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Not sure if I’m a leftist because of Star Trek or a Star Trek fan because I’m a leftist. he/him

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Xindi-Insectoid names are very, very long.Last week I was playing Star Trek Adventures and my Xindi-Insectoid science officer dispersed a virus cure as a aer… @BatlethBabe Finally I have been unshackled - no longer confined by the limitations of a 54 year old franchise with…
@1701Trekkie A hot dog is not a taco but a taco is a hot dog @animorphingtime @WlkngCntradctn The pain in this meme is echoing in my brain back over two decades. @DCochran1004 @girlziplocked When I read that article/essay back in 2014 it changed how I see work, and it helped m… @JoeSondow If Star Trek Hour wasn’t during my commute now, I promise I’d be there being goofy and civil. @girlziplocked I have David Graeber’s Utopia of Rules on my nightside and I keep meaning to start it but I get sad. @MaggieMaeFish I’ve seen the Alien movies too. @rhinosoros @IlhanMN 15 year old me would have been pumped as hell to know he could look forward to leftist politic… we’re stronger as a community. We need to slow down, take time, and appreciate moments. We should acknowledge…’re starving for anything like it in the current media landscape - an endless parade of fiction vaunting the indi… thing about being a father and researching children’s media is revisiting Mister Roger’s Neighborhood. I don’t… no.... @InternetHippo I feel honored to be your equal. Soon we will seize the means of post-duction.
@savagediana @MrEarlG I did my BA thesis on the Fall of the Berlin Wall; how did you swing Voyager?? (unless you me… @MrEarlG I have a bachelors degree in history and a masters in German and have taught high school German for almost 10 years. @CzarWyrm @Oliviaj_8 I use Discord for Elite:Dangerous (our little science squadron has its own Discord) and it’s r… @Oliviaj_8 “decommissioned” @Oliviaj_8 Uh oh... (trying this again with the right number) @RES_ili_ENT @DecksLower It botches it a bit at the conclusion with the ticking clock action and one-dimensional vi… @RES_ili_ENT @DecksLower I was worried going into the Xindi arc when I finally watched the show in the last year.… @Oliviaj_8 I would join a fleet. I've been playing off and on for a while, but I've never joined any fleets. @BatlethBabe This is such a fun positive corner of the internet - why would I want to ruin that? @BatlethBabe See, I'm not the biggest fan of Discovery or Picard, and I have plenty of constructive criticisms of b… @trekonomics I like you. You gave me a means to articulate a better world. @girlziplocked I turned 18 at the end of 2002 and it has been an exhausting 18 years watching the Democrats flail i… The frog is my new best friend. @Ds9Club I wish the current reason to avoid Earth was as cool as in Star Trek IV. @christapeterso Time to break out the ear medicine again? The lurking fear of dogs everywhere. @MrTooDamnChris The real litmus test now is if he posthumously posts about how it’s a hoax. @1jcmaxwell Just incredibly wholesome.This is kind of cool: I had a visitor on the porch while enjoying the evening weather. downloading new pics, where are you mentally: @Oliviaj_8 The taco dilemma was your Kobayashi Maru. @ParkerMolloy I have spent the weekend reflecting on this gulf of cognitive dissonance that’s been widening since O… @Sith1701 @ansonmount An important distinction, and if we’re being honest, a make-or-break moment of true leadership chops.
@deannadestroi My life has been a gradual realization that Humans in Trek regularly get the short end of the life expectancy stick.I’ll give out free, unlimited tacos.
Retweeted by The Constable @Oliviaj_8 I mean what is a crew without a ship (or ships?) @Oliviaj_8 Does your crew have a Discord or a Star Trek Online fleet? @Tyranicus It’s a rough year. I don’t live alone, but I have friends who do, and I haven’t seen the rest of my fami… @EyesOnTheRight I was just going to donate to Harrison, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to volunteer for him now beca… @FabulaSagitt In den Schulen. Bei uns gibt’s zwei Lehrer und Deutsch 1-5 für 9-12 Klasse. @FabulaSagitt @Mattdude @foundersbrewing Aber natürlich! @FabulaSagitt @Mattdude @foundersbrewing I lived in Bamberg for two years on a student exchange. I’m a German teacher in America now. @FabulaSagitt @Mattdude @foundersbrewing I have my favorite Bamberger breweries that unfortunately don’t export, bu… @neoteotihuacan The Gravedigger of Democracy At least as Star Trek fans we can recognize from a cosmic perspective… @FabulaSagitt @Mattdude @foundersbrewing Olde Mecklenburg is very German style beer. (I built my beer palette in Bamberg, Bayern)Feel bad for not including my avatar, but while I, The Constable, am not much like Odo, I did. name my dog after hi…“ Post your personality using three Star Trek characters." @Mattdude @foundersbrewing I’m not the biggest IPA fan but Founders is absolute quality. Tonight I’m drinking Old… @TrekLad Space art makes me wish I had stuck with painting after high school.In this one I have also included a picture with the cloaking device activated.’m finally done with my model of the USS Defiant. I have it so that the Bussard collectors, the deflector dish, th… @Oliviaj_8 I could have also gone with one of the others on the board for my stupid joke, but I think the words “sa… @Oliviaj_8 Wow, Mariner, Boimler AND the Salt Vampire? @RespectableLaw I’ve been voting for the last 16 years, and she’s right, dammit - it’s bound to pay off sooner or later! @ShaneSheehy Eat The Rich episode about the themes and dialectics of Money Plane plz @TTrekkie @StarTrek @startrekcbs @MikeMcMahanTM @TrondyNewman Have to take Mariner’s side on this, if only because… @Oliviaj_8 So you admit your replicators and synthesizers will not have cookies programmed in? @ActuallyDadpool @bubblerobble @ShaneSheehy It’s The Rumble. @StormCaywood Finite in the sense that iirc the Covid leave is 10 days total (might be off on that count), then I h… @StormCaywood I got a cold 3 days after returning to work at school and 2 school days before students returned. I h… @DearLeaderLorca
@rhinosoros Just discovered I'm a single issue voter, and that issue is the tyranny of annual arbitrary, pointless sleep-deprivation. @dmatkins137 “Hi, yes. I’d like to increase the volume of my consumption ten fold. Yes, I’ll hear your pitch seven… @dmatkins137 I like the one for something (I intentionally ignore whatever they’re named) that says I can buy a 100… @protovulcans The best theory I’ve heard is that it’s visual cue for time travelers to communicate efficiently what… @ShaneSheehy Truly the worst of all possible worlds. @GarbageApe Harry Potter too. The opposition to far-right politics as valiantly maintaining a miserable status qu… @ShaneSheehy Do we at least get some ambient synthwave music in this late-capitalist cyberpunk hellscape? @HenInAHat1 Animals, huh? Nothing like a bit of dehumanization (a historical tool of fascists) in a fan group for a… @realLutherSloan Single 12 year term on Germany’s federal constitutional court with 68 being the mandatory retirement age. @NonbinarySaru @ensignlesbian Aw I feel bad for jumping in and harping on a game you love. I like the story of a m… @NonbinarySaru @ensignlesbian I both love it and am disappointed by it. It makes me equal parts happy and sad. @CRDtw33ts That’s the way it is in other countries. There’s a lot of structural things I notice are done really dif… @AaronBossig Almost got that one for my classroom. Ended up settling on this one: @HerPikaHighness @InnuendoStudios explains this well in one of his alt-right playbook vids about how “They Go Low W… @3illSweet @albinokid When one side doesn’t play by and actively destroys the rules to oppress people, the oppositi… @3illSweet @albinokid Voting is important and we need to encourage it. But there’s only so much we can do when the… @neuroxin Year of Night TerrorsThinking about how judges on Germany’s federal constitutional court serve a single 12 year term and must retire at… @misskiranerys I’ve taken to model building in quarantine. I’m always anxious about accumulating too many things an… is planetary chauvinism - pure demonstration of humanoid bias in conventions of comfort and beauty. @kjaneway8 @LindseyGrahamSC @harrisonjaime Aw dang, we’re both South Carolinians. I’ve considered volunteering for… @NonbinarySaru @ensignlesbian Fallout 4 is both incredibly underwhelming and disappointing and Fallout 4 also has N… @misskiranerys Every great genre and mediocre genre is always improved by making it Star Trek.Maybe if Trump wins, next year he and Barr will have me carted off to a re-education camp for child abuse. 2/2I teach a week long lesson about fascism in Germany. We go over structures of power, outline how the Nazis cooperat… @kjaneway8 @LindseyGrahamSC Oh, he’s always thought the exact opposite of that because he’s a hypocrite, their base… @dudworks Star Trek is comfortable in the bad times because it’s so much what I wish the world would be. And it at… @Chinchillazllla I was gonna drink but then I got too sad to keep drinking and feel worse. But I also don't feel… @EyesOnTheRight *(It was supposed to be 4 decades, and I just noticed. I'm drinking right now. Who isn't?) @NotSisko @clairecmc (I was being facetious. She is who we have to thank for Josh Hawley.) @NotSisko @clairecmc When I need clarity on who will win and who will lose when it comes to political maneuvering,… @MoStarfleet @AGTrekkieTweets I imagine my frustration at the time would have been going backward when I think Trek… @1701Trekkie I'll do you one better. I'm a German teacher with a history degree. I teach a week long lesson I entit… @EyesOnTheRight "But those aren't the rules!" At this point, fuck the rules. What the hell has the left gotten the…