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Masks for thee, but not for me. demanded it and they acquiesced quickly. #2020election #DonaldTrump #JoeBiden #PresidentialDebate's almost as if she wants to make the problem worse. Wait. You don't think . . . #AlexandriaOcasioCortez's so much the president could have told the American people last night about his policies and the good they'v…'My heart just started sinking because I’m sitting there thinking, if they sent out half a million ballots already… you haven't heard about this."Oh, you can't even go there. After Donald Trump, you cannot even say the word 'gaffe'," Jill Biden said. And CNN's…'The president’s swift and bold response to support our law enforcement family and my community made it clear that…'s actually been 48 years. It only seems like 180 to the rest of us.'I have known Barrett as a friend and colleague for more than 15 years. And I can assure worried liberals that ther…
Well. Turns out Joe does it too. #JoeBiden #Taxes doubt. If they alienate Catholics too, they're done. #CatholicChurch #Democrats's no place in the locker room for Jesus, but that's not stopping this coach for testifying. #BlackLivesMatter don't mess with angry dads at Cracker Barrel. he just means someone gave his car a jump start on the campus one day. #JoeBiden's Trump's third, and likely most convincing, nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. #DonaldTrump #Israel you're hearing about President Trump paying only $750 in taxes in certain years is a complete misrepresentatio… Bidens made nearly $13.3 million in 2017 and 2018 yet avoided paying nearly any payroll taxes. We assume the Ne… alleged kidnapper snatched the child right out of someone else's arms before being confronted by Montana. seems nice.
Police say they have two of the men behind the vandalism in custody.‘Lisa, I can see 2022 from my house,’ Palin said in a video.'We need to stop that defund or abolish the cops crap.' Times thinks it's uncovered a scandal. We want everyone to do what the president did. #DonaldTrump #Taxes Feldman is in danger of being cast into outer darkness by the left for the sin of apostasy. That's too bad, be… is the fruit of the left's anti-police crusade. are the people who want to control the White House and the Congress. This is who they really are.… the one hand you say you don't discriminate. On the other hand, you say this. Hmmmmm.'re always the last to know. #DianneFeinstein #Senate #SupremeCourt bold prediction Rush is making here. Do you think he makes a convincing case for it? #2020election #JoeBiden
Why don't the media ask him if he still believes what he said in 2019? Then again, if he refuses to answer, they'll… Democrat temper-tantrum takes on yet another form. #RuthBaderGinsburg "largely peaceful" protests sure left a lot of things burned down. #Crime #DepartmentofJusticeDOJ #Murder McCain family has values? (Other than doing whatever earned John McCain praise from the media?) #DonaldTrump is how these people act at the funeral of someone they supposedly revered? #DonaldTrump #RuthBaderGinsburg
VIDEO: Stop whatever you are doing and watch this right now. Then cancel the rest of your meetings today so you can… boy. Did the FBI spike this investigation to cover for Hillary too? Sounds like we'll know soon. #HillaryClinton, but any concerns about voter fraud related to mail-in voting is "baseless." The media have told us so.… everyone is speaking up except the followers of Jesus, what do you think the result will be? Exactly.… case you hadn't noticed this pattern, it happens this way every time. more people see of him, the less likely they are to vote for him. And his media allies know it. #JoeBiden solved all other problems . . . #Censorship #China #Coronavirus #FreeSpeech #Racism keep hearing that we have to get ready for a "third wave" of COVID. But the so-called second wave turned out to… it's "baseless" to be concerned about problems with mail-in voting. The media told us so. #mailfraud thought this movement was opposed to racism. So . . . what's this all about? #Justice
'You could just not help but cry. He just embraced him so hard and was just so thankful for him to be there,' the n… us as fans of the Beebs. #Christianity #PopCulture thought they might not take this well. But dang. admits his refusal to answer is 100 percent self-serving. And the media are totally fine with that.… Cindy McCain's opinion is worth covering, isn't this guy's? #DonaldTrump #JoeBiden don't think it will. But if it did, it would be worth it. A left-wing Supreme Court can do even more damage to t… they've been in Doc Brown's DeLorean, there's no way they can possibly know this. But you know our media.… the work of the media is more like a bad stage performance at your local community theater. The same loca… suppose we'll just keep funding a few cops in case Alyssa needs any help. #Police topics will be covered in next week's presidential debate. #DonaldTrump #JoeBiden #PresidentialDebate
No one should be surprised that John Kerry lied. But we should care why he lied - because it shows he knew how rott… Trump and Attorney General William Barr attended the event. We need more good men like Tim Tebow.…'s take a look at the potential nominees. Up first is Amy Coney Barrett, who is known for her Catholic faith. He… who votes for Biden out of opposition to racism has been hoodwinked by the narratives about him, and about D… potential nominee is Barbara Lagoa. You probably haven't heard that much about here, but here are the detai… if there's a chance we'll run into these two at the polls, maybe we should vote by mail.…, fine. Destroy what belongs to other people? No. Will the left ever learn this? one should be surprised this is starting already. But if this is the fight the left and the media want to have,… about this is good. again the government tries to force Christians to express a belief that violates their faith.
The woman allegedly included ricin, an extremely deadly toxin, in a letter to Trump. We are waiting to find out if… outdoors, where the COVID transmission risk is already low, could possibly be a way to strengthen the body's…'I'm looking at five very seriously.' #DonaldTrump #RuthBaderGinsburg happened to Nancy Pelosi? #NancyPelosi's not forget: Ruth Bader Ginsburg was hostile to religious liberty, and she never showed it more convincingly t… precedent is on Trump's side. #CNN #RuthBaderGinsburg Supreme Court has been controlled by conservatives for 29 years. Maybe they're not out to get you after all.… Romney participating in their blocking tactics, it becomes a lot harder for Democrats to kill the coming no…'The media know exactly what Barr meant, but they intentionally misrepresent it because Barr is part of the Trump a…'re really taking this well, aren't they? #AmericanLeft #RuthBaderGinsburg
The Democrats' demands aren't really about RBG or morality. They're about getting and maintaining power. thinks like this? Who really believes that political beliefs should be enough to get you killed? the heck? We imagine your theories on this one will be good. push to fill the empty Supreme Court seat is moving forward at a rapid pace. #DonaldTrump'If you thought that was a beating wait until November 3rd, when Donald Trump gets his hands on Sleepy Joe.'… argument about election-year confirmations is nonsense. But that's nothing new. do you know? Economic sanctions don't actually stop rogue regimes from getting their money.…'t worry, everyone. The media have assured us it was all "largely peaceful." dare a police chief ask people not to commit crimes! #Chicago #Crime #Police thought at the time this was not the thing to say. Now we're sure of it. #2020election #MitchMcConnell
There is plenty of time to do this. Recent history proves it. #2020election #RuthBaderGinsburg #SupremeCourt boy: U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died Friday evening of complications from pancreatic cancer…
'I think the whole reason behind all of this is that it just was a hard truth that didn't fit an agenda. And that's…'My focus will continue to be on helping the police in our communities.' #NFL #Police Harris clearly has a double standard.'s time for the obsessive mask-wearing to wear off. appeared in a video with Biden earlier this year. goes to show that COVID restrictions are all about politics now.'How, Dems ask, can such an overtly racist president get a 36 percent approval rating by black likely voters in a J…'President Trump is the only candidate who has a proven track record of creating jobs and providing results.' will be testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee. will be reported as a positive achievement. It is the opposite of that. #Congress #FiscalIrresponsibility
We're a little concerned about ourselves, because we think we actually know what he's talking about. #2020election develop a vaccine if life still can't get back to normal? #CentersforDiseaseControlandPreventionCDC #Coronavirus
He could do it. He did it in 2016. But ideally, a president running for re-election would be the one in command. It…