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@kaitlynfarr15 @TheHaraZack Autocorrect at its bestWhat did you done to @TheHaraZack 😂😂😂 Little Monster has crept into our most popular top 5 on Spotify 👹👹👹
@Livvywivvyx 😂😂😂I think we might have to.. maybe pimp them out a bit 😏 for the hara fam rn 😍We cannot wait to continue tour🍻 New areas selling fast, it’s gonna be absolutely sick🔥 Know the lyrics now? MAD FOR IT 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽 🐺JK @TheHaraBand @TheHaraZack @TheHaraJack @TheHaraJosh @alstarmusic @MadHausLive YOU ARE SUCH BAD INFLUENCES
Retweeted by THE HARA @TheHaraBand see you at the Leeds show, we got v.i.p tickets!!! @TheHaraZack @TheHaraJosh @TheHaraJack
Retweeted by THE HARAYess! I can finally get to see you guys live for the first time in Bristol! 🙌🖤 @TheHaraBand @TheHaraZack @TheHaraJosh @TheHaraJack
Retweeted by THE HARA @TheHaraBand who’s going to Bristol m&g?? I’m going alone & need a friend 💞
Retweeted by THE HARAI know @TheHaraBand aren’t coming to Glasgow but I want to make a groupchat with everyone! so we can do a fan proje…
Retweeted by THE HARA @donnab764 That just means we need to party harder T-) 🧠🧠🧠Whoop whoop VIP tickets to see @TheHaraBand I can’t wait! It’s going to be absolutely amazing ❤️❤️ @TheHaraJosh
Retweeted by THE HARA @maisynealexo @TheHaraZack @TheHaraJack @TheHaraJosh @alstarmusic @MadHausLive Absolutely, hope we see you there 🧠🧠🧠We’re OVERWHELMED right now 🙌 LEEDS VIP HAS SOLD OUT IN LESS THAN A DAY!! 🔥 Guildford and Bristol tickets are als… NOW!!! Send us a tweet and screenshot of all your tickets so we can get excited together BRISTOL & LEEDS 😍🥳…
Retweeted by THE HARA🔥 SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT 🔥 I’ll be supporting @TheHaraBand in Guildford on the 17th of November! Excited to join the…
Retweeted by THE HARA @zacksgnote Let him know the bar will be open 🍻
@TheHaraBand see you in Leeds 🤩
Retweeted by THE HARA @TheHaraBand Look who’s coming!!!!! See you in January ❤️
Retweeted by THE HARASee you in Leeds 🧠@TheHaraBand @TheHaraJack @TheHaraJosh @TheHaraZack
Retweeted by THE HARA @TheHaraBand Bristol & Guilford VIP w my fave @imiexnutt 💓🤪
Retweeted by THE HARASaw @TheHaraBand at college today and they're actually fucking sick u kno... See you in Leeds lads.
Retweeted by THE HARA @BennettNath Yes man!! You grabbed tickets? @lozzxoxo237 @TheHaraBand They’re fucking amazing live. Proper good gig 😍😍
Retweeted by THE HARAI JUST GOT A VIP TICKET!! SEE YOU BOYS IN LEEDS 🥺❤️ @TheHaraZack @TheHaraJosh @TheHaraJack @TheHaraBand
Retweeted by THE HARA @kim_parker2 @ConnorsEyes1 @alstarmusic @alstarmusic please help!!#trampbraintour round 3 bitch @TheHaraBand
Retweeted by THE HARAwell doesn’t that look good 😎 see ya there lads 🖤 @TheHaraBand @TheHaraJosh @TheHaraJack @TheHaraZack
Retweeted by THE HARA @kim_parker2 @ConnorsEyes1 @alstarmusic @alstarmusic x @ConnorsEyes1 @alstarmusic @alstarmusic can you help x2 MAIN PRIORITIES: Chicken + Hara Tickets. #PrayForZacksChicken 🐓 T-)’re now skint but see you in Leeds m&g 🤪 @TheHaraJosh @TheHaraJack @TheHaraZack @TheHaraBand @alstarmusic
Retweeted by THE HARAProper buzzing for a weekend in Bristol with @Emily_Dewsbury , see you in VIP lads @TheHaraBand 😘💃❤️ @TheHaraJosh @TheHaraJack @TheHaraZack
Retweeted by THE HARA @TheHaraBand Can’t wait to see yous 🥰
Retweeted by THE HARACan’t wait to see you in Leeds Emma #HaraFamily x you in January @TheHaraBand 🖤
Retweeted by THE HARAholy shit i’ve got m&g tickets for bristol omg omg omg i’m crying 😭😂😇❤️✨👀🖤🌚🌹🧠@TheHaraBand @TheHaraJack @TheHaraJosh @TheHaraZack
Retweeted by THE HARA @TheHaraBand @alstarmusic @MadHausLive see yous in leeds vip :))
Retweeted by THE HARA @ConnorsEyes1 @alstarmusic Keep refreshing they are often in baskets and then released xfinally got vip for the first time!! so so excited😭 @TheHaraBand
Retweeted by THE HARA @TheHaraBand @alstarmusic @MadHausLive See you in January bbys !!! ♥️
Retweeted by THE HARA @rhiannonisbroke @alstarmusic @MadHausLive Keep checking, they are often in baskets and then released xTickets for @TheHaraBand's #Bristol & #Leeds shows are on sale NOW! 🎟️:
Retweeted by THE HARAOUT NOW!!! Send us a tweet and screenshot of all your tickets so we can get excited together BRISTOL & LEEDS 😍🥳… is the official link to use at 6pm for your tickets BRISTOL & LEEDS!!! Limited VIP & M&G available! 🥳 T-)When It All Goes Wrong... thank you for breaking 100k streams on Spotify x’m so excited for these next shows... oh and our January 2020 shows in BRISTOL & LEEDS are gonna be EVENING SHOWS… FOR BRISTOL & LEEDS SHOW DROP TONIGHT AT 6PM 🎸💦 Who’s ready??? 🤘🧙🏻‍♂️ T-)
What’s your favourite T-) song x Burning Out Tramp Brain All Fired Up Dynamite Dirty Little Monster Be Somebody K… @JessSmyth07 More clothes/colours coming! X @pxige_x Lots more to come! X @KGraham870 If we get your approval it will be released! X 🐺 @beckytjackson Front will brobably be very simple! What would you like? 🐺LOVE or HATE ??? Tramp Brain Hoodie🤘🏽🔥 🐺JK @theharatrash Show time is typically 2:20 - 4:20pm +/-One of the most important phone calls of our lives. Take a watch... @sammyandbronnie Yeh Guildford is an afternoon show x @TheHaraBand see u in guildford,,, gonna be wicked 🤪🤪🤪
Retweeted by THE HARATickets for @TheHaraBand's #Bristol & #Leeds shows go on sale TOMORROW (Thursday 17th) at 6pm! 🎟️:…
Retweeted by THE HARAGUILDFORD ~ Sunday 17th November 2019 BRISTOL ~ Saturday 18th January 2020 LEEDS ~ Saturday 25th January 2020 Le… OUT TOMORROW AT 6PM Standard: £10 M&G: £20 VIP: £30 SEE YOU IN JANUARY 2020 😝🧠 T-)LEEDSBRISTOL
It’s going off in House Hara tonight 🧙🏻‍♂️ are going to be the biggest & best band in the world THE HARA T-)
Retweeted by THE HARA
@TheHaraBand @TheHaraJosh @TheHaraJack @TheHaraZack see u in guildford vip u nutters
Retweeted by THE HARAWe are going to be the biggest & best band in the world THE HARA T-) oasis documentary. “We’re the best band on the planet. It’s a fact.” YESGuildfordddd tickets are going! Come end the year right with us 😏🥳 shall. Guildford ain’t ready for the madness 😝💃🏻 @alexhutchy123 @TheHaraJosh @TheHaraJack @TheHaraZack Truth @MaiaWyattt @TheHaraJosh @TheHaraJack @TheHaraZack Just Guildford best see you there 😏 @cosmicduff @TheHaraJosh @TheHaraJack @TheHaraZack It’s mad ain’t it @SbsTegan @TheHaraJosh @TheHaraJack @TheHaraZack He’s alive @the_hara_fan @TheHaraJosh @TheHaraJack @TheHaraZack Hi @justmybwsx @TheHaraJosh @TheHaraJack @TheHaraZack He’s weird @cosmicduff @TheHaraJosh @TheHaraJack @TheHaraZack YesHey. Welcome to our crib. Erm, hey. Also, hey there. Hey you. HEY GUYS GUYS U THERE? T-) & LEEDS tickets on sale 6:00pm THURSDAY 17th October 💃🏻 LOVE YAAAAAAA 🥳🍻 T-)
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When you don’t want the weekend to end 📸 @LALImages🧠📸 @TheHaraBand // Birmingham 📸🧠 #TrampBrainTour
Retweeted by THE HARABRISTOL & LEEDS tickets on sale 6:00pm THURSDAY 17th October 💃🏻 LOVE YAAAAAAA 🥳🍻 T-) & LEEDS!!! We are announcing the tickets release date tonight at 7pm 😍🥳 Can’t wait to see you all at these… brain 🧠 #thehara @TheHaraJosh @TheHaraBand @TheHaraZack @TheHaraJack
Retweeted by THE HARATramp Brain Tour 🧠 ▶️ 17/11 GUILDFORD New dates added 🗺 18/01 BRISTOL 🗺 25/01 LEEDS ✅ 14/9 GLASGOW ✅ 15/9 NEWCAS… you for 10K on Spotify x
Watching Joker AGAIN. Writing new ideas. 🎶 Weally weally miss you all Have a good night 😘 JT xHave a good day @TheHaraJosh @TheHaraJack @TheHaraZack
Retweeted by THE HARAFinally finished my poster to celebrate the new tramp brain era, took waaaay too long 🤣🧠 @TheHaraBand
Retweeted by THE HARAOur selfie game is strong this weekend 😂 let’s have your best #selfieforthehara show are we seeing you at?! RT & let us know below 😝🧠 THE HARA HEADLINE SHOWS #TrampBrainTour 2019 GUILDFO… team 🖤 🐺JK
Episode 7: STREET FIGHTER 🐲 Have a good weekend 😂 T-) we seeing at our first ever Leeds Show then? 🐺JKLEEDS - The Key Club - Saturday 25th January 2020 😝💞 GET READY TO SWEAT YOUR BOOTYS OFF WITH US 🍻😘 TICKET RELEASE…’ve always wanted to do our own show here...7:30pm NEW TOUR DATE ANNOUNCEMENTWE ARE PLAYING OUR OWN HEADLINE SHOW IN GUILDFORD FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. 😈😝 BOILER ROOMS ~ 17th November GET TI…