the life He will never be a cake @rachelaalley 😆😆😆This is how I want you to invite me to meals if I ever live at your parish
@shannon_last @space_woke @Artferg I see the back of my head @reillycosgrove Obviously dog, how is this in question @JohnDeGuzzy @shannon_last @favourite_uncle @FatherFerg @BraamyBraam How did you not get one already?? 🤨 @StCthrin If I encouraged other people the way I encourage myself, I’m unsure whether they would be inspired or traumatized @OliviaVollmar @Zo_bo_fo_sho @pipusmar Understandably so!!! @OliviaVollmar @Zo_bo_fo_sho @pipusmar I know where they’re getting that, but it’s a... problematic interpretation @michael_tarui ‘Are you the only one visiting the timeline who does not know the things that have happened there in these days?’ @OliviaVollmar @Zo_bo_fo_sho @pipusmar *sigh* @OliviaVollmar @Zo_bo_fo_sho @pipusmar Those punks are at it again, eh? @EdwardVersaii Family used to be (very) Baptist; we all joined the Church when I was about 12 @slumberingrose Better than expected? @shannon_last @favourite_uncle @FatherFerg @JohnDeGuzzy @BraamyBraam I made a couple thousand so I wouldn’t have to… @shannon_last @favourite_uncle @FatherFerg @JohnDeGuzzy @BraamyBraam I should send them some of my ordination cards @OliviaVollmar If love was conditional it wouldn’t really be love, y’know? @Mater_Casey @blessedisshe__ @Jiza_Zito All of your brunches are blessed @OliviaVollmar Thank you ☺️ @blessedisshe__ @StephenMaryTOR Can confirm, it is Very Good @AMysticMuse @OliviaVollmar Don’t leave all of us 🥺Someone please invite @TheHappyPriest to a Blessed Brunch ASAP ‼️
Retweeted by Fr. Cassidy Stinson @CycleNinja @EdwardVersaii Not at all! @joe_pescespada Daniel Levitin, "The Organized Mind" @ThingsAllthe As it should @shannon_last @NickSenz The world may never know @catholicchuckle Cucumbers @AngelicaAuch The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind @erind90 update: they're about done @GrillGr1ll Possibly a cochlearium, but I could be wrong about that @ivoteforpatches @bringinkakiback AKA, a 'mufo' @Daniel_bearman @notreallyachola I'mma keep an eye out when I'm at the store. You guys have me intrigued. @notreallyachola I'm definitely more open to the idea than before @Andrewthepandro Slightly. They're right on the edge of my tolerance. @notreallyachola Neither! @KathleenCecilia Surprisingly, very good @erind90 Invigorated, yet traumatizedEating a jar of violently spicy pickled green beans, AMA @FatherFerg I was mildly surprised you didn’t just make Joel play the Rohirrim theme while we were processing