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In September 1805 Wellington and Nelson met for the first and only time outside the office of the Secretary for War…
Retweeted by Dan SnowHOUSECARLS‼️ ASSEMBLE‼️ in 1943 escaped Australian Prisoner of War, Doug LeFevre, was heading north through Italy towards Switzerland.… week. It's Trafalgar. a History Hit podcast and TV show on what might be the site of England's greatest lost battle. The announcem… Ground Zero for the Industrial Revolution: Ironbridge and @blistshill the sun go down at the poignant @Memorial_theFew crammed myself into a joyous English pub to learn about the village of Shoreham and how locals were forced to she… week. It started with a chat with Victor Gregg on his 100th birthday. Talking about his childhood pover…’ve got Trafalgar Day covered on @HistoryHit with a new documentary arriving tomorrow. Signup with our special we… Helm’s Deep
Retweeted by Dan Snow @wpward85 How indeed?!! Go for it!HMS Victory - one of my favourite places on Earth. Our latest documentary on Trafalgar drops tomorrow and you can… @davidonionball @HistoryHit If you email they will talk you through it. Thanks for thinking of us. @PhilipRyorkie Current most popular shows: All original and exclusive. All involving me travelling, meeting, neo… @AgroBioDiverse Thanks so much, buddy.Big week coming up.... @manyra Thank you! Great to have a friend in Alberta. Spent a lot a time there....Sign up to History Hit TV this weekend with special code 'trafalgar' and you'll get your first 3 months access to t… Robert Taylor has documented nearly 500 incidents of shipboard rebellion during the Middle Passage. David Rich…
Retweeted by Dan Snow @ceejaysargent Thank you! @ceejaysargent Thank YOU!A Prime Minister brought down by their own party. A party seething with internecine differences over our relationsh…
Today in 1781 one of the most decisive battles in history came to an end as the British marched out of Yorktown af… bad day in the office for Napoleon. Today in 1812 he begins a long retreat from Moscow & in 1813 is crushed… surrendered to the French today in 1453 bringing the 100 Years War to an end. Calais was the only English…’ve got a new documentary coming Monday for the 214th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar. Use code 'Trafalgar… memorial to the aircrew who took part in the Battle of Britain at Capel-le-Ferne, Kent, perched on top of the c… @3_armoury Thank you! Next time....I started History Hit TV for the real history fans. We’re building up a library of high-quality history programmes… @IanFergus It should do. If there’s any trouble please email Thanks!If you are bored of Brexit then campaign to stop it. Don't vote for a withdrawal agreement that guarantees years mo…
Retweeted by Dan SnowHeroic. But then again, it is the week of Agincourt #ENGvAUS @PhilipNByrne Fairly deliberate, I reckon!Let this horn ring out across the villages and towns of Britain, summoning a mighty horde to crush these evil doers…
The British & French burned China's Summer Palace 'Garden of Perfect Brightness' today in 1860: one of history's gr… John, a hunted, impoverished, defeated invalid died today in 1216 here at Newark Castle. It was the best move… in 1016 the invading Danes crushed the English at Assendon. Edmund Ironside routed by Cnut the Great. (Strong… of the world will never know the exquisite pleasure of entering a structural unsound, ancient pub in which it… Farr was shot at dawn today in 1916. Traumatised by combat, he had refused to go to the front. His granddaugh… is all thanks to our members. You have stuck with us. I owe you everything. Thank you. We are getting more amb… one day encapsulates why we set up History Hit, today is that day. A group of archeologists got in touch to say… @ProfDaveAndress Googled it. Like it.In which I blow the horn of Gondor📯 @blistshill Victorian Town is one of the best heritage sites in the UK. This is a vision of the past in which t… day finishes. We have found an early medieval battlefield and a delightful craft pale ale #EnglandsLostBattle going around the beautiful Westminster Abbey with the brilliant Sir David Cannadine recently. We've just re… to know how your hair & teeth can reveal where you've lived? How we study migration in the past? How drinking…
Retweeted by Dan SnowEconomic migrants. Intermittently restricted. on Britain's lost battlefield. dirham from the Arab world found here in England. Usefully they all have the ruler, the year and where it was mi… from Sasanian Persia, 7th Century, found..... somewhere in England. @HorneSupremacy @JudithJesch @CatJarman @VikingScotland Also. I’m seeing an excellent hiberno-Norse specialist on Monday, I believe.... @HorneSupremacy @JudithJesch @CatJarman @VikingScotland You say that. There’s a chap here who’s just found one lancs. @holland_tom You’ll be the first to know, my old buddy! the period.’s happening. I’m on the hunt for the lost battlefield where England was forged by the edge of the sword. one and only, world first, Iron Bridge. It’s the best. know, there's a lot of talk about politicians who put party over country. But let's take a minute to dwell on t… @SeaSpitfires Damn. I get home too late. Another time! @brianklaas I'm still freaked out by the deployment of the army within the borders of the Republic to counter a non… @SeaSpitfires What time is it dude?
@AndrewSweet4 Wow. Would love to see some of them. Sounds v cool.It is the darkest day. By some hellish coincidence today in 1777 and 1781 British armies surrendered to American r… in 1814 the London Beer Flood saw 1.4million litres of beer burst out of Meux's Brewery, near what is now Tot… to see History Hit TV is continuing to grow. Thank you for all your support! The dream of creating a high-qua…’s slice of history. Podcast‼️ The mysterious death of Rome's favourite general. Germanicus who died 2000 years ago this month.… won't rest until we've reached our goal of making History Hit TV the no.1 destination for history lovers. No matt… the backstop so much that you vote to make it permanent is very 2019.A senior former cabinet minister told a mate of mine why he was voting for Johnson this summer. 'Because he'll co… this the bit where the Chinese economic miracle proves to be a gigantic, corrupt pyramid scheme which collapses… @allanholloway I assume you're talking the young American Republic, and I completely agree.The next thing you know, the Labour Party might not do what is in the best interests of labouring people.For the DUP to accept this revolutionary rupture with the rest of the UK would be as antithetical as the Conservati… Ney called. He wants his title back. Opinion Timothy Snyder writes: Hitler and the Nazis found a simple slogan they repeated again and again to disc…
Retweeted by Dan SnowNigel no mates is no match for the metal! Deng Xiaoping Mo catching a cold! Winston Churchill @PhilipNByrne Nailed it.Nuts Napoleon has poor stirrup game! Emperor Francis II George's row-boat battleship! Tweets George III
Two decisive, late in the season battles climaxed on this day changed the course of history. Saratoga in 1777 would… you've enjoyed the podcast with Victor Gregg, please check out our feature length TV interview with him on Histo… medieval Palace of Westminster burned today in 1834. Turner was on hand to paint it. The replacement building… Franklin Cody became the first man in Britain to fly a plane today in 1908. He was killed in a prototype 5yr… started History Hit TV as a channel for the proper history fans, making the documentaries you've been dying to se… podcast is doing record numbers. As it should do. Victor is one of a kind. Thank you all. steam ahead at team History Hit. Every week we're getting bigger and our plans for future documentaries get mo… is not on it. Communities were ashamed when a local was executed. But fascinatingly he wasn't even added i… Shoreham is a picture perfect village with a well looked after war memorial. was the first British soldier to be executed in the First World War.He was found at 0815 on 6 Sept. A court martial was hastily arranged for that afternoon. He was denied representa… village of Shoreham in Kent was home to Thomas Highgate. A 19yr old soldier in 1914, he fought at the first Bri… story of war, punishment, memory, community and direct democracy: 👇🏼 @Amanda_Vickery February: