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BASS: Eagles of Death Metal

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@uesumi thank you for sharing Sumi! @Deathvalleygrls thank you for the retweet babes. xoxoxoxThis beautiful shirt is available in a limited quantity, with hand sewn embroidered appliques and genuine Swarovski…!!!!
according to my calculations...with 29 supporters right now on my campaign - I would need 201 total to succeed - wi… is a must have rockabilly accessory!💚🤠 SJP
Retweeted by Jennie Veethis awesome limited edition Jennie Vee t-shirt was designed specifically for this campaign by the awesome…
@TheRyanHamilton @officialslimjim hi Ryan! yes! I have a custom mens shirt, limited edition JV tees, the cowboy t… @TheBulletBoys thank you Marq!!!!Happiest of Birthday Wishes to My Punk n Roll Sista the Amazing & Talented @thejennievee #jennievee You are a Magi…
Retweeted by Jennie VeeHowdy!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who has pledged so far! You are the ones truly bringing this to life! Today… @Chiprockabilly @officialslimjim Thank you Chip! Fingers crossed that I can reach the goal 🥅 🤞⭐️ @RaokRaven @officialslimjim THANK YOU!! Wow that’s so nice!! @kona_cindy @officialslimjim thank you so much Cindy!!! @kaz_415 @officialslimjim thank you!!!!10% there! I want to thank my first 18 backers!! this is an ALL OR NOTHING campaign, there are many different rew…
@ranchodelaluna @MarkRyden Thank you my friend ❤️ Lots of ice to you as always xoxoJennie Vee Los Angeles by Jennie Vee — Kickstarter HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY 🎂🎉BEAUTIFUL SPECIAL GIRL. Please checkout h…
Retweeted by Jennie Vee @BrooklynandBo thank you bbAnother sneak peak at my Red Sheer Ruffle of the pieces from my capsule collection! Sign up to be noti…
@CatherineAD I think you do and I KNOW you would look beautiful and magical in every piece. xoxoxoMY CAPUSULE FASHION COLLECTION is out so soon! sign up to be notified when it launches ...this red dress is the fi… @The_Anchoress "wasn't even allowed to attend the birth" - uh, pardon me, but what kind of entitled asshole is this… UP to be the first to hear about the launch of my first ever fashion capsule collection!
@GabyHerstik @cultofroses_ @drmartens what a beautiful legend you are!!! love you Gaby!!!Today’s look in @thejennievee sunnies, leggings from @cultofroses_ and @drmartens boots🌹🔥⛓
Retweeted by Jennie VeeCOMING SOON...Be a part of the launch of my first capsule FASHION COLLECTION...sign up to be notified when my campa…
@yokoono @officialslimjim Damn you google! You’ve taken the mystery out of everything 🤣❤️ @emilyretsas Serenity now serenity now 🤣
@emilyretsas I seriously told a family about this rule on a 5Am ferry from Dover to CalaisIf you play music through your phone speakers in a public place you get drafted to WWIII, I’m sorry I don’t make the rules
Retweeted by Jennie VeeWorkers pose more than 100 feet in the air during construction of the Brooklyn bridge
Retweeted by Jennie VeeThat is some serious skill.
Retweeted by Jennie VeeYou have to be peaceful to get peace. If you are angry and combative, well, that is not going to help. Please send…
Retweeted by Jennie VeeThe #madteaparty🤩 by @garybaseman 😻eveleigh for #lindaramone 👑#johnnyramone 🎸#comingsoon 🤩happysocks luv it 😘💋…
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@officialslimjim @littlesteven_ug @SIRIUSXM 💋💋💋💋💋My babe when he was a babe and he still is a babe #winwin @ultragrrrl Earth balance spread is great for butter.
This dog got so attached to one of his foster kittens — watch him reunite with her months later 😍
Retweeted by Jennie Vee#Brady sees 2nd X-Mas at the shelter. He’s spent 1/3 of his life with us. He’s 💯 adoptable! #live #love #adopt
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Today on the very first #VolumeWest of 2020 --@lyndseyparker and @MDesbarres will be recapping a bunch of New Years…
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As always...... we came to make a bang! Happy 2020, y’all!!!!!!! 🎉🎊 📷: #williamkoonce
Retweeted by Jennie VeeWelcoming in 2020 with @eodmofficial @thejennievee the start of a new year can’t get better than that!…
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@GlenMatlock @officialslimjim happy new year Glen!! :)
Our last Coolest Conversation of 2019 is up on our podcast! On Friday, Manfred caught up with @thejennievee who, wi…
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All ⁦@officialslimjim⁩ merch at blowout prices! Start your 2020 shopping 🛍 early. Give the gift of #rockabilly.…
Retweeted by Jennie Vee @hisnameisalive The work you did together was beautifulWho's ready for the new #YEAR?!?!?! #secretwordsunday
Retweeted by Jennie VeeGet it !!!🎉🎉🎉
Retweeted by Jennie VeeBE COOL! TUNE IN NOW! ⁦@SIRIUSXM⁩ ⁦@littlesteven_ug⁩ CHANNEL 21 #ROCKABILLYRAVEUP
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@TAMARYNmusic hey - dude who is stalking my friend - STEP OFF!!! sorry T.Original Hollywood Sign (1923) The Hollywood Sign originally said Hollywoodland before it was shortened in 1945.
Retweeted by Jennie VeeBREAKING #BULLETBOYS NEWS!!!! THIS SUNDAY!!!! LEGENDARY ARTIST @TheRobertVargas #ROBERTVARGAS Will be Painting a Ma…
Retweeted by Jennie Vee @siriusxmvolume #volumewest Morrissey & The Smiths!!I have more! @lyndseyparker Gwen Stefani, Stevie Nicks, Lauryn Hillbands that birthed solo artists @lyndseyparker @officialslimjim how about Morrissey/The Smiths? @footballdiehard @officialslimjim @md_1010xl @thestraycats @SiriusXMFantasy great show!!! still tuned in!!! love it!
@MDesbarres @littlesteven_ug @officialslimjim PS: matching leopard scarves = true pals always @MDesbarres @littlesteven_ug @officialslimjim two amazing humans right there! love you both dearly! @brianrayguitar @littlesteven_ug @officialslimjim wow thank you Brian!! Jim and I had a lot of fun making "Have a… you pre-ordered your copy yet? Nedda directed my video for "A Night Like This" and she has an amazing book ab… @mutedfawn @littlesteven_ug @officialslimjim thanks for listening Nedda! :) what is better than love and cats and music!? xoxo @Katrin_Albert @littlesteven_ug I gotta go back and the show and do stories on every one of my 4 cats! 5 if you include @officialslimjimDid you hear this week’s Coolest Conversation with Mighty Manfred and @thejennievee? What was your favorite moment? #LSUG
Retweeted by Jennie VeeI was so excited to be a part of Manfred’s coolest conversations 🤘🏻🎸🎉 @BuggleJ Thank you for tuning in!!BE COOL TUNE IN NOW! @littlesteven_ug @SIRIUSXM CHANNEL 21 @thejennievee is talking on #mightymanfred ❤️📻SJP
Retweeted by Jennie VeeLISTEN NOW!! in the 2PM ET hour, join The Mighty Manfred for a special Christmas Coolest Conversation with Jenny Vee.…
Retweeted by Jennie VeeTune in now to CHANNEL 21 @siriusxm Channel to hear me on the Mighty Manfred program !
Happy Birthday Lemmy @MotorheadPhil @myMotorhead
Our second Christmas Coolest Song in the Coolest Song in the World is 'Have A Rockabilly Christmas' by…
Retweeted by Jennie VeeMay your days be merry and so bright ya gotta wear shades... Merry Christmas Everyone! Here's a photo from last ni…
Retweeted by Jennie Vee @dahl_haus @BlaiseDahl @MilleridgeInn @valleyeyewear1 YESSSSS!! You look so cool in them!! Omg!!! ❤️❤️❤️ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS is for you to vote for the STRAY CATS! @harrietst Merry Christmas Harriet! Lots of love to you & Andy and Danny and Emmy ❤️From my family to yours!! 🎄❤️ @EODMofficial
@TheBulletBoys @officialslimjim love you so much! we will be there to see you rock out!!!HAVE A ROCKABILLY CHRISTMAS is the Coolest Song in The World this week in Stevie Van Zandt's Underground Garage Cha… @thejennievee & I are proud & thrilled to have this honor! CCSITW is extra special for us being 🧰📻 in…
Retweeted by Jennie VeePlanning to leave Santa 🎅 a fruit plate this year as per your suggestion @MDesbarres 🍉#HAVE A ROCKABILLY CHRISTMAS🎄GIVE YOURSELF THE GIFT OF ROCK & ROLL BE COOL TUNE IN. #Rockabillyraveup
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Check out what I just added to my closet on Poshmark: PVC O Ring Choker Collar Satin Bow. v… to & vote for ⁦@thestraycats⁩ BE COOL! GET INVOLVED! VOTE FOR #ROCKABILLY ⁦…
Retweeted by Jennie Vee @montolarr @SIRIUSXM @DefLeppard @MotleyCrue @Poison @joanjett @siriusxmvolume $79.50 for 4 amazing bands is more t… Elliott looks forward to the "almighty weight" of @DefLeppard, @MotleyCrue, @Poison and @joanjett all performin…
Retweeted by Jennie VeeGo get ‘em @DefLeppard @Poison @MotleyCrue @joanjett Happy to have been part of this historic announcement! Best, S…
Retweeted by Jennie VeePre orders for my book ending soon. Get your copy here:
Retweeted by Jennie Vee @Punk_1976 @littlesteven_ug @officialslimjim Same to you!!!
Check out what I just added to my closet on Poshmark: REFORMATION for Urban Outfitters Fauna Dress RARE.… your friends & family a Rockabilly Christmas miracle! Go to for all details. Best, SJP
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Retweeted by Jennie VeeLAST MINUTE HOLIDAY GIFT IDEA! My signature Jennie Vee x Valley Eyewear frames are available in 3 colorways!… @thejennievee 😻 lovin” my fabulous #sunglasses thank ya 🤩 valleyeyewear at the magical #johnny and #linda
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@officialslimjim @spiderstacy @poguesofficial @thestraycats Happy birthday Spider!! @spiderstacyWe’re playing here tonight! DC #Rockabilly Roools OK?! Support your local! #ROCKABILLYRAVEUP ⁦@CityWineryDC⁩ Very n…
Retweeted by Jennie Vee @TheBulletBoys @officialslimjim Love you Marq!!How fun and amazing are these two? They’re magical onstage together! This was a great benefit & a big shoutout to…
Retweeted by Jennie VeeHappy birthday 🎁🎂 to my truest pal & big brother #jeffbaxter Words can’t express. ❤️❤️from ⁦@thejennievee⁩ & me. Be…
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