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Cold-blooded Cartoonist | Narrative Designer @vvspaceship @dms_guild | TEENAGE WASTELAND artist | GM/Host @BigDunJenShow | Riot @d20Dames | Pan | She/her

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@GennHutchison GARGOYLES!!! @lysapenrose @jamesjhaeck @wildrosemage @stopthtoldwoman @cconowitch @RaeDeAnneR @OboeLauren @twittysuch @ShareefJackson It’s...... well.... ughA real Basic™️ photo op
@AmyCringeneck @wwuqueercon Oh wow!!! Thank you, I’ll apply!Comics time while waiting for the ferry! ⛴ 📚 got to hold my babies today! 🐀 I love that the foil lanterns light up. 🏮 #YearoftheRat #mtgsecretlair
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The band GLITTERTOILET from our Heart & Lightning game made a playlist to help you rock into the weekend featuring…
Retweeted by Jen Vaughn 🔜 Big Dun-Jen Show @SwordsnFlowers @kakitabletop @RPGMalaysia @ttgdmy EXCELLENT! I definitely have NO IDEA what it is!!! @RageKagexRugger @writejessr Hahaha @loganbonner’m interested in bringing new authors into the game for #Pathfinder2E, in addition to our great pool of 1E veteran…
Retweeted by Jen Vaughn 🔜 Big Dun-Jen Show @writejessr I’m *screencapping* this. @lysapenrose AMAZIIIIING! @SwordsnFlowers @BigDunJenShow It’s all @lysapenrose + @nolapfau + Sarra! I felt unprofessional, they cracked me up so much that episode!This is so good because: 1) The @BigDunJenShow crew are the funniest. 2) In Heart & Lightning, your characters cano…
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TIME IS MONEY One of the best GLITTERTOILET clips from the last Heart & Lightning show with Sarra Scherb, ⁦…
Retweeted by Jen Vaughn 🔜 Big Dun-Jen Show @SwordsnFlowers Whoa! Hope you’re catching up on sleep and are staying dry.Check out the art I made for Jaime Harrison’s campaign ad! 🇺🇸 🎨 There’s still time to donate money to… to @RageKagexRugger for making my skull and bone collection grow with her gorgeous @d20Dames needle point! @nolapfau 😂😂😂 @lysapenrose @BigDunJenShow @DarkHorseComics @vvspaceship @SwordsnFlowers @VVS_Snoot You’re a new band just looking…✨🚽 + @Rankenphile and more have been converting our Halloween spaceship into an ✨everyday doorway✨ @manyeyedmonster @LoowitBrewing YESFound a delicious looking adventure in a bottle by @LoowitBrewing! #dnd @d20Prof @d20Dames That’s a yes!!!We're thrilled to announce that THE Jen Vaughn (@thejenya of @d20dames and @BigDunJenShow) is joining our GM lineup…
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✨New Episode✨ The slumbering Mage Wink wakes up and sets the Dames off on an even stranger mystery in “What Dreams…
Retweeted by Jen Vaughn 🔜 Big Dun-Jen ShowFOR THE FINAL MONEY! Another EVA LAYS IT OUT episode! @aeva_io is building a board in real time on @vvspaceship @RageKagexRugger Props and tiles!Please help! Who are you favorite terrain makers, #dnd and #rpg friends?! #terrain LIVE on! Dungeon Master @skinnyghost leads @tkjoinsthefray @CarlosCrits @mahrudeboi
Retweeted by Jen Vaughn 🔜 Big Dun-Jen ShowIncorporating IRL physical music-based puzzles into Heart & Lightning is so??? Cool????? @TheJenya is such a cool S…
Retweeted by Jen Vaughn 🔜 Big Dun-Jen Show @SwordsnFlowers Flowers, you’re making me blush!!! Thank you for making this beautiful landscape for us to play in! ❤️⚡️Stormy, Viper + Sable solving my mixer puzzle during the Heart & Lightning game tonight! 🎶 🧩 🎤 (Sarra,… @quadwindsor @BigDunJenShow @vvspaceship a-thank youuuuuThe INCREDIBLE SKULL DICE @nolapfau rolled with tonight!!! @glshade1 @vvspaceship @BigDunJenShow Thank you!!!!I made a mixer puzzle for tonight’s @BigDunJenShow game of HEART & LIGHTNING but maybe I cursed our actual mixer!… GLITTERPUNKS are Live on @BigDunJenShow! Watch Sarra Scherb, @lysapenrose & @nolapfau play the Daughters of Lig…
Retweeted by Jen Vaughn 🔜 Big Dun-Jen ShowTechnical difficulties on @BigDunJenShow but these cutie gods are always ELECTRIC! MINUTES until we get real musical on @BigDunJenShow with @nolapfau + @lysapenrose + Sarra Scherb! (Pic from…! I return in one hour as VIPER in @BigDunJenShow's Heart & Lightning game. We're playing a #TTRPG all abou…
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Tonight! We’re giving away some good good comics! recap by Sarra aka Stormy of last week’s Heart & Lightning game!
Retweeted by Jen Vaughn 🔜 Big Dun-Jen ShowThe countdown to the next Dun-Jen episode with new band GlitterToilet! 3... 2... 1! Tonight at 7pm PT…
Retweeted by Jen Vaughn 🔜 Big Dun-Jen Show @hollygrimalkin @dms_guild May I use that quote?! 🥰 @glshade1 @paizo Possibly!My first Starfinder character: Gunchbreaker the Ungentle, Head of Security on Absalom Station. 🦎
Just now seeing this bundle and I MUST BUY IT and play all the games!!! #rpg THE FIRE THIS TIME for the first time in 15 years. I highly recommend these essays (especially to white pe…"This Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we would do his memory justice by honoring all of his legacy. Not just the parts…
Retweeted by Jen Vaughn 🔜 Big Dun-Jen ShowFinishing up some some illustrations for a new @dms_guild subclass!!! Fans of Entomancer Viridian Green should be… cannot wait to play this game, oh my god! @lysapenrose It’s so good! @ego_gala Primer paint or wild horse tamers? @ego_gala Uhhhh, I am also that person. It’s pretty frightening after the 7th and 8th time!
We have great giveaways from @darkhorsecomics for Tuesday! ✨Zodiac Starforce Vol. 1 + 2 by @kevinpanetta +…
Retweeted by Jen Vaughn 🔜 Big Dun-Jen Show @ShareefJackson @RivalsWaterdeep GREAT game, Shareef! This season is off to a deliciously creepy start! @MustacheBabs @TheBriness CONGRATS!!! I love you two!!! 🥰It’s only been a week since our live show at @OrcaCon but we miss @pocgamer already! Thanks to everyone who came…
Retweeted by Jen Vaughn 🔜 Big Dun-Jen Show @barilleon @TheWillyboo @writejessr Milk Baaaaaar @writejessr Jess, no....In 3 hours @RivalsWaterdeep returns with our 6th season of D&D! Check us out at noon CST on
Retweeted by Jen Vaughn 🔜 Big Dun-Jen Show @RageKagexRugger @writejessr THEY WERE DELICIOUS.When I ran out of enough melting chocolate to cover my strawberries for today’s game snacks, @writejessr CORRECTLY… @ianmacewan @sloanesloane I totally did an homage to Maroto (and credited him inside) for a @d20Dames adventure cov… made an Esteban Maroto homage cover (and credited inside) for the first @d20Dames adventure written by @KatKruger @____ness @ForgeLawless I’m doing that soon too! What the heck!!!If this was a D&D adventure, I’d be wondering what these cats know that I don’t!!! #dnd characters got hit with some aggressive Polymorph spell in our Ghosts of Saltmarsh homegame but WE always…
Let’s #DnD!!!!!
Retweeted by Jen Vaughn 🔜 Big Dun-Jen Show @KatKruger @BrittniLeigh There’s Grumpy D’s up in Ballard, off 15th with a FAKE fireplace!Another Saturday, another @d20Dames recording! The special guest joining is SO FREAKIN’ COOL!!!! #dnd🥁🍫 @RageKagexRugger Hell yeah!!! Wish I could be there!
@kayncli @glitzybrite @xoMiaMoore @skinnee8bit Juuuuuust over here looking as well! @lysapenrose “Today”Episode 1 of HEART & LIGHTNING (an RPG by @SwordsnFlowers) is available on YouTube for your enjoyment! 🖤🎤 The new…
Retweeted by Jen Vaughn 🔜 Big Dun-Jen ShowFight. Fire. With. Games. Save over 90% on these charity bundles benefiting disaster relief in Australia. 100% of…
Retweeted by Jen Vaughn 🔜 Big Dun-Jen ShowFirst fast attempt at making a character sheet for HEART & LIGHTNING, an RPG by @SwordsnFlowers! With some input…
Retweeted by Jen Vaughn 🔜 Big Dun-Jen Show @pocttrpgs We owe you MULTIPLE games, friend. @pocttrpgs Still! Let us know how we can help. Look for apartments, cross country road triiiiiipSo in love with this! Way to make it happen @FabricAlchemist! great night watching @MagicTavern! With special guest Molly Lewis and of course, a surprise Mayor Manana sighting! @lysapenrose @KatKruger @d20Dames @BrittniLeigh @MagicTavern @adalrifai @misterarnie @morepeoplehappy You were missed, Kat!Dames @BrittniLeigh + @TheJenya are ready for @MagicTavern! ❤️Podcasts supporting podcasts❤️
Retweeted by Jen Vaughn 🔜 Big Dun-Jen ShowHave you picked up Beyond the Basics yet? Gargoyle Daddy by @kayncli who was wonderful enough to illustrate one of…
@lysapenrose You know iiiiiitGoing to see some of my favorite jokesters @adalrifai + @morepeoplehappy + @misterarnie tonight at @MagicTavern! Th… @Jamitha OMGLooking forward to the next episode hosted by @dms_guild’s @lysapenrose and Guest host @jamesjhaeck ! Who will win… @mike_daws Knives Out, 10000% @CortanaV @twittysuch 😂 @twittysuch Hmm mmm my job is done @HenryBarajas Like WHO designed that standee? It’s the only way to interact with it.