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Starlord Daddy is my Glucose Guardian. Super weird, favorite yoga pose is cat loaf. Solid 6/10. advocate for lupus awareness. Send Noods 🍜

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Lets get spoopy! Stream starts now, come hang with us! @VortexiaB Shoukdve bought the s20 mate @Corpse_Husband do you have a charity picked out if you win? If not please consider @Kaleidoscope_FL this organizat… 20th to this one! What’s you favorite song from Borders & Boundaries? #LessThanJake
Retweeted by 🍜Excalibur *FOOL* - Send Noods🍜In one hour, join me along with @KrysisDiamago & Pickle (son) as we go ghost hunting on #PhasmophobiaGame ! Stop by… @AgentBluesky27 @Eventine18 Be safe! 💚 @AgentBluesky27 Safe travels! Where you headed? @Jon_Fury @Alans_Adventure OMG I MISSED IT WHYYYYYY the programs we could support for @Kaleidoscope_FL if we had this kind funding! 😍😍😍 #Lupusawareness @MrBeastYT If i win, I'll buy @juicyfruitsnacc a record player so he can listen to the Goofy Grape vinyl record I got him ON REPEAT
Retweeted by 🍜Excalibur *FOOL* - Send Noods🍜 @JJtoob Ooooh anime and horror binging with prime friends!😍 @criblet913 Thank you good sir! I hope your day is as amazing as my butt (according to lishy) @KarduelPlays Thanks! I hope your day is as amazing as my butt (according to lsihy)Good morning squishy muffins 💚 @JaytheOstrich Yeeeeee @VortexiaB There are a few But there's children here 😏 @daemelar What?! Do they think it just fucks off somewhere? Because it sadly doesnt @WereKittyKat @Zygomatica66 I will see him 2x a year for med refills and if i need urgent care i will go to an urgent care. @WereKittyKat @PaulyWit He said "i dont care what other records aay! I have the proof right here and thats what matters!" Smdh @jmelee8 Aww thanks bb squishy muffins 💚 @THE_cookiegunz @valdeingruo FINE @GGAAHHHHH PurpleSuper duper spoopers tomorrow! @valdeingruo YOU'RE ENTITLED TO YOUR WRONG OPINION @valdeingruo THE TWEET IS STILL VALID @valdeingruo WHY ARE YOU SO GOD DAMN ADORABLE @MrBeastYT I DONT KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS BUT IM OUT OF POCKET MEAT! (before any of my friends start penis jokes its b… @HungMooseStudio @LittleFireTWI This makes my feed a million times better 😍 @riceballkc I love you 🥰
@riceballkc 🤔🤔🤔🤔 these are the important questions @lunasm000ke Or they second guess everything your other drs say/do @GGAAHHHHH @KarduelPlays @zerofinite @TTraykJ @Fangykins @VbagExtremist Same @GGAAHHHHH @zerofinite @TTraykJ @Fangykins @VbagExtremist Awww gee thanks you're too kind @KarduelPlays @GGAAHHHHH @zerofinite @TTraykJ @Fangykins @VbagExtremist Yassss another favorite!Another #toys4tots donation THANK YOU SO MUCH @KarduelPlays 😍😍😍😍 @The_muzz1 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @lunasm000ke After years of shitty drs and half assed care you get used to it. I'm at a point where he wont make th… @GGAAHHHHH @zerofinite @TTraykJ @Fangykins @VbagExtremist @RoboticHat717 i totally didnt forget you! 😘 @ultimatreality1 Its not so bad. Glasses make us super sexy 😘 @The_muzz1 STOP SEXUALLY CONFUSING THE INTERNET 🤣 @The_muzz1 @JJtoob Been waiting FOREVER for this @SkeeterisaRita @PaulyWit Saldy im used to drs like this. They come and go. @SkeeterisaRita @PaulyWit Im gonna guess hes only at this clinic because he's a newer dr and will likely move on to… I'm at 2.5K followers! Let’s celebrate! ARTISTS UNDER 5K! Let's do an #ArtShare ! 💀 Post your Work and Lin…
Retweeted by 🍜Excalibur *FOOL* - Send Noods🍜 @GGAAHHHHH Congrats! 💚💚💚 @GGAAHHHHH @zerofinite @TTraykJ @Fangykins @VbagExtremist Tumblr: The-Irish-Pickle @GGAAHHHHH My name is Pickle, I'm a (former) graphic designer/illustration. My favorite scary movies consist of Jo… @SkeeterisaRita @PaulyWit Im only seeing him to refill my medications my neurologist, hematologist, and surgical o… @TTraykJ It* ffs @TTraykJ I wanna do rainbow again but fuck im lazy and i need another set of hands for ir @DjJoMusic @wheelz8701 Thanks bb @StarLord_Daddy Im down for whatever im just happy I GET TO DRIVE MY FECKING CAR AGAIN REEEEE @baines_joshua Aww thanks bb @TTraykJ Thx! Well over due for color @bananabelle87 This is why i cant be arsed to see drs. @StarLord_Daddy We can do they are always super busy thoI was trying my best to take serious selfies and I think I nailed it. @VbagExtremist @swartz_de Im that ONE episode where it actually IS lupus 🤣 @prettyph3nom Price hikes in oil? @swartz_de @VbagExtremist @JaytheOstrich @Zygomatica66 I wanted to good god i wanted to @VbagExtremist He also just had his nurse call to tell me im pre-diabetic so i need to exercise and eat healthy WEL… @VbagExtremist Big mood yesterday. @VbagExtremist He thinks he's like House and has discovered the secret to my medical fuckery 🤣 @PaulyWit He told me '"i dont care what other records say I have proof right here!" Like he found the fucking hol… @missamy717 Gluten does this to me, makes my face feel like its on fire but I LOVE GLUTEN SO MUCH hope you feel better hun. @vegeto247 Some people have an undying obsessive love for pickles and im not even madGUYS YESTERDAY MY NEW DR TOLD ME I HAVE LUPUS AND HIS BLOODWORK PROVES IT CAN YOU FUCKING BELIEVE THAT SHIT AFTER O… @tkc6109 I hope to find your work in english in the future! 😍Spoopy wallpaper! 😍 Get a free limited edition wallpaper. #HALLOWEEN_WITH_VILLAGE #Halloween #VILLAGE #ResidentEvil @StarLord_Daddy I dont mind i just can't wait to DRIVE MY CAR REEEEEEEE @StarLord_Daddy Or is it sushi burrito night @StarLord_Daddy FOR DINNER?!How @TheIrishPickle eats a banana
Retweeted by 🍜Excalibur *FOOL* - Send Noods🍜 @StarLord_Daddy 😂😂😂 i just shot diet coke across my bed you fucker 😂😂😂 @StarLord_Daddy can we make these preferably the sausage and cinnamon roll ones @StarLord_Daddy remember this? @Savageserene_ ME. WUVS. YOU. @KarduelPlays Thanks my dude! Hope your day is as amazing as my butt! (According to lishy) @JaytheOstrich @KarduelPlays @THE_cookiegunz I love bacon but this is excessive. @KarduelPlays HAPPY FUCKING FRIDAY YOU BEAUTIFUL BASTARD @THE_cookiegunz That was supposed to translate to "hey baby" but i think the 2 languages threw off translate 😂 @THE_cookiegunz QUE PASA PENDEJO ちょっと赤ちゃん (choko akachan) There is no in between @Jon_Fury @Ghost_Razgriz06 @MarkietheFett Should translate to "I WILL THROW MY FLIP FLOP AT YOU, YOU SHIT @Jon_Fury @Ghost_Razgriz06 @MarkietheFett VOY A TIAR MI CHANCLAS MIERDA🔶J庭49新作グッズ予約開始🔶 《ヤクザ様のおもちゃ缶バッジ》 ▶️ 《花の芥缶バッジ》 ▶️ ※侑黒同人誌はまだページがないようなの…
Retweeted by 🍜Excalibur *FOOL* - Send Noods🍜Good morning squishy muffins 💚 @akinamatada I love him 🥰Mind your spell slots, empaths! #dnd #empathy
Retweeted by 🍜Excalibur *FOOL* - Send Noods🍜 @JayActiv @StarLord_Daddy I don't know shes a fucking genius! @JayActiv Well my friend Karen bought it i thought it was only politeGoodnight squishy muffins 💚 @valdeingruo Your adorableness literally crushes the skulls of your enemies. Like its own super power @valdeingruo So much I feel my soul slipping away
@valdeingruo You're lucky You're adorable 😑