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Mediocre Gamer/Graphic Designer/Fundraising/Licensed Reverend. all the good things in life, only mediocre-like. advocate for lupus awareness/education.

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@VortexiaB When it comes to personal hygeine, We dont dick around @Lunashayde You got this! I believe in you! we had a tornado 2 streets over the night of the hurricane. I wonder if thats why our tree line looks li… @CaiteeeCat Awwwwwwwww so wittle! Congrats! @ashley_leopard I just got your message im so sorry! Replying now! 😊
@JaytheOstrich Yuppp. @Mannymeatwallet @VortexiaB I need skyrim just for this. @VortexiaB Cant. Not.Woke up and realized I had to go to the post office to mail soap. doing Potato things. @VortexiaB Mother of god. @AgentBluesky27 The Murphy's Law award definitely goes to me though. @AgentBluesky27 I say let Darwin sort it but i just wanna watch the world burn 😈 @AgentBluesky27 We are talking about a population that requires "do not operate heavy machinery" on children's cold medicines. @AgentBluesky27 Had to be done. @JJtoob I have a brick like this and its gotten me through many emergencies.Here's what's available today! The blue one is baby powder scented, the lavendar is cherry blossom. The small ones…
Finally got power back. I was sweating like a nun in a whore house. @HeidiLemoine Ditto @SquishyGamerMom @tj45acp He truly appreciated the finer things in life @Ghost_Razgriz06 Quee! LolWe are safe. Power out still but we are prepared. Thanks to everyone who checked in on us all night. my biggest co… @OfficialBallsac Of course you don't our house and @Lishykin / @Jew_on_a_pew we already live in munchkin land, so if a tornado takes our house w… @zerofinite I dunno what "normal" is by society definition but there were no lifeguards in my gene pool so... @TechieQube Sorry i suck but HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂
@BrickRabbitt My dad put one on his boss' desk 🤣 @a5oNGaming I accept this. @LOLGotYerTags I have the softest hands just from making these ill have you know. @Lunashayde Or yell "YOU'RE NOT MY MOM!" @Fangykins @Jon_Fury The price tag tho 😬 @VortexiaB @MeaghanLindsay9 @NeebsOfficial @JaytheOstrich Always @BTW_Stepham I turned off all my notifications and uninstalled social media apps. Sorry. I appreciate you 💚 @MISTER_SIFI Will do @TallSamurai_ Me too! Damn hurricane is slower than molasses in December! @JaytheOstrich @GeekyGarrett16 Im sure its a right of passage @JaytheOstrich @MeaghanLindsay9 @NeebsOfficial Aye aye captain! @Ghost_Razgriz06 @PaulyWit @MeaghanLindsay9 @NeebsOfficial @JaytheOstrich Im a pro at cheating death and floating on rafts! @TallSamurai_ I havent done it. Yet. @BTW_Stepham The safe word is "muffins" @psynide326 the worst/best dad joke. @AgentBluesky27 @Jon_Fury @AgentBluesky27 @AgentBluesky27 Ill let you know how the quality is. @AgentBluesky27 Oh yeah. it wrong to stand out in a hurricane waving your walking stick that happens to be branded 'Hurrycane' while yell… @SaltyWenchMedia Sure is. Waiting for them hurricanes 🌀 @AgentBluesky27 I ordered on of my design on amazon since red bubble wouldnt let me 😏 @MeaghanLindsay9 @NeebsOfficial @JaytheOstrich I got my air Mattress raft ready! 😊 @MISTER_SIFI Size doesnt matter. 😉 @valdeingruo @JordanLCameron Must be hard.Someone's boooored. Stupid hurricanes. @JaytheOstrich @NeebsOfficial fresh scent and blue baby powder handy soaps, as well as green cherry blossom minis available now! Don't di… gonna lie.... I kinda want this in my life. @JaytheOstrich But it does require one... 😉 @JaytheOstrich As they should.The pre-made soaps sold SUPER fast today! Keep an eye out on IG (@ irish-pickle) and Twitter for the next batch, or… @zerofinite Bucket list: Drunken twister with a midget ✅ Tinsel bikinis ✅ Herem ✅ Reverse herem ✅
@JJtoob And i just realized you said im cool now im embarassed a.f @JJtoob *whispers* You are my favorite just dont tell the others. 😊 @JJtoob You are definitely in my top ten "people i actually tolerate" list. @HeidiLemoine Awww thanks behbeh herem/reverse-herem. #imbigspoon @tdpSian #bigspoon @EricBar13510681 Smells like pure clean hap-penis @Jon_Fury I call big spoon k thanks @bananabelle87 @MarkietheFett @MarkietheFett Im not mad.... im just disappointed. 😜Green is sold! Still minis available, will be posting new availables in a couple days! @MarkietheFett Best facial to start your day! @MISTER_SIFI I dont dick around when it comes to personal hygeine. @MISTER_SIFI @RedTube I feel like my life is a lie. @Zygomatica66 @froto_dd She was so mad. Super salt. @T3h_T4t3r I will do my best @CentaurEmo @TTraykJ Happy vaginal eviction day! @zerofinite_art SENPAI YOU GENIUS holder war round 2: Potato is mad at @froto_dd because he put his can in the cup holder. The salt is real. be opening comissions for handy soap this week! Price includes shipping! I have a 5" green made and varying co… @zerofinite_art I would totes watch that anime. @zerofinite_art #blessed @zerofinite_art Now i have an affection erection. Saint Zero is just 10/10 wholesome @GeekyGarrett16 @zerofinite_art @zerofinite_art BUT WE HAVENT REACHED FAME YET @zerofinite_art WILL SACRAFICE OVARY FOR YOUR FAME REMEMBER ME WHRB YOU'RE FAMOUS @zerofinite_art I will use the devils vagina magic for you prize for @randomlybackin Thank you to all who participated and helped me get this far!
Retweeted by ⛪🥒Reverend Cucumber🥒⛪ @TTraykJ @zerofinite_art @randomlybackin Dude THIS 👆 @talemyn My dad is.... special. 😂 @JustSomeBeer @JJtoob Dammit i missed my chace AGAIN! told my Ma she needs to get this face mask for my dad. #winning @StonedEngram Ty i dont expect anyone to buy stuff i just wanted to upload the face mask template and got bored. Lol @RicktothaG Hentai paper @MISTER_SIFI @RedTube You know how old i was when i found out red tube exists? Friday years old. @VortexiaB