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@KitMickey same, absolutely sameMy addition to "the funniest sitcom scene" @KitMickey here's the funniest sitcom scene
Retweeted by TheInsaneRobin 🇺🇸24th Century Short Treks! This week @TheInsaneRobin and @ohtheprofanity develop two #StarTrek shorts (as if writte…
Retweeted by TheInsaneRobin 🇺🇸 @mattrushing02 @TheRock @ZacharyLevi A lot of punchingIt's Oscar roundtable time again, AKA People Seeing What They Want To See In Actors' Listening Faces, And Dining Ou…
Retweeted by TheInsaneRobin 🇺🇸 @alexandertperry Not too shabby when you put it that way.Our beloved mentor, colleague and friend, Branko Lustig, producer of 'Schindler's List', 'Gladiator' and winner of…
Retweeted by TheInsaneRobin 🇺🇸 next month's second animated #StarTrek #ShortTrek, we'll learn the story of "The Girl Who Made the Stars." Comi…
Retweeted by TheInsaneRobin 🇺🇸Brigadoon....In...Spaaaaaaaace!
Retweeted by TheInsaneRobin 🇺🇸 @Tyranicus @alexandertperry @Tyranicus Midwest is my only experience and it’s always been abysmal. @BrentWaugh @Tyranicus Because Amtrak might get you there an hour late or three hours late and it’s more expensive than gas.
Vin Diesel taught Judi Dench how to play Dungeons & Dragons on the set of THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK and she went on…
Retweeted by TheInsaneRobin 🇺🇸 @turksespinnekop *tourisht @trekkieb47 @Captain_Revo I’ve never seen that!There’s an account on Tumblr that uses the FaceApp on #StarTrek and it’s freaking me out. @Drogyn1701 @Captain_Revo Yeah ... just like Lennier ... @Captain_Revo Right? I felt like there was more than a few times they could have popped that one out and go “oh yea… @AndorianSoup we ever see T’Pol use her Vulcan strength? #StarTrek new Time & Space travels to the first and last episodes of the Matt Smith era - what changes did we see in the 11…
Retweeted by TheInsaneRobin 🇺🇸NEW FILIBUSTER! @ChampCelluloid and @LeeHutchison_ look at the wider issues surrounding the Martin Scorsese vs. Ma…
Retweeted by TheInsaneRobin 🇺🇸I have these in the form of Taco Bell cups! House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham says President Trump is not watching public impeachment hearing. She…
Retweeted by TheInsaneRobin 🇺🇸 @adamdrosin contribution to the work potluck since I can’t even make toast. we stop with the "just follow your dreams" rhetoric when the shining example you're giving is a dude who had a…*holds hand to ear piece* "Ok, everyone, we've just received the official translation of 'Maclunkey' and it's ...… see a lot of people confuse "good guy" with just "protagonist."
Staying off Twitter until I can watch #TheMandalorian tonight! See you tomorrow!
@StarWarsVisComp You keep getting more and more minute and it's amazing.Left: iPhone 11 Pro built-in Wide Right: Moment 18mm Wide Zoom in to see the difference in quality 🤯
Retweeted by TheInsaneRobin 🇺🇸 @BrandonHarbeke Tron Legacy for the same reason and then MandalorianAmerican friends, just for the sake of my own interest and to prove a point... If you have ever avoided going to t…
Retweeted by TheInsaneRobin 🇺🇸 @Drogyn1701 @Novacharter Indubitably!Keep in mind that Disney Plus launches at 6am EST so the Mandalorian is gonna be spoilertastic starting about an hour after that.
Retweeted by TheInsaneRobin 🇺🇸 @Novacharter One guess is that "sold" is used in the same way they say "paperwork" even though there is no paper. @Novacharter always something that intrigued me. There is no substantial or concrete evidence to explain it but the… #A24 PROJECT! @LeeHutchison_ is joined by @KrishaFairchild to discuss her titular role in Trey Edward Shults’s…
Retweeted by TheInsaneRobin 🇺🇸 @startrekjunkie Sorry, I meant she put her Swiss Miss in the freezer @startrekjunkie They froze her Swiss bank accountme trying to talk about star trek with my non star trek mutuals
Retweeted by TheInsaneRobin 🇺🇸 @dramadork884 Right?! It’s insane and I have no idea who ever thought that was a good idea.My toddler got upset that my visa didn’t fit in her piggy bank.
@BaldNBeardless No need to keep all those cases. Selling duplicates to a used bookstore.Going through and getting rid of. This kinda hurts. early concept poster (and early title, of course!) being developed by Spiros Angelikas' design agency in…
Retweeted by TheInsaneRobin 🇺🇸Happy birthday to #StarTrek Voyager actor and director Robbie McNeill!
Retweeted by TheInsaneRobin 🇺🇸 @Drogyn1701 @SaraSorrentino @SaraSorrentino What was in it?
@ohtheprofanity @pjc4774 @StormChaseKate @StormChaseKate Two fans of #StarTrek #Voyager and of @ohtheprofanity & @TheInsaneRobin meet up at…
Retweeted by TheInsaneRobin 🇺🇸Sounds like Tristan is playing Mass Effect again
Retweeted by TheInsaneRobin 🇺🇸 @FirstTimeTrek, Siri, that is very much NOT what I said.’m now old enough to understand how genius my dad was for wearing slippers all the time. @LeeHutchison_ @mumbles3k I love it. Gonna watch it again soon on D+. Sad I missed it in 3D. @LeeHutchison_ That is a very specific setting. @mumbles3k I didn’t know you liked Legacy that much.’s the full video.
Retweeted by TheInsaneRobin 🇺🇸 @exodus803
@BrandonMutala @mhansen0207 Had to go for the beefcake shots didn’t you?Yeah I chose the braid look she had for like one episode.Define your taste in women/men in 4 pictures #StarTrek edition @BrandonMutala Using a spreadsheet instead of an app happiness is really starting to interfere with my art.For those that don't know, Legacy was a film restoration project done using multiple scans of the film using multip…
Retweeted by TheInsaneRobin 🇺🇸 @Drogyn1701 To be fair! It was the first time I noticed it. @Drogyn1701 I just started my file back up the other day. @Drogyn1701 With one of the best game trailers ever
Due to life, a new #PunchIt won’t hit your feeds today. We’re really sorry, but we have an excellent topic lined up…
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@Anotherfilmnerd Your. Sword.GNDN the bridge crew refuses to accept they contracted a disease. @KitMickey at the time, yeah. I just remember my mom losing it when we first saw the commercial. No joke she said "… all started with Fred Astaire selling vacuums.
Retweeted by TheInsaneRobin 🇺🇸 @KitMickey YOU'RE RIGHT!NEW FILIBUSTER! @ChampCelluloid shares his experiences from #MCMComicCon London & the live Blade Runner show. We a…
Retweeted by TheInsaneRobin 🇺🇸Never mess with Eleven #StrangerThingsDay
Retweeted by TheInsaneRobin 🇺🇸16th anniversary of one of the very best eps in #StarTrek! #Enterprise
Retweeted by TheInsaneRobin 🇺🇸
The Insider is 20 It’s obviously an important film about corporation/media complicity but even more important than…
Retweeted by TheInsaneRobin 🇺🇸Newly Delivered #OwlPost! Chapter 138: Draco's Detour from #HarryPotter and the #HalfBloodPrince!…
Retweeted by TheInsaneRobin 🇺🇸 @BrandonMutala @trekfan4747 @TheGoddessLivia @mumbles3k Yes but only this brand. @BrandonMutala @trekfan4747 @TheGoddessLivia @mumbles3k First I was like dude way to air out your dirty laundry and then I got to the end.New #AggressiveNegotiations! Issue 185: Introducing #StarWars. John and Matt ponder the question, after decades o…
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Sounds like the pig was doing JUST FINE.
Retweeted by TheInsaneRobin 🇺🇸 @TheSpoilist I kinda want to know what you're firing atCurrently listening to one of the greatest #StarTrek episodic scores of all time.