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Tweets about politics and pigeons. Snarky cynic. European federalist, feminist and liberal. Wokiest of woke. Allergic to fash. She/her. #FBPE

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@DemeryUK I figured if I just work out really, really hard and stop eating junk I'll get there pretty quickly, cons… @cactus_woman I just watched YouTube and focused on what I want to achieve.I took the #trans stuff off my account and now transphobes are RTing my progressive tweets and following me. These… @turtle_naomi Nope.There! I've eaten no junk and been on the exercise bike until I couldn't anymore. Heart is pounding in my head, my… dreamt last night I was picking transformers stickers out of my toenails, BTW. The most ridiculous part was that… @stevieinselby @DaveL1953 @YellowJimbo @jbdunster Sure we do; we just have a terrible voting system. @YellowJimbo @jbdunster I agree with the Starmer part.Charles Dickens died 150 years ago and the Tories are STILL starving children at Christmas."Ah, but I have better solution, Jess, that is a needed long-term one that won't help people NOW, and the Governmen… is the point of a government that doesn't care about the people? Call me a socialist, communist, Marxist, wha… to pay for the State to render aid to the poor is BETTER than charity, Krishnan. But sure, go with "it's YOU… Tories voted against extending free school meals for kids last night. Are you surprised? @cosmic_rising Look whoever you are, I don't care what a silly anon account thinks about a pandemic. Go away.
@sazmeister88 Mine works.anyone else unable to retweet? mine's going straight to quote tweet. not the end of the world but mildly irritating…
Retweeted by Jessie - Carnage in D minorSave me from the giant poppies. Have the different poppy colours happened yet? @DangleSpanners Bad?I know my algorithm is ranked but please if you see this can you retweet because I literally have no idea what to…
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@Marvin7xx If I can do it, so can anyone honestly 😉 @HyperspaceDawn *Maildir 😝🤪Anti immigrant rhetoric being called patriotism is ridiculous. Who could possibly be greater patriots than those wh…
Retweeted by Jessie - Carnage in D minor @phil__stanmore Oh Phil it was a typo in port forwarding. Amateur hour here at Jessie's!!! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️I've spent a VERY frustrating day trying to get postfix/dovecot to work, and erm... AAAAARGH I hate my life *ahem… myself: I am thejessiekirk on gH4GyCClKm6yZc-5GrYcFXTUem2Iada9E8So / @shefshakespeare No nothing for me from my GP beyond the norm.Can we stop fetishising a war that left 70,000,000 to 85,000,000 dead, please UK? This just isn't being respectful. It's quite sickening. @watson_moran *Cuddles for Moran xxx @IAM_4_EU Anyone who misgendered Amelio got a pistol pointed at them, so I guess it did happen. It was just that Am… @jimbo888 Lol ja. @IAM_4_EU He was a General in the Mexican Revolutionary War. 😁 @jimbo888 He was a General in the Mexican Revolutionary War and he married a lady. 😁 @jimbo888 It's debatable, but still. Amelio was a fascinating bloke.This is Amelio Robles Ávila. He transitioned in 1913. 🥰 is Lili Elbe. She transitioned in 1930. 🥰 @cliodiaspora I can't fathom reasons for this other than terrible ones.Majority of MPs have rejected #ImmigrationBill amendment that would give EU citizens physical proof of status. *BUT…
Retweeted by Jessie - Carnage in D minor @tebee Aye. Not looking forward to it, nor disruption of my inhalers. @AnxietySong With your hair and glasses OMG you look really cool! 😘I'm told my prescription should arrive tomorrow (or the day after, maybe), then I have enough for 4 months. THEN,… @CurseofNephros I like how you're arguing that all humans basically suck. @TrevorThornett Crash Course World History is pretty good.It's #LGB with a 'T', kids. And that's just part of the wonderful complexity of the human experience! #LGBTQIA+ 🥰 @IanMcKellen Naturally, the transphobes are in the comments in force. Blockblockblockblock.The House of Commons rejected the amendment that would give us EU citizens physical backup of our immigration statu…
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@heljopops Lol I don't think they're getting *that* message. @seeing4d You're alright max 🙂There's a shocking lack of knowledge as to the fascinating history of Islam in this country, isn't there? @wrenasaurus Done. 🙄You all have one joke 😝 about we start saying passel or sounder of... ahem... "journalists"? you see it? We really are ridiculous, aren't we? @GrantWhiteTZ @Kat_Says_Stuff Ouch! Rest up my friend xx @TheRage808 Of course. 🙂Going to tag you @JamesMelville, for being a buffoon.The WORST #COVID_19 death toll in Europe, and one of the highest on Earth. Don't even try to tell me about "gettin…, I have no clue what the requirements are regarding #COVID_19 but my GIC doctor assured me that leaving my… 2 METRES APART FROM *EVERYONE* OUTSIDE YOUR OWN HOUSEHOLD yes even your friends and family
Retweeted by Jessie - Carnage in D minor @sazmeister88 What's a left slate? @KatyMontgomerie So one is apparently born with a sense of humour determined by sex?? Dafuq?I don't care what a plumber has to say about virology anymore than I care what a virologist has to say about pipe fitting. #CharlieMullins @Eddystone506 Family stuff. @MrGump13 You win. @loonyliberals Seemed fine to me 😁 @offworld2019 At least they'll look cool on the shelf 😁 But now I want Blu-rays!! @geoffre25314145 Obscene? Moi? 😇 @offworld2019 Oh. Rats lol. 😬 @cat_abroad @Julyon60 @butwhatifitsall *VCR 😝 Yes I do. I like how my BD and HD-DVD players fit on top if it 😁 @offworld2019 Sure, but it will be neat to see the original versions. @NuitsdeY Normally I'd agree, but Desilu really didn't give TOS the budget it deserved so I'm kind of okay with it.Dear British Racists. Please don’t write to me. I’ve no idea how you contact @Nigel_Farage but the website…
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OMG entire Star Trek Original Series on VHS for 20🦑!! Can't wait! I love the DVDs with the updated effects but I'd… @shoshanade Black and white hides much fuglyness 🙃 @IngramGlynis That sounds pretty cool(Okay I might do that now. Plus we can watch Halloween later 😁)Please do consider keeping your kids indoors this Halloween for everyone's safety. Wear costumes, carve a pumpkin,… @laurabunbun @sazmeister88 All fine, TY. Doris keeps flicking water at me from her bowl and clicking her beak happi… @IncorrectEn @Firesnakious I hope it helps you. Dysphoria is quite awful. @Ferretgrove If you wear sunglasses it stops the New World Order from stealing your energy and sending it to the Illuminati Reptiles. 😎 @IncorrectEn @Firesnakious Oh cool! Are you excited? @laurabunbun @sazmeister88 No my GP is still silly. How's your bunnies? 🐇 @NuitsdeY That's cool! We have a noisy boy on our balcony every morning, with his white and black speckly mate and their baby 🥰 @IncorrectEn Thanks! How's you and @Firesnakious? 🥰 @NuitsdeY Thanks my lovely, how's you and the bird horde? 🥰 @sazmeister88 😁😁😁 How's you and @laurabunbun? 🥰 @BennettKealey Ah. That explains the great disturbance in the Force earlier.So Jacinta Ardern won in a landslide! New Zealand's Labour shows us that being excellent at one's job works better…'m finally freeeeeeeeee!! 😁 No more gaslighting!!
Be back on Twitter on the 20th which is apparently when I can finally get my prescription. 😕Hi @UNHumanRights, REAAAALLY?? The UK? Seriously?? @DominicRaab @UN With the way the UK treats migrants and asylum seekers I have no idea how you can possibly think w… @irreductible_Em Yes, but Ms Kirk still likes it and that doesn't bother me 🤷‍♀️ @JoelBaccas You blow dry- oh... erm... 🤷‍♀️S.T.A.R.S. @JohnsonFido @MaggieScarisbr1 @jacobfcroft @LibDemsLiz @Keir_Starmer @RosieDuffield1 @MarshadeCordova
Lethargic AF. Crying, no appetite, boobs hurt. Going to lie down and be ded until my hormone prescription arrives.…