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@EvansElmore minus the bevels @EvansElmore I'm gonna make Chihaya posing as Prompto (FFXV), it's been long overdue in my mind.Be sure to look out for @mltd_fanrender for the result later 👀Because today is Chihaya's birthday, and because I like Final Fantasy XV, I'll make a crossover fanrender of her to celebrate her birthday. @hanamukes Yes. @EvansElmore Mbak Yaya day 😳Kalo Vtube "ubah hiburan jadi penghasilan" Kalo Virtual YouTuber "ubah tidur jadi penghasilan" ┬──┬ ¯\_(ツ)Well, my DualShock 4 is completely beyond repair. No matter how hard I blow a compressed air into the contacts, or… @MacKonstantin Oh Those egoistic Americans. @MacKonstantin Let me guess, majority of them are hidden. @MacKonstantin I'm still feeling inferior though @b0tster @UE4Memes Seems like something can't be compiled... @MacKonstantin I guess one's loneliness could push the technology at a faster rate. @MacKonstantin Yeah, I would develop myself a loving and caring waifu with Unreal Engine and AR technology, and hop… @MacKonstantin I guess that someone is this girl @MacKonstantin Good enough but not warranting to be attractive to woman. @raiaaruuju Masa-masa pandemi gini gaji pada turun, so anything goes for extra moolah @Mycstea Which is why I consider this to be an emulation pipe dream, and the arcade should be at least preserved in… @Mycstea Considering that Namco System 246 that the game runs on is a modified PS2, in theory, one could import a f…, I know that Genshin Impact is a free to play game, and Mihoyo has to make their money somehow. But I'd rathe… think it's safe to say I already quit Genshin Impact. I already lose interest on it, with it's boring quests, cu…! (765PRO Million Live gals plays Among Us)
Retweeted by Rama Hoshii | CHIHAYA B'DAY @MacKonstantin It's September last year so I forgive you. @AH_Phan @TimSweeneyEpic @sztrovacsek13 Unity is providing barebone to indie devs, most of them fall short when att… @Malkyne @TimSweeneyEpic @sztrovacsek13 In Unreal Engine, the image based lens flare is so good, most devs leave it… @sztrovacsek13 @TimSweeneyEpic For me, it would be either the lighting, the material quality, the performance, and/… @MacKonstantin @KUMANGELION I remember making this joke a while ago. @Mycstea If I started the Im@s Arcade emulation project and built a replica (either a standalone PC or even modded… @vini64MM I thought this was GLSL shader code for Möbius transformation @UE4Memes Keeping things clean. Also, Isekai means "another world", which also the codename for the project @Kotaku Because the Japanese write good character for the sake of being good character. Note this down, western writers. @akatuki___0829 YouTube did a fatal oopsie with its bot 😂
Final Fantasy XII - Kiss Me Goodbye
Retweeted by Rama Hoshii | CHIHAYA B'DAY @TropicalMaku Hitoshi Sakimoto's compositions post MD era are real bangers.Goddamnit. Weeb circle nowadays have more strange terms that I'm unable to catch up with. From things like profess…
Retweeted by Rama Hoshii | CHIHAYA B'DAY @Sora_Shiroe48 Masukin Reddit gih jak @MacKonstantin @Sora_Shiroe48 Kan udah gw jelasin sebabnya kenapa. @Sora_Shiroe48 This is basically Nala (she worked as photographer in modern world and also canonically able to sing)The Fallen Angel of Shimano and the Lone Wolf of Dojima?? 🤔 #FinalFantasy7Remake #CloudStrife #Sephiroth #Sefikura
Retweeted by Rama Hoshii | CHIHAYA B'DAY @SWEGTA Yeah, they're spawning behind me the moment I fire a gun in the air. Everyone in vicinity went away the mom… gw pake picrew buat bikin OC untuk game yang komersial? Tujuannya buat referensi internal, untuk bikin mode… @GrinningStar @RedMakuzawa Maybe the next Parasite Eve if that's a thing. Although I would love to have a FPS PE game. @SimponsFacts @RedMakuzawa Nah, I hated Yakuza Like A Dragon because of the turn based combat. It's just me though… @RedMakuzawa No turn-based combat, full on real-time action combat. I fucking love it! I won't fall asleep and wis…
Retweeted by Rama Hoshii | CHIHAYA B'DAY @awildfloappears All the sub titles like Heavensward, Stormblood, Shadowbringers, and Endwalker are the additional… @princessadvents This person committed a grand theft meme. @MacKonstantin @ZeeWorden Grand Theft Meme @awildfloappears I'm pretty much stopped playing Genshin Impact now, especially that FFXIV Endwalker is about to be released lolWelcome to Twitter where second hand is more preferable., maintenance. @Tamriel1776 I don't like BOTW's cel shader (the lack of outlines and realistic face proportion give the style some… to see the Cerne Giant is visible and looking as proud as ever in MS Flight Simulator. #fs2020 #msfs2020 #sim
Retweeted by Rama Hoshii | CHIHAYA B'DAYFinal Fantasy 16 is trending in Japan right now at #12 due to Yoshi-P's recent radio talk with Tokyo FM about the g…
Retweeted by Rama Hoshii | CHIHAYA B'DAY @awildfloappears But you said "ship with anyone", no written exceptions. @awildfloappears Actually yes I'm gonna ship Lumine with Aether. @UE4Memes my character in UE4 would be like @MacKonstantin Apalah gw yang pake Discord @Teapo64 *sits in a tropical, close to equator land* @RedMakuzawa I don't like BOTW art style, but cel shading doesn't necessarily mean lesser graphics. @Teapo64 You guys have snow? @MacKonstantin I mean, it is wholesome, right? 👀 @MacKonstantin Bayangin Mirai punya crush sama si omWhat Mirai sees @MacKonstantin And the lack of VA would be underwhelming to many people, including the outside sources I want to get their attention from. @MacKonstantin Forgot about sound design, I'm doing that too. @MacKonstantin Except that the interface and the quest is designed with dialogue in exploration in mind. I'm not de… @MacKonstantin I'm doing all the directing, game design, coding, character design, writing, music composing, world… @MacKonstantin Impressive but only so far. There is no VA doing the characters voice, even now, because I'm afraid… @MacKonstantin No outside fund, funding still entirely independently coming from my own wallet.As of now, the game is being funded by my own personal money, which is also split for my own well being. No crowdfunding, no patreon money.To be fair, I do want to have voice acting in my game, PAST FUTURE, but as of now, the funding for the project is s… longer around the world.
I have no option but buy a new DS4. My PS4 is begging to be played... (Also, no. I don't have PS5 just yet. Next gen consoles can wait)Requiescat in Pace my DualShock 4 (2018-2021) 3 years of service well done @FF_XIV_EN I'm a fighter and that's why I am looking forward to be a great partner @SomeTsumugiP Guess Indonesians and Spanish have few things in common these days 😂 @DanielWasTooken @aenimositi Besides, does Butch Hartman OWNS the reference he's drawing from? Tracing is only oka… One-Cheesed Cracker
Retweeted by Rama Hoshii | CHIHAYA B'DAY @awildfloappears Meanwhile gw yang gak bisa karaoke karena vocal range kecil bangetButch Hartman has hit a new low. @DanielWasTooken @aenimositi There is a clear differences between transformative referencing and tracing for copyin… original UK release box art
Retweeted by Rama Hoshii | CHIHAYA B'DAY @awildfloappears HammockSo I put Idolmaster CD drama into GTA San Andreas.... @MacKonstantin I mean, this was one of my drawing I did back in 2018 I didn't improve ever since. @MacKonstantin Hey, not too shabby 👀 Although I would recommend starting with stick figure sketches, and work your way up. @NathanPSI @LowSpec_Gamer might able to give good suggestions 👀 @MacKonstantin Plus, gw nggak punya pentab, dan gw masih belum nemu DPI yang pas. Hey, I'm a coder after all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @MacKonstantin Gw sih pake kertas + pena Sayangnya pas gede gw jarang latihan karena sibuk ngoding + life complicationsIt's okay to dislike a video game that other people like, and feel free to express your disliking, whatever reason… @siffrin88 Apparently disliking a game is now considered a severe heresy. Go figure. @luulubuu Did you forgot to mention that there's no lootboxes/gacha involving real money obscured in game currency?…
@chihaya_4ever Thank you for the well wishes 😌 @chihaya_4ever おはようございます~ ✨おはようございます!☀ 今日は胃炎で体調が悪い 😫 でも、皆さん元気にしているといいですね。😊 @JunbunraraJun What is this proshipper thing, and how does one ship being considered professional? @JC4747 @DarkViperAU Wrong person, but okay. Miki and whatever the thing in the OP's tweet do have blonde colour t…