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Catholic priest, aspiring Batman, nun supporter, media enthusiast, coffee lover, Pauline fanboy, bacon apologist. // @AlberioneProj co-founder

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@EweAreHis Same differenceJust know that I'm watching all of you making April Fool's jokes, and judging you accordinglyWhat is this, a pall for ants (Lip balm and hand sanitizer for scale) @ForJoysSake @theghissilent Sometimes, the vocation discerns you @RosieHill425 Here’s the current status on the garden by the church @RosieHill425 I will investigate this and report back @RosieHill425 We actually have something along those lines that was being done at the church - not sure what shape it’s in right now @RosieHill425 But actually, I did find your intro gardening post last night @RosieHill425 😂 @reillycosgrove @westleyforhire I can only imagine @theghissilent I’m glad seminary didn’t work like that @westleyforhire Also talking about the unitive/procreative thing in Humanae Vitae works perfectly fine and comes across wayyy less sketchy @westleyforhire Pretty sure this is a misuse of Augustine @VCHoos By our powers combined... @DaveSomething4 @red10meg does this look like a sheep to you @DaveSomething4 @red10meg Only if you didn't watch my talk @red10meg Y'all know I'd do it @theghissilent but actually, let me know how it goes, I'm keeping an eye out for families here who'd be good candidates @theghissilent YES I KNEW IT WOULD HAPPEN @zgochenour Okay, yes, but specifics @loesmitty_ You are wonderful, thank you @zgochenour I'm gonna need some help and ideas here @loesmitty_ I will offer many powerful liturgies of intercession on your behalf @mgearthman This is absolutely a trend we should start @joe_pescespada Relatable @Angela77Raissa @abandura We actually have one of those, but it's a little murky who's going to keep taking care of it @FrJacobStraub @StCthrinDeRicci Imagine making our own Easter candle That line about mother bees sure would hit different @emdeardo I don’t think people realize that I will almost certainly put goats in the yard if given permission to do so @HaleyCarrots We will! If I can get everything working! @StCthrinDeRicci I know a bee and mead guy @IanTWilson2 HmmmmmmmA family of parishioners have a small farm right down the road They have goats This is gonna be the best quarantine summer @IanTWilson2 My yard has those already 😛 @zgochenour @IanTWilson2 Eastern Virginia @curarecatholic @HaleyCarrots @Daniel_bearman I need their advice, tbh This is actually a lot more plausible at th… the very least, a garden is in order @RosieHill425, I’m going to need some pointersGuys, I think I just persuaded my pastor to start the rectory homestead
@GraceofGod33 @RebelBlackDot @fr_quizzical @KeytarCatholic @FrHarrison @FrTimGrumbach Yeah, and a lot of us have a… @caddington11 @DaughterStPaul @SrHelenaBurns I’M SO HYPED @caddington11 @DaughterStPaul @SrHelenaBurns Can I be president of the fan clubLive: @SrHelenaBurns and @TheHappyPriest join us for the Tuesday Alberione Fan Club! Today's topic: "Begin everythi…
Retweeted by Fr. Cassidy Stinson @sare_slay All that remains is to grow in our conviction that he has fixed it very thoroughly 🙏 @sare_slay Original sin, mainly @joe_pescespada @KellyAKramer12 @joe_pescespada Maybe @joe_pescespada @KellyAKramer12 @rhude_dude There’s plenty of stuff on YouTube, but quality often isn’t there @SrBethanyFSP Necessity is the mother of invention 👍 @Saraofnoh It also helps you learn what good coffee tastes like, and develop your palate @SrBethanyFSP Fajitas? @Saraofnoh This is a very good life choice @paigefranmark It varies enormously depending on diocese and parish. In our case we’re just offering them in a less… @eibn4 Hopefully this will help!As Amazon slows down book orders, our sisters' bookstores are still shipping orders across the country. If you are…
Retweeted by Fr. Cassidy Stinson @Dr_Sara_B 🙏 @erind90 @joe_pescespada @joe_pescespada Bread is unhealthy and naturally destructive to human biology, and thus used as matter for the Euch…’ve got another video script outlined, so that’s cool This one’s on Confession! @CMccafe I’m not sure if I should offer my congratulations or condolences 😆 @CMccafe Is this Heidegger being a goober again @StCthrinDeRicci I wouldn’t know 😂 @rhude_dude Alternatively, I'd dial that focus in on that theme. Lots of people have done Catholicism & culture, bu… @rhude_dude Sure, the low barrier for entry is why so many people have podcasts That said, I filmed my last video… @rhude_dude Podcast market is oversaturated. We need more good YouTube content. @theghissilent @SteveMissionary @DaughterStPaul @nunblogger This reminds me that I may have to flex on the coronavi… @joe_pescespada @EfficacyOfGrace Martyr me first, please @theghissilent @SteveMissionary @DaughterStPaul @nunblogger This tweet made my morningone time when @SteveMissionary and I were visiting the @DaughterStPaul in Boston, @nunblogger pointed to something…
Retweeted by Fr. Cassidy Stinson @joe_pescespada @EfficacyOfGrace @friarchrisg Same, but it doesn't really affect anything in my sphere of life @joe_pescespada @EfficacyOfGrace I won't stop you. I might even enjoy it. @EfficacyOfGrace Future self will never regret your past self doing the dishes @7thSacramentGuy @robincaphill It actually really didn’t change anything yet in our sphere of things @westleyforhire I’m almost always shooting aggressively from the hip with my tweets But, y’know, in a generally wholesome and friendly way @theghissilent Building People up Through Social Media | Conversation with Sr. Orianne #SpiritualCommunion #TheChurchOnline
Retweeted by Fr. Cassidy Stinson @KatiePrejean and worse, probably sinfulSocial media influencers and their followers @NotOfAssisi @JacobJago Well, uh, yikes @StCthrinDeRicci You should learn to sew vestments during the lockdown @DaughterStPaul @SrMariaKim I can't believe I missed the heavy metal episode; this is literally my jam @EweAreHis OKAY How about Nightwish, Kamelot, Within Temptation, Battle Beast, some of those symphonic bands? @AnnDslto Yes, they’re drawing on lots of local resources @RosieHill425 Sign me up; if there's ever a time to learn, it's now @shughes715 Your hair, mostly @CaptainVatican (I suppose it’s not helpful to troubleshoot by tweet, but...) @CaptainVatican Are all the drivers installed? @CaptainVatican Very good @CaptainVatican Do you have a good capture device? @CycleNinja @MattWhitmanTMBH Because of the fish, the puns, or both? @reillycosgrove @fightygee @reillycosgrove we already have one apocalypse to deal with @EmmaBacon16 Honestly, give them a call tomorrow and I’m sure they’ll have ideas @EweAreHis Ok, I’ve got plenty to go on @EweAreHis So many. Give me a subgenre. 😆 @cecsquared Dad goals @EweAreHis Now you really have my attention