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Prince Jackson @theheadknight San Francisco, Ca

Owner of @goodknightlife | Host of Knight Light: A Horror Movie Podcast - Part of the @bdisgusting Podcast Network | ✉️

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@SuperYakiShop It’ll happen soon. Y’all keep killing it!I think I really need to correct my life and get some threads from @SuperYakiShop @michaelroffman @bradmiska PVT CHAT is wild!
@ryanlarson I am here anytime, Ryan 🖤 @ryanlarson Aww man, my thoughts are complete with you, my friend. Sending you nothing but love.Today is just pure catharsis. @michaelphigham Poetry.“We will be making friends of our enemies” Black folks:
Retweeted by Prince Jackson @JorCru I love the way you think, Jordan!Props to Empire for waiting until precisely 12pm on January 20, 2021 to release a new image from Halloween Kills th…
Retweeted by Prince Jackson @cgdlt23 Yeah! Danny Rolling, I believe? I think it was in Florida. @garybphillips @Joey_Redballs I am so stoked that you loved it so much! It is so bonkers, but yet just absolutely incredible. @TheChickapedia @b_rollbanshee GET OUT 🤷🏾‍♂️ @garybphillips @Joey_Redballs It is Dario Argento's OPERA from 1987. One of the most brutal, yet genius gunshot sce… @xdanikrickl Dang! My in-laws would share stories about the summers in East LA being brutally hot, yet they had to… @TheAriDrew @Jonatha80958138 THE PROWLER! Great choice and list! @morethnmindless Hmm. That is a great question. I think we will evaluate that! Thanks, Travis! @amaiyaelan @SassySledgehmmr We gotta get you on the show some time to talk about your love for Freddy 👉🏾👈🏾🥺
@JonOnAString @kimmikillzombie 😂 one can hope! @filmswithdave Couldn't agree more! @Jfcdoomblade It is just fantastic on so many different levels! @FreddyInSpace This. list. is. perfection.Here*Do you ever just think about your favorite slashers and how absolutely perfect they are to you? Are a few of mine,… @KillByKillPod 😂 @Jfcdoomblade Jersey Mike's?! @TaraAnsley Congrats, Tara! This is wonderful to see!When life hands you a 2020 ..... you build a studio. Super proud of our entire team as we continue to grow and buil…
Retweeted by Prince Jackson @bstolemyremote Color all over me, interested! @Jfcdoomblade Oh jeez. I didn't even know about that one hahaI still really don't know what to expect from LAST NIGHT IN SOHO, but every time I see a new image of it (no matter… @Jfcdoomblade I really just hate the fact that we are getting a 3rd reboot of this haha @WMMAMM @no_joy_division @milkteawitch @BookishPlinko And definitely trust her judgment because she is right! The d… @themarkmlawson Facts! Also, Mark stay close to your DMs. I will be sending over a DM soon regarding getting you on the show as a guest. @PlasticHeartPod I completely agree. That shit was shady! @kimmikillzombie Seriously! I had one person address me by two of my middle names, which I definitely do not public… @WMMAMM I hate geo-locks! @kimmikillzombie Yikes! That's doing some digging right there. just finished that NIGHT STALKER documentary, and phew! That shit was nuts. If you saw it, what did y'all think of it? @bstolemyremote 😂
@Shaydozer If you dig games, shout out to my dude @Kahjahkins over @SpawnOnMe doing so much good work. (Twitches Po…
Retweeted by Prince JacksonHands down I am watching the fuck out of MALIGNANT! A James Wan giallo?! Come. On! @ryanlarson @b_rollbanshee I love them sooo much! They are the absolute best and have some fantastic takes on this platform. @ShockaholicYT It all depends on the show in my opinion. For example, Knight Light doesn’t work with pitches based… @BDisgusting Paging @andrewbowser!
@UnicornArtEli @HorrorQueers 🖤 @JasekKukes Haha I’m gonna check this one out, Jasek! @UnicornArtEli @HorrorQueers Thank you for thinking of us! Truly appreciate it!If you like your horror content a bit more serious but still definitely fun check out @theheadknight's Knight Light…
Retweeted by Prince Jackson @yrokaz_nworb @deadmeatjames Yo, that would be wild.Don’t mind me, just thinking about a future where a @deadmeatjames X @theheadknight crossover exist.
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Working on the office and it is wonderful seeing all of it come together! @ironshackle @SarahDobbs These are great recommendations! @b_rollbanshee @ryanlarson @LeighMonsonPBF @justsheavassar @MichaelVarrati @RedheadfromMars @24th_Doctor @daggerwolf2 @KnightLight_Pod My guy!
#HorrorFam and Stephen King fans in general! Join these spoopy boys at @KnightLight_Pod for a great dive into The M…
Retweeted by Prince Jackson @MxFurfur It is from THE INVISIBLE MAN @Chaleesi_Chan @KnightLight_Pod Right! That ending still hits super hard! @joshruben Fuck. @Jfcdoomblade @Cinemaniac94 I haven't seen it yet, and people keep telling me to wait until they are all released.… @bradmiska We would get nonsense like this all the time when I worked at App*e retail. My reaction would always be… @PlasticHeartPod @KnightLight_Pod I haven't had a chance to check it out, but I've always wanted to get around to i… @djKENTOLive @KnightLight_Pod Damn, that's sick!Sounds like a great time!
Retweeted by Prince Jackson @OhMyMithrandir @KnightLight_Pod It is such an absolute blast!Knight Light: A Horror Movie Podcast (@KnightLight_Pod) Listener's Choice month continues with a Stephen King cosmi… @mikebsf I do this with sugar bagels (donuts). @pulte Today is the day of my little man’s surgery. Gonna be cutting into both legs...just wanna make the next few…
Retweeted by Prince Jackson @WMMAMM @HorrorGuerrero My new year's resolution: have Gigi as a guest for @KnightLight_Pod @RICHARDLNEWBY That's awesome! Congrats, Richard! @AwkwardSapphire Sapphire, I think about this mechanical house at least 13 times a day 😂 @LongHouseOTLeft Oh yeah? What are they? Very curious!Constantly 🖤
Retweeted by Prince Jackson @Redeater The 2nd one is HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL, THE INVISIBLE MAN, & HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE
@FreddyInSpace @GyftedDim63 @MaximumCortez The band, Metric, is just so good in general! This is the jam right here. @_oh_freddie I remember that Scott Pilgrim being hard as hell! I should get it again. @unpopcurtis I hear that loud and clear! I think about it quite often myself. @creepshowens God, you're so right! @joshruben @Kingcast19 @StephenKing Great choice! @JamieAWrites Would love to see it! @michaelroffman That is completely fair. Super pleasing to see! @Afis8 Pure goals! @intrepid Oh, I know you all know. Royals when it comes to the architectural surroundings of every Intrepid Picture 😉 @tara_taralynn I always peep it and love looking at the aesthetic of it all. @DoctorBruce @jmertens @FunWithHorror @KnightLight_Pod 🖤Do y'all just think about the architecture in horror films?! is your favorite horror podcast?
Retweeted by Prince Jackson @LadyRedHawk2 @barbaracrampton @TravisStevens @sxsw Fair enough. Hopefully things are more safe next year 🙏🏾 @FunWithHorror Just for the shameless plug, but my personal @KnightLight_Pod is a blast. But on the real:… @JohnnyBerchtold @FunWithHorror @Shudder @GoodKnightLife @ThisWillScareU Wow! You got us with some heavy hitters, Johnny! 😳 Thank you! @LadyRedHawk2 @barbaracrampton @TravisStevens @sxsw It is virtual this year! Might be a good time to splurge on som… @LovelyZena @FunWithHorror @JayMovieTalk @ScreamAddicts @bdisgustingpod Love Scream Addicts and BD Pod, of course 😉 @barbaracrampton @TravisStevens @sxsw I am soooo stoked to watch this at SXSW! Cannot wait, Barbara! Congrats to everyone involved!Happy to announce our killer lineup of eleven new Shudder Original and Shudder Exclusive films set to premiere over…
Retweeted by Prince JacksonDavid Cronenberg's SCANNERS was released on this day in 1981. Did you know it spawned two sequels and two spinoffs?…
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